Schedule, expectations for the Turkish Grand Prix. Hello Formula 1 Hangover friend, welcome to another video, I'm Matheus Pucci and let's talk about the Turkish Grand Prix that takes place this weekend every October 10th, more specifically that I'll even tell you right away the times for you to be aware of, a chart with the times should appear in the corner of the screen. On Friday we will have the first free practice at 5:30 am, on Friday also the second free practice at 9 am, on Saturday there is the third free practice at 6 am and the classification at 8: 30 in the morning I believe that 8:30 5:30 is actually the time that the Band puts that the race will start broadcasting, the classifications etc should start there for example the classification on Saturday at 9 am probably generally that's how it works they put it half an hour earlier here on the grid to show you when the broadcast starts.

And also the race on Sunday at 8:30 am which should be the broadcast time so it's 9 am the race then the broadcast starts at 8:30 but anyway These are the times of the Turkish Grand Prix that will be held at that circuit that is already a bit like the classic Istanbul that has 5338 meters, pole position last year was Lance Stroll you remember that conditions were very adverse at that time and Lewis Hamilton came out as the winner of the race, with Lando Norris making the best lap . In case you don't remember Turkey was left out of the Formula 1 calendar for a long time having big prizes there from 2005 to 2011 and then others only in 2020 and so our expectations are actually based on nothing because last year circumstances were fine different from normal and so we don't know which car is best suited to this track, we don't know if it's Mercedes, if it's Red Bull so the expectation actually and even maybe unpredictable because the unpredictable has become revisable in 2021, we already had Williams' power, Alpine's victory, McLaren's victory, the season is very different from normal and we certainly hope in Turkey that it maintains this pattern even more, since it's a track that the first two sectors you you need a well balanced car for some high speed corners and also some hard braking, while in the third sector you already have a really long stretch of acceleration there that is followed by some a few corners to the finish line, so it has that mix, it 's a Grand Prix that has a mix of what's needed in a car, in setting up a car so that it gets the best possible performance.

Will you give Mercedes? Will you give Red Bull? I have no idea but it is clear that the dispute between Verstappen and Hamilton draws attention, they are two that separate in the championship and according to the article that came out these days, Wolff has already said that he does not know if Hamilton will change the engine in Istanbul. They're still analyzing and this change can be made even at the last minute, sometimes it's just before the qualy that then Hamilton doesn't even participate in the quali too, in order to save this new engine. So, we don't know the team's strategies, it's clear that at first Hamilton has the disadvantage. Why the downside? Because if he changes the engine and starts from the back of the platoon together with Carlos Sainz, the video is even there on the Hangover Express talking about Ferrari, and if he doesn't change the engine, he ends up with an outdated engine, a power unit that doesn't it will be at its best, it will not be at the same speed, with the same capacity and at risk of breaking at any time, we have to say that too Verstappen has a new unit and this new unit was only used at the grand prix in Russia in which he got the 2nd place, he managed to minimize damage in the world championship a lot, that's why many people, when they point to this season's finale as a favorite, end up saying it's Max Verstappen because of the engine and also some tracks like Brazil and Mexico which tend to favor Red Bull because of its altitude, the way the Honda engine ends up behaving on these tracks is better than the Mercedes.

But, anyway, coming back here to Turkey we know that the duel also has McLaren and Ferrari is very close and Ferrari has been improving their car on unbraked tracks, this means that we can once again have a very cool battle between Ferrari and McLaren who are disputing this third place of manufacturers despite McLaren have a car a little more balanced for the different circumstances, for the different types of layout that F1 has in its calendar. Ferrari was very attached to locked circuits like Monaco, for example, because its suspension, which allows them to have a great performance on the zebras, makes them have the advantage of passing the zebra without feeling so much impact, achieving more speed but it has tracks for medium and high speed Ferrari tends to suffer a little and they have an engine upgrade, developing a technology to try to minimize this giving and fight McLaren in a stronger way in the championship, in order to really look for something different. Other points to keep an eye on in this Grand Prix obviously that mid-platoon fight we talked about a long time ago but Williams alone yesterday in the Hangover Express, when I say yesterday I say Monday, did you see that Williams didn't it's only George Russell but the Williams car has also improved and this already a consensus in Paddock Williams itself has identified that their car is packaged but robust, a more complete package than in previous years which is also not very difficult to do, by the way, but you combine this with the great performances of George Russell and you have a car that is fighting there for points and even getting podiums, it is also worth saying that Latifi is starting to get good results and adding points then Williams' car, which shows once again, which proves once again that this car has evolved, it's a car that could be that next year, as everything starts from scratch, it could be moving a little bit later.

Further on we never know, but Albon and Latifi have a much more interesting package in their hands in 2022. But Williams would be the team because I would keep an eye out and of course you always have those who can surprise with Alpha Tauri with Gasly or sometimes there Alpine with Alonso who in general has been the most dangerous driver in the season so far, after Alonso took the car's hand it took off and Ocon has had some difficulty keeping up with the Spaniard. But at this point I would say to you that Hamilton and Verstappen live at a crucial moment in the season, this dispute is at a point where any slip, any point you miss, any race you don't perform at your best can directly influence in the championship, if at the beginning of the season there was that speech 'there are still 20 races to go, everything is fine', now we know that the speech is the opposite, they need to maximize points to win this race because now it is a crucial period, it's the final stretch and each grand prix can decide the 2021 world championship.

So, what do you think will end up happening in this Grand Prix, will Verstappen, Hamilton, will there be an upset? Any other pilots? Speak in the comments there, don't forget to sign up and activate the bell for more news, information, debates here in the world of Formula 1. A big hug, thanks and talk..

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Stickman Vs Bendy and The Ink Machine, Chapter 2 in a nutshell | Animation

Fainted le awake What in the name, of Stickmen just happened Welp. There’s only one thing to do: Press on see it there,’s and exit distant rumbling le plank falls.

What kind of Insurance did Joey have Le Static, Mhm, Briar Label Bacon Soup? I don’t see why not Le Opens The Can le eats the can Static.

Splash Stupid Ink Demon GOT TA, GO FAST, St Pelo Run.

Excuse me: can you help meh Die Le Satisfying R? I P Demon Cutout Static From all of the games that i played.

My senses are telling me to push 3 buttons Reinkarnation Static, Again The Button Boops.

Finally, my banjo skills would be useful here.

Food break The Button Boops Again.

My button senses were right: A DOOR Heres, Stickie Music Department by Sammy Lawrence Eh Static, AGAIN Lever Sounds Le Searcher Uhoh me pooped, my pants LE FLOP DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, Sicc, beats Hm An organ.

I guess Sammy wouldn.’t mind: if I try it Organ Sound Groan, Sound of pain.

Was it me or did i hear groaning Organ Sound Groan, Sound of pain, Nope, it’s, real F, This S, I’m Out Static, Glug Sound How to cheat with stickie Ep 1. Smack see it works, Take 2 Boom.

