BEST Crypto Exchange You Never Heard of (NO GAS FEES!)

Could this at long last be the crypto assignment we’ve been waiting for? Thats what some people are saying that are in know. Imagine a world-wide, where you can trade crypto on Uniswap with absolutely zero gas costs. I bet that probably got your attention. Especially if you are a true Uniswap degen looking to profit on speedy flips. Find out today why such projects has large-scale moon potential and could possibly become the central centre of decentralized finance. Let’s get it. Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Everyday, I indicate you how to make money in cryptocurrency. If you like fund, then make sure to affect that Subscribe button.Today, we’re going to be taking a look ata project that has massive potential. But if you want to find many of the moonshot picks that my experiment crew is looking at at all times, along with leverage trading adviceand huge exchange, make sure to check out the BitBoy Lab on Discord. It’s only 29 bucks per month, or $99 per month for VIP access. To get signed off, make sure to Now, today’s activity is Zeedex. And it is trying to solve one of the deepest thornsin the sides of brokers everywhere— extremely high Ethereum gas fees. Of route, the nasty little confidential of those gas feesis that not only are they expensive, but they signal gradual confirmation time, which, in my view, is even worse. You can miss out on big benefits because of it. If at any point, you want to find out more aboutZeedex, you can do that by visiting I think if you watch this entire video, which, by the way, will be comprised of a tutorial at the end, you’re going to see why this project should definitely be one on your radar.I was pretty affected at the testnet, which I was dedicate private and exclusive access to try. Of direction, thank you to Zeedex for giving me the scoop and sponsoring this video. So, what exactly is Zeedex? Well, as the lawsuit for countless projectsand scaffolds out there, there are two separate appearances now. First, we have the decentralized exchange. Second, “were having” the token itself. The clue of Zeedex is ZDEX. I know it was a little baffling. The ticker symbol of the clue is ZDEXand the exchange is Zeedex. The exchange itself is what is knownas a hybrid decentralized exchange. The reason why it is technically considered to be a hybrid DEX is because Zeedex is not totally an open lean website such as Uniswap.This, of course, is what allows Uniswap to be covered up with scammers and carpet pullers. It’s so decentralized, anyone can do it. And I also think, by the way, there is a larger conversation now to be had aboutcentralization’s blunders versus decentralization’s blunders, but that’s for another video. But when it comes to getting listed on Zeedex, there is a process. Projection looking to get registered must fill outa listing request form. At that moment, it is up to Zeedex to decide to list the project or not.This helps weed out the possible rug pull and departure scammers. This is definitely a benefit to users I think everyone can see. Something really interesting about such projects isit’s actually a fork from Hydro Protocol or HOT. Not to be confused with Holochain, too get by the ticker HOT. But we’ve submerge Hydro Protocol before on the canal and there’s a great deal to like about it. So, as a crotch of hydro etiquette, I see Zeedex previously has some different advantages. In addition to time being a DEX, Zeedex also has some assassin features, such as interchain trading, an IEO launching service, staking and much more. And speaking of staking, it won’t precisely be staking the ZDEX token.As numerous exchanges are exploringhow to achieve staking for campaigns, Zeedex will be supporting staking for multiple projects. And this staking will be done on-chain, which is big. Basically, projects available on Zeedex will be ableto create and launch their own staking happenings on the stage. The prime two competitors to Zeedex are, of course, Uniswap, but likewise another composite exchange IDEX. When it comes to Uniswap, significant differences should be obvious because it’s so glaringly immense. We previously spoke about the directory differences, but the other major difference is that, with Zeedex, you aren’t expensive gas rewards. That’s big! But also, you can do limit lineups without a second layer Uniswap solution. And I know this sounds crazy, but you too don’t need liquidity to trade with Zeedex.They handle the back-end of the sells for you. When it comes to IDEX, Zeedex has them drummed by a mile. You don’t have to money or withdraw in Zeedexbecause your funds are going to stay in your pocketbook. IDEX has $5,000 per daytime limit on withdrawals, which may sound like a lot to some people, but it’s only a third of a Bitcoin right now. So, let’s schmooze about the token itself for a little. I know you guys elevate utility over gues. So this one’s for you. The ZDEX token has tons of practicality built in. The most obvious and useful utilityis getting a reduction of rewards. This is a model that has worked for exchange tokens pretty much universally. The sign will have additional utility when it comesto the IEO launching aspect of development projects. I assume you’ll be able to purchase the IEOs with the ZDEX token itself.Big foreground of this project is venturing. So you can bet your bottom staking tokenthat ZDEX will have utility there as well. The token also has an extremely low market cap of around $650,000 at the time of this recording. And there’s a good deal of office to grow. Considering the fact it is onthe Binance Smart Chain or BSC network, along with the coming open of ETH 2.0, this could be a moonshot for sure. But ZDEX is not constricted to the Binance Smart Chain. While Zeedex does launchon the 15 th this month on the BSC, it’s going to be launching on additional bonds as well, including Polkadot and ETH 2.0. Now, maybe you’re starting to understand the scale of assessments of this project. But don’t make my text for it. Let’s check it out ourselves with my exclusiveinside access to the Zeedex testnet. I’m special. Alright, guys. So now I am on Zeedex. I know you guys can see the only market we have here, we’ve got ZDEX, WBNB and USDT. WBNB is Wrapped Binance Coin. So, we’re going to show you guys how you would wrap those on here. Unfortunately, I’m having some issues as I’m on the Binance Smart Chain testnet. I’m having some problems with coming Ethereum in there for the gas costs, so we’ll not be actually able to completely terminated the event. But too, chaps, you can see here, it says I’m on the wrong system. I’m not on the wrong system. That’s just kind of a kink there.I conclude because I’m on this specific URL they gave me. But formerly you hook up your MetaMask now to Zeedex, you will see, if you’re connected, it has a checkmark right there with a blue halo. Okay? Now, if I smack Connect, it’s not going to do anythingbecause I’m already connected, so– That’s why I said it’s a little flustering because I think this just isn’t supposed to be there. So here, you can– look over here, you can see your buy and sells. This is important because this is your restraint guilds. You can do limit guilds now without needing something like UniTrade for Uniswap. You can do them right through now through the site. Now, this is where all the market information is going to be displayed plainly. As you can see, you’ve got the order records here that show you where everything is being– you know, bought or sold.You can buy WBNB right here. With the buy says or the sell degrees, you have restraints you don’t have grocery. I entail, it’s really hard to do a market with a decentralized exchange. So, over here is your wallet in the bottom right hand corner if we seem. And this is where you wrap and unwrap clues. You wrap and unwrap Wrapped BNB, Wrapped Binance Coin, the same way that you would wrap or unwrap Ethereum or even Bitcoin. There’s Wrapped Bitcoin as well. We did a whole video on wrapped cryptocurrency. If you guys want to find that one and check it out, it is back on the videos page. Just search wrap. Wrapped Like a mummy. Okay? That was pathetic. I’m sorry. So here, you can check your clues inside your wallet. You can be found in, I have one BNB. You can wrap or unwrap.Now, what you would do right here is just press “1”, and then made “WRAP” to wrap my lone BNB. And now, it’s gonna pop up now on MetaMask, but “youre seeing”, the amount plus the gas cost is $1.57 and I’m having a lot of problems with the gas limitsbecause I don’t have any Ethereum in this wallet. I’ve tried send it over. I’m on the BSC testnet, having issues with it, don’t really know what the transaction is. So formerly you actually had completedthe transaction, you simply punched “Confirm”. You’d signal the event and spurt! That’s how you wrap now on Zeedex.Now, the important thing is though here, guys, is we’re just looking at this organization. I convey, as you can see, it looks like a lot of other exchanges, but you’ve got to remember here, it’s a hybrid exchange, so you don’t have to necessarily have liquidity to induce these trades. You can position restraint successions. There’s definitely a good deal of nonsense to like here about the utility. Now, when you wrap and unwrap, you have been able some gas fees, but when you’re actually doing the trading, you’re not gonna have gas fees, and that’s a huge advantage of Zeedex. You gotta acknowledge, that was pretty cool. Being able to trade without gas feesis like receiving manna from heaven. Those costs and confirmation times have expensed me so much money as a trader.While I can’t get those losses back, I look forward to being able to procreate transactions without them. Who doesn’t like continuing more of their own money? Let me know what you guys think about Zeedex down below. That’s all I got. Be consecrated. BitBoy out ..

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#1 New NFT Altcoin with MASSIVE POTENTIAL in 2021! Superfarm (SUPER) Cryptocurrency Explained!

