How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

In today's video we're gonna talk about how you can get started with affiliate marketing Without a website now, I'm gonna give you before this is all over with a 90 day roadmap Actionable steps so you can get started right now. Let's go Before you start any journey Mindset is always something you should talk about and when I first started online and when I first started to try to get into the Contra Nouriel thing especially with affiliate marketing I had to kind of like figure out what was possible You have so much stuff out there right now telling you you can make a million dollars in one day You can do this and do that and then it kind of creates this self-doubt you Have to trust yourself Whenever you really want to do something you just go do it and you don't ask a bunch of questions What I do here and what I've done throughout my entire career is I started to earn and learn in other words Action, and it doesn't you know You hear everybody talking about imperfect action ready aim ready? Fire aim all of these like cliches or whatever and it's true if you just get started The faster you get started and start Failing the more you'll start learning you need to fail as much as possible as soon as possible and you keep failing Over and over and over again make huge mistakes learn from those mistakes and keep moving there's not one YouTube video are 10,000 YouTube videos that you can watch or even like paid courses that are gonna teach you more than actually getting in there Getting your elbows dirty rolling up your sleeves getting your hands dirty putting a little bit of elbow grease and getting it done I'm gonna say that 90% of what you're about to go through is gonna be mindset 10% of it is actually like the physical things that you need to do.

Maybe ice. Maybe I'm going too far Maybe it's 85 percent his mindset And then the rest of it is like actually learning how to do You know build a landing page and you know All of these other things you have to get your head in the game first and realize that you can do this Don't be cynical don't think that it can't be done Don't look at everybody else and what they're doing Just pay attention to what you have to do and you're gonna win the next part that we're gonna talk Is research now you cannot talk about marketing at all without talking about research research research research One of the main things you're gonna have to learn to do is copywriting So the main core of copywriting is research it all starts right there So for the next 30 days, I called it hell week, but it always ended up being a month But I call it hell week and that's why I have a football player there because when I played football We called it hell week before you going into the season You did all this exercising you went crazy and got fit and to find out who got cut and who didn't get cut for football Well, that's what the hell week is all about It's gonna find out if you're gonna make the cut and you'll cut yourself within these next 30 days you need to research Researching your niche is really important Why it's so important to find out like let's say you pick a niche right and you find out that you want to get into Weight loss you need to find out Everything a person that wants to lose weight wants to know you need to find out what are their deepest darkest desires Why exactly do they want to lose weight? It could be for health problems It could be because they want to you know, get a mate a lover or whatever.

It could be They want to impress their friends You don't know why you need to find out exactly why and when you do that Research and you really dig in and get under their skin the biggest thing that you can do The best thing that you could do is actually go talk to people that want to lose weight Because then once you talk to them physically and you go on your face and you see the pain in their face and the problems That they face Copyrighting will be simple because you already have talked to them. You'll know what they want. That's the secret to Copywriting not that these guys are some geniuses and can figure things out. They've done the research They know what people want.

So now the next research you have to do because we're gonna do this all on YouTube So that's why you don't need a website You can put your affiliate offers and links and landing pages and lead magnets and everything you need to do Right there on YouTube today. You don't need a website You can even do it from Facebook if you wanted to you could do from Instagram It doesn't you don't have to have a website. So YouTube is gonna be the platform I believe the SEO is a lot easier But you need to go Google YouTube creators and find these dudes that are giving out lots of information on how to do SEO on YouTube and rank videos and you dig in and Really find out how to start ranking videos. The next thing I want you to do is sign up for Affiliate networks and sign up for more than one so I have examples here like Commission Junction JV zoo and Clickbank, those are all big places they've been around for years They pay you don't have to worry about that, but sign up for more than one offer Sometimes one offer may not work and it could be the same offer The landing pages are different, or maybe they have different copy writings But sometimes one offer even though it's the same offer will work better on another network.

Maybe the pages are faster Maybe their mobile looks better who knows whatever it is sign up for more than one network and then what I want you to do is you're gonna pick your niche a Specific niche and you're gonna stick to that niche You're not gonna do anything else and you're gonna create a brand and get your brand assets now figuring out how to figure out your YouTube channel is go right there on YouTube to those creator channels and they're gonna tell you exactly How to create your brand elements all of your thumbnails need to look the same your header your color Coordination your fonts a little logo You're gonna make all of that stuff makes sense now before it's all done.

There's three things You need to know the number one thing is smash that like button hit the subscribe button real quickly head while we're going through this and other two things you need to know is research research and a bonus research after your thirty days of research and planning and getting all your YouTube channels set up and Figuring out all of your keywords over the next 60 days. I want you to do one Today's one video a day over the next 60 days if you can get your research done faster, that's cool But for 60 days in a row, I prefer you spend thirty days planning Doing your research Getting some spreadsheets really figuring it out and then start getting your titles start figuring out your keywords that you're gonna use once you learn how to You're gonna have 60 video titles already ready to go 60 tags and all 60 descriptions already written out then start doing one today's one video a day back to back to back and Then you're gonna start to want to drive traffic.