Take 3 le open My Heaven Omnomnomnomnom Pacstick Sammie explainin, his fav sicc beats to stickie.


It was EXPIRED, Holy heck.

The Slow, Realization Kill me Clickt’Bendy, Hey fwend, Stickie Sry, but you need to DIE.

Stick Man Shows Axe Again, Zip.

How did you get up there Haunted Hijinxes Clickt’Smack Walking Sounds Walking, Sounds Wait.

How did 2 Bendys get here? Zip, Clickt’Srsly Le Bendy Family Smack Clickt’FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU, 2, 000 years later, Bendy Band Bendys.

Please spare us Zip Stickie uses his tallents Music Clickt’Faints.

Let it Flo bendy peekaboo DIE. What did you do? I did nothing Sammy SEARCHERS FINISH HIM Run.

Stick Man Run Lever, Sounds Build Our Machine by DAGames, Build Up Our Machine.

You Die Tonight Le slap, Faint Sammy Rest, your head, it’s time for bed.

I’m, not tired, blacc Sammy.

There we go now nice and tight.

We wouldn’t want our sheep roaming away now.

Would we Sammy? No, we wouldn’t ZZZZZZZZZZ Slap, hey i wan na sleep, Sammy, Listen Sammy! I can hear him crawling above crawling, but i cant Sammy.

Let us begin GOT TA GO FAST.


0 Sammy. The ritual must be Sammy in the background.

No, My lord Sammy, in the background, Stay back Sammy.

In the background.

I Am Your Prophet In background.

I Am Your AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Welp noone said: Searchers were smart, More wood, AXEMODE Wat.

What happened to my precious GREAT? Oh S, It’s Bendy Time to die Stickman Where da heck did he go.

That was intense Ooh plushies I wouldn’t want em Le Rolling.

Can Le footsteps B – Boris, Oh Helow, Stickee, My bacon soup rolled away.

I regret my choices.

I dont have words Thanks to everyone who contributed their subtitles And a nod to JzboyAnimations for making this wonderful animation Say thanks to a guy whic kinda helped me, i dont know his name Check out his other vids .

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456 Contestants But Only 1 Can Survive And Win $39M

Hi, Mystery, Recapped, here, Today, I, am, going, to, explain, the, ninth, episode, of, the, South, Korean, survival, drama, Squid, Game, called, One, lucky, day, Spoilers, ahead, Watch, out, and, take, care, After, Saebyeok, s, death, Sangwoo, and, Gi, hun, are, taken, for, the, sixth, and, the, final, game, As they stand before each other, the staff reveals that in the last game they will either have to be on the offense or defense Gi. Hun wins the toss and chooses offense.

The two are, then: let into a field where they played the very first game red light, green light In the middle of the field, a geometrical figure of a squid is drawn.

The VIPs observe the game from a higher platform.

The overseer explains to them that the last game is called the squid game.

It was a children, s game that was played in Korea many years ago.

The attacker Gi hun has to be inside the squid s, drawing To win the game.

He has to run past.

The defense Sangwoo and tap the squid s face with his foot.

If Sangwoo manages to push Gi hun out of the squid drawing he wins the game And lastly, if one of them cannot continue the game for any reason, the last one standing will win When they are inside the squid s body.

Gi hun asks the staff in what scenario they will not be able to continue the game. The staff replies that the last scenario is if a player dies hinting that killing each other is absolutely fair in the game.

The overseer tells the VIPs that any kind of violence is allowed in the squid game and there are no restrictions.

Gi hun takes his position and ties his shoelace ready to fight his old friend.

While Sangwoo takes his position with a knife, The game finally starts and Gi.

Hun asks Sangwoo if he remembers how they used to play this game when they were young, As Sangwoo tries to attack him.

He throws dirt into his eyes and easily makes his way to the squid s neck.

Just then the sky goes dark and it starts to rain.

Sangwoo knows that Gi hun is upset because he killed Saebyeok.

He makes an excuse saying that she was going to die anyway.

He just saved her from a lot of pain. However Gi hun doesn t buy his bullshit and calls him out for killing her because of his greed.

Sangwoo finally comes clean and says that he killed her because Gi hun would have stopped the whole game to save her, And since the majority would vote to stop it, he would have to go back home with no money.

Gi hun takes his knife out and tells him how Saebyeok stopped him from killing Sangwoo last night.

He then says that he won t.

Let Sangwoo take the money at any cost and attacks him.

The two struggle trying to kill each other with their knives, But they soon lose their weapons and combat with their hands under the rain.

A while later, both are muddy and tired, but they don t stop fighting Sangwoo, gets his hand on a knife and stabs Gi.

Hun on his thigh Gi, hun lies limp on the ground, while Sangwoo asks him if he remembers this playground from the first game.

He attacks Gi hun with the knife with an intention to end him, but it only stabs his palm Gi hun bites his legs and turns the match around.

Both are bloodied when Gi hun sits on top of Sangwoo and attacks him with the knife, But instead of killing him, he stabs the ground beside his head. Even after all, Sangwoo has done Gi.

Hun doesn t kill him.

He simply stands up and makes his way to the squid s face The VIPs, declare Gi, hun the winner and the staff points his gun at Sangwoo on the ground.

However, before Gi hun can reach the head, he turns back and stops the man from shooting Sangwoo.

He asks him if they both agree to terminate the game.

Will they get out alive? The staff calls the overseer and asks if that is possible.

The VIPs are shocked to see Gi, hun willing to sacrifice all that money and hard work for his unfaithful friend.

A heavily injured Sangwoo asks Gi hun if he remembers his mother cooking them supper when they were little after they played every day.

Gi hun extends his hand to his friend and asks him to come home.

But Sangwoo apologizes to him takes the knife from the ground and stabs himself in the neck Gi hun freezes in shock. As his friend takes his last breath, Sangwoo tries saying something about his mother but dies before he can A heartbroken Gi.

Hun cries, while holding his dead friend in his hands Gi.

Hun has finally won the game.

Along with four hundred fifty six billion won In the following scene.

Gi hun is in a limo with the overseer He has his hands tied and his eyes blindfolded.

So he cannot see the man The overseer, congratulates him for winning the game, but Gi hun asks him who he is, Instead of answering the overseer activates the gas valves in the limo making Gi hun unconscious again After a while, the limo stops by the side of A busy road and someone throws Gi hun outside Just then a man helps Gi hun by removing his blindfold Gi, hun realizes he has something inside his mouth and spits out a credit card.

He goes straight to the ATM and enters the card Without thinking much about the pin he enters his player.

Number 0456 Gi.

Hun then withdraws a single ten thousand won bill and sees he still has four hundred fifty six billion won in his bank account, However, Gi hun doesn t seem happy about the revelation.

In fact, he doesn t react at all To him. The death of four hundred.

Fifty five people isn t worth the money in his bank account right now.

He takes the bill and returns back to his house On his way.