nfts within video games are going tobring the first billion users to crypto uh and that this community that of three billiongamers globally or two and a half billion gamers globally already collect and enjoy andunderstand digital assets they spend the money on these digital assets to use them ingames and so they’re a perfect community to sort of bring over into the crypto spaceand say hey well what if you actually own this asset what if you had more privilegeswith this asset through to true ownership all right welcome back everybody to altcoindaily my name’s austin here with my brother aaron and awesome guest today long time friendof the channel has his own youtube channel leotrades elliott man thanks for coming on thanksso much for having me guys uh super good to be back here on all coin daily big shout out to thealtcoin daily army uh and yeah thanks you know one big thing has changed since the last time we hadyou on multiple months ago you’re now a founder of your own nft cryptocurrency how was that you knowuh it’s funny because i’ve in my mind i’ve been a founder of this project for years now but noweverybody else knows about it and uh and it’s much more public uh i would say that it’s been a hugehuge change uh one that i was prepared for uh but i’m super excited it’s happening now and uh yeahjust i couldn’t be more excited about the just the what’s going on in nft land which i think isgoing to be probably a big focus of what we’re talking about here but um you know i’ve been a bigbeliever in the nft stuff for a long time and then you know sort of feels like the macro environmentcame along right as we were getting ready to uh bring super farm to the to the worldand so it’s a super exciting time for me obviously as a founder my day is absolutely morebusy uh by about 100 x than it was uh before uh focusing more on youtube but i’m i feelvery blessed and excited for the journey ahead for sure and i want to get real deep into superfarm you’re the expert i want i have a lot of questions but just general big picture finishthis sentence for me nfts in 2021 are blank just getting noticed interesting i agree andyou have been talking about super farm since before was the trend like you were talkingabout it way back at least 2020 maybe before so can you just give us for those people thatmaybe aren’t as familiar or just getting into it give us the value proposition of superfarm and how that relates in the nft space uh thanks yeah i you know i was telling you aboutthe early versions of the project in 2019 when we first met uh in san francisco and at that pointyou know we were focusing on the games that we had been developing more and then you know superfarm as we were coming into d5 summer our games were getting uh closer and closer to completionuh and we were looking at the release strategy and all the behaviors that we wanted for nfts uhin a decent like when we were going to introduce the uh games as nfts uh or so the nfcs in the gameand it became clear that there was uh a need for some infrastructure that wasn’t readily out of thebox available on other platforms and you know in a sort of open and decentralized toolkit minded uhapproach we thought you know everything that we would want for our assets let’s make this toolkitvery easy for everyone to take advantage of and so one of those things that became really clear thatwould be an interesting uh thing that you could do with nfts would be nft farming that was validatedby d5 summer you know defy summer really brought forth a lot of interesting tokenomics models alot of interesting yield bearing opportunities and it was clear that nfts were in my opinion beingcompletely overlooked for these particular types of tokenomics and yield bearing opportunitiesand to a large degree i think that they are still being overlooked as to what they really are uh youknow you see and i kind of part of me loves this there is a lot of uh polarizing opinions polarizedopinions on nfts uh people tend to uh have a visceral negative opinion of nfts when they don’tlike them or or an extremely positive uh opinion and to me that really marks a an interesting trendand topic that it can have that polarizing effect so i think there’s a lot of excitement still tocome um and super farm itself is really focused on uh different ways to involve nfts with defy and ofcourse the toolkit that is necessary to get them into uh video games uh like the ones that we’regoing to be releasing through our partner studio so i’m familiar i’m most familiar with like thenft marketplaces that use ethereum like openc mintable nifty gateway why but i know there’sothers like bondly and all those other things but like why would somebody go through super farm whenthey could easily do it on mintable or wearable yeah so you know mintable and wearable have beenout uh they have a really interesting toolkit uh we are paying attention to what everybody’sdoing in the space we’re definitely more focused on on the farming aspect as a differentiator atfirst but we’re also looking to provide really interesting tools uh which for some uh particularreasons we don’t want to spill all the beans on exactly what tools we’ll be rolling out but ourgoal is to maximize the success of those who create and issue nfts on our platform uh and usethe decentralized super farm toolkit and so that’s really what we’re focused on is you know there’sa big wave of celebrities there’s a big wave of ip there’s a big wave of people finally realizingthe commercial use cases for nfts things that i’ve been really focused on and aware of for severalyears now and because of this sort of breakout moment that nfts are having the conversations areno longer hey an nft means non-fungible token and this is what it is the conversations are more okayso here’s a good strategy for how your brand and how your you know you as an artist or you asa celebrity should uh be thinking about and contextualizing your entry into the space umit’s not about if or definitions or education it’s more about how and uh you know strategies onon the ways to proceed and so i think that that’s a really big step that is uh it’s necessary forthe space and it kind of advances the whole nft narrative by a few years in my opinion now whenyou say nft farming uh can you explain that is that providing liquidity and what do you get so soin the case of super farm you know a lot of tokens we see have the desire to reward their holders forholding their tokens but a lot of projects exist and have existed before staking rewards poolswere so popular to include um and you see projects like chain link now getting their stakingprogram together you know so many years into its life cycle and uh nfts if done right can offersome really interesting yield and rewards for holders and so the goal is to enable any tokento very quickly uh reward its holders with nfts and that’s the basic mission of superfarm one ofits core competencies is any token can be turned into an nft farm meaning you can stake that tokenand earn nfts any token so like just a chain link token i can stake through super farm and earnchain links nft or whatever is that what you’re saying absolutely right uh and we’ve alreadyannounced several high-profile partnerships and the long there is a long and robust line of peoplewho want to uh partner up and use super farms nft farming technology uh to do this for theircommunities because it’s a non-dilutive reward where you can actually there’s some added benefitsof nfts as well with the artwork and storytelling that you can do with nfts you can also engendersome really interesting loyalty and excitement from your core community through these assetsbeyond what we really are excited by which is the utility and the sort of inherent value thatyou can ascribe to them by programming nfts to you know unlock things within the ecosystem andwe’re going to see a lot of that over the coming weeks and months and that’s one of the thingsthat we’re most excited to do is instead of just hey here’s a really cool piece of art it’s heyhere’s a really cool piece of art it’s scarce it’s collectible but here’s what it does and that’s thenarrative that i can’t wait to see thrive which is nft utility and then we’re just at the beginningof that you know we’re seeing nfts as collectibles but we haven’t seen the full applications of nftsas assets yet and i do want to just our audience knows this but i do want to disclose for any newpeople listening we are hodlers of super farm um you know we believe in the concept and let’s justtake the initial nfts that have been launching these last five days your first batch can you talkabout the specific utility you get with those nfts the first batch of super farm nfts are some ofthe more important ones in the entire ecosystem and they’re going to have the utility of priorityaccess access is something that we see as a huge huge value prop in crypto land and peopleuh getting in to access whether it’s new uh in this case new nfts through our nft launchpad um or in-game assets within video games uh which we consider to be one of the biggest usecases and in our opinion uh one of the theses of [ __ ] of a superfarm platform is that nfts withinvideo games are going to bring the first billion users to crypto uh and that this community thatof three billion gamers globally or two and a half billion gamers globally already collectand enjoy and understand digital assets they spend the money on these digital assets to usethem in games and so they’re a perfect community to sort of bring over into the crypto space andsay hey well what if you actually own this asset what if you had more privileges with this assetthrough to true ownership so the first utility is whitelist priority access so depending onthe rarity of the nft if it’s a legendary for example they’ll have a 90 chance of gettinginto what we’re calling the priority queue which you know each nft drop that we do once we releasethe full version of the nft launch pad there will be a normal queue and a priority queue and ifyou’re in the priority queue that line goes first and so uh if somebody thinks that they want to getaccess to an nft drop in the future on super farm then they would want to be in that priority queueto ensure that they can get there early and so these nfts if you’re holding the higher raritieswill have a higher percent chance of getting you into that queue nothing is 100 guaranteed uh theepics have 50 the rares have 30 percent uh the uncommons 20 and the commons 10 uh i believe offthe top of my head are the percentage of priority queue access that’s a biggie and we’re reallyexcited for that uh we also have in-game items within games uh partner games that these assetsare gonna unlock and so there will be rare digital assets that you can actually play with in realimmersive video games more information on that will be released over time as more games come outand more partner games come out and then the third utility that we’re super excited about is the uhpercent boost multiplier on farming rewards so if you’re holding this kind of like a power up orlike a a rare item within a game treating the nft farming ecosystem and gamifying it is somethingwe’re super excited for and that’s going to work to allow the holders of these nfts to get a boostor a multiplier so if they’re staking a with a legendary they’ll actually get a significantpercent boost on their rewards from that farm even if it’s not the super token farm for exampleif there’s a chain-link farm or we’ve announced a polygon farm we’ve announced uh a parsik farmwe’ve announced an injective farm and so for our partner farms there will also be a multiplier thatanyone can access if they’re holding these nfts interesting i told you this uh you know off micbut i tried to you know get one of the legendary ones the other day your first series of nftsfor super farm and i couldn’t get one they sold out quick yeah they’ve been going extremelyextremely fast so fast so that we actually adjusted the format to be a white list lotteryso it was a little less of a of a rush here um and this was uh to make things as fair as possibleand we just announced that a couple of minutes ago here’s my question um so i understand likethe utility of these first ones that you’re releasing it seems to get a lot of utility andvalue for the super farm ecosystem so like i can understand why somebody would want those but maybeones that you release for super farm down the line you know i’m trying to think what would bebetter just holding the super farm tokens which are fungible and there’s a market value orlike actually getting one of these nfts what if that’s not what’s holding tokens is better whatdo you think about that yeah you know i guess if you’re asking like which one’s a better investmenti can’t really speak uh to those kinds of things why didn’t you i would i didn’t i didn’t say theinvestment word because i wanted you to answer it yeah yeah well i i mean in the end the the marketwill decide what’s the most valuable and uh the the drops that come through the platform uh ifpeople really value those then they they may uh choose to value the nfts more again i can’tpredict market forces uh however our goal as a platform is to just create the best productsthat we can whether it’s through the toolkit or whether it’s through the actual nfts that arereleased from the platform so that’s the goal that we bring to everything as far as partnernft releases that come through the launch pad uh you know the goal is to provide strategy andsupport whenever asked eventually decentralizing this toolkit so much so so that you know it’snot up to us who comes through the launch pad uh but up to the decentralized community but youknow whenever we can for people who are asking we try to help them understand how they canimbue their own nfts with the most utility access long-term sustainability these are the things thatwe’re very interested in there’s a lot of high profile people circling the space right now andthey’re all really in a data gathering phase they really want to understand how their brands howtheir businesses how their followings how they can most benefit from this in a real sustainable andbeneficial way and there’s quite a few people that are sensitive to not be seen as sort of chasing ahype and so that’s definitely something where i’m having these conversations many times throughoutthe day of trying to help people understand where i see nfts going in the next five years 10 yearsuh there’s a lot of people who uh ask the question hey is this bubble about to burst is this a isthis a bubble we’re in with nfts um and you know i always respond pretty much with the same responsewhich is that i’m not really focused on where nfts are going to be in 30 days i’m focused on wherenfts are going to be in five 10 years and that’s really what we’ve taken to this project sinceyou guys first met me really in 2019 we started building in 2018 towards this concept and i thinkthat when you think of things like that it becomes a little less of a it comes it comes a littleless volatile the mindset it’s a little bit more sustainable and and you start to see just like youguys would investing in cryptocurrencies you know something might do well in a short period of timeand something else might do poorly on a short period of time but if you’re thinking long termenough uh you end up getting the right results interesting so people who um go through super farmto deploy nfts they have to be approved by you guys and they have to work with you for utilityis that correct no not at all it’s a decentralized platform and tool kit however we’re getting a lotof inbound requests and people who are contacting pretty much me personally because i’m sovisible and public and vocal about nfts asking for advice saying hey how should theystructure things or advice on how they should structure their own nfc collections and so i’mkind of uh helping people understand the way i see the the marketplace um but in the end superfarmis a decentralized toolkit uh and and that’s the it will be completely permissionless open andpeople can choose to use it in whichever ways they see fit but i can’t go right now and likei can like a mintable and make an nft or can i soon you will be yeah soon you will bewe’re gonna we’re opening those features up uh iteration by iteration um talk to me about whatsort of utility let’s just say hypothetically i have no clue the celebrities circling the spacealthough i can guess like a famous comedian is he interest like wants to launch his own nfts abouthis own stuff is he interested in getting you know interoperability with a video game or whitelist access like specifically for those type of celebrities what is the utility for them yes so ithink you have to segment um the different types of nfts just like we would segment a car froma cd from a movie from a video game purchase and understand that nft is a generic wrapperfor for property it’s very generic wrapper but it’s programmable and there’s a lot ofreally interesting things you can do with it and so understanding for the different use casesdifferent types of artist creators and brands should and will be using these things in verydifferent ways now i’m a big believer that comedy is a fantastic fit for nft mainly because themonetization streams for comedians are extremely limited you know you pretty much have a threeoptions you go to snl you get a comedy special uh on netflix uh or maybe you have a really bigsocial media account you make sort of money off of that uh start a podcast yeah start starta podcast there you go that’s the other one uh and so that those monetization streams areinherently really hard to access for for the majority whereas someone might be reallyfunny and some of the content they create might have a ton of value to the audience umand i think it’s really interesting to start seeing the nft as a way to maybe monetize uhshort different types of content directly to uh directly to the fans and so you end up witha model where your top one percent or point one percent uh depending how big you are 0.001 percentof fans actually get to show what they value this rare content at and that revenue is mostlikely as we’re seeing going to be greater than a small sort of uh you know mass spread piece ofcontent where you know each person is only giving a very tiny amount of monetization to the artistand so i’m really excited for those particular types of art forms including comedy andothers to start making their way on the blockchain uh and i think that what you’ll see isat first a lot of experimentation but over time we’ll know the the ways that comedianswill see the best way to release these and how are you um how do celebrities know aboutsuper farm do you have a dedicated person reaching out to them or how’s that work we’ve actuallydone uh zero reach out on uh super farm side uh to be quite honest i did not see the celebrityconversations happening this early uh we did not optimize our team for reach outs to celebsuh but the mania if you will around nfts has led to people really just looking forexperts and guidance in the space uh you know when you hear about uh a blow or a beeple releasemaking 11.7 or 69 million dollars respectively it catches a lot of eyeballs and people becomereally interested and i’ve obviously been talking about nfts for a very long time enough so thatsome really really impressive folks that are people i’ve looked up to in the business orentertainment world for a very long time started organically following and reaching out to me uhincluding a lot of talent managers and interesting folks like that and so uh it was it was completelyorganic but i just started getting dmps that do you think from your youtube channel because you’vealways been passionately speaking about this or is it through um i don’t know just people you’vemet in the industry somebody recommending you uh yeah i think it’s all the above right it’sjust sort of you know there’s not that many people out there saying hey i i believe in thisthis is something i know is going to take over i i have a vision for the future of nfts it’sjust not that big of a world right and so you know if you’re going to go down a list of the top50 people or 20 people i just i assume based on my history as a content creator and the peoplewho maybe if they asked one person then they referred them to me type thing i’m not sure theexact uh ping pong result for everybody but i’ve been pretty surprised to hear about the people whosaid in the first meetings that they just actually just watched the channel and i’m sure you’d besurprised if you knew who watched your channel dude i’m constantly surprised that even my friendsfrom college say that watch the channel like everybody watches all coin daily like andsubscribe everybody hell yeah and elio trades um and that you know i want to piggyback off of thatbecause it seems to me like the peop there’s a large portion of people that like nfts because ofthe revolution especially with artists that they can get recurring payment if it’s resold and stuffbut there’s also a large amount of speculators in the space they’re the ones buying but it seemslike the celebrities and the athletes are the real people that are making money what piece ofadvice would you give to the average person that is interested in jumping into this space butthey’re only seeing the celebs make the money yeah i think i think i disagree withthat i think the data disagrees with that it seems based on the news as if this is acelebrity driven experiment but if you go and you go on open c and you see and you sortby recent sales what you’ll find is that these collectible ecosystems and other experimentsare having way more volume than any celebrity or influencer nft drop so far and so i believe thatit’s pretty clear that the nft is for the little guy for the newbie for the non-established persona much more sustainable interesting path to follow than trying to become a celebrity and the otherway around right and the celeb drops are for the most part having limited legs because they’rebeing done with limited knowledge and so uh maybe and i’m hoping in the the coming days and weeksyou’ll see a fusion between ip and crypto savvy and that’s sort of these are the conversationsthat we’re having and nft savvy to be specific but what you’re seeing a significant amount ofright now is just creative people who are playing with economics utility collectible art and they’recreating incredible results that doesn’t mean everybody is most people aren’t but you see atremendous amount of success stories and you know i have a lot of conversations with managersand uh interesting folks who say to me hey i’ve got you know we’re we’ll be talking about maybea more well-known person and then they’ll follow up and say well i actually have a new artisti actually have a new client do you think nfts would work for them and my response is always theexact same which is if i was an aspiring insert you know comedian musician artist i wouldbe focusing zero percent on the old system a hundred percent on the new system because this isa system where if you have 1 000 or 100 true fans they can directly support your art and yourcreativity with no censorship no no middlemen uh no uh gatekeepers you can literally build anaudience of 100 to a thousand people and forever support yourself within your creative field andthe more the earlier you dive in and the faster you build your reputation here in nft land thehigher the ceiling is for you before the masses come and you see this with everything with newsocial media platforms you see this with new trends in society and i think there’s no betterexample of this than people who is now the third richest living artist in the world uh and a yearago it would have been very hard to identify you know for most people people and much respect topeople i just think that it’s an amazing story i just had a quick question um so once youget your um nft marketplace to compete with mint bowl and open c once that gets rolled outyou guys get a little bit farther along what’s going to make somebody choose to uh go overto super farm rather than a mintable is it is it going to be the celebrities who who do itwhat do you think yeah you do a part of this i’ll i’ll say you know in more generic terms uhyou know we have a belief that the celebrity thing is going to happen and you know i knowbased on the conversations i’m having uh and what i see going around is that thecelebrity thing will become very commonplace to the point where it is not a motivator or adriver of too much reaction uh in crypto land um however you know building uh building a communityuh which has been the core focus of uh me and and people like yourself and other uh colleaguesand collaborators of the pl of the platform this has been a huge uh feature of the platform isthat the community for super farm is incredibly robust and strong uh and then you know in theend it comes down to the decentralized toolkit if the toolkit is better then people will flock tothe toolkit and so the the concept is what are the tools uh that would make this better and that’sour mindset is just creating the best tools uh and that by creating the best tools and havinggreat discoverability uh that we will end up uh or that super farm will end up attracting uhthe best creators and and and that’s the the cycle that is the core focus and we don’t believe thatit’s going to be uh necessarily a celebrity driven phenomenon that’s getting a lot of theheadlines right now but it’s just sort of a tip of the iceberg type thing uh where thereal nft culture is just getting started and in the end people will go you know sort of touse a easier metaphor tiktok is so popular because it’s so easy to create high quality contentwith vfx formats audio effects uh and trends and challenges and the way that things are kind of uhmade cookie cutter for you through their tool kit just like with snapchat and their filters thatreally attracted a lot of usage back in the day and i think it’s going to be the exact samething for nfts which is that the better tools will attract the better creatorswhich will attract the bigger audiences and so the super farm toolkit isgoing to be more complex than like a mintable or open c where literally you justhave to upload like you’re going to be able to do different things well you know i’m sure thateveryone will be evolving what they provide that our communities over time we have several featuresthat we’re excited to roll out uh that are that are on the sort of short to midterm road mapand i’m sure as we get to you know future stages uh we’ll be excited to at even more and differentones just like you’ve seen there’s not really a a moment in time that stops for content creationuh and we see this uh in a in a certain sense kind of like content creation in a digital realmin a in a crypto realm um and so you know the the mindset is very much to uh be thinking about thetoolkits that people need now tomorrow and the next day and so to answer your question in shortyeah we want to have more robust tools than simply here’s a one click or a or no codeexperience no code is just a starting point when you look at top uh gaming nft altcoinengine do you think mahan dead man walking uh no absolutely not and uh and i don’t really that’sthat’s i don’t see crypto as a zero-sum game ever say that i don’t understand why allright well they’re both he’s trying to be trying to be spicy yeah get some teaspilled here trying to be spicy headline but also they are the top player they’re one ofthe top players in the space they’ve been around a lot longer relatively speaking and it appears thatsuper farm is tackling you know many of the same utilities only in a lot of cases you know onsteroids version so i just wanted his opinion so i appreciate your uh that reading of the situationflattering uh and to me it’s it’s one of those things where engine is part of the inspiration forwhat we’ve done we think that engine did a great job uh in in so many regards and we also see oneof the biggest sort of gaps there between where we are right now and where we want the industryto go as having a lot to do with end-use cases now with nft mania it’s a lot easier toget end-use cases sort of put through the funnel um but you know in the end we started withgames before we started building infrastructure and i think that’s pretty interesting anda unique uh facet of uh how the team uh believed the order of operations should goum and so the decentralized toolkit came uh after the concept of you know we want to makesure that this isn’t a uh infrastructure that that potentially doesn’t uh get as much usageas as we would want it to get and so we wanted to build uh we were we wanted to solve for thatfirst and so that’s one of the things that i think is a unique order of operations that you don’tsee a lot in crypto um as well you know in the end uh we see this kind of like the defy thinguh and i’ll explain what that means which is there was a group of d5 vcs and founders thatunderstood that the more money gets locked in d5 and the more that there were more protocolslocking even more money in d5 that it would create an exponential and compounding effect that wouldbring even more money into d5 and that this isn’t about uh one protocol versus another with nfts butit’s about understanding that we see eight billion almost people in the world that are notnft holders that do not know about nfts and that the more nft projects succeed at all themore that this community will grow and the more that success will be had by the nft industry as awhole so we see a compounding and and beneficial and synergistic relationship between nft platformsas of right now if i buy something on openc and i have a fantastic experience with my nft and theni go i’m not going to say to myself well now i’m definitely not going to go buy on super farm ornow i’m definitely not going to go buy on engine that’s not the mindset right the mindset is nft isgood cool and so that opens the door for everybody and i think that that most people in the nftindustry see the other projects as collaborative now it’s uh it’s fun to be a you know analtcoin founder in a bull market but once this bear market hits all through it are yougoing to be with the project are you more of a charles hoskinson or a dan larimer oh i i don’tknow if i’d call myself a charles hoskinson uh but you know this project i mean as you guyswell know um i was building obsessively during the last bear market when there was absolutelyno hype and no fomo and uh uh funding was very very very