Once you start ranking videos. You're gonna want to start driving traffic traffic so you're gonna make some landing pages and you're gonna get your offers and you're gonna start putting your offers inside your description and inside the first Comment a lot of people don't do that. I do it. I like to have in that first comment Some people don't look in the description Unless you tell them to but in that first comment Most people that are looking down in the comments are gonna see that first Description and they can click the links in there And then what I want you to do is start to learn what your niche really wants as you're doing You've already done the research. But now what I want you to do is figure out what they want on YouTube there's a difference between People that talk on message boards and other research that you're gonna do and be doing how they talk on Amazon or whatever on different than the questions they ask on YouTube and it's really important because you want to know what people on YouTube that are in your niche want to hear and there's no better way than going to your competition and Reading their comments and people will ask them questions case in point the other day.

I was at somebody else's channel Listening at what they were saying and somebody said hey, man And this was on a YouTube ads video and they asked hey, man, do you have a digital marketing class a step-by-step? This is the question that somebody asked the Creator. I Looked at that and said, let me jot that question down These are questions that I know that some of my people might have then what you can do is take that question and see If it's a search term Most times it will be if it's a search term figure out a way that you can have low competition Download to buddy and it'll tell you what if it's a good competition low competition keywords with high search volume It'll tell you to go for it and you can start making videos Based upon that as well, but you find out when you do your research after you start reading your competitors comments and start figuring out what they want that will also give you information on lead magnets and What other people and offers based on what the list wants and what? YouTube wants you're gonna start figuring out Okay they want this they want this they want a 90 day printout of a kid or a 90 day plan on a 90 day roadmap on how to start affiliate marketing you can get Those created by using Fiverr and other little places Get those created and place them down and start building an email list and that's where you kind of want to move toward that but you can always leave your offers in the link in the first descript in the description and in the comments but if you want to start and you should be and in the next slide you're gonna be finding out about this you should be Trying to build your own asset.

So there you have it That is my 90 day roadmap to riches if you follow that Step-by-step get out of your own head. Just Forge your head to do what I tell you to do Do those one a days you're gonna start? Making your first few dollars with affiliate marketing If you want to find out how long it's gonna take for you to start making some money Click that video right there above and that video tell you exactly how long it should take For you to start making some money. You want to start improving yourself? 1% everyday, that's what I try to do and you want to learn how to make your own products now I know that that goes against everything that Affiliate marketers like and what they say But the bottom line is if you have your own products your own informational products You can start selling your own products and sell the 7 somebody else's and you're gonna get to that point Once you've been in a niche for a while and you realize that you could do it yourself You're gonna figure out how to write a sales page on your own.

You're gonna figure out how to get that product Created you'll have somebody else created for you You can also do joint venture partnerships so you can find another influencer That doesn't have your skill set on how to go out there and get people to purchase their products But since you know how and you also have the traffic They will create a product for you and you guys can come to an agreement on the commission prices and display And all that kind of thing and the next thing that you gonna do is you're gonna start Media buys in other words, you're gonna start buying advertisements to scale up your operation. You're not gonna have a business Until you start to pay for advertisement. Let me say that again. They're not gonna have a business until you start paid Advertising start scaling up your business by paying for media buys getting your content out there. It's what I call Syndication you syndicate your channel you syndicate your videos and you pay for people to see those videos and get more people To your channel and that's how you're gonna scale up your entire operation So you don't have to worry about organic traffic whether you're ranking or not.

It doesn't matter you pay for clicks They come in they buy your products and you go on about your business and that's how that works That's what you have right now That is your 90-day roadmap and beyond to how you can start getting some dough man if you like this video click the thumbs up subscribe if this is your first time to the channel welcome and Also, man, click that notification so you get notified when I upload videos share this video man and comment below Let me know if you have anything to add to this or if whatever else that you want to learn that have to do with Copywriting direct response marketing because this is the number one place for direct response marketers on the planet period