Sangwoo s mother stops him and asks him about his injuries.

The old woman asks him if he has heard from Sangwoo while Gi hun just stands there holding his tears.

Having witnessed sangwoo s death a few hours ago.

He then returns back home to see his mother lying limp on the floor.

He asks her to wake up, but unfortunately she doesn t Gi.

Hun s mother had died while he was away, He cries in pain and lays down beside her.

The only reason Gi, hun joined the game again was to pay for his mother s treatment, but even she is gone. The scene then cuts to a year later, Gi hun is on a train traveling somewhere He looks to be in bad shape, as his hair has grown out and his beard is untrimmed.

He has a grim look on his face like he had a year ago.

After returning from the game indicating that nothing much has changed since then, It turns out that he is going to the bank where his money was transferred after the game.

The bank manager sweet talks to him because of teh amount of money in his bank account.

He wants Gi hun to transfer his money to another account so that he would get more interest As he talks Gi, hun replies with vague answers and looks uninterested After a while Gi hun gets up and surprises the manager by asking to borrow ten thousand won from Him The manager is left speechless, but gives him the money anyway.

With that money, Gi hun goes to a beach and sits by himself while drinking A woman selling roses insists he buy one, so he does With the rose.

She also gives him a tiny envelope.

Gi hun opens the envelope and is surprised to see a golden card with the symbol of the game card On the back of the card.

An address and time are written, Gi.

Hun is beyond surprised, but is determined to find answers as to why the game was being played and who was behind everything. He goes to the address written on the card and ends up in a room with an old man lying on a hospital bed.

When he goes near the man Gi, hun freezes in shock, The man is player number one.

Oh Ilnam, Gi.

Hun cannot believe his eyes and just stares at him in shock.

Ilnam asks him for a glass of water, and he quietly gives it to him Gi hun composes himself and asks Ilnam who he actually is and if he was the mastermind behind the games.

Ilnam ignores his questions and points out a drunk and passed out man on the street through the window.

He asks Gi hun if he still trusts people after what he has been through Gi.

Hun in turn gets more irritated by the second and asks him the same question again.

Ilnam then tells him he wants to play a game.

If someone helps the drunk man before midnight, Gi, hun will win and Ilnam will answer all his questions, but if no one helps the drunk man, Ilnam will be the winner. Gi hun loses his cool and strangles Ilnam, but he stops when the old man claims.

He wouldn t get answers to his questions.

If he kills him Gi, hun quietly obliges and looks at the watch.

Twenty minutes are left till midnight.

They wait for someone to help the man in silence.

After a while Gi, hun again asks the old man who is, he Ilnam comes clean by saying that he is the mastermind of the game.

He and some of his extremely rich friends were bored, even though they had a lot of money that had no happiness in life, So they all came up with this plan to somehow make their life interesting.

He wanted to meet Gi hun because he hasn t used any of his prize money and is still living.

His old life Ilnam asks if Gi, hun hasn t used the money, because he feels guilty Gi.

Hun claps back by saying that Ilnam should be the one with guilt for killing. So many people But Ilnam claims that the players came to the game at their will and he didn t force anyone Gi hun then inquires why he joined the game himself when he could have just watched them.

Ilnam claims that he missed his childhood days and wanted to live them one more time before dying of a brain tumor As they talk a girl approaches, the drunk man in the streets, but walks away right after Ilnam continues saying he doesn t regret joining the game Because he was the happiest he had been in a long time, while he was playing with them, As he says his last words, only a few seconds are left till midnight.

A police car stops in front of the drunk man.

The girl who had approached him earlier had gone to ask for help from the police Seconds before midnight.

The man is saved and Gi.

Hun wins the bet, But it is too late because Ilnam takes his last breath and dies before revealing any more things about the game.

Gi hun looks at the old man s face for the last time and leaves Then we see the flashback of the time they were playing the fifth game.

The main man of the game takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Oh Ilnam Back in the present, the overseer of the game.

Inho closes Ilnam s eyes In the following scene.

We see Gi hun at a barber s shop. He has finally gotten closure from the mastermind of the game himself, so he feels better for the first time in a year, He walks out of the shop with bright red hair, indicating a new and fresh start Gi.

Hun then goes to the orphanage where Saebyeok s brother lives.

He greets the little boy who starts talking once Gi hun mentions Saebyeok Gi.

Hun is there to fulfill the promise he had made to Saebyeok.

He takes the little boy to Sangwoo s mother and asks her to take care of him.

The old woman happily welcomes the little boy and treats him with love Gi.

Hun then gives her luggage and leaves After he is gone.

She opens the luggage looking for a jacket for the little boy, but finds it full of money instead Surprised she calls Gi, hun s name, but he is already gone.


Hun then makes his way to the subway, while on a call with his daughter, He is going to the US to meet her after a year At the station. He is beyond surprised to see the game, s salesman, who handed him the card and got him into all the chaos.

The man is playing the same game with someone else and smiles when he sees Gi.

Hun Gi hun runs towards him, but before he can catch him, the man gets into a train and leaves Gi.

Hun takes the card from another man who he was playing with and warns him not to go there at any cost.

He then makes his way to the airport, but calls the number from the card one last time.

The person from the other end asks him for his name date of birth and if he wants to play the game, Gi hun tells him his name surprising.

The man on the other end.

He then tells him that he isn t a horse that they could bet on.

The man recognizes him and calls him number 456.

He tells Gi hun to get on the flight and continue with his life for his own good Gi. Hun tells the man that he will never forgive the people who made them play the game.

He cuts the call and turns back around determined to bring the game to an end Subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help.

The channel out, Thank you for watching .

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Invest Into These Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Today

if you're looking to invest and make money off 
of sneakers this just might be the video for you   we're gonna be going over a list of air jordan 
ones that came out in this past year that we   expect to go up in value over the next year and 
if you don't know by now my name is dj and this   is the dna show ever since michael jordan's last 
dance documentary we have definitely seen a spike   in interest when it comes to air jordan sneakers 
especially air jordan ones i've been collecting   sneakers for over 15 years now and the game is at 
an all-time high but still room to increase and   because of that a lot of sneakers now considered 
investments and that's probably why you're   watching this video so you can understand where 
what and how to get these shoes step number one   you're going to want to make sure that you hit the 
like button because that helps the algorithm oh   so much and don't forget to subscribe and join 
the family if you haven't already so i posted   a poll on my instagram story asking people what 
air jordan ones are cheap now but will go up in   value later and over the past couple years we 
have seen jordan brand flooding the market with   air jordan ones and everybody still buys them 
so now people have to be more selective when   it comes to investing into sneakers and seeing 
what the projections will be in the future and   every year we always have a few select sneakers 
maybe five to ten pairs of shoes that always go   up more in value and now they're worth three five 
six seven hundred even over a thousand dollars   just for a pair of shoes that retailed at 170 
bucks and when people see an opportunity to make   money on sneakers like this they go buy as many 
as they can around the time that they come out   and then they hold on to them for a year or maybe 
two depending on the sneaker and next thing you   know they may have double or tripled their money 
and when you compare that to the stock market or   holding your money in a savings account honestly 
it's a pretty good idea so the first sneaker that   we will be going over in today's video is going 
to be the sea foam air jordan 1.