uh sparse in the industry and itwas out of pure passion uh and so all of this sort of excitement to me is uh really nice butit’s not taken for granted uh because you know you and i and my team have been through the hardhard times with this stuff and so you know what it makes me excited for is the longevity of theecosystem knowing that uh the opportunity to grow an ecosystem over a long period of timewill be there and that’s for me the ultimate reward is is the journey and the building partand the delivering products that people touch the the project itself started with a very simplethought process which is it’s 2018 september or august ish and the question is what is a productthat people would use while bitcoin is crashing and crypto’s crashing and you know we camedown to three you know we did a swat which is a uh strengths weaknesses uh opportunities andthreats and you you go through the list and you you sort of put those out for all the differentproduct verticals we could come up with and we came up with three different productverticals that we thought were passed a significant swot analysis for a bear market andthey were exchanges gambling and video games now exchanges have really big regulatory hurdlesuh liquidity issues you need a lot of money to start an exchange there’s also a lot of you knowreally established players we didn’t feel like we had an edge on how to innovate there uh as far asgambling we saw pretty much almost every casino except crypto uh and there while there are stillroom for improvements and iterations and gambling it’s not really something that appealed to us andso we kind of put that one aside uh and it was very clear to us myself as a gamer my partner is alifelong gamer uh we buy stuff in video games all the time and so to me it was a very natural uhsomething that came from a place of passion and personal interest knowing that hey if there weregames with nfts in it and the games were fun and really made you want to play then people wouldcare about these assets and have it would have nothing to do with bitcoin and so that was kindof how we started the project and while it’s still untested that’s the thesis is that gaming at ahigh enough level with nfts uh would hopefully at least to a significant degree decouple fromthe cycles uh real quick question do you have a heart out in 20 minutes or could you go fiveor ten minutes over just want to get a gauge um dude we need you this is a great conversationyeah this is great um yeah i can i can go 10 minutes over let me just text my next meetingnice still a man of the people i love that by the way dude the fact that you were a planin late 2018 it was hard enough to convince people that bitcoin had a future props to you forthinking even beyond that uh because you know the sentiment was very low at that time yeah you knowi’m a believer and and for me i’ve been building apps websites and games uh working insane hoursuh to get them uh functional and investment and community and when i discovered crypto in 2017or at least when i really discovered it uh it was clear to me that without a doubt this iswhere the next innovations will come from um and then you know for me as a builder it’s alwaysuh the question of in tech which is where where is this going next and how can you be there firstbecause that’s kind of how the tech industry works is if you can predict the next turn of you knowconsumer behavior of technology interaction with the world then then that’s the real challenge umand then you know you’ve seen just first movers benefit tremendously and so uh we recognize thatnft and games uh in 2018 that was really uh for some reason it just became super obvious it becamealmost like a uh like a haunting reality that i just would wake up every day and just be drivenby is that this is the future and and it was no way to to avoid it is this is just so obvious tome once you see it you can’t unsee it type thing all right i think we had a little bit of blip inthe video recording there but let me ask you a question elliot i feel like a big differentiatorwith um super farm is that because a lot of these just generally these altcoin projects they youknow list themselves on uniswap there’s obviously a risk factor there and you guys are listed onuniswap but also finance the biggest exchange in the world uh also supports uh super farm i thinkthat’s pretty cool can you explain how that came about and your relationship there i i thinkthat’s a big differentiator what do you think yeah you know uh it’s it’s flattering uh youknow obviously they do their due diligence um and it was flattering uh to see theirinterest in the due diligence process to see them interested in the token i think a lotof founders think about that journey and whether big exchanges will be interested in their tokenquite frankly we’re so preoccupied and our our goals are almost entirely focused on uh the theproduct and uh making sure that uh we are doing everything we can to push forward the toolkitobviously we have a big community and an excited community and uh i you know it was one of thosethings where uh at this early stage we’re we’re nothing but flattered by this but uh but obviouslyit only uh it’s it’s it’s an interesting news uh piece but uh it’s just that and uh it doesn’tchange any of our uh short shorter midterm goals aaron and i want to end with a big picturecryptocurrency in general type questions before we do that we do have a couple more uh zoning in onsuper farm and one thing that i like that you said is that it’s not a zero-sum game projects thathave value um can work together can benefit off of each other and you have a strategic partnershipor super form with ethernet what value did they bring to super farm and why are you bullishon that project in general uh well you know ethernet uh has been way out ahead of everyoneelse in getting high profile uh folks specifically celebrities uh to join the nft movement andi guess you know i’ve sort of hinted at this they have some really big names attached to thisproject uh household type names uh and i think it does just so much for the nft movement to havethose kinds of names attached with cryptocurrency and nfts and it brings the understanding andthe familiarity with the space forward by years right to have those kinds of partnerships uh nowlike i said with you guys super farm has done zero to reach out to these people though wehave had quite a bit of inbound uh that was not really a goal of the project uh but we havebeen building like i said really interesting tools uh and so obviously the partnership with authorityis goal is really geared at helping them maximize their success with the people that they’ve alreadyrecruited and of course doing some collaborative stuff bringing some of their big names uh tosuper farm as well and so that’s kind of the uh the synergistic approach and i think that of allyou know of the many many projects in the space ethernet is a great example of how two nftprojects can be extremely synergistic what but i just want to follow up what is like whydo they need you and why do you need them if you just like lay it out for me is it yeah i meani think need might not be the right word like they’re a very capable team and we’re a capableteam and you know is it possible like i said we have celebrities in our uh pipeline and theyhave tech uh folks and they have great engineers um and it’s more about how can we uh help eachother maximize success you know and and have even better events uh by working together andcollaborating and i think it’s uh it’s you know not not necessarily like hey they would not beable to do something or we would not be able to do something without each other but is there abenefit in working together to accomplish x y or z and i think that the answer to that is yes andso that was why we chose to partner with them um and i think it’s the same for a lotof crypto projects for example we have parsec uh could we build some monitoring toolsuh like they have built sure it’s possible is it beneficial for us to use the ones they’vealready built absolutely and uh and i think that that’s sort of how you see uh these partnershipsworking is you know why are we reinventing the wheel when there’s a fantastic partner availableto help us accomplish x y or z um and each partnership is unique right like whereas onemight be a tech integration others might be you know uh co-promotion events or or creation ofuh you know co-branded events and co-branded uh nft collectibles or series or uhinitiatives and so i think that there is a lot of value in seeing just like i said thespace grow the go the goal is to see the space grow uh and if i can help uh ethernet or authoritycan help super farm um uh i guess if super farm can help ethernet or ethernet can help superfarm i think it’s a net benefit to everybody my final question before we get to a couple bigpicture questions is um i mean i guess thinking the brand name with this is ikami ami umhow important is licensing that seems like something that these nfd projects shouldbe cornering because they already have like built-in people who want to collect that stuffis this licensing do you think that’s important absolutely fantastic uh however i also thinkthat it comes down to in the end uh structuring collectibles and that what you’re gonna seeis while existing ip and a lot of these ip if you dig into their history started as physicalcollectibles you know if you look at like mutant ninja teenage mutant ninja turtles and othertypes of stuff and so what you’ll see is that uh regardless of where the ip starts whether it’soriginal or it’s licensed uh you know for example like the amazing brands that comey has managed toget their hands on uh that’s definitely gonna be a revenue stream it’s gonna have a huge commercialapplication um you know in the end my focus is not as heavily on licensing you know we didpartner with anamoka brands which in my opinion is one of the most talented licensers in theentire space and a huge huge supporter of what we do what we’re doing and we have a lot ofexclusive partnership stuff we’ll be doing which we’ll be rolling out they have several brands uhone called limpo which is tokenizing sports heroes they have one called uh quid which actuallyhas the rights to marvel disney dr seuss uh and several other rick and morty several otherbig pieces of ip i think the structure of these things because most of this ip is not exclusivelylicensed the structure of the collectible is is in my opinion the key right and and figuringout how to elevate that and how to give tools for mfd creators to be elevating what theycreate and the way they create it the way they introduce it that to me is my focus uh butthere’s no doubt that licensing is going to be huge and a big congrats to comey for pushing thatforward and alfred khan as a legend in that regard and final big picture nft question uh withthe setup it would have been so hard in 2010 and 2011 for people to predict what bitcoin inthe cryptocurrency space would be 10 years down the line so keeping that in mind how how do yousee nfts being different or the same or growing 10 years down the line so to me and i believethis for quite some time that nft is the most uh is it’s the onboarding mechanism and it is themost commercially applicable uh vehicle within the crypto world now of course i do believe thatcrypto will take over so many things and money itself and everything like that uh however fora consumer-facing product uh what we’re seeing is that the nft can span and hit the broadestaudience through gaming through celebrities through branded ip through collectibles throughcontent itself and then you have things like d5 which hit the deepest audiences where theadvantage to someone the more money they have you know the trillion dollar asset managers movinginto d5 is a hundred thousand million times more than your average user because they have somuch more money and so i think that when you see nft you see it as the most sort of widespreadcommercial application in some in some regards for crypto itself uh and i do believe that youknow if you’re fast forwarding in 10 20 years the sort of concepts that we saw outlined inready player one or the oasis and things like that those are definitely you know things that are notlost uh upon the nft community that this is in my opinion where things are going is that thing thecrossover between digital and physical possessions digital and physical ownership those things willcontinue to merge uh and uh the importance of nft i believe is is just beginning uh and while itmight be in a bit of a rush or a first period of just getting noticed if you fast forward 10years it’ll be insulting and scammy if there’s not an nft attached interesting question anythingmore on super form before we ask you about bitcoin ethereum and that stuff i know just a big thankyou to the super farm community uh super humbled that we’re at this stage uh right now and youknow we’re very very excited for the next steps cool elliott let’s cut the crap get down to brasstacks it is clear more than ever that ethereum is bullish in 2021 as we see more people on boardingon the network to defy two nfts and i’m sure we asked you this back in 2020 but now that we’remonths into this and we have more data points could you give us the bold case for ethereum in2021 and how you see it playing out at the end of the year uh yeah and thank you for the for thatuh tee up because we have had this conversation a couple of times the thing about ethereum isin 2017 this was exactly what was happening which is tons of people were flooding inethereum was extremely congested and expensive and the narrative that this just simply was goingto die out was all inclusive and and everybody uh was believing that the eath killer movementwas going to be the future and let me just be clear there will absolutely be other chainscollaborative chains other layer ones that have tremendous value and utility like finance smartchain uh like matic polygon like polka dot like uh cardano however the reality is just likewhat we saw with bitcoin how there were so many coins that were cheaper and faster and betterto create and deploy uh a financial mechanism or transfer uh stores of value the fact isthat ethereum has the trust it has the trust of a really really big network and the mostimportant applications and the highest value applications are finding their home on ethereumbecause it is trustworthy and it is secure so when you’re storing for example a video gamecharacter well maybe just maybe that should be done on a cheaper chain on a faster chain toimprove the user experience but if i’m storing the deed to my house or an insurance policy for mylife insurance or maybe a significant access key for a you know a pension fund worth you knowbillions or trillions of dollars then i would really seek out the absolute highest standard ofsecurity and trustworthiness and this is where you see the difference of the slower moving morevaluable ecosystems long-term versus the faster moving more experimental and newer ecosystemsthat would require maybe higher throughput and so what you’ll see is trade-offs but ethereum’scase for being the absolute undisputed home of very high value important smart contract functionsi believe will continue to hold value and for that reason this is the sort of difference between avery broad approach a very broad appeal versus a very deep appeal where the people who aremoving huge insanely big hard to comprehend big sums of money are doing it on ethereum andthat hundred dollar gas fee means nothing to them whereas the people who are looking for maybe asuper clean user friendly experience that would a appeal to the tick tock generation now maybethat’s going to take root on a different chain and most likely it will now what i like aboutwhat’s happening is that the eth killer movement has moved to the scalar movement and you’reseeing that these chains like polka dot and even cardano now finance smart chainpolygon the focus isn’t on stealing from eth but it’s on offloading from eth and i thinkthat that’s going to be a big big characteristic of why 2021 is slightly different than 2017 thoughbased on twitter comments youtube comments it feels as though people are once again writing ethuh as essentially old news and as people who have been through this cycle before i think it’s prettyeasy to have some perspective on it for those people who are new to it i would just say lookthere’s going to be amazing value in those chains there’s going to be amazing value capture acrossall valuable layer ones there’s also going to be insane utility and time tested battle testedincredible value that comes from ethereum so how like do you think uh 5 000 eth near thecycle top maybe end of the year 10 000 eth how do you think about it uh well you know it reallydepends on how far bitcoin goes but if bitcoin reaches the several hundred thousand dollarmark the sort of uh 250 k plus range i think that puts ethereum um at a twenty thousanddollar to fifty thousand dollar price point are you looking at what happened last time uhethereum topped you know it’s just for easy math ethereum topped last time at about a 1440 uh andbitcoin’s top before that cycle was at about 11.60 uh now if bitcoin you know if obviously ethereumhas a different you know tokenomics they have more more supply um but you know in the end i thinkethereum has the gas to go to over 20k uh and if this bull run continues like we think we’re goingto and i think there’s even a possibility that it makes a sort of pretty astronomical blow off toprun uh to something above 50k i’ve said as high as 87.I mean that number comes from dividing themarket cap of gold uh i think you guys covered this as well yeah the market cap of gold uh andsort of giving that to ethereum and saying well is ethereum and what it provides to the world isit as valuable as decentralized gold and i think this was a quote from uh tyler winklevosswhich is it has to be at least that value you know a decentralized operating system that’ssecure and global and and uh and can actually um sort of divorce us from typical systems of financeand power and ownership i think that there’s a huge case that over time we could reach uh thatsystem being worth as much as decentralized gold uh and i think that those numbers point to youknow some pretty astronomical targets so whether it’s this cycle or next or whatever i think heathhas plenty of gas to reach a healthy five figures 50 to 80 k east you make raul paul look likecharlie monger but to be fair on this cycle i think 20 is where if i had to say hey this iswhat i would say for sure if we have this cycle i think it would hit but you know there things atthose stages of the bull run get really parabolic and whether it stays there or not i mean youlook at each path to 1400 and then back and you see it was a very very short moment but it did gofrom just a few hundred bucks up to 1400 and back very fast and i think you could see that where itgoes up from maybe 10 000 or 15 000 and then makes this insane explosion up and then right back downagain and that’s what would be like the blow off top you know long term you know 10 years down theline 20 years down the line i think looking at you know eath being worth you know 50 plus thousanddollars is something i’m comfortable with saying for sure and in our final eight 12 minuteswhatever we have you touched on this a little bit but i want to dig a little deeper what is thefuture for polka dot and cardano in your eyes in the sense are we just going to watch them competefor market share for the next five 10 years for ethereum provide infrastructure how do you seeit first and foremost competition is fantastic fantastic for for innovation second of all i thinkwhat you’re going to see and what we need to see is interoperability really explode and take centerstage the way the internet works is not a bunch of data silos you have every single data center talksto every other data center and that’s how it needs to happen with blockchain if we’re going to havereally the future of the financial networks that’s something that polkadot um with their sort ofparachain systems is really pushing forward and obviously cardano has their own approach tointeroperability uh what i’d like to see is you know who’s the best at interoperating and i thinkthat that will be a big advantage and so that’s kind of where i’m looking at differentiatorsum but cardano doing something better uh and then polka dot or eth or any kind of combinationof those words is all bullish for the space right because we have more value creation and more uhessential fundamental toolkits that are being created uh here in the decentralized world so ithink people misunderstand uh how you know every coin having some kind of breakout innovation isreally good for every other coin uh and that the the need to be tribal and say i like this projectand so that project must be bad i think it’s it just fundamentally misunderstands the waycrypto grows uh look look at crypto itself when bitcoin grows so does ethereum whenethereum grows so does all coins and the market caps balloon it’s not like they eat awayfrom each other well let’s talk about bitcoin because you know it’s always fun to speculate onaltcoins and you know bitcoin it just seems like a sure thing at this point to me and i thinka lot of people so you know sometimes you know because we talked about it so much we don’t talkabout it every time but what do you think man i mean it seems to me like this is the first cyclewhere people realize that bitcoin isn’t going away how high do you think bitcoin could go thiscycle and what are your thoughts in general so i think that uh bitcoin’s fantastic uh andit’s being really validated by i mean you can’t really overstate how important the tesla movewas i think that that is a zero to one moment uh tesla elon what that represents in thescheme of modern business financial innovation uh that is a huge huge move now i don’t think wego backwards from there i think we go forwards and so i would be incredibly shocked to see abitcoin under that 33 000 uh range ever again ever again um i also think that the michael i meanyou got to give a lot of credit to michael saylor and being a thought leader on this as well kind offunny how it all lines up with the four year cycle but that said uh it’s just one of those thingswhere uh bitcoin is too big to fail uh it is being gradually added as a reserve asset to a lot ofbalance sheets and as the infrastructure evolves and hopefully we get a bitcoin etf it is uh zerodown in my mind that it will come to replace the gold hedge in a lot of people’s portfolios uh andof course with its increased functionality it’s zero doubt in my mind that it will eventually cometo be bigger than gold and so to me it’s it’s a matter of time these things aren’t going to happenovernight but the next chapter is really the big money bags getting involved and people kind oftreating it like a long-term savings account uh which is already happening in certain degrees butthat trend will just continue um and again this is just super bullish because it creates a liquidityfloor in crypto where all that bitcoin is now being wrapped and deployed in other ecosystemsand it just creates more capital to be deployed in the ecosystem you know the bigger bitcoinis the better it is for every coin on the block and how do you see you mentionedetfs i mean i personally think it’s you know they’re gonna happen in the us bythe end of this year we’re seeing every other major country you know get involved canadabrazil but for bitcoin and crypto in general how do you see the end of this year playingout just kind of you know bs thing talking is it going to be the exact same as 2017 whatdo you think is there going to be a bear market uh until proven otherwise i’moperating as if there will be if i’m proven otherwise then you know happy daysright uh there’s nothing to complain about uh there’s a there’s a non-zero chance uh probablyaround a 10 to 20 chance that this cycle based on stimulus and money printing and all these thingsjust continues to grow and bitcoin just kind of works its way up over time over and over andover again because uh the amount of people who get in just keeps growing and the demand keepsgrowing and the amount of people losing faith in traditional monetary value keeps growing whichis really the first cycle we’ve had where there’s a real a real question as to like hey what is theus dollar really worth that wasn’t really in in uh discussions that was just a purely yeah okay okayokay you know you’re like yeah okay maybe and then but but for the most part those people who believethat were on the extremes whereas now i feel like the amount of people who have a questionabout money printing and inflation are more you know center middle and uh and i thinkthat you don’t have to be that extreme to say hey this is a lot of money printing um and ithink that what you’ll see here is that there’s a 10 to 20 chance that we have no more bear marketuh or at least for the next five so years we don’t have a bear market um but i’m operating on abelief that some point in 2021 bitcoin will go extremely parabolic and uh and then the altcoinswill it’ll sort of do what it did in 2017 go parabolic have a big collapse where people realizehey party’s over all coins go absolutely insane uh and then uh and then the pain begins uh but but tobe fair and i’ll caveat d5 changes the bear market significantly because people now have the abilityto earn yield and put their assets to work so now holding stable coins and locking them in protocolsto earn yield is something that wasn’t around in the last bear market you just weren’t seeing thatkind of yield and reliable yield so that liquidity that’s in crypto i believe is not going to leavecrypto like it did last time just saying hey party’s over i’m going back to fiat uh andi’ll see what happens next time it’s gonna say hey party’s over i’m going into stablecoins and i’m going into anchor protocol or urine finance or you know a couple of the otherreally generous yield farming protocols or even a new one which creates of course still a ton ofgrowth and dynamic uh changes within the ecosystem which can have a lot of opportunity attached soif you’re paying attention to d5 and of course what i believe is nfts who have with consumer usecases there’s still going to be a ton of momentum versus last bull run so that’s how i see it isbitcoin will continue to go on its cyclical uh you know valuation jumps governed pretty muchby the having and then you’ll see the alt coins uh have interesting reactions in response to thatbut i do believe bear markets are forever changed very interesting i love the perspective final question and elliott truly i only wantyou to answer this if you are comfortable have something to say and also take super farm out ofit but as a newer person coming into the nft space today how would you how would you personallyhow do you personally invest one thousand dollars nft audition edition uh how would youdo it uh picks and shovels right uh there is a very very significant chance that any singlecollectible series or single collectible product uh will lose value uh especially given how excitedthe nft market is there is a much higher chance that nft ecosystems with through lines and utilityuh will be able to capture and grow value uh and obviously there are some that have alreadyproven that they can withstand bear markets and come back even stronger uh so you know thoseare interesting places to look uh as well you know it’s a it’s a wonderful time of experimentationuh in the nft industry so i think there’s going to be a lot a lot of big winners and i think whatyou’re about to see is going to truly shock a lot of people as to how mainstream this is going to beuh people are really underestimating what’s coming so how did you spend that thousanddollars i wanted some names of coins okay um yeah so you know looking at uh topprojects you have a really interesting project with the comey you have interesting projects uhlike obviously engine really held through the bear market obviously it didn’t hold value but it cameback even stronger um obviously uh there’s really interesting experiments with how nfts are beingum treated as assets a little further down the market caps um so i would be spreadingout you know i’d be spreading out my bets because it’s really not clear it’s so early it’snot clear which ecosystems are going to deliver the winning toolkit so it’s important that youjust kind of diversify because one of these is going to be the amazon the google the netflixuh for lack of a better way to explain it but there are going to be some absolute monsters inthe nft space and they’re going to be bigger in my opinion than anybody really wants to admit at thispoint because they see nfts kind of play things uh but these nft ecosystems that grow will be asbig if not bigger than a lot of the protocols that you think are dominant in crypto and so diversifyacross uh the the interesting and leading ones um i think there’s a really interesting one uh calledzora uh that that has a very interesting concept a little different than others um but for the mostpart what i’ll say is that you know you’d be best to uh heavily diversify because uh thethe spaces is growing really fast and we don’t know which one is going unlike otherecosystems we don’t have like an ethereum or a bitcoin of this ecosystem uh so in someways it’s a much more open and a much more accessible world for for making these kinds ofgains right and growth because uh there’s still not a clear uh champion uh winner and i thinkthere there will be over time a couple of these protocols that absolutely absolutely take thecake or at least a lot of cake elliott i loved this conversation thank you for your time finalthoughts for the altcoin daily audience a huge thank you for having me i’m a really big fan ofthe twins i’ve been watching you guys for forever and uh you know it’s it’s just really importantthat you guys realize uh that as much as this feels like we are so deep into this uh the realityis is that the overall journey of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and the technology iscapable of so so much more and all of these waves that you’re seeing are part of the story butyou just really need to understand that this is if you approach it with a long long term mindsetof years not months or days that there is a huge huge future for people to get in and be a partof this and i think austin and aaron and i are proof you