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

what's up everybody Susan fitzell here today we're going to talk about how to get started in a career in digital marketing I get asked this all the time people switching careers or recent college grads or people trying to get into the industry it's not that hard it will take a few years it will require a lot of hard work but the steps are very very simple first and foremost read everything you can go to inbound org growth hackers comm I find those to be the most credible sources follow all the links find your favorite blogs they have great content there then start a blog of your own make a fake company try to implement some of the stuff you read and step 1 write read stuff and then try to implement it the blog is the easiest place for you to try because there's plugins you can get on WordPress you're forced to essentially do the things the hard work required to do a little bit of marketing the prep work before marketing happens then get three to five wins and reach out to startups that have launched on product hundred TechCrunch and offer your help for free when I mean about three to five wins it's very important like on steps to you actually get wins figure out what you're good at figure out what not maybe you're good at but you don't suck at that one can actually work for you let's say you're really good at writing content or promoting content or Facebook ads or social media updates whatever it is writing your email copy whatever that is offer that help you're good at the three to five things to startups that have launched on product hunt or TechCrunch and make sure you offer for free it's almost like an internal a informal internship then get a real internship use that use that experience at that your free offering to startups to get a real internships at a startup or marketing agency you're going to do a ton of grunt work it's gonna be hard but that's the stuff you're going to need to know to really get good at marketing I recommend working at startups because it's fast-paced things change the goal is a moving target your life is going to suck it may be amazing because you're going to love what you do but it's great learning and the agency side it's because you get to learn lots of different business models what works for one is should be to see b2b you know all the different business models and types of marketing that work and don't work in specific industries and it's lightning fast lots of hard work moving deadlines and really big goals again lots of grunt work involved but this is where you get hair on your chest if you want it and then let's say you've done this this is probably six to nine months within this process find a mentor reach out to your favorite bloggers and ask specific questions this is where if you get stuck in doing anything above a mentor play in in your advantage you can ask very specific questions to get unstuck don't reach out to a mentor and say will you be my mentor or blogger and say will you be my mentor reach out to people and ask specific questions and over time with communication they will unofficially become your mentor maybe they will officially become your mentor but nobody likes vague commitment so be specific and you will get answers if you email me today saying how do I do this this and that I will likely tell you exactly what you've done or I'll ask you what have you done so far quick tip is to email people on Saturday or Sunday mornings it shows that you care shows that you're hard-working and there they will reciprocate now the next step number six is to attend a marketing conference or a marketing event the great thing is there's lots of things on meetup comm there's lots of conferences almost every area now make sure you look at who's who's going to be speaking and connect with them beforehand I recommend if you have favorite bloggers or people you want to meet go to those conferences email them in advance email them just grab coffee they'll likely say no but then when you catch them up catch and catch them up and you see them in person they might recognize you or you have a better chance it's not a cold conversation or maybe you can say hey can I talk to you at between the break here you know during day one or day two or whatever great way to build those relationships with people now you've done this this is your probably a year into like really doing content marketing or digital marketing or any type of getting right it's time to update your resume and get yourself a real job a big-boy job as a marketing specialist a marketing associate entry-level it's still going to suck you're going to probably get paid anywhere between thirty and forty five K so you're moving careers it's going to be a pay cut but who cares digital marketing is very very lucrative you get paid when you start hitting manage your level keep learning and testing those are the two ways to keep your skills sharp join a startup or marketing agency because you're going to learn the fastest it's going to suck you have to work the hardest but there's no way around getting that your hours and time into it and that's it that's how you get started in content marketing digital marketing growth hacking anything digital marketing related that's how you start you

The Most Important Part of Content Marketing Strategy

I would say I don't know if there's anyone out there that the first piece of content they posted the same thing Forever and it turned out great for them. Everybody starts somewhere and they pivot here Here here here and maybe like their 10th Different thing they tried works or 20th. You just got to keep trying and Sometimes something you're doing for a long time works for a while and stops working and then you have to figure out why and kind of you know Always, be innovating.

So this part is almost as important as doing the rest of it because Doing it is obviously important, getting it out there And that's almost the hardest thing for anyone but to be good at it to really grow This is like the most important step you got any good at listening.

5 Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free Even If You Are BROKE!!!

– Dude, Marcus? Hey, dude! – What the hell? – Is there, like, a way to make money with affiliate marketing
if I have no money? – Well.
– Like none? – Yeah, there are ways to make money if you have nothing but… – Well, no, no, seriously.
– Seriously? You have nothing?
– I have none. Dude, can't you just show me a way to make money, like, free or something? Isn't the internet free? Isn't affiliate marketing free? – Alright, well, I do have five ways that you can learn to make money with affiliate marketing for free starting right now and get paid right away but I gotta go to the blackboard to explain 'em, so, if you wanna learn how to make money with
affiliate marketing for free and learn about what it takes,
what kind of budget you need to build a real business, stay tuned, – [Together] 'Cause
we're starting right now.

(playful music) – Hey, guys, it's Marcus from If you're new here and you wanna learn to make money online
with affiliate marketing and all kinds of other ways, you're gonna wanna make
sure that you click the subscribe button right now and then click the little
bell notification icon and that way you get new videos when I come out with them and
you can attend our livestreams right here where we come here live.

I take questions from
you and help you learn how to make money online but for right now I wanna talk to you about
how to make money online with zero budget. Right now, disclaimer, zero
budget isn't the best way to get started but I understand,
like, when I started, I didn't have a whole lot, I
had like 67 bucks to my name which I used to purchase a little course about internet marketing. Here's a picture of what my
setting looked like back then. It was in a broken down mobile home that they since, like,
bulldozed or shipped away or something like that
and it wasn't very pretty. I was living with drug
addicts and craziness and I didn't have a whole lot of money and I was gonna have a kid
in, like, eight months, right? And, so, I was really scared
and I was living there and I was like, "Okay,
I need to make money "with this affiliate marketing thing." And what I did is I
had to pull it together and make sacrifices in my
life to make this stuff work the way that it needs to work.

So, I understand where you're coming from and I understand how
difficult it can be sometimes, however, if you're just looking for a way to make money online just 'cause you're cheap
and you don't wanna invest and you'd rather go get
more Taco Bell or something, then I really can't help
you but let's talk about how this works because there
are ways to get started. You see, right now, to become an affiliate of most companies, like Amazon, and you can become an affiliate
for hosting companies. You can even go to CPA networks and get started with
literally nothing, right.