This is actually   considered to be a women's colorway and comes 
up to a size 12 in women's and a 10 and a half   in men's so for me personally wearing a size 13 
i'm actually unable to purchase this shoe and   wear it for my collection so i never purchased 
it but if you're looking to invest into it this   is definitely a good opportunity to make some 
good money because i'm telling you right now   the quality on these are a1 in this current market 
they're hitting for anywhere around 200 to 220   bucks depending on the size and they're actually 
worth more when they originally were coming out   the price has slowly gone down and settled but i 
think if you give this shoe a little bit of time   as you can see from other people recommending 
this sneaker as well people think that this shoe   will easily be worth 300 to 350 in the future 
so only thing that we can do is wait and see   but i definitely think based off of materials 
a nice colorway i feel like these sneakers   definitely have an opportunity to hit for 300 
or more as people continue to wear these shoes   over time next up we have the low top neutral gray 
air jordan one retail on these was a hundred and   thirty dollars and they're currently hitting for 
around 180 190 200 depending on if you get them   on a consignment shop whatever it may be after 
fees yadda yadda either way these are going to   hit for just under 200 bucks and if you look 
at the previous pair that came out in the past   they're going for a lot more money and i think 
these have an opportunity to do the same thing   as well next up we have the pollen air jordan 

Now this one recently came out and was going   for a lot more money and has slowly started to 
continue to go down in value simply because they   have restocked the sneakers a few different times 
and because of the restocks people are now able to   afford the sneaker around 200 bucks but previously 
they were paying almost 400 for this shoe and like   i always say if they paid it before they'll pay 
it again and i personally think this shoe could   easily be a 350 sneaker in the future also i'm a 
steelers fan so that might be a little biased but   i have multiples of them and i love them next 
we have the shadow 2.0 air jordan 1 and it is   already showing signs of trending upward this 
sneaker was worth around 200 just a few months   ago and now it's worth around 250 this is a very 
simple clean colorway you can wear with damn near   anything a lot of people love the shoe they were 
able to get it for affordable price and just like   the original shadow ones nobody really wanted 
them for a high price they were all trying to get   them for about 180 to 200 bucks and just like that 
what happened the sneaker went up in value and now   everybody's paying the high to get the shoe so if 
you're looking to invest into this sneaker i have   definitely seen a lot of people purchase this 
shoe recently just for intentions on holding it   and if you want to take your sneaker game to the 
next level whether it be growing your collection   or making a side income or even taking it to a 
full-time income consider checking out the hobby   to hustle program that i created for you guys the 
link for it will be down below in the description   and you'll receive an email with some essential 
tips on how i got started into the shoe game   and then leverage that to then be able to purchase 
three homes working on buying my fourth one just   within three years so if you want to learn more 
about turning this hobby into a hustle make sure   you check out the hobby to hustle program let's 
take it to the next shoe here we have the starfish   also known as the shattered backboard 2.0 air 
jordan 1 low and as we know the shatter backboard   series is worth a lot of money so that caused 
this sneaker to be worth a lot of money as well   retail on these was 130 and they're already hidden 
for around 250 bucks i have seen a lot of people   wearing these on instagram and social media and 
i'm telling you right now people are gonna want   these in the future as well and i definitely see 
these going up in value depending on size you're   gonna be able to get these from anywhere from 200 
to 260 bucks i always use a size 13 because that's   the size that i am and if you look at the graph 
right here the price has been pretty stagnant over   the time since they came out to now but as we know 
with a lot of air jordan ones in particular price   starts to go up over time as the shoe comes out 
think about next summer once the shoes out by then   this could easily be 300 350 shoe next up we 
have the recently released air jordan 1 prototype   retail on these was 170 and they're hidden for 
just over 200 bucks i've definitely heard a lot of   people buzzing talking about this shoe is going to 
be worth a lot of money in the future i personally   haven't seen this sneaker in person to give you my 
full judgment on it or how i feel about it and i   didn't even actually go after purchase in the shoe 
because it i don't know for some reason i just   wasn't really feeling it i might feel differently 
once i see it in person but again to each his own   because i'm at the point now in the shoe game 
where i don't really worry about investing in   the sneakers i'm more just building my collection 
and getting the sneakers that i want and making   reviews for you guys but i also want to make sure 
i give you guys this insight as well when it comes   to investing in the sneakers because that's how 
i got started on building my collection and like   i said before if you want to learn more make sure 
you check out the hobby to hustle program because   that'll definitely help you take your sneaker 
collection to the next level and last but not   least we have the vault university gold air jordan 

These are also hidden for around 200 bucks and   i have definitely been hearing a lot of people 
recommending this shoe and saying that they're   going to be worth more in the future i can't say 
i'm 100 sure on how i feel about this one but   at the end of the day i've heard a lot of people 
say something about it so i figured it was right   to put it on the list so i hope this video was 
helpful that was around seven different pairs that   i foresee being worth more money in the future 
if you want to see different sneakers not just   air jordan ones make sure you drop a comment down 
below i'll see you guys in another one all right as i was editing this video i ended up picking 
these up on a restock at my local sb shop and i   started thinking about it these things go for a 
hundred hundred and ten dollars retail whatever   it may be and they're worth like 250 300 bucks i 
got these from my collection the rock size 13 for   myself and all but i was wondering did you guys 
want to see a video like this on nike sb lows   dunk lows sb highs do you want me to mix them 
all together in the same video do you want to   make separate videos let me know what you think 
down below in the comment section because it's   hard to pick up even dunks and sb's and everything 
right now simply because the values are starting   to get insane the retail on this shoe was the same 
as the retail on this shoe and this shoe is like   fifteen hundred dollars or two thousand dollars 
whatever it may be so if you get the right shoes   they will go up in value we can talk about that 
a little bit more when it comes to the sb video   if you guys do want to see this drop a 
comment down below and let me know alright so   yo if you made it to the end of this 
video drop a comment down below and   let me know what your biggest profit on a 
sneaker was i would love to hear all right so you

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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Welcome to contractor marketing two minute Tuesday, I m Brody Tyler with inbound systems and I m bringing you the quickest, most valuable and was profitable two minutes of your week today in under two minutes, I m going over the topic: how to use outbound with inbound marketing For contractors ready set, Go ok, so the tools that let s let s, review the tools for so the tools that you use with outbound marketing are billboards, TV, radio, print ads and direct mail. All the traditional types of marketing right well, with inbound marketing.

You have landing pages, lead magnets blogs, social media and auto responders.

These are more modern and more web based than album marketing.

