If Google Was A Guy (Part 2)

Next I said next Why mile length? okay Cream cheese is cheese? Wait do you still wanna know abo- Avocado pit huge why? Okay. Don’t speak in these weird haikus How to tell if pregnant? Oh boy. How to tell if- tell if pregnant? Jennifer! Local mosque Seattle NSA. Don’t mind me. How to pronounce do-GE-coin According to Google Maps there’s a number of- Security! Can you please- Not blackmail! just…

Oh excuse me Oh no, no come on in Today is Jackson Pollock’s birthday So we are uh.. celebrating his particular style of painting Why farts smell? One of the most important painters of all time and you want to know why farts smell.. so there you go! Flight to Washington Bank transfer all money to dogecoin how? *sniff* OK Glass! *snicker* Search “avoid being bullied for wearing Google Glass” *hysterical laughter* Flight to Washington STATE I knew you made that mistake fffffff- I think your F key is stuck! -ffffff Why longitude shaped like an orange slice? You are soo wrong dumb-ass We’ll see. Groundhog’s Day or Groundhog Day? GroundHOG Day.

OHHHHHH Haircut place bowl-cut. Terror pictures Oh… Op sorry. TERRIER pictures *sigh* Oh okay *Delighted squeal* Hey man let me do my job alright. F*CK YOU! Can sue for screen door injured? Where to buy a pet Russian dolphin? Why do MY farts smell? Tent. Doing a little camping uh? Tentacle hentai Oh come on! *Serene music* Open for business everyone! Come on in it is awesome in here! Soon. They’ll come soon *chuckle* .

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