If any affiliate company ever charges you to become an affiliate,
that's not a good way to go. Now, sometimes they do
require you buy their product just for obvious reasons
but most of the time, you get in and, you know, you
don't have to pay anything. So, becoming affiliate is free as it is. I mean, I can go to Amazon,
I can go to Best Buy, I can go to hosting companies. There's millions of affiliates out there that you can become an affiliate of. Now, an affiliate, a-fill-I-ate, alright? An affiliate is someone who makes money for selling a product,
pretty simple, right? Now, there's also CPA affiliate, which is where you get
paid for an action, right? So, sometimes, affiliate, I can't write and talk at the same time.

So, sometimes you can
get paid to get someone to download a little
toolbar, you guys have seen, I've done this many a times and you can check out
the videos on my channel to see how that works and you can get paid just when they download something, they don't even have to buy anything. You can get paid when
people fill out forms, when people click links, when
people fill out forms online, call in, things like that, right? So, there's lots of ways to get paid as a CPA affiliate and an affiliate.

The only difference is regular affiliate, you have to sell something, okay? CPA affiliate, you just need
to get them to do an action. Now, both of these
methods are free to join. You can go join companies
and get this stuff free. So, the question is, where does the money come in play if there is any? Because there's another thing over here, which is a website, okay? Web-site, okay, now. I recommend that when people start out at the bare minimum, you go through and you get a website and a domain name that is your name, okay? You get something like, like we have or you would get something
like or
or something like that, depending on your name and
what market you go into. So, at bare minimum,
we wanna have a website because, obviously, we
need to get these links because you're gonna get paid for linking people then when
they do the action, okay? So, everything happens through the link. Now, you're gonna get these links free, obviously, because these
companies want sales, right? They don't wanna charge you and be like, "Hey, it's 10,000 dollars
to be an affiliate." No, they don't wanna do that, right? They want you to drive
good quality traffic to their offers, so that you make sales because when you make
sales, they make money, which is cool and at
very little risk to them because, hey, you just
sign up, you make sales, and they get paid.

Now, what we need to do
is we need to drive people to our affiliate offers, okay? So, we gotta get 'em over
here to our affiliate offers. Now, we could do this
several different ways. You can go out there and
you can make a Facebook page for free, okay, you can go on Facebook, you can set up a little page, and you can make a Facebook page free. You can also go out there and you can make a Facebook group, okay? You can go and find people
that are interested in website building, or people
who are interested in making money, or people
who are interested in romantic ideas, or quotes,
or whatever, right? You can find all kinds of things that people are interested in. This is your traffic source. You could also go out
there and you can set up a free blog, okay, you can
do this on places like, I think Weebly has one, I
think Weebly's one of 'em.

You could go to Blogspot or Blogger, or you could go to the
free WordPress version. Now, the downside of
these is you're gonna have a, like, a domain that's
not really yours, okay? So it'll be like
AffiliateMarketingDude.weebly or AffiliateMarketingDude.facebook or So, it's not really gonna be something that you own, which is important, right? Because if you do all this work and you get all these links out there and at the end of the day Facebook says, "Ah, we don't wanna do groups anymore." Well, then you're kinda hosed.

See, now, I have my
website, I'm never hosed because I own my website, I own my domain and I've done all the work to
get the people to it, okay? So, there are ways you
can set this stuff up. You can do Instagram, right? You can get a whole following on Instagram and then you can set up a free blog to send them to buy stuff or send them to your affiliate links
or something like that. So, it's really easy to do. Now, the first thing you gotta do is you need to refine your market, okay? You gotta refine your
market, if you're gonna do reviews on products, you say, "Hey, you know what,
I'm gonna go out there "and I'm gonna review
different cooking things "or I'm gonna review different
web hosting companies "or I'm gonna review different
headphones or computers "or laptops, or tablets,
or whatever it is, right?" You're gonna go out there,
you're gonna do this stuff, so, you gotta refine your niche and you gotta base it on something people are actively interested in, right? So, you gotta get something
people are interested in.

If it's something that
no one's interested in then you're not gonna make any money but here's the cool
thing, with the internet, people are interested
in damn near everything. You can find all kinds of weird stuff that people are interested in that you can make money on, right? Like, people out there
that are interested in certain types of niche cooking. Like, I just found,
just today on one of our private coaching webinars,
I was talking to someone and we were talking about a niche for the sous vide cooking, right? These people are obsessed
with sous vide cooking and I bet most people on this video probably didn't even know
what that was 'til now but I could go out there, I
could find all the keywords related to sous vide cooking and I could get these words,
I could build a free blog, or a Facebook, or a site, or
whatever around this stuff and I could start putting people maybe to an Amazon link
for the sous vide thing or maybe I could give
them a recipe toolbar where I get three dollars
per download, right? Or I could send them to, like, Amazon if I sell the sous vide equipment, it's like 200 bucks for these things, I get, you know, like
four to seven percent, which is kinda low but,
hey, it's money, right? But you can go out there
and do all kinds of stuff and make it work, now, you can do this with a Facebook group, you can say, "Hey, guys, I'm into sous
vide cooking, here I am, "here's a picture of what I made." Get in there, start talking to them and then, of course, when
you're ready, you say, "Hey, check it out, here's the
sous vide equipment I use." Boom, you send a bunch of
people over to your link, they buy, you make money.