Now you may be utilizing outbound marketing in in your business and that s okay, as long as its profitable right.

Well, I m going to show you some ideas that you can use to make your outbound marketing even more profitable.

So right now you may have be having it.

You might have a print ad in the newspaper, a direct mail piece that you send out in a billboard, and the call to action on those is call for a free estimate or call now that this.

This is difficult to make these very profitable, because you have to time it just right right when the prospect needs your services, they need to be receiving that direct mail piece or driving by your billboard and that s nearly impossible, which is why it s good to Implement inbound Marketing tactics, so let me show you how to do that, instead of just your phone wherein call now, you want to send them to a landing page, and this is a web page where you capture their contact information in exchange for something of value to Them Like a report or a checklist or something like that.

Well, at this point, you have their contact information and they are a lead for your sales team or just to follow up with emails until they are ready to buy, and maybe it takes them a while, and You want to send them to another landing page with Another offer Another lead magnet.

The whole idea here is to nurture those lead until they are ready to buy your services. You don t have to time it perfectly and that s a big benefit of inbound marketing.

Well, that s it.

For today, s contractor marketing two minute Tuesday, thanks for watching .

Week 1 Chapter 1-Introduction to Services Marketing

Hi welcome again to bps 370 services marketing. This is the first set of PowerPoint slides.

I am going to try the first week and we ll see how this works posting a subset of PowerPoint, slides and just discussing some of the highlights from the chapters that you should read or how Let S use me of points that you should glean from the Chapters that you read, One of the things that we will be talking about in class is to what extent you want to see narrated PowerPoint slides on our blackboard site.

This is material that you will be responsible for reading.

Okay and you ll be responsible for anything that is in the textbook.

However, I will just be giving some highlights in this PowerPoint.

So let s start with chapter 1 understanding services marketing This chapter is going to be the introductory chapter in the text will help.

You understand the definition of services and how services differ from more tangible or physical goods.

Okay, this chapter will also explain the characteristics of services and classify the various types of services.

You will find in this chapter definition of services, where your text will define a service as a deed.

You re really talking about something that s intangible, meaning that it is something that you can t put your hands on and grab a hold of right. It may or may not be attached to a physical product, so we can think of things such as a meal at a restaurant, whether it s a fine, dining, restaurant or McDonald s, in which case we have the physical product, the food, but a good component of That product, Offering is a service.

The customer service you receive from the waitstaff or in the case of McDonald s from the person who is behind the counter, taking your order, and so those are some of the one of the things.

Actually they make services a bit more challenging than products is the fact that it isn t something oftentimes that you can put your hand and to determine the quality or how good it is because it s intangible, okay, So that s one of the key concepts we Want you to understand from this first chapter in your text provides: This is an interesting figure.

1 2 is a good illustration of the distinctions or the differences between services, marketing and physical goods marketing, and here we show a continuum that shows products that are more dominant with what your tip with your text refers to.

Here is tangible, dominant, such as salt soft drinks detergent.

You ll notice that those are items that you can put in your hand and hold them right versus intangible dominant items, which include teaching consulting investment management.

But these are things where there s really not a tangible component.

So, if you think about teaching there s really nothing that you can put your hands on, if you re trying to judge the quality of your education, it is something that you can t put your hands on.

It is much more subjective right in terms of what are the elements or the things that we need to look at to determine.

What is a good teaching experience a good consulting engagement right So that s one of the things that makes the marketing of services far more challenging than the marketing of physical goods, although, admittedly both are challenging okay and that s one of the key ideas and concepts That I want you to take away from reading chapter one chapter: one Will also define five key characteristics of services. Okay services are intangible, and that is a concept that I ve just discussed or mentioned repeatedly with the previous slides, and that is that these services cannot be touched seen held in the way that a tangible product such as salt, a soft drink, can be held.

Some of the other key concepts we talked about characteristics of service include separate e in for many cases, if you think about service, the production of that service and the consumption of the service occur at the same time so think about.

If you go to a hair salon or a barber shop, the production and consumption of that haircut are simultaneous.

Another key characteristic of services is the variability, So it s really hard when we think about something like services, it s really difficult to standardize the quality of a service performance.

Do you think about when you go into a restaurant, I m going to use again McDonald s as an example to order a meal depending on the kind of day the person on the other side of the counter is having and depending on the kind of day That you Are having that service experience may be very different if you both are having a wonderful day and the weather is sunny, you might be both very pleasant and it might be a very good experience if, on the other hand, it s like it was last Week when we Had the really heavy rainfall and you ve walked in and you re drenched and you re exhausted, even if the person on the other side of the counter is very pleasant, you may not be an experience that you perceive may be very different.

Okay, so one of the things that your text will talk about when we define some of the characteristic services is that, unlike that can of coca cola that you might buy where we can standardize that and ensure that that can of coke is the same, regardless of Where It is sold and who s buying it, We can t necessarily standardize services to the same extent, so they are variable.

Another key concept is idea.


I go back to the example of coca cola.

We know that we can put a can of coke in a warehouse and store it on a shelf. Although it doesn t have an unlimited life, It is something that can be stored after it is produced stored on a shelf before someone consumes it and with services they are perishable and that they only exist at the time of production.

So we think about things like a hair salon, our barber shop, one of their challenges, is trying to figure out.

How do you schedule your staff to be there when you re going to have the most demand? What are most people going to come in to the Sun or the barbershop to get a haircut? Because if you have stylists and barbers who are available that day and you don t have customers that service that you re providing is perishable? It S not something that can be stored for later point in time, okay and then.

Finally, the fifth characteristic of services is this idea of rental access.

They re only temporary possession because you don t own it not in the same way that you would a physical, tangible product, Okay, so the five characteristics of services that you need to be familiar with are one intangibility to inseparability 3 variability for perishability and 5 rental Access Ok.

Now your text is also going to define classifications of services and their variety of ways of classifying services.

One is going to be, as you see, on this chart based on the field, and so I ll Just let you read over these both in your text and on the slide, but this is one way of classifying services.

We can look at the service field, entertainment, professional services, etc.

Another way of classifying services is based on the customers that are served.

We can look at consumer services, people like you and me, or business to business services. If we have companies, they re providing services to other companies or organizations, ok and then finally, we have Lovelock s.

Classification which looks at not only the at will looks at two things right.

If you look at this 2×2 matrix, let s look across the top right now, where we have people and possessions that is who or what is a direct recipient of the service.

Now, if you look down the side where it says what is the nature of the service act, it can be a tangible action or it can be an intangible action.

So Lovelock has basically created a 2×2 matrix.

So, for example, if we look in the first think of the people as the first column on your left, so we can have people who are the recipients of a service and it can be a tangible action such as going to a beauty salon or it can Be an intangible action where there is something, for example, services directed at people, s minds like education, the second column When we look at possessions.

This is the what is the direct recipient of the service, and you can have again tangible actions directed toward possessions such as laundry or dry cleaning.