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How I LOST $120,000 Trading Crypto (MY #1 Biggest Mistake)

i lost a hundred and twenty thousand dollars trading at one point in my trading vocation i was an unproductive merchant i have to admit it i heard the stories of people coming ruined and i just didn’t listen today i’m going to share my story with you about how i lost 4 bitcoin and use that to fuel me to become a successful trader let’s get it bid swap is the hottest brand-new direction to trade tokens probably all the transcend decentralized exchanges biswap comes you the very best price and value for your markets bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto my identify has been every day on this canal i prove you how to make money in cryptocurrency maybe today how not to lose it if you like money in crypto make sure to punch the agree button and crash the like button peculiarly if you affection talking about trading so today chaps we’re going to be flooding a little of my tale and by part and leverage trading i’m gonna tell you how i lost four bitcoin and you know it at the beginning of this video you might be thinking to yourself that tones super perilous i don’t wanna do that i’m gonna be using this video to give you guys the lessons that i learned and the deceptions on how to become a successful trader when you do this you will most likely not lose a bunch of coin of course anything is possible but following these types of programmes you can definitely become a better seller now if you do want to trade on buy part you can definitely do that by going to deals and affecting by bit at the top it’ll climb you down to that area and then there’s a relation there you can sign up and a deposit bonus so let’s go ahead and jump into the video[ Music] that’s right guys i lost four bitcoin in one trade and “theyre not” when bitcoin was 10 horses bitcoin was certainly in the several thousands of dollars and you know i started trading on by fragment and i heard all the stories right be careful you’ll lose all your fund as dangerous what happens is as you start feeling the euphoria when you have a big successful trade but not undoubtedly when you close the trade you picture the numbers and they rise extremely particularly very quickly now i’m going to show you guys this is my account that “ive created” uh like let’s say about a month ago somewhere there about in order to do all my crafts that i’m doing a lot not certainly live but on the canal so you guys can see them and so this is me merely on bybit here uh and i want to show you how i stopped myself from uttering damages and when you look at my record from trading you’re going to be absolutely astounded i mean you’ll learn we’ve got 483 k in the uh in the account and this is not because i started with a lot i think we had about three or four bitcoin now when we started and we’ve been able to triple that extent let’s come over here look at my closed p liter announcement you guys can see in this account since we started it on the 28 th of january i believe uh no that’s not right we’ll do the 90 epoch you’ll see when i started this we started this account uh on the january on january 7th so we haven’t had this kind of month yet we’ve already run up 365 k it’s not a trick this is legit wholly real we’re on the site now you guys can see all of our green crafts we had one day we lost 3.66 but then later that day and this manoeuvre i’m going to show you how i was able to get this back i cleared 3.7 about almost 3.8 back and you look at the times there i lost that at about 1 p.m my term and then by 8 o’clock that night i made it all back and i’m going to show you how that works uh so if you go through my p l now uh let’s hit uh next you guys can see all the green commerces all those commerces that’s 10 markets in a row that were dark-green 10 more so we had 20 crafts in a row that were dark-green 24 dark-green business in a row then we had one down trade and then after that we had what’s that five six “weve had” one where we had about six out of nine were wins we had three losings uh and then you meet the rest of the dark-green and then we had one bad daylight there where we only triumphed six out of ten commerces uh and then i think that should be almost the end of the count you attend all the dark-green all the lettuce chaps this did not happen by accident this is not because i’m some kind of insane technical adviser and i look at the charts i know exactly where uh you know how to do this well first and foremost i use market cipher uh if you guys disappear now to spates you click busines cipher this is how i pick my business i pick sells you guys can click here to buy market cypher it’s got different price points it’s basically how long you get in the tumult and then we also have a tutorial video on how to use it so that’s one thing so definitely market cipher is a strong part of my programme okay but i want you guys to think about this especially if you guys have traded on buy bit before or leveraging trading and you got wrecked you lost money i want you guys to really think about this i want you to play this out why did it happen why did it happen here i am on buy berthed of course you can sign up for buy fragment itself uh here on the sheet it shows you some different issues you might run into a vpn ipsu we do have a contest going on right now if you check out the contest uh you will see that uh right now we are ranked figure 18 out of 400. Should be a lot higher there’s a intellect for that if you watch the live rivers you know what that reason is it was basically really uh i had exchanged some of my bitcoin for ethereum inside of by flake and it counted that as a loss when it wasn’t actually a loss or i would be actually in the top 10. uh but guys what i want you guys to think about if you’ve been wrecked and you’ve been trading and how “id lost” this bitcoin number one i was putting all of my report in on every craft that is a big big-hearted big mistake and then number two almost every losing craft i ever had on by bit with leverage was because i did not lock in benefits that is how you make money so right now uh it looks like we are uh i’m gonna do a market i never do a market buy but i’m gonna do a market buy only to show you guys what this looks like we’re not gonna do much we’re gonna do a hundred thousand contracts like i don’t know a tenth of a bitcoin somewhere around there so right now i’m just gonna throw in an prescribe with a hundred thousand contracts and do a market buy i’m use isolated leveraging which is the only kind i like to use and then i’m 25 x that’s pretty high-flown digit so be careful if you do that we’re gonna buy that and we’re gonna watch this number right here and you guys see how these figures jump seek how fast it’s moving it departed from zero dollars to three dollars to seven dollars uh we didn’t even have everything crowded and imagine i’m trading a great deal of terms with a million contracts so these digits jump up very quickly i mean you merely saw what it did right there it went up to 35 dollars from three dollars okay now right now i’m about 0.87 percentage now if i levitate over it it shows you what my actual profit is you see right now it’s 50 horses the reason for that is because the value of bitcoin is increasing since i moved the trade so i don’t have to be up so much better to make money but the key here is you want to lock in advantages when you almost all losing transaction i ever represented i was in the lettuce at one point and i didn’t lock them in that is so large-hearted so what you can do with that is you can come over here to the make advantage stop loss pencil and you can actually provided your stop loss for higher than losing money you can begin it where you’re in benefit and you can rush this up as the price of the value increases right now it’s at 37 229 dollars uh for example and so right now what i would want to do is i would want to wait until i got back into profit and then let’s say i was in profit right now i would just throw let’s see is it 37 240 uh i could just put you know 37 200. You see that’s a loss well hold on let me tell it get back in the green here real quick okay right now i’m up one point three percent on this craft you guys watch the price is thirty seven thousand two hundred seventy one dollars so i can come in now to my stop loss and i can prepare it at thirty seven thousand two hundred 250 or let’s say 260 dollars and right now i can change that stop loss and i will make at least a 1.29 benefit i cannot lose this commerce now now if you’re working with boundaries exclusively about one percent you can still lose if this if it lurches and gets filled like decently under your seek but you construe what happened only then we just got wicked out on that stop loss and it is a profitable trade so you guys only met it the expenditure wicked down the dictate came crowded the sell ordering that settled us in the profit so even if they are the expenditure stopped we still constituted one percent on that trade and you know you don’t want to really determined that margin at one percent that’s a little low-pitched i’m just doing it for demonstration purposes i try to make sure it’s up at least like 3 percent formerly it gets above three percent you can pretty much you know assure that even if it wicks down below your you know your stop loss at a nice chunk you are definitely going to be in profit you cannot lose that craft at that point the natural reaction is to think the expenditure is going to continue going up and it’s not going to do that over the long term so what you want to do number one is you want to make sure you’ve got that stop loss somewhere in the profit number two don’t use your whole account so if you guys had interpreted you know my market where i lost three bitcoin on one craft and then the next day i came back and i’m or last-minute that day i induced everything there is back so what i did is i culminated up getting liquidated for that 3.66 btc but i had more in my accounting than my liquidation detail so even though i got liquidated for 3.6 well had seven bitcoin left in that note so formerly it wicked down in a bull market present trends is your friend so what i was able to do is i was able to actually take advantage of that immerse get in a much lower entry price and now when it leapings if it precisely gets back up to where it was it doesn’t even have to increase drastically you can get all your coin back and then number two you can also make money if it continues rising because often what we’ll is i we look these returns where it goes back up towards from the bottom of a path to the top of a direct and there’s a great deal of good arranges there where you can make money so you surely want to check that out so for me even though there were experiences i was unproductive and i lost a ton of money i lost a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in one spot because i lost four bitcoin when bitcoin was at thirty thousand dollars that equals one hundred and twenty when it’s at forty thousand dollars i gotta ever think i’ve got that hundred and sixty thousand dollars that i lost but you guys saw how much i stimulated in this account in the last month alone those are the ruses that i’ve been using to make money and not get wrecked so i hope you guys can take something from that and learn lessons from my story and if you do want to trade on by fragment and introduced some of these strategies into use head on over to lots and you can go to the by chip division you can also check out market cipher i most propose it as well i think we’re almost out of this promo system so if you guys just wanted to do that you can do that more so everybody thank you so much better for watching that’s all i got be blessed you