Or, "Hey, check it out, I
found this really good recipe "on the recipe toolbar." Send 'em over there and,
boom, you're ready to go. Now, this is good, you can do it. People have made lots of
money with free blogs, Facebook groups, Instagrams, Twitters, all kinds of things like that. Now, the question is, how
do we do this the right way? Okay, this is how you
would do it with no money. If you have zero, really zero
money, like nothing, okay? Not just if you're cheap and you'd rather go
buy a hamburger, right? You gotta make sacrifices
to get what you want. Back in that mobile home
when I was sitting there and I was depressed and I was thinking what the hell am I gonna do,
how am I gonna feed my kid? I don't want my kid crawling
around in this mobile home.

Probably gonna frickin'
pick up acid on the floor because there's drug addicts
here or snort a line of coke and I had to get out of there fast, right? And it was like, should
I go spend on my business or should I take the 60
bucks or the 100 bucks I have and, you know, put it
towards getting out of here? Okay, what I decided to do is
I said I'm gonna go out there and I am going to balls to the wall, I don't even know if that is a phrase, I don't know how that would work but I'm gonna invest everything
I have in making this work because I know it works.

Now, back then, it wasn't like now. Now, you guys know this stuff works. There's a new news report every day of a dude getting rich on YouTube. A guy getting rich with Facebook groups. There's people all over
the place making money. There's blogs where you can set this up. You don't even need to know coding. You don't have to know half
the stuff I knew back then. So, if you truly have no money, okay? Then, what you wanna do
is you wanna set these up. Now, what I usually tell people to do is two things, one, get your site, okay? Get your site, now, I teach
you how to make these sites at, we teach
you how to do it, okay? You get your domain name, which right now they give you for free when
you sign up for hosting. Hey, pretty cool, free is a good word. Now, you do have to
sign up for web hosting and if you sign up for,
like, three years in advance it's like four bucks a month or something.

If you sign up at a year at at time, it's like six bucks a month. So, it's gonna be like 70 dollars. Now, why is this 70
dollars important, okay? And, I know, to the people
that have no money, go do this. Right, for the rest of
you, take a look at this. Say 70 bucks, what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna get my domain, okay? What this does is it allows
you to host all your stuff on your own, okay, I could put files up, I could start a mailing list, I could start different pages
on my blog to send people to. I can go out there, I can make redirects. I can have hosting of links, right? And all these tools we provide for you in the Simple Sites course. So, I go out there, I get my domain. Now, the cool thing about this is this 70 dollars gives
me unlimited, unlimited, right, unlimited, now you'll notice here I have lots of domains, I got I got, I got tons.

I probably have about 600
domains at any given time, okay? So, I use these and I use
them for a specific reason. And, now, this allows you
to have unlimited, okay? All you gotta do is buy the domain, point it at the unlimited hosting. You only pay 70 bucks a
year and that's it, right? That's all you pay, okay,
I can go and I can get like 100 different domain names and boom boom boom boom boom boom. I'll put 'em on here,
I'll have different blogs, I'll have different things, right? So, it's really important that you set this up the right way.

I would rather you, instead of like trying to scrimp and save and, you know, buy something for 70 bucks, you know, get in there and do it the
right way so you own it because what's gonna
happen is all this stuff is gonna build a following
and if you build a following and you're like, "My site whatever dot
whatever dot Weebly dot com." Okay, no one's gonna remember that but you remember You're like, "Okay, that's where I go, ", pretty cool." Right, or, you
guys remember these domains. So, now I got these
pointing, I don't even have to have a website on these, I
can just set up a little thing and redirect 'em wherever
I want them to go. Maybe an affiliate link, right? Boom, hey instead of go to
whatever hosting dot com slash affiliate slash 99474824
question mark whatever, I say go to or
something simple like that.

Okay, so that's the first thing, if you wanna do this business
right, get yourself set up. Now, is my
affiliate site for hosting. We teach you how to do this
so I'm compensated for it which is exactly what I'm
showing you how to do. This is why I practice what I preach. I'm out there doing this stuff
every day on a daily basis making, actually, more money with affiliate marketing overall than I have with teaching affiliate but I really like teaching this stuff. Now, the second thing I say to do is get yourself a mentor and tools, okay? So, get yourself a mentor and tools.

Now, take a look at this, right? If you said I wanna open a business and I wanna open a haircutting salon, you're in the game 90,000 dollars before your doors even open. Boom, done, you gotta get
rent, you gotta have lights, you gotta have employees, insane. We're talking you're starting a business for 70 freakin' bucks. I mean, really, come on, that's it. 70 dollars, anyone can do that. So, we gotta look at it, we gotta say, okay 70 bucks for that. Now, for a mentor and tools is different, depending on who you go with, right? If you like my videos and
you get a lot out of 'em, hey, check it out, we
actually offer mentoring. You could go to, sign up for our mentoring and
it comes with tools, right? So, I would say budget, you know, 300 bucks to a thousand
bucks for mentoring if you have it, okay? Now, again, if you have no money, do what I'm teaching you with
this stuff for now, okay? Do this for now, start to
build it up, make some money.