You have a very tangible action being done to a product or possession like clothing, or we can have an intangible action directed at a possession so, for example, legal services, which is not something you put your hands on directed at an intangible asset or possession okay.

So I hope that makes sense also look at the four bullets on the Left, which, given the same definition but again think of this as a two by two matrix.

If it helps draw a box with four squares in it and if that helps you think about, and at the top of the first box, you would have people top of the second possessions and on the left, you would have the tangible actions and below that intangible Actions, if that helps okay, but if you have any questions about that, we can talk about that when we meet on Wednesday. Another key concept introduced in Chapter one, is this idea of the services marketing triangle, and the idea here is that when we talk about marketing of services, there are three key components, and that is the organization, the providers and the customers.

So one way of thinking about this, if we take Robert Morris as an example, we need a Robert Morris is the organization Robert Morris does internal marketing with providers, and in this case the providers would be employees of the institution.

So, in order to ensure that any promises that Robert Morris is making it has to engage in internal marketing with their employees, so those are some of the things that it does to ensure that they communicate and convey to their employees that this is really a great Place to work in some of the reasons you know the opportunities for professional growth and development, on the benefits having other colleagues who have similar interests and talents, as you et cetera right now, I m going to move to the other side of the triangle.

The right side, Where we look at the external marketing – and this is where an organization and again, if I stay with the Robert Morris example where Robert Morris makes external promises to its customers.

So in this case, say that you and the employers, where we as an institution Robert Morris, If you promising that we will provide an accelerated degree program, give you an opportunity to gain hands on experiential real world experience, So that s the promise, the external marketing that The organization Robert Morris provides to student the customers.

Now, if we look at the bottom part of the triangle, we see providers and customers and that s the interactive marketing component.

If you think about that, to the extent that an organization or an institution keeps its employees happy well trained and well prepared, they are able to deliver on the promise, the external marketing that an institution an organization does or provides or conveys to its customers.

So the providers and the customers at interactive relationship, in this case the staff and the faculty at RM.

You keep the promise that the institution makes to its students as an example.

So let s see if that makes sense, hope it does and again have questions about the concept we can talk about that when we meet face to face okay. So these are just this triangle: just shows how these three components – internal marketing, external marketing and the interactive marketing – are linked and tied together, okay and then finally, one of the other.

I think it would be helpful.

I believe it s at the beginning of your chapter.

They provide an overview of the book, so this will give you a sense of some of the main topics that we ll be covering in the book and, as you see the first three chapters we ll be looking at the foundations of services, Marketing and a lot Of that will be focused on definitions and helping.

You understand some of the key models in the field.

Okay, so make sure to read: chapter 1: The chapters are short, they re very fun to read, and there are some great examples and vignettes that are in the chapters and to help reinforce some of the concepts.

I also encourage you to read some of the review questions and exercises that are at the end of the chapter.

Ok, great look forward to seeing you on on Wednesday and if you have any questions, bring them to class and we will discuss them there again.

Look forward to meeting you thanks.


Pokemon GO Marketing Secrets 2 0 PLR- IMKReview

Hey guys, my name is Henry: go bundle of the PLO source code, calm, together with my condoms, on helping a knife, we have decided to launch talking one go marketing secret to point out plr. Now this pillar is very unique in which we had an award winning freelancer from a gaming company to write this from scratch.

They have the passion.

When I talk with her, she was able to say things like.

I had never heard before the past now, not only that we needles about the pockets top pocket ball.

Polka coins pocket gym all the details on what pokemon go can do to help businesses.

Now there are four types of businesses that pokemon gold movement will actually help.

The business to become more prosper, the first type is the local business owners, local business owners.

They actually need Pokemon go to seduce more sales for a business.

In fact, one of the business in Queens in New York has seen an increase of over 75 percent of revenue since the past few weeks, and the second type is youtuber.

People who are actually posting video on a day to day basis still be able to benefit from it As well, which we copy details about this. The third type is an online marketers.

Online marketers will benefit a lot from the Pokemon trainers, because Pokemon trainers reveal whether you like it or their human being, and the last one is e commerce business, which is extremely huge, huge, especially right.


Pokemon gold movement is only in few countries and is predicted to go beyond 2020 or two thousand other countries all right now, with these private label wraps, all you got to do is to focus on three things.

The first one is to down to the product which you can get it right now below this video and decide is to add it as necessary.

You don t have to do this much that much work, because all the work is already done for you.

You re talking about it and weep over page is already done for you to.

Thank you page, the step two, which is to get your customer list and the sis latter is already done for you beautifully done for you the graphic, the report, the full of letters, the PSD file, the Jeep has the PNG jpg PNG file.

Everything is already done for you all eager to do just put your name.

It can clean as an author, which is pretty much it really done, and you don t have to worry about the contents, because the content is going to be awesome, especially it s done by a freelancer from the gaming company that love Pokemon. To that all right.

She even mentioned that you know for the Halloween, you stop see actually work free capture all the time, and the last thing that you have to do, which is the third step, is to make massive cash from this very, very simple.

Okay, now, as you know, pokemon gold has received more than 15 million downloads in less than seven days right now It S up.

It has had more than 24 million daily users, which has a huge engagement compared to any other social networking site, including snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

So right now, study has even shown that the majority of the people that stayed in playing pokemon is about 45 minutes competitive snapchat, which is not about 20 something minutes, so it s doubled and he will triple the amount of style now.

Pokemon, go is only in few countries and is about to expand two dozen other countries, so you can how the movement is going to be bigger.

Now even right now is, are bigger than finger and social dating sites, and so on.

Okay, so go ahead only three step down the product right now and add it as necessary: make money from it which is a laptop okay, So go ahead and download it right now and we are looking forward with testimonials and we are pretty sure we re confident You ll be able to benefit from this woman, Go ahead and download right now taken aback.


What is an entrepreneur?

So, what exactly is an entrepreneur? It’s just a fancy word for someone who starts a new business, and if you’ve ever wondered what it means to be one then look no further… The folk here at Big Ideas Wales know that there’s no one better to tell you what’s involved and the skills you’ll need than: entrepreneurs.

So we asked some. Their answers can be summed up in four words: Attitude; Creativity; Relationships; and Organisation. So, let’s have a look at attitude – Having a positive attitude will get you a long way, even when sometimes things are not going the way you’d like them to! Be confident in your ideas, believe in yourself and persevere. It’s your determination to see things through that will make things happen, What about creativity – well think of it as solving a problem.

All you need is a little imagination, look at something with a fresh pair of eyes, think a bit differently and BINGO you’ve done it, you’ve just come up with a brilliant new idea. So, take a look around and ask yourself, how could I make that just that bit better – tap in to that brilliant imagination that you have and off you go! Ok, now Relationships Running a business is definitely a people thing! Having a good relationship with your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other businesses is essential for success.

Be willing to talk to everyone and listen to what they have to say.