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5 Crypto Coins That Will 15x by DEC 31st (Last Chance) | BitBoy Crypto

nu suntem într-o piață ursară, suntem încă în mod clar optimiști uită-te la toate monedele dominația bitcoin scade toate monedele explodează în stânga și în dreapta și cu siguranță mai avem mai multe câștiguri în față [muzică ] bine bine ai revenit tuturor la altcoin zilnic numele meu este Austin aici cu Aaron și, bineînțeles, din nou, cu Ben Armstrong din Bitboy cripto omul încă se descurcă bine punctul principal al acestui videoclip care este părerea ta generală asupra stării pieței acum încă optimist, încă gânduri de urs, cu siguranță, optimist pe piețe, vreau să spun și asta este eu vă spun ce uh austin aici este cu adevărat locul în care intri în diferență între oameni care au fost pe această piață de mult timp și oameni care nu au fost și cunoști o mulțime de oameni care sunt în comentariile noastre, știi și cu siguranță avem niște og-uri care au fost acolo, dar Nu vezi oameni care vin în comentariile pe care le spui de parcă nu au existat atât de mult timp pentru că sunt atât de rapidi să-și schimbe total mentalitatea, vedem chiar oameni pe YouTube care fac asta într-o zi, sunt cu adevărat bajori și eu Nu vorbesc despre o diagramă zilnică sau o lumânare sau o zonă de tranzacționare, vorbesc despre că într-o zi vor fi cu adevărat bajori, ca și cum ar ajunge la opt mii de dolari și a doua zi vin și sunt ca și cum Alerte de tauri vom ajunge la o sută de mii.

Am spus tot ce știi pe tot parcursul anului, suntem optimi chiar și atunci când ne-am prăbușit în mai, le -am spus oamenilor să nu -ți vândă bitcoinul să nu-ți vândă xrp-ul, cardano-ul tău, ethereum-ul tău. știi că știi că se îndreaptă către prețuri mai mari sau că ai stabilit prețuri mai mari, cu siguranță, suntem încă într-o cursă de tauri și am fost chiar dacă oamenii spuneau că piața ursoasă în luna mai acum doar pentru că am pulverizat puțin asta nu schimba traiectoria generală a unde mergem Cred că este mult mai important ca oamenii să realizeze că vom ajunge la anumite puncte de preț, nu neapărat diferite, știi zonele de timp bine, așa că știi că am spus la începutul anului, am crezut că septembrie vom depăși, am ajuns aproape de septembrie și este foarte evident că nu se va întâmpla. Credeam că știi că până la sfârșitul lunii noiembrie probabil vom fi acolo cât timp suntem aici acum , mișcarea prețurilor depinde într-adevăr de unde simt că se va duce piața, vom merge la un sute de mii de dolari foarte aproape de ea, poate puțin peste ea, nu cred că vom ajunge la două sau trei sute de mii de dolari, așa că aștept ca acea mișcare să ne ducă acolo, este foarte important să urmărim restul acestui an știi, dă tonul pentru anul viitor, adică dacă am fi încă la 50 000, ceea ce nu vom fi până la sfârșitul lunii decembrie, atunci așa cum știi, poate trebuie să începem să ne adaptăm planul de joc și lucruri de genul acesta, dar în cripto.

trebuie să fii mereu fluid Trebuie să fim flexibili și nu, nu suntem într-o piață ursară, suntem încă în mod clar optimiști, uită-te la toate monedele dominația bitcoin scade toate monedele explodează în stânga și în dreapta și cu siguranță mai avem mai multe câștiguri înainte, înainte de a intra în proiecte specifice și vreau să încurajez pe toți din audiența zilnică altcoin și audiența cripto bitboy să comenteze ce proiecte altcoin crezi că se potrivesc cu titlul acestui videoclip în comentariile de mai jos și ne vom uita la asta și, eventual, le vom include într-un videoclip viitor, dar înainte de a intra în detalii, întrebarea mea pentru dvs.

Este ce tipuri de proiecte altcoin credeți că sunt de interes în acest moment sau vă entuziasmează cel mai mult acum, ei bine, cu siguranță cred că platformele de contracte inteligente continuă să fie cea mai profitabilă investiție în care am făcut-o vreodată viața mea știi și nu e doar tu știi aetherium, nu este doar cardano, nu este doar um, știi binance smart lanț când cauți, bineînțeles că ai investi în asta la prin bb sau la schimb de clătite lucruri de genul ne uităm la salon și acum se ridică avalanșă ne uităm și la elrond , uh elrond ar fi grozav, știi, sală de altcoin, cu excepția acestui lucru tocmai smuls într-un intotdeauna mare și o zdrobește și știi că trebuie să te întrebi cât de mult mai sus pot merge unele dintre aceste lucruri, dar ideea este că platformele de contracte inteligente sunt o investiție atât de bună, deoarece nu sunt platforme de contracte inteligente de sezon, vor fi viitorul webului.

3. buline, așa cum știți, evident, un altul foarte bun, uh, așa că investiți cu adevărat în viitorul tehnologiei atunci când investiți în acele platforme de contracte inteligente și de aceea îi iubim pe acest canal și continuă să se miște amabil. mai mult ca bine sezonier, ceea ce aș susține de fapt este viitorul criptomonedei, precum și jetoanele metaverse, mă refer la jetoane metaverse și jetoane de jocuri nft proiecte, acestea sunt ca noua generație de cripto, uh, care vine în eco sistem care va exista pentru o lungă perioadă de timp și nu se adresează doar oamenilor cripto tradiționali, ci atrage și pe mainstream și cred că este foarte puternic, dar nișa numărul unu , de fapt, mutăm acest canal într-un Canalul metaverse ca anul viitor, um , vom acoperi în continuare alte chestii cripto, dar vreau să spun că vom merge atât de greu și atât de greu în metaverse, vom vorbi despre una dintre acele monede aici, într-un pic, dar știi decentraland bloctopia metahero, așa că multe dintre aceste proiecte în viitor, care vor avea multe de spus, știi cum se desfășoară acest metavers și știi că oamenii uită de parcă nu ar fi doar VR, nu este doar un set de căști pe care mulți oameni spun că acele căști Sunt atât de nebuni că le luăm imediat nu-mi plac prea bine, da, ți-a plăcut să porți un telefon mobil pe umăr sau o boom box deasupra capului, știi că în timp, tehnologia devine mai ieftină, mai mică, bine, atunci când te uiți la ar in realitatea augmentată și ray-ban-urile pe care meta sau facebook -ul le creează, știi că ar va fi, de asemenea, un factor important în acest sens , așa că o companie ca metahero se uită la o mulțime de lucruri pe care le încearcă.

pentru a scana știi obiecte din lumea reală în lumea digitală, este foarte interesant, așa că metaverse cu siguranță unde cred că următorul set de milionari va fi creat acum, vreau doar să reamintesc publicului că altcoins în cea mai mare parte urmează bitcoin, deci dacă bitcoin are o lună roșie este foarte probabil ca altcoins să urmeze sau cel puțin să nu aibă câștiguri atât de mari ca de obicei, așa că toată lumea face propria cercetare, ia propriile decizii, dar vreau să vă pun această întrebare, pentru luna decembrie. eu cinci monede alternative care au un potențial de 10 15x pe radar și vreau doar să spun foarte rapid, nu sfaturi financiare, doar declinarea răspunderii, fac cercetări, da, bine, aș spune că uh, știi că am trei proiecte despre care cred că Avem un potențial de 10 până la 15 ori , vom analiza motivele pentru care potențialul există și de ce este doar potențial nerealizat în acest moment, uh, au alte două proiecte despre care cred că poate nu de 10 până la 15 ori în decembrie, dar decembrie ar putea fi ultima dată când obții poziții grozave în aceste proiecte, o să începi cu două proiecte care au avut performanțe masive slabe în ultimele două luni, numărul unu ar fi cardano acum oamenii cardano se luptă peste tot, spun că s-a terminat, a murit etoro tocmai l-a eliminat din listă, ceea ce încă nu am înțeles de ce fiecare rând este relevant, dar pur și simplu l-au eliminat și așa că știi că oamenii sunt speriați că contractele inteligente sunt scoase totul este pe masă pentru ecosistemul cardano acum toate argumentele tale Știu când vor ieși cu asta unde vor face asta, au plecat acum, este doar o chestiune de a pune totul în mișcare și deci cred că știi că acesta este un nici unul pe care caut să ajung undeva în intervalul 10 până la 12 și în acest moment se află sub doi dolari, cred că poate, cu siguranță, știi că s-ar putea rupe chiar și până la 15 până la 20 de dolari în cel mai optimist posibil.

scenariu este o tehnologie grozavă este un proiect grozav și este foarte subevaluat pe care l-am văzut cu cardone în 2017. Îmi place întotdeauna să subliniez că a fost nevoie de cardone trei mișcări trei mișcări un vârf de consolidare vârf de consolidare pentru a le oferi trei cenți pentru un dolar optsprezece a fost tot ce a fost nevoie de trei mișcări, așa că amintiți-vă că atunci când uitați de cardano, numărul doi ar fi xrp și dacă doriți să aflați mai multe despre conversația noastră despre xrp, asigurați- vă că mergeți să vedeți interviul meu pe care l-am făcut cu austin aaron Altcoin zilnic, știi pe acest canal, vorbește despre asta despre faptul că în acel videoclip xrp poate merge cu siguranță la 12 până la 15 dolari în această cursă de tauri este puțin peste un dolar acum, uită-te în prima săptămână a lunii decembrie Acest proces s-a terminat chestia asta va rupe peste zece dolari uh aproape sigur că știi că nu poți găsi niciun sfat nou, dar aproape sigur dacă procesul se încheie la începutul lui decembrie până la sfârșitul anului și pot crește mai mult decât că mergem în ianuarie, așa că xrb este cu siguranță unul de urmărit.