Make a couple of sales, right? Give away 100 toolbars
or get someone to sign up for hosting or get someone to
sign up for whatever, okay? Get some money, if you don't
have any, you can do this. This is what I did back then, right? When I was sitting there
in that mobile home and I was like, "Dude,
I gotta make ends meet, "I gotta do something." What I did was I found clients and I built websites for them. I did some little ranking for them and taught 'em how to get started
and everything really easy but it put bread on the
table right away, okay? Now, this is the cool
thing, if you have no money, you could do this right away, right? You can go out and you
can go in forums, okay? There's forums out there that say, "Hey, my sous vide machine
didn't work, you know, "this, or what sous vide
machine is the best?" And you go teach them
or, "Hey, I don't know "how to set up hosting,
I want a secure host." Boom, you go on forums, you
start talking to people.

I just taught this couple months ago to a client of mine and he's like, "Marcus, I, you know,
I wanna get started." He had gotten a high ticket niche from us and he was waiting for
his niche to be built and while we were
building it, he was like, "I just followed one of your videos "that said go post this
stuff in forums, I did it "and within 45 minutes, I
had 60 bucks in my account." Now, the cool thing about this is you can actually get
paid instantly, right? If you're doing something like when I did the website
building on PayPal, boom, it was instant. When I sold resale like stuff
on PayPal, boom, instant. When I do stuff now, my merchant account, if I make money today, by six o'clock, tomorrow morning I wake
up and it's in my account, really cool, now, the
hosting and stuff like that and Amazon, they pay a little bit later.

So, if you're in a grind
and you wanna make money, listen to ol' pal Marcus here, do the stuff I'm teaching you. You can go out there, you
can start bridging the gap because there's a gap right here. The gap is between people searching and between the vendors, okay? These vendors they want
people with influence. They want people with traffic, okay? So, if you're on Instagram or something and you're posting little
pictures of dresses or you're posting little things like, maybe, inspirational quotes or maybe you post a recipe
on Pinterest, right? You post that recipe on Pinterest, you can drive people
to the recipe toolbar, lot of these guys will
actually pay you weekly if you're driving a decent amount of sales and you'll start to get it right away and the gap is between
these people over here that are searching for
stuff and on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook
and searching Google and YouTube and all this, right? YouTube's another killer way, right, I just found a guy
who's doing a lot of YouTube and we actually do a
lot of YouTube ourselves but this guy's got one
in the sous vide market, he's got 120,000 subscribers.

What do you think's gonna happen tomorrow if that guy says, "Hey, check this out, "if you like the sous vide machine, "I actually got this pan that
sears your steak perfectly, "check it out, shhh, sizzle,
sizzle, look at my steak, "isn't that bitchin', good,
go get yourself a damn pan." Right, they get the damn
pan and the company pays 16 dollars to 25 dollars
when someone gets the pan.

Simple, right, you could do that without a website, without anything but, again, if you wanna
do it the right way, get a website like, or or SizzlePan or whatever, so
it's easy for them to go to because the more barriers you have for them to get to what you have to offer, the less money you're
gonna make in the long run and the more you're
gonna hinder this stuff.

So, you gotta do it the right
way and you gotta focus. Now, a lot of people look
at this and they say, "Okay, get domain name
that would be a good way, get the website." You can learn about that at and get mentoring and tools. If you wanna get our mentoring and tools, right now, the Simple Sites course is 297. It's actually going up once
the 2018 course comes out. It's gonna be 797. But right now, that's pretty cheap, right? At 297, good deal. Another thing you might
want to look into is a auto-responder, okay? There's free auto-responders out there but do you wanna own your list or do you want someone else to own it? Right, do you wanna own your business or do you want someone else to own it, that's the question. Do you want Facebook to own it and be able to shut it
down at the drop of a hat or do you wanna own it, right? The last thing you want is to be able to be making money and then, boom, everything's gone because you didn't build your house on the dirt,
you built it on the sand, which is hypocritical
because I live in Florida and my house is on the sand
but you get the idea, right? There's dirt under the
sand and grass on top.

Alright, so, an auto-responder usually you can get started for
like a dollar a month or 17 dollars a month, the
trial's like a dollar a month. Right, start this up bare
bone, start making money, start paying for it. Auto-responder's a good thing to have and that's about it, right? Once you get into it,
if you're buying traffic which you don't have to do, you get free traffic all day long, it's everywhere and it's easy to get. But if you're buying
traffic, you only buy it when it's profitable, so you're like, "I spent 25 bucks, did I make 50? "Uh, yeah, good, yeah I think I'll spend "another 25 tomorrow so
I can make another 50." And so it's very basic and, again, you have to look at
this with common sense.