The more people you know the easier it will be for you to use your powers of persuasion and get things done! And lastly, organisation – To get to grips with the day-to-day running of a business, good organisation skills are essential. You will need to understand how to raise finance, manage your money and deal with tax. You’ll need to set up systems to make your business tick, from IT systems to planning and record keeping. The more organised you are the smoother things will run!

Yes, there’s a lot to consider, but many entrepreneurs told us that they asked friends, family, colleagues and professionals for help along the way, so you’re not alone! Starting a business is an exiting adventure full of new experiences, with some highs, some lows, some tough decisions and a lot of hard work! But as an entrepreneur the power’s in your hands, just tap into that imagination of yours, be positive, be friendly, be organised and you’ll surely be very successful! For inspiration and information on becoming Wales’ next young entrepreneur visit Big Ideas Wales.

Read More: 19. Investment Banks

test attribution text

Why is 0! = 1?

Why 0! equals to 1? Okay. Because it does seem to defy the idea of you multiply down until you get down to whatever one, and then you stop. I'm going to argue for this the same way I would argue a very sort of reverse of.. Oh no, not that. How would i do this? How do you argue that? Because you'll take it to be true, right? But it's the same problem when you say on 'a' square, but we define powers as you multiply this number by itself that number of times and That makes sense to you, but the definition breaks down The U7 definition breaks down when you go to cases like this So how do you argue it, or do you just accept it and don't think about it? *Laughs* Don't think 'bout it All right people let's play a game, okay Someone at the audience: Mario! *laughs* No I still with a number, shall we? Okay. Let's go. To power of one? Everyone: 2. 2 squared? Everyone: 4. 2 cubed? Everyone: 8. Okay. You can start to see what's going on, right? We don't need to… *Laughs* People who spent time on their phones recently know this numbers VERY WELL.

Now, ah… Now, you're used to do it forward aren't you? You do it forward and the numbers get bigger, okay, but just as equally You can go backwards and the numbers get smaller, do they not? As you power decreases you divide by two And then you divide by two and you divide by two and when you get to here We have no reason to think that the pattern changes right? so this pattern becomes this and And so we divide by two and you get this. And you keep on going and it keeps making sense Okay, now therefore Can you argue for me? Why is your factorial is what? Tell me what 1! is.

Everyone: 1. 2 factorial? Everyone: 2. 3 factorial? Everyone: 6. 4 factorial? *Laughs* Okay. So, this time, how do I go backwards? I divided by 4 and I divided by 3 then I divided by 2 Everyone: Oh my god Can i just say, can i just say… the reason why I bet a big deal that this is because See this is what makes maths It's what makes math interesting to me. You see math is, uhm, it's an imagined world That's the point of it, right? Like I know maths can be used to do stuff, and that's, that's nice, okay but um The point is that oh actually I'll come back to that in a second The point is that it doesn't matter if it can be used for something or not the the point is that it has a consistent system of rules. That's meaningful, okay? Here's the amazing thing right There was a guy. [there's] a guy, a french guy, and his day was for you, okay? And he was the guy who we earned he discovered this Have a look at this for a second.

What is this ah? Yeah, language for this. This is a wave function [now]. You don't know what wave function is. I just drew it okay, but Amazing thing about this. This is what, I mean, this is what fourier proved, okay? is that this wave function can be made up of can be Composed of just take a whole bunch of sine functions, right? The whole variety of them some of them will be big, right? Some of them will be small. So you have to change… let's say you have to change this coefficient on the front and you change the frequency, okay, and if you add enough of them together Okay, and so on You can make you can make anything, anything! You can even make weird looking things like this You like, I can make a function like that. It's a wave function. I know it doesn't look like it It's got straight lines, [and] what's with that, okay? If you add up enough wave functions Different ones like this, okay like this one.

You can give us a else now. Here's the interesting thing What was fourier after? He just thought this was kind of cool. It was like. This is interesting, right? I wonder if you can do that, and he gave it to go and it came, okay? Uh he was not at all thinking about practical applications, right? He was not thinking about, you know, a world of electric communications which uses this routinely in order to, you know, How does this thing know to convert weird stuff, which is in the air? into sounds Sounds, right? How does it do that? Answer: using these, but fourier wasn't thinking of those, here's just like: Cool! Let's just see what happens. And the application came later, almost every field of mass Complex numbers, like, why are we doing that for? They come up all the time for engineers, but that's not what the people who were thinking about them were thinking.

They're just like it's cool. Zero factorial equals one. It does make sense just like Something power of zero equals one.
Subtitles by: Instagram: @franckcid | Twitter: @franck_cid.

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Kaatelal & Sons – Ep 1 – Full Episode – 16th November 2020

Good morning from goat Puttu to the fans of kid goat. No. I don't mean goat as in animal. Goat means .. Goat means Greatest of all time. It's the latest word. So I couldn't remember. So today I will show you goat Puttu's family member's well .. Snea .. Snea .. Glimpse, whatever it is, come, let's see. Do you hear the thumping sound? This sound indicates how our today will be. Oh, God. Here is my revered uncle. The salon in the Hathi market which was started even before the market came up, Kaatelal and Sons uncle owns it. His name is Dharampal But, like the small animals hide when elephants come the same happens with my family members. I am saved. Come on, let's meet the one for whom the almond milk is being prepared.

She is the younger one of my older sisters. Suseela. Not suseela, it's Su Shee La. Susheela. Yes, Susheela .. Sister susheela is very fond of beating up. She is fighting with her shadow. See .. And the elder one is only four minutes older to her. How much difference four minutes can make, see it yourself. Enough .. He'll stretch his hand from there itself and pull you. Isn't that good? That would test plan 'B'. We can't take a risk, Susheela dear. What if plan 'A' fails? No .. Don't get confused. Sister Garima's plan 'A' and plan 'B', both are to get married. Sister Garima has made a very long list. if she finds a guy who can tick every box in the list then plan 'A' will be successful. otherwise he will be my brother-in-law in plan 'B'. I think one fine day this rat will die under the weight of his own books. What are you saying? He could be your brother-in-law in near future. What? – Yes. I am thinking of making a film star your brother-in-law and you are thinking of making this skeleton my brother-in-law.

Will you die without using your brain? Use it some times. He has cleared CA foundation course in first attempt. Once he completes intermediate within tow years, he will settle down. And after that straight to the wedding altar. After that straight to Switzerland. Oh, come back. By the way, what happened to the milk? Come on, let's go. Oh, God. the girls fooling around in room don't know that their dreaded dad is approaching the room There will be a blast now. Good morning, dad. Take this. Winter is approaching, dad. Remove it. And are those needles or dumbbells? Why is your forehead sweating? Dad, what's this? It isn't sweat, dad. It's rose water. She may not be bothered about her skin but I have to worry about her wedding too, dad. You know it. Here, take it. Hey! Keep your eyes closed, dad. Get the feel. I would say, use rose water instead of after shave in your salon. People will go crazy. It's a mind blowing let's rock idea. Focus on your studies, dear.