Nu am văzut niciodată o monedă care să fie atât de dependentă de acest lucru care se întâmplă, așa cum suntem acum cu xrp, dar știi că este cu siguranță un altul pe care îl am și eu o sală de fitness pentru voi, băieți, nu mergem chiar atât de departe sub top 100, dar la numărul 207, un proiect, sunt un consilier pentru uh, știm că sunteți partener de mult timp cu acest proiect. canalul meu cartesi, dacă îți place poligonul, o să-ți placă cartesi, uh cartesia este puțin diferită de poligon, nu este o soluție pentru stratul doi, dar gartezi folosește roll-up-uri, așa că este mai sigur, totul se întâmplă pe lanț doar ca să știi că nevoie de stratul doi proiect reduce taxele de gaze b Corectarea tranzacției împreună și toate există o varietate de moduri în care se poate face pentru a le face mai rapid, mai scalabile și mai ieftine taxe de gaz, așa că dacă Ethereum pompează acolo unde credem că Ethereum va ajunge în decembrie, atunci are sens ca, odată cu creșterea gazului.

taxe că veți primi niște pompă pentru unele proiecte de pe cel de-al doilea strat doi și credem că cartezianul este cel mai bun de acolo, așa că există un motiv pentru care sunt cel mai bun proiect cu care am lucrat vreodată, îi iubim ei. nu sunt concentrat pe preț, nu le pasă de asta, le pasă doar de tehnologia pe care o folosesc Linux, despre care nu știam că 97 la sută din toate corporațiile folosesc sisteme de operare Linux, așa că își fac roll-up-urile pe Linux lucruri foarte interesante au primit niște lucruri interesante de texas hold și de poker online pe care le fac pentru a verifica corectitudinea în pokerul online, care este un alt lucru foarte mare pe care îl fac, așa că acestea sunt trei proiecte care cu siguranță pot acum iată alte două p proiecte care s-au rupt deja, dar cred că vor continua să pompeze masiv, așa că avertizez cu acestea, uh, ambele sunt la cote maxime, dar cred că acestea au momentul, acest lucru este foarte rar de cele mai multe ori când ies, nu primesc proiecte la maximele istorice, acești doi cred că au potențialul de a continua pe numărul unu ar fi avalanșă.

Pe ea care pompează chiar acum și se descurcă foarte bine unul este uh Olympus Dow și altul sau ohoh este tickerul altul este Țara minunilor care trece după ora tickerului este ca 90 000 apy este o nebunie ce fac ei simbolul de timp este foarte scump, dar ideea este că acestea au un efect pozitiv asupra ecosistemului de avalanșă. Maximele imediate, pur și simplu nu se oprește niciodată avalanșa corectă, cred că este în aceeași ordine de idei, pentru că dacă te uiți la ceea ce a declanșat declanșarea masivă a Solanei, a fost o strângere de fonduri de 300 de milioane de dolari, care a venit din acțiunile coinbase , cred că se numește. Capitalul cu trei săgeți tocmai a făcut o creștere similară pentru avalanșă, poate acum vreo două luni, acum 230 de milioane de dolari, când vezi că aceste fonduri versează bani uriași în proiecte când se apropie deja de maximele istorice , acesta este un fel de simbol de cercetare pe care îl poți privi la asta e ca ceva ce poți vedea că spui hmm ce se întâmplă aici de ce ar pune bani în el la acest tip de preț și de obicei continuă acțiunea prețului atunci când am văzut-o pe Solana rup nivel după nivel, așa că cu siguranță plăți de avalanșă atenție, l-am numit următorul gazon de acum două luni, care arată ca un sandbox de predicție destul de bun, acesta este ultimul meu sandbox pentru monede sau sandbox, uh, nisipul este simbolul ecosistemului sandbox.

Este un metavers, alfa va apărea foarte curând , am construit de fapt pe sandbox, avem teren acolo, am angajat patru constructori profesioniști de minecraft și am construit un oraș întreg în versiunea beta și ne pregătim pentru alfa până unde lucrurile vor deveni gamificate și oamenii sunt de fapt. Știi, cred că acesta va fi primul metavers pe care oamenii îl vor putea explora cu adevărat cum va arăta, așa că știi că am putea vedea o scădere de preț. când iese alfa, cumpără camera sau vindem știrile, dar am putea vedea, de asemenea, că știi o cantitate masivă de adopție din cauza nivelului de interes pentru metavers în acest moment, care ar putea împinge acest simbol mult mult mai mult despre care am vorbit.

asta de la începutul sandbox-ului, când l-a lansat, cred că a fost la uh patru cenți și jumătate încrucișați peste cinci dolari ieri sau uh, știți că nu sunt sigur că arătați asta, dar a trecut recent peste cinci dolari, astfel încât asta arată tipul de potențial pe care îl au aceste monede și există atât de multă atenție în metaverse, oamenii au spus în cadrul proiectelor ft că nu pot continua să se miște și știi ce au făcut, continuă să se miște, cred că metaversus ar fi același lucru Ei bine, îmi amintesc că v-am avut ca în martie a acestui an sau foarte devreme în 2021, iar sandbox-ul a fost unul din lista dvs.

Pentru altcoins low-cap. Este făcut foarte bine. Îmi place. Ultima mea întrebare pentru voi este dacă analiza dvs. sau dacă Gândurile tale sunt că bitcoin poate ajunge la 100.000, poate puțin mai mult, acestea știi că asta este un 2x este un 15x foarte posibil dacă bitcoin atinge doar 100k, da absolut, înseamnă că sandbox-ul este ca de 15x în ultima lună, știi că este un cardano cardano exact opera bine, da, pentru că uite când ethereum și cardano se mișcă, nu sunt întotdeauna, nu sunt în același timp, așa că dacă te întorci și te uiți la mișcarea în care ethereum o avea între sfârșitul lunii ianuarie și când în sfârșit știi că a stabilit un nou maxim istoric în preajma Paștelui, nu făcea nimic bine, bitcoin, știi că între acel interval de 42 și 50, doar sări și cardano a trecut de la 60 de cenți până la doi dolari chiar la 4x în acest timp practic, astfel încât aceste monede mai mari se mișcă ciclic, nu se mișcă neapărat împreună, în tandem, da, în general, dacă bitcoinul crește în general, toate monedele cresc, dar uită -te la ce a făcut Solana, uită-te la ce a făcut avalanșă, uite ce criptă .com a făcut că nu se mișcă toți, uh, știi, proporțional unul cu celălalt, așa că da, cred că este cu siguranță posibil, uite dacă este în decembrie sau ianuarie, cred că aceste numere sunt reale și vin, este doar un contează când, dacă încep mișcarea în decembrie și o termină în ianuarie sau la începutul lunii februarie, atunci asta este o victorie, mulțumesc, așa că vă mulțumesc foarte mult pentru că v-ați alăturat nouă, apreciez foarte mult.

O perspectivă atentă, unul dintre cele mai bune canale de pe cripto youtube link-uri de mai jos gânduri finale despre altcoins pentru audiența zilnică altcoin, da, îmi place foarte mult că voi, băieți, faceți în sfârșit tot conținutul de monede acum, așa este dacă ați fi cu noi în piața ursoaică. dacă suntem mari bitcoini, da și încă eram pe toate monedele, încercam să vă spun tuturor, știți că ați avut o minte mult mai deschisă, uh, recuzită pentru voi, vedeți un an mai târziu și m-am adaptat rapid omule, am adaptat rapid inchiziția o treabă grozavă, da, apreciez că bine , te dăm drumul, mulțumesc din nou, bine, mulțumesc că m-ai avut [muzică]

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Bitcoin BREAKS DOWN!!! (Single BIGGEST Clue to BTC Future)

bienvenidos a bit boy crypto, es su criptografía diaria, chicos, estoy aquí para proporcionar el opio que han estado buscando. sucedió pero obtuve su opio esta noche, así que definitivamente querrá ver este video y son solo unos minutos, así que, ¿cómo se lo puede perder? Comencemos por mirar el mercado en general. parece triste, hay ese límite de mercado de un billón de dólares de la que hemos estado hablando, uh, hace unas semanas, que dije que era muy importante para que Bitcoin se mantuviera, está justo ahora. También me han dicho que no es tan importante, pero lo que sea que venga. a 41.50 uh vinculante, está retrocediendo por debajo de un dólar, todo se está aplastando hoy, quiero decir, miramos a los mayores ganadores del día, uh, pero solo obtuvimos tres ganadores, uno es el cosmos, aunque es uno al que definitivamente prestar atención, uh, hablaremos aquí. en algunas Momentos mirando el mercado aquí en, ya sabes, mirando el gráfico aquí en la vista comercial, tuvimos el punto rojo que se jugó anoche y les dijo que su stop-loss está listo, pero tengo un tweet para ustedes que quiero para mostrarte, uh, este tweet es del subrayado 52 del desarrollador tecnológico .

Ahora lo que estás viendo aquí es 2013 2017 y 2021 y básicamente explica cómo la ruptura del nivel de Fibonacci 1.618 ha sido la clave para cada una de las corridas alcistas en la historia de bitcoin a la acción más parabólica ahora mire aquí 2013 2021 simplemente sucedió con esta caída en 2021. ahora mucha gente le dirá que estamos siguiendo el modelo de 2013 mire el período previo aquí que sucedió después de esto esta es la última prueba de tu voluntad la última prueba cansado de decir la última prueba pensé algunas veces que era pero de acuerdo con esto es la última prueba de tus manos sé que la gente está hablando de salir del mercado esa gente va a arrepentirse uh noticias del dia veamos aquí tenemos ftx dirigiéndose al congreso uh sam bankman liberado ha creado una lista de deseos regulatorios una cosa que pensé que era interesante allí él quiere una regulación más estricta sobre la moneda estable uh dijo que el cartel financiero ustedes saben eso um, pero una cosa que hizo decir es que quiere que haya una regulación sobre los intercambios centralizados para evitar que los intercambios centralizados limiten las acciones que pueden tomar sus usuarios, haciéndolo más como un intercambio descentralizado de muchas maneras, pensé que era muy interesante , también tenemos grados Celsius , perdieron un montón de dinero en el hack de badger dow ahora no sabemos cuánto dinero perdieron, sabemos que su cto acaba de ser arrestado, esto no tenía ninguna relación con um, ya sabes lo que sucedió hoy, totalmente sin relación con celsius de una antigua compañía, curiosamente jugué póquer con un chico esta semana que me estaba contando mucho del paisaje israelí que vive allí y diciendo que uh moshi hogag el bufete donde solía estar el chico el trabajo no es bueno y está lleno de estafas que consiguen, el tipo blando gancho es un estafador en serie, así que eso no es bueno, pero de todos modos estoy divagando la última historia del día en que los comerciantes dicen que Adán, que es el cosmos, podría tener un tipo de avalancha.

el camino a 100 sé que tengo mis bolsas de cosmos empacadas para ustedes espero así que está bien chicos eso es todo lo que tengo que ser bendecido mantengan alejado al chico grande del opio.

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Bitcoin WILL Shock The World (Strongest December Ever)

velas fibs cruces emas son las herramientas del día el comercio no sea un novato y opere en sitios web que no le dan bonificaciones de niño pequeño haga clic en el enlace en la descripción para configurar en buybit o femex y obtener un bono de registro loco por ser parte de Bit Squad, apalancar el comercio de manera responsable, pero hazlo de la manera correcta en femax o compra detalles de bonificación de bits en los enlaces de abajo [Música].

Su mañana para echar un vistazo a los mercados de criptomonedas donde brilla el sol donde sopla el viento toda la humilde opinión de este piano [Música] zamboni trae los datos el índice fomo está en 31 desde el dominio de 32 bitcoins de ayer está en 40,9 volumen de 24 horas termina en 113 mil millones la capitalización total del mercado este 2.6 2.61 billones más o menos cien millones ahora en el gráfico de cuatro horas vemos un patrón clásico de vince vaughn este es un patrón neutral cuando la acción del precio se ays dentro de un rango estrecho y nunca sale de él y al igual que el rango de actuación de vince vaughn, la acción del precio se mantuvo dentro de 56 2 y 56 7.