I know there's gonna be a lot of questions about this video and if you have them, put them in the comments below so that I can help you with this stuff but, again, if you wanna get
started, use these things. Okay, go out there, talk on forums and don't be an idiot, right? Don't go out there and be like, "Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. "Here click this affiliate link ugly." No one responds to that,
I'm talking to people right now who have been
doing that for years and it's, like, how much do you make? "Well, I've made like a quarter," right? And it's, like, okay, well you're making about, you know, a tenth of
a penny per hour which sucks. So, do this the right way. If you do a video, do a good video. If you do a article, write a good article.

If you do on forums,
answer the questions good. Be a helpful person. If you're helpful, if you
go on Facebook groups, you can go spam the hell
out of 'em if you want, you'll probably get kicked out. You won't make a whole lot of money but if you go and help
people, guys, I've done this. I've answered a question
in a Facebook group and, boom, within like three minutes I've gotten like 1,200 bucks,
just from one question, boom, there it goes,
these people are like, "Woohoo, hey, that's a good answer." So, this stuff works if
you work it the right way but you can't be like our little guy in this hat out there who's like, "I just want everything
free, I don't care." You gotta be in it to win it and if you're in it to win it, hop over to and we'll show you how to start.

If you're just going
through it and you're like, "I really have no money." Go over to, get my affiliate toolbar,
this toolbar is like a cheat sheet for affiliate marketing. If you wanna do this stuff and start free, go there, it's got some tools for you. We have some things that
you can start with for free obviously in the hopes that later, hey, once you make some money, you'll
join us in some other stuff so we can help you make even more. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope these ways of making
money make sense to you and I hope you see that, you know what, this works for anything and anyone no matter where you're
at, you just gotta do it and if you get the momentum going, you're gonna build
something and you'll be able to live the life you want, now, disclaimer, this is affiliate marketing, it's a business, there's a
risk just like anything else.

99% of the people who
come and learn this stuff don't do a damn thing with it. Some people don't get any results, some people make a lot of results like a friend of mine
I taught back in 2005 who went on to make like
seven million bucks, or I think it was six million
bucks or something like that or the guy I taught who just started making ten grand a month,
he called me up, he says, "Marcus, can I, like, pay for your program "on a payment plan?" And I said, yeah, this
is before we had that. I said sure, you know,
it was like 90 bucks, he started making money within weeks. Now, can you make money
instantly right now, right away? Yes, you can, will you, I don't know. We don't know what's going to happen but if you do it deliberately and listen and you keep your head on straight, because for some reason when it gets to internet affiliate
money, you see people in Ferraris and you just think that somehow buying a course or whatever is gonna, you know, work right away and you're gonna be
rich or posting one post and it's gonna be it and
you're gonna be rich, that's not the way it works,
slow and steady wins the race.

If you do it right and deliberate, you gotta do things deliberately and you gotta set it up the right way. So, ask yourself how do I wanna start? If I wanna start free, go to to get the toolbar, if I wanna mentor and I wanna make it do it right, go to,
get our course, walk through it, we'll teach you how to set it up the right way
and how to start making money online with affiliate marketing. Thanks for watching
this, if you enjoyed this and you wanna learn more
about affiliate marketing, we got tons of cool stuff for you. Click that subscribe button,
click the little bell notification icon, and we'll help you out. So, thanks again for watching. Check out my next video up in
the corner after you subscribe and I'll see you next time..


What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and this we're gonna break down the evolution of a seven-figure digital marketing agency Right and how more importantly you can go through and grow your own six or even seven-figure digital marketing agency? so whether you already have your own digital marketing agency or If you're looking to start one or you just started one with the new calendar year Here's kind of the evolution and the different roles That you're gonna need as you go through and grow your business Now one really key important concept to note with all this stuff is dr.

Stephen r.covey says begin with the end in mind Now this is so key with any business or anything you do Because if you don't have the end in mind the goal of where you want to get to You're gonna have a lot of struggles along the way and if you have that goal with the end in mind and you know What it looks like, you know what the path looks like It's a big shortcut compared to those people that maybe don't know the path don't know the journey don't know how to hire people don't know what roles fulfill and Then your business just kind of crumbles because honestly you could be the best person in the world at doing your craft You could go through and you could be the best person ever at Baking a cake, right? But if you don't know how to structure your business the right way Then you know your cake business is just gonna fail completely so in this video I want to break down kind of the four key roles that you're gonna need in your business as you grow to a seven-figure digital marketing agency and that is the role of a visionary and Typically that's going to be the founder of the company.

Whoever started the company They're gonna have a vision they're gonna the goals of where they want to get to the second one is the salesman or saleswoman So sales person, right? and So that is a lot of times the founder of the company as well because they have this vision of where they want to get To and they know that the only way to really get there is through sales and selling their products and services The third one is the technician So a lot of times that's the person actually doing the work that's doing the fulfillment which in the beginning, you know You're gonna kind of be all these people and then forth. This is kind of down the road But that is the managerial role Once you start to hire more people now if you guys want to dive deeper into all these different topics There's a great book that I love.