You don't have to worry about the salon and the customers. Okay, dad. Okay, dad! Did you see, she changed the direction of the wind. No one can challenge sister Garima's talent. Oh, sorry .. I forgot about my mom. No one can beat my mom in making fool out of others to serve her own purpose. Come, I'll introduce her. Oh, wow! Nice. Whatever it is Mrs. Dharampal cooks so well that even her worst critics will love her. Honestly. Hey, Chanchal. Just now when I saw time, it was 7 o'clock. Now it's 10 o'clock, we haven't even started cooking. – Hey, sister, chill. Why do you worry when Chanchal is here? Look here. I have cooked everything. I was about to season it. – You are so nice, Chanchal. Let me season it at least. Okay, do it. No .. Don't be confused. Aunt suffers from amnesia. She does all the work. And my mom takes all the credit. Can I get breakfast? I'll serve it right away. He thinks he is a king. But he isnt. The big bungalow you see is ancestral.

But the subject is poor. They are terrified of the king. Look over there. My dad. – Brother taste it and tell me. I have made it. With sugar free. You have all the qualities of women. Get a skirt stitched. You are the heir of Kaatelal and Sons. Start coming to the salon, Ghanshyam. Leave the mobile and hold the razor. Son of an ass. I won't say anything. Okay? Okay, I will tell. You keep quiet. 'The person you are trying to reach ..' 'is not answering.' tAnd now 'You can try' the idiot is not answering. 'after some time.' Hot 'Poori', dad. Well, dad what's your program for today evening? Are you coming to Raamleela? Yes, dad, it's been years since all the family together .. – What's the point in asking the same question every year.

There is nothing new in it. You all go. Okay. – But before 8 pm entire family should be back home. 8 pm But at 8 pm even Sita 'Swayamvar' is not over, dad. Sita was married in 'Treta Yuga'. Girls who stay out after 8 pm don't find husbands in this 'Kali Yug.' We don't want husbands, dad. We want boon of freedom. The nonsense you talk in front of your dad is the boon of freedom, dear. But, dad .. – Why are you irritating dad? He said he won't come. So let him be. Come on, we're late for college.

Take it .. Eat. – Carefull .. Oh, professor. I couldn't become one, Brother. Don't call me professor. The guy from Sharma furniture owes us 25,000 rupees since last one and half months. Neither is he selling the chairs nor returning the money. He is not answering my phone since last 2-3 days. In the salon chair are making more nose that the scissor. It is very embarrassing. Give him a earful on you way. Yes, Brother. Okay. Uncle. I am quoting the color from uncle's face has drained looks like Garima, Susheela will have to do the what's needed. Uncle we'll take care of the guy from Sharma furniture. You go to the college. And don't be tense about this. I'll talk to him. That's fine. But don't create a fuss there.

And reach college on time. Shave my beard, Dharampal. Take a seat, sir. Okay. I have ordered new chair. It should be here in a couple of days. Old man Dharampal is calling repeatedly since morning. I am not answering. But, isn't the chair ready, uncle? It's loaded in the van too. Why don't you give it? – Shan't I give you one? I've got this chair through special order from abroad. It doesn't suit the old man's personality. I have an offer from Gharaunda. They are giving me 5000 extra. This chair will go there. You are making a grave mistake. Do you know that a small mistake can cost you dearly? Who are you? You are interfering in our talks without asking. Uncle, have you heard of Susheela Ruwel? The same girl who had thrashed everyone last year in Raamleela? And who had thrashed Constable Bahadur Singh's son last month. I have heard. But not seen her. She is herself coming here. You can see her now.

I'd say, scoot from here. – Why should I be scared of her? She is Susheela. My younger sister. And I am Garima. She has beaten up anyone since last three months. I've stopped her. So unless the chair is sent to Hathi market no one is going anywhere. Okay .. Dharampal has sent his daughters as recovery agents. Now go and tell him that I have pulled this chair from under his bum.

So not to sit else, he'll fall with a thud. Will you make my dad fall down? You, useless bat! Susheela. Hey, Uncle, run! Hey! What happened, Mister? Where are you running off to? Yes, Garima? He was calling dad, a bat. – A bat! Look, he said again. – When did I say? Hey, Chote, get the car. Get the Scooty. Hey, Chote. Race it. Come on .. Be Quick. See that. This anaconda is back again. I don't know whose shop he will swallow this time. Yes, Mr. Avtar come over here. Come quickly. Yes.

Hail Mother Goddess. Bring it. Sign these papers quickly. This shop is mine and the carom board yours. Didn't you get it, Mister? I am giving you so much money that you don't have to work at all. You'll have lot of time on your hands. So I've brought you carom board. Look, how well I take care of you. Mr. Jagat if you could give me another chance .. Okay, Mister I'll ask you an objective type question. When the bank was sealing your shop who paid your EMI then? You did. – Yes. And I had given you my number while leaving. Yes. 96 86 62 .. – Enough If you remembered my number you should have done, right? What's it called, digital payment? Right? If you don't make payment tell me what should I do? Well ..

seize my shop. If you are giving the answer, innocent man, then why are you asking for a chance? Take this. Sign on these quickly. Come on, clap. Clap, next is your number. Clap your hands. Sign it quickly. Avtar You don't come in between, Dharampal. I came in between right then when the foundation of Kaatelal and Sons was laid right in the middle of Hathi market. According to you, if a farmer has a problem should he sell his land? What should I do, Dharampal? I had taken loan to fund my son's engineering. Hey, hello. Do this emotional drama later. Hey, there, give the lock. Pull the shutter down. Whose message is that? I have transferred my one day's income. And I will do it every day till Avtar's shop is not freed from this vulture's claws. Rest of you see, what you want to do. If we had fun together we'll face the problem together. This is my four days' income.

Here it goes. 'You started a wrong game, Dharampal.' Before you punch him next, check your location on Google. Brother's area starts from here. We are the entrance of Hathi market. Get down. Mr. Dharampal. Remove the van. – Great. Wow .. – This is your discount. What is this for? Due to delay in delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Move the van. – But, Mr. Sharma .. Brother. That Mr. Sharma was shivering like a dry lief in front of me. You have proved that you are Kaatelal's blood. There has to be a surprise party in Raamleela today. 'In the court of King Janak' 'when the bow of Lord Shiva breaks' 'Parashuram comes angrily with an ax in his hand.' 'Sita' 'Ravan will keep you in his heart.' 'No, I am waiting for Lord Shri Ram.' 'He will surely come.' 'His message should be coming anytime.' 'Try to understand what I am saying.' 'Ravan will keep you very happy.' 'Dad!' 'How did he come here?' Hail Lord Ram! Greetings, Lady.

Lord Shri Ram has send you this. 'If dad sees Susheela as Hanuman' 'then I don't know about Ravan' 'but our Lanka will surely be on fire.'.

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