Y aunque a todos nos encanta la conversación rápida de vince vaughn, un compinche sarcástico en corazón de oro en un lado debajo de lograr peter panishness hemos esperado más de 30 años para que salga de ese rango, por desgracia, en los mercados de criptomonedas, un rango estrecho es siempre un precursor de grandes movimientos , todavía estamos acurrucados entre el 50 y el 20. y ayer hablamos cómo lo haríamos. queremos salir de este rango ahora, veríamos una caída a 55 8. Nosotros y eso es lo que hizo en la acción del precio, Tootsie bajó a 55.8 antes de regresar a su canal de Vince Vaughn donde actualmente dijimos [Música ] Esperemos que las opciones expirar y darnos un viento de cola arriba y afuera ahora antes de que hablemos de algunos objetivos de fin de semana . Me gustaría hacer un poco de limpieza bajista si puedo. t su boca antes de que comencemos a recuperarse, así que si vemos una caída repentina hasta el nivel de 54.6, no se asuste , hemos hablado de ello, es de esperar [Música] ahora llamé a que la caída se desvanezca, deberíamos ver que la acción del precio rompe el 20 el rango de 57k y después de una rápida selfie en el baño con las chicas en 57.6 amigos míos, deberíamos irnos a las carreras, hola cómo estás y por carreras me refiero a un salto a 58.6 en este punto, enfrentamos una gran resistencia en este nivel pero es más una resistencia psicológica al estrés postraumático porque hemos sido golpeados por los osos aquí durante toda la semana, pero recuerde que hubo mucha diversión en estos niveles, por lo que no fueron todas las patas de oso las que golpearon, fue un combo de fed fudd y gretchen estornudos que causaron la mayor parte del daño, así que esperemos que nuestro tiempo en terapia nos lleve a este nivel y luego sé que no parece mucho, pero me gustaría ver que la acción del precio recupere los 60.9 k cinturón esto podría suceder hoy o puede tomar hasta s un día como bitcoin ha estado pasando sus sábados últimamente en el spa recibiendo tratamientos faciales hidratantes bebiendo agua de pepino mientras leía el libro de jordan peterson las 12 reglas de la vida [Música] y si hubiera una decimotercera regla de vida en ese libro que no hubiera yo agrega paciencia porque sabes que a veces es lo único que tenemos [Música], así que recuerda que estamos jugando el mismo juego que nuestro sicopático Lee electo, es cierto, es un juego largo, así que aleja la imagen y que tengas un día fantástico y es viernes, así que cántame.

fuera un tres cuatro [Música] [Música] que tengan un gran fin de semana a todos [Música].

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Digital Marketing vs. Copywriting: The 17 Terms You Need To Know

您 是數字營銷和文案世界的新手嗎?
這兩個技能組有什麼區別? 好吧,我明白了,這是
你需要知道的 17 個術語。 (歡快的音樂) 你有沒有想過 數字營銷
和文案之間的區別到底是什麼? 這是一個我一直在問的問題
簡單,但經常被忽視。 因為事實是,好的
文案就是營銷。 為了成為一名成功
且報酬豐厚的文案撰稿人, 您必須了解並理解
營銷的基礎知識, 因為它實際上 是製作優秀文案的基礎。 任何試圖告訴 你你不需要
了解任何營銷知識 就可以成為一名高技能文案的人 都是在騙你 ,沒錯,我說過了。 因為所有最好的
文案都是營銷人員, 但情節扭曲,並非所有
營銷人員都是文案。 雖然營銷和文案 都涉及客戶
分析、市場研究、 戰略和定位、
概念化鉤子 和設計活動。 只有文案撰稿人
有額外的技能 來製作 能夠帶來銷售的實際信息。 基本上,文案撰稿人有
一些瘋狂的寫作狂妄自大 ,並非所有營銷人員都如此。 這就是為什麼優秀的 撰稿人能夠收取他們所收取的費用。 因為他們在寫下一個詞之前就進行了市場分析 、市場研究、
戰略和定位、 概念化殺手鐧
以及設計 活動。 但是為了成為
高薪撰稿人、 營銷人員或混合獨角獸, 您必須先撥入您的行話。 營銷界充斥
著行話和術語,而 TLA 是三個字母的首字母縮略詞, 旨在讓您感到困惑, 好吧,所以也許這
有點戲劇性, 但是 當您不熟悉時,常用術語列表可能會非常令人困惑 這整個營銷世界。 所以在今天的視頻中,我將
定義 17 個營銷術語 ,您將 在文案業務
和與客戶的通話中一直聽到這些術語。 並密切注意,因為 此列表中的最後兩個 術語是我認為一直可以互換使用的術語,
這確實是危險的領域, 因為您可能會在不知不覺中
同意做 一些您不知道該怎麼做的事情。 所以您不必做筆記, 我為您創建了所有這些術語的備忘單,
以及您可以 在本視頻末尾下載的更多內容。 嗨,伙計們,怎麼了,我是亞歷克斯,
我這週帶著一個視頻來找你們,這個 視頻的靈感來自 一個我一直看到充斥著我的 DM 的問題。 現在,如果你已經
是 Posse 的一員,歡迎回來, 在下面給我豎起大拇指
讓我知道你在這裡 ,如果你是團隊的新成員,歡迎。 我每週都會發布這樣的新視頻
。 因此,如果您想
了解最新的營銷、 文案和自由職業
技巧、技巧和趨勢, 請繼續點擊下面的訂閱 ,不要忘記 在我的
下一個視頻上線時按鈴通知。 好吧,我們有一個
完整 的術語營銷渠道需要通過,所以
讓我們直接進入吧? 側邊欄,你們還記得九十年代那個
叫做魔法校車的節目嗎? Frizzle小姐想把班上
所有的孩子都帶上 這輛神奇的校車 ,它會縮小得非常小 ,它會探索人體, 或者去探索銀河系, 或者去探索海底, 然後他們 會一路上學到所有
這些教訓嗎? 是的,我覺得我是 Frizzle 小姐 ,我們在神奇的校車上 ,我們正潛入
營銷漏斗中。 所以係好安全帶,大家係好。 好的,這裡是 您需要了解的 17 個營銷術語。 第一,內容營銷。 好的,所以我們不只是在 這裡談論內容寫作, 內容營銷是一種
整體和戰略方法, 專注於跨多個平台和接觸點持續創建 高質量和有價值的內容 。 它的最終目的是吸引、 吸引和轉化
非常具體的受眾, 並推動非常具體的預期行動 ,是的,您需要這些
文案技巧。 所以內容營銷是一個總稱 ,包括很多東西。 像這樣的 YouTube 視頻、
社交媒體帖子、博客、 電子郵件通訊、用戶生成的內容、 推薦活動
等等。 好的,二號,領先。 因此,在銷售中,
潛在客戶是指潛在客戶或客戶 ,
無論您之前是否 與他們實際接觸過。 然而,在數字營銷中 ,定義
比這窄一點。 因此,潛在客戶通常是指 您有能力和
許可 通過電子郵件、電話或直接消息進行跟進的任何人。 因此,他們也被稱為 營銷合格潛在
客戶, 與其他較冷的潛在客戶相比, 根據他們在轉換前的活動,他們更有可能成為客戶。 比如說,選擇加入
營銷列表或數據庫。 潛在客戶
隨處可見, 但他們通常通過 良好的營銷(AKA 潛在客戶生成)找到您。 好的第三學期,登陸頁面。 因此,談到潛在客戶生成, 一旦潛在客戶通過
您的廣告、搜索引擎 或您的內容營銷策略找到您, 他們通常最終會出現在
所謂的著陸頁上。 現在,雖然著陸
頁從技術上講是 流量登陸的任何頁面,著陸頁,但 我個人使用這個術語專門 用於將訪問者轉化為潛在客戶的頁面。 因此,這通常是通過
提供免費的、有價值的資產來實現的, 例如清單、備忘單或指南, 以換取他們的聯繫信息 或電子郵件地址。 第四,引導培育。 因此,一旦您真正讓潛在 客戶向您提供他們的電子郵件
地址或聯繫信息, 您就開始了
培養這些潛在客戶的過程。 從本質上講, 通過一系列接觸點提供
有價值的相關內容來建立關係 。 通常,潛在客戶培養是
通過電子郵件自動化完成的, 就像灌輸序列一樣。 如果你喜歡,“等等, 灌輸序列到底是什麼?” 您肯定會想要
點擊訂閱按鈕 並繼續關注,因為我很快就會在您附近的設備 上發布有關七種電子郵件營銷類型的視頻 。 第五,營銷漏斗。 現在,
我剛剛在上面描述的整個過程 實際上就是所謂
的營銷漏斗。 整個營銷活動和系統 用於吸引訪問者,
將他們轉化為潛在客戶, 並培養他們
做出購買決定。 好的,讓我們更深入地 了解這個營銷渠道。 第六,漏斗頂部。 因此,在營銷漏斗 中 ,潛在客戶將
在購買過程中經歷不同的階段或級別。 現在,漏斗的頂部
是潛在客戶剛剛 開始尋找更多信息、 確定他們遇到的問題 並了解潛在解決方案的起點。 所以想想 你與潛在客戶的第一步或接觸點。 這是漏斗的頂部 ,主要目標
是建立意識。 所以這可以說是一個廣告,
以及隨後的著陸頁。 漏斗 這一點的文案寫作
信任和創造權威, 因為你是在
與更不了解你的聽眾交談, 他們真的不知道
你是誰或你做什麼。 因此,如果您想了解 有關客戶意識各個階段的更多信息, 我將鏈接到一個視頻,在該視頻的末尾我將對此進行
更深入的介紹 。 好的,七號,
漏斗中間。 因此,一旦潛在客戶 通過說註冊您的電子郵件列表而移動到漏斗的頂部, 他們就會下降到漏斗的中間,在 那裡他們現在更加了解
他們遇到的問題, 以及您可以如何幫助他們解決 它。 所以,這就是你的
文案要 重點關注講故事、
相關性和同理心的地方。 這裡的主要目標
是建立興趣和慾望。 因此,這就是您
要指定痛點、 功能和優勢的地方,
當然,還要讓您的潛在客戶 相信您的解決方案
就是他們正在尋找的解決方案。 最後,漏斗底部。 你知道有人要來了。 因此,當潛在客戶消費您的內容 並繼續與您的品牌互動時, 他們會跌至
漏斗的底部, 或者希望
是購買旅程的最後階段,在 那裡他們已
與您和您的解決方案建立聯繫 ,並且即將完成
購買決定。 所以這裡的目標顯然 是讓他們採取行動併購買。 所以你想突出更多的社會證明, 降低感知
風險,克服反對意見 ,當然,提出一個不可抗拒的提議。 那麼你有沒有聽到
AIDA 的首字母縮寫詞在那裡使用? 營銷漏斗
本質上是 AIDA 的前提。 意識、興趣、慾望、行動。 好的,
我名單上的第九名,案例研究。 因此,說到社會證明 ,案例研究是對 公司為客戶所做工作的公開分析 ,突出了客戶實現的目標、流程 和結果。 因此,可以將其視為涉及採訪
的深入推薦 或評論, 以及對
公司產品或服務的分析。 因此,案例研究是通過展示切實成果
來建立信任和權威 的好方法。 因此,作為一個例子,作為 我的寫作和點燃挑戰的獎勵, 我採訪了我過去
的一位學生進行案例研究 ,了解她如何使用我的公式和流程從頭 開始點燃她的文案寫作
生涯。 您可以了解
有關 Write & Ignite Challenge 的更多信息, 並通過 以下描述中的鏈接進行更多有趣的培訓,了解該案例研究。 第 10 項,A/B 測試。 因此,也稱為拆分測試, A/B 測試
是測試 營銷資產上特定元素的兩個變體, 同時保持其他所有內容相同的過程, 以確定哪個版本 會產生更好的長期結果。 因此,A/B 測試可以極大地
提高 營銷活動的長期盈利能力和轉化率。 您可以從字面上拆分測試所有內容。 從主題行到
標題,再到頁面佈局 ,甚至按鈕顏色。 好的,11 號跳出率。 跳出率是僅查看一頁後 點擊或關閉網站的訪問者的百分比
。 換句話說,他們並沒有真正找到 他們正在尋找的東西 ,也沒有被迫停留 或瀏覽網站以了解更多信息。 第 12 位,點擊率。 點擊率是
點擊鏈接或按鈕的人的百分比。 因此,這可能是電子郵件中的鏈接,可以 為您的網站 或您的最新 YouTube 視頻帶來流量。 或者 Facebook 廣告
上指向著陸頁的 鏈接或
您在營銷渠道中使用的任何其他鏈接。 漏斗每一步的點擊率越高
, 您的廣告系列的
整體效果就越好。 現在我們來到
第 13 條,號召性用語。 號召性用語
是您希望潛在客戶採取的具體行動。 因此,這可能是為了
註冊您的郵件列表、 購買產品、註冊免費電話、 單擊鏈接或發表評論。 請記住,無論 您希望潛在客戶採取什麼行動, 您都需要清楚地
告訴他們那是什麼。 並且在營銷漏斗的每個步驟中,您應該只有一個 清晰簡潔的號召
性用語。 請記住,混亂是
最大的轉換殺手, 因此請保持簡單明了。 第 14 位,轉化率。 因此,營銷中最常見的指標可能
是轉化率。 實際
遵循您的 CTA 並
採取所需操作的用戶百分比。 因此,根據您的 CTA,轉換實際上可以意味著任何事情 ,但
最常指 的是潛在客戶和銷售。 第 15 項,投資回報。 因此,在您知道轉化率後, 您將能夠計算出您的投資回報率 或投資回報。 現在這 是一個評估營銷活動盈利能力的比率, 通過比較收入與成本來衡量。 現在,當談到 ROI 時,
越高越好, 顯然高 ROI 意味著
您獲得的比失去的多。 好的,現在
這個列表 中的最後兩個術語是我看到一直可以
互換使用的術語。 第 16 項,關鍵字研究。 首先,關鍵字是
在尋找產品、服務 或一般信息時可能在搜索引擎中輸入的特定單詞或短語。 現在關鍵字研究是
當您使用關鍵字研究工具實際研究 這些術語是什麼時,
關鍵字包含在您的內容 和營銷中,以更好地
定位您的客戶頭像。 然後是第 17 項, 搜索引擎優化或 SEO。 所以這
與關鍵字研究非常不同, SEO 或搜索引擎優化 是
提高網站 在有機無償搜索結果中的知名度的行為。 通常通過 SEO 技術完成, 例如生成反向鏈接、 合併 您通過關鍵字研究發現的相關關鍵字, 以及發布有價值
且一致的內容。 因此,SEO 涉及的
不僅僅是關鍵字研究, 因此請注意不要
互換使用這些術語, 否則您最終可能會同意 的方式超出您的討價還價, 或者您可以自信地交付。 好的,Posse,這就是
我這週給你的全部內容, 你可以在幾秒鐘內拿到
我答應你的備忘單禮物 ,直到下一次, 我是亞歷克斯,現在很高興! 好吧,伙計們,如果你喜歡那個視頻, 一定要
在這裡查看我的下一個視頻 ,你可以點擊
這裡獲得免費禮物。 為了有效地與
目標受眾交談, 您需要了解他們對 您銷售的主題或產品的認識或理解水平。 因為這將決定
您需要提供的教育和創新水平, 以使您的報價保持不變。.

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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Welcome to contractor marketing two minute Tuesday, I m Brody Tyler with inbound systems and I m bringing you the quickest, most valuable and was profitable two minutes of your week today in under two minutes, I m going over the topic: how to use outbound with inbound marketing For contractors ready set, Go ok, so the tools that let s let s, review the tools for so the tools that you use with outbound marketing are billboards, TV, radio, print ads and direct mail. All the traditional types of marketing right well, with inbound marketing.

You have landing pages, lead magnets blogs, social media and auto responders.

These are more modern and more web based than album marketing.

Now you may be utilizing outbound marketing in in your business and that s okay, as long as its profitable right.

Well, I m going to show you some ideas that you can use to make your outbound marketing even more profitable.

So right now you may have be having it.

You might have a print ad in the newspaper, a direct mail piece that you send out in a billboard, and the call to action on those is call for a free estimate or call now that this.

This is difficult to make these very profitable, because you have to time it just right right when the prospect needs your services, they need to be receiving that direct mail piece or driving by your billboard and that s nearly impossible, which is why it s good to Implement inbound Marketing tactics, so let me show you how to do that, instead of just your phone wherein call now, you want to send them to a landing page, and this is a web page where you capture their contact information in exchange for something of value to Them Like a report or a checklist or something like that.

Well, at this point, you have their contact information and they are a lead for your sales team or just to follow up with emails until they are ready to buy, and maybe it takes them a while, and You want to send them to another landing page with Another offer Another lead magnet.

The whole idea here is to nurture those lead until they are ready to buy your services. You don t have to time it perfectly and that s a big benefit of inbound marketing.

Well, that s it.

For today, s contractor marketing two minute Tuesday, thanks for watching .

Week 1 Chapter 1-Introduction to Services Marketing

Hi welcome again to bps 370 services marketing. This is the first set of PowerPoint slides.

I am going to try the first week and we ll see how this works posting a subset of PowerPoint, slides and just discussing some of the highlights from the chapters that you should read or how Let S use me of points that you should glean from the Chapters that you read, One of the things that we will be talking about in class is to what extent you want to see narrated PowerPoint slides on our blackboard site.

This is material that you will be responsible for reading.

Okay and you ll be responsible for anything that is in the textbook.

However, I will just be giving some highlights in this PowerPoint.

So let s start with chapter 1 understanding services marketing This chapter is going to be the introductory chapter in the text will help.

You understand the definition of services and how services differ from more tangible or physical goods.

Okay, this chapter will also explain the characteristics of services and classify the various types of services.

You will find in this chapter definition of services, where your text will define a service as a deed.

You re really talking about something that s intangible, meaning that it is something that you can t put your hands on and grab a hold of right. It may or may not be attached to a physical product, so we can think of things such as a meal at a restaurant, whether it s a fine, dining, restaurant or McDonald s, in which case we have the physical product, the food, but a good component of That product, Offering is a service.

The customer service you receive from the waitstaff or in the case of McDonald s from the person who is behind the counter, taking your order, and so those are some of the one of the things.

Actually they make services a bit more challenging than products is the fact that it isn t something oftentimes that you can put your hand and to determine the quality or how good it is because it s intangible, okay, So that s one of the key concepts we Want you to understand from this first chapter in your text provides: This is an interesting figure.

1 2 is a good illustration of the distinctions or the differences between services, marketing and physical goods marketing, and here we show a continuum that shows products that are more dominant with what your tip with your text refers to.

Here is tangible, dominant, such as salt soft drinks detergent.

You ll notice that those are items that you can put in your hand and hold them right versus intangible dominant items, which include teaching consulting investment management.

But these are things where there s really not a tangible component.

So, if you think about teaching there s really nothing that you can put your hands on, if you re trying to judge the quality of your education, it is something that you can t put your hands on.

It is much more subjective right in terms of what are the elements or the things that we need to look at to determine.

What is a good teaching experience a good consulting engagement right So that s one of the things that makes the marketing of services far more challenging than the marketing of physical goods, although, admittedly both are challenging okay and that s one of the key ideas and concepts That I want you to take away from reading chapter one chapter: one Will also define five key characteristics of services. Okay services are intangible, and that is a concept that I ve just discussed or mentioned repeatedly with the previous slides, and that is that these services cannot be touched seen held in the way that a tangible product such as salt, a soft drink, can be held.

Some of the other key concepts we talked about characteristics of service include separate e in for many cases, if you think about service, the production of that service and the consumption of the service occur at the same time so think about.

If you go to a hair salon or a barber shop, the production and consumption of that haircut are simultaneous.

Another key characteristic of services is the variability, So it s really hard when we think about something like services, it s really difficult to standardize the quality of a service performance.

Do you think about when you go into a restaurant, I m going to use again McDonald s as an example to order a meal depending on the kind of day the person on the other side of the counter is having and depending on the kind of day That you Are having that service experience may be very different if you both are having a wonderful day and the weather is sunny, you might be both very pleasant and it might be a very good experience if, on the other hand, it s like it was last Week when we Had the really heavy rainfall and you ve walked in and you re drenched and you re exhausted, even if the person on the other side of the counter is very pleasant, you may not be an experience that you perceive may be very different.

Okay, so one of the things that your text will talk about when we define some of the characteristic services is that, unlike that can of coca cola that you might buy where we can standardize that and ensure that that can of coke is the same, regardless of Where It is sold and who s buying it, We can t necessarily standardize services to the same extent, so they are variable.

Another key concept is idea.


I go back to the example of coca cola.

We know that we can put a can of coke in a warehouse and store it on a shelf. Although it doesn t have an unlimited life, It is something that can be stored after it is produced stored on a shelf before someone consumes it and with services they are perishable and that they only exist at the time of production.

So we think about things like a hair salon, our barber shop, one of their challenges, is trying to figure out.

How do you schedule your staff to be there when you re going to have the most demand? What are most people going to come in to the Sun or the barbershop to get a haircut? Because if you have stylists and barbers who are available that day and you don t have customers that service that you re providing is perishable? It S not something that can be stored for later point in time, okay and then.

Finally, the fifth characteristic of services is this idea of rental access.

They re only temporary possession because you don t own it not in the same way that you would a physical, tangible product, Okay, so the five characteristics of services that you need to be familiar with are one intangibility to inseparability 3 variability for perishability and 5 rental Access Ok.

Now your text is also going to define classifications of services and their variety of ways of classifying services.

One is going to be, as you see, on this chart based on the field, and so I ll Just let you read over these both in your text and on the slide, but this is one way of classifying services.

We can look at the service field, entertainment, professional services, etc.

Another way of classifying services is based on the customers that are served.

We can look at consumer services, people like you and me, or business to business services. If we have companies, they re providing services to other companies or organizations, ok and then finally, we have Lovelock s.

Classification which looks at not only the at will looks at two things right.

If you look at this 2×2 matrix, let s look across the top right now, where we have people and possessions that is who or what is a direct recipient of the service.

Now, if you look down the side where it says what is the nature of the service act, it can be a tangible action or it can be an intangible action.

So Lovelock has basically created a 2×2 matrix.

So, for example, if we look in the first think of the people as the first column on your left, so we can have people who are the recipients of a service and it can be a tangible action such as going to a beauty salon or it can Be an intangible action where there is something, for example, services directed at people, s minds like education, the second column When we look at possessions.

This is the what is the direct recipient of the service, and you can have again tangible actions directed toward possessions such as laundry or dry cleaning.

You have a very tangible action being done to a product or possession like clothing, or we can have an intangible action directed at a possession so, for example, legal services, which is not something you put your hands on directed at an intangible asset or possession okay.

So I hope that makes sense also look at the four bullets on the Left, which, given the same definition but again think of this as a two by two matrix.

If it helps draw a box with four squares in it and if that helps you think about, and at the top of the first box, you would have people top of the second possessions and on the left, you would have the tangible actions and below that intangible Actions, if that helps okay, but if you have any questions about that, we can talk about that when we meet on Wednesday. Another key concept introduced in Chapter one, is this idea of the services marketing triangle, and the idea here is that when we talk about marketing of services, there are three key components, and that is the organization, the providers and the customers.

So one way of thinking about this, if we take Robert Morris as an example, we need a Robert Morris is the organization Robert Morris does internal marketing with providers, and in this case the providers would be employees of the institution.

So, in order to ensure that any promises that Robert Morris is making it has to engage in internal marketing with their employees, so those are some of the things that it does to ensure that they communicate and convey to their employees that this is really a great Place to work in some of the reasons you know the opportunities for professional growth and development, on the benefits having other colleagues who have similar interests and talents, as you et cetera right now, I m going to move to the other side of the triangle.

The right side, Where we look at the external marketing – and this is where an organization and again, if I stay with the Robert Morris example where Robert Morris makes external promises to its customers.

So in this case, say that you and the employers, where we as an institution Robert Morris, If you promising that we will provide an accelerated degree program, give you an opportunity to gain hands on experiential real world experience, So that s the promise, the external marketing that The organization Robert Morris provides to student the customers.

Now, if we look at the bottom part of the triangle, we see providers and customers and that s the interactive marketing component.

If you think about that, to the extent that an organization or an institution keeps its employees happy well trained and well prepared, they are able to deliver on the promise, the external marketing that an institution an organization does or provides or conveys to its customers.

So the providers and the customers at interactive relationship, in this case the staff and the faculty at RM.

You keep the promise that the institution makes to its students as an example.

So let s see if that makes sense, hope it does and again have questions about the concept we can talk about that when we meet face to face okay. So these are just this triangle: just shows how these three components – internal marketing, external marketing and the interactive marketing – are linked and tied together, okay and then finally, one of the other.

I think it would be helpful.

I believe it s at the beginning of your chapter.

They provide an overview of the book, so this will give you a sense of some of the main topics that we ll be covering in the book and, as you see the first three chapters we ll be looking at the foundations of services, Marketing and a lot Of that will be focused on definitions and helping.

You understand some of the key models in the field.

Okay, so make sure to read: chapter 1: The chapters are short, they re very fun to read, and there are some great examples and vignettes that are in the chapters and to help reinforce some of the concepts.

I also encourage you to read some of the review questions and exercises that are at the end of the chapter.

Ok, great look forward to seeing you on on Wednesday and if you have any questions, bring them to class and we will discuss them there again.

Look forward to meeting you thanks.


Pokemon GO Marketing Secrets 2 0 PLR- IMKReview

Hey guys, my name is Henry: go bundle of the PLO source code, calm, together with my condoms, on helping a knife, we have decided to launch talking one go marketing secret to point out plr. Now this pillar is very unique in which we had an award winning freelancer from a gaming company to write this from scratch.

They have the passion.

When I talk with her, she was able to say things like.

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Polka coins pocket gym all the details on what pokemon go can do to help businesses.

Now there are four types of businesses that pokemon gold movement will actually help.

The business to become more prosper, the first type is the local business owners, local business owners.

They actually need Pokemon go to seduce more sales for a business.

In fact, one of the business in Queens in New York has seen an increase of over 75 percent of revenue since the past few weeks, and the second type is youtuber.

People who are actually posting video on a day to day basis still be able to benefit from it As well, which we copy details about this. The third type is an online marketers.

Online marketers will benefit a lot from the Pokemon trainers, because Pokemon trainers reveal whether you like it or their human being, and the last one is e commerce business, which is extremely huge, huge, especially right.


Pokemon gold movement is only in few countries and is predicted to go beyond 2020 or two thousand other countries all right now, with these private label wraps, all you got to do is to focus on three things.

The first one is to down to the product which you can get it right now below this video and decide is to add it as necessary.

You don t have to do this much that much work, because all the work is already done for you.

You re talking about it and weep over page is already done for you to.

Thank you page, the step two, which is to get your customer list and the sis latter is already done for you beautifully done for you the graphic, the report, the full of letters, the PSD file, the Jeep has the PNG jpg PNG file.

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It can clean as an author, which is pretty much it really done, and you don t have to worry about the contents, because the content is going to be awesome, especially it s done by a freelancer from the gaming company that love Pokemon. To that all right.

She even mentioned that you know for the Halloween, you stop see actually work free capture all the time, and the last thing that you have to do, which is the third step, is to make massive cash from this very, very simple.

Okay, now, as you know, pokemon gold has received more than 15 million downloads in less than seven days right now It S up.

It has had more than 24 million daily users, which has a huge engagement compared to any other social networking site, including snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

So right now, study has even shown that the majority of the people that stayed in playing pokemon is about 45 minutes competitive snapchat, which is not about 20 something minutes, so it s doubled and he will triple the amount of style now.

Pokemon, go is only in few countries and is about to expand two dozen other countries, so you can how the movement is going to be bigger.

Now even right now is, are bigger than finger and social dating sites, and so on.

Okay, so go ahead only three step down the product right now and add it as necessary: make money from it which is a laptop okay, So go ahead and download it right now and we are looking forward with testimonials and we are pretty sure we re confident You ll be able to benefit from this woman, Go ahead and download right now taken aback.