It's called the e-myth by Michael Gerber So I originally read that back in college and then more recently I've been kind of on this audible binge where I'm listening about two books a week I go to the gym Listen Amman to speak so I can get through a lot of books in just a week But it's called the e-myth so you can grab that on Amazon audible, whatever but it breaks down these key roles now I know they use the technician and I think the managerial role but I think they talk about like the visionary and the sales person and kind of the same Role and I think there's only three roles in that book But anyway, if you want to dive deeper into that Then I would highly recommend going and reading that whether you listen to it or read it doesn't matter but it's a lot of great points of how to go through structure your business the Organizational chart and how to go through and scale things to the next level All right, so let's get back to this and let's talk about you Let's say you just barely started your dish marketing agency right at first and this goes for any business out there at first you are going to be the visionary you're gonna the vision for the business you're gonna have to do the sales and you're gonna have To do the fulfillment at this point you don't need that Managerial role because obviously it's just you so you don't need anyone to go through and manage yourself well hopefully you're the managerial role and you are able to actually Manage your schedule to get work done to get clients and make all that happen now Sometimes people like I don't want to go through and start completely on my own and they want a buddy a friend somebody to go Through and help them on that journey because honestly guys in the beginning when you're just first getting started It can be very tough mentally and if you have a down day Sometimes it's very helpful to go through and have somebody to help lift you up and luckily I've had some really good supportive family my wife my dad and my mom Everyone's be able to support me through that way when I have down days and kind of talked me through it But if you don't have that then a lot of times it's good to go through and have somebody to go through and support You through those struggles? Okay So but for this example in this video I'm gonna basically break down and say it's just you you don't have like a partner but really kind of like The same same thing kind of applies here Kim.

So it's just in the beginning you get your first couple of clients Let's say you get your first five to ten clients at this point You can still do all the sales you can still do all the fulfillment so you are the salesman the technician the visionary you don't need the manager and Once you get to about 15 to 20 clients at this point, and I would recommend the earlier the better It's about 12 to 15 clients. I would go through and hire your first Technician. So at this point what you want to do is go train them on everything you do now you want this person not to Be just some like 8 to $10 an hour or 10 to $12 an hour person You want to hire someone that can be strong that can potentially morph into that Managerial position now if this person's not that managerial position in the future doesn't matter It's alright, just get somebody that can go through and help you with the fulfillment Okay.

So now at this point you're going through and you're scaling up you got 15 to 20 clients Maybe you're focusing on five to ten but you're offloading most of the work to that technician and then once you get about 30 clients You want to start looking at hiring your second technician now in the beginning guys This is where your work is it You've got to still be fulfilling on a lot of these Different aspects because you're gonna still kind of act as the manager you're gonna be the visionary role you're gonna be a salesperson and you so like that manager role you're gonna make sure that the fulfillment that the Technician is actually doing their job But once you're getting to about the 30 to 40 clients or so you want to completely remove yourself from that technician role So you can focus on the vision so you can focus on sales and then kind of be the manager But you're looking for somebody to take your place as the manager now There's several great tests that you can go through and take online.

There's the myers-briggs test there's the disc test which basically lay out your strengths your weaknesses what you're good at and Naturally, you should just know what you like what you don't like and so then you can figure out okay? are you gonna fulfill the managerial role or are you gonna be more of the Salesperson in the visionary of the company now a lot of times is a person that starts the company they're just gonna naturally morph into that salesperson and Visionary role even if you don't feel like you're a salesperson guys I still don't feel like I'm a salesperson even though I am the main salesperson in our company I don't feel like I'm that role but I've understood the role of the technician and how we fulfill and how we get results So well that because I understand it when I'm going through and talking shop with one of our clients They're like man, this guy knows the stuff. This guy gets results. This guy knows what he's talking about And so then you don't have to be like one of those pushy doradora salesmen or like the telemarketers or anything like that It's not a typical sale.

It's going through and showing them. Okay, here's your business right now With our help you can go through and accomplish X and we'll be able to help you get and achieve your goals Okay so at this point guys we've got you as the Salesman and the visionary and you've kind of moved out of the fulfillment technician role and you're kind of still managing those two technicians But once you get to about the 40 to 50 clients you're scaling up scaling up you want to go through and hire your third technician and Keep in mind of the three technicians Who can maybe like be promoted to that? managerial role and the great thing of why I don't necessarily white like to go through and hire a manager just like this hasn't been in your company is because it's really important to have somebody that understands the role inside and out of the technician and so if that technician has Problems down the road or if they need help or let's say you are short a person and you need some help on the fulfillment Side of things that managerial person's not only managing people, but they're able to jump in and help With the fulfillment of the services that you're selling.

So at this point you've got yourself and you've got three other people You've got two technicians more than likely and then one person is kind of a technician kind of a manager But then as you grow and grow and go from there and get to 60 70 80 to 100 clients You keep I usually like to about every 15 to 20 clients that we bring in. I usually like to hire a new Technician to go and help with all of the fulfillment of the services that we're selling now The manager is the one that is going through and finding those people.

They're gonna be the new technicians They're the ones is interviewing them. They're training them. They're hiring them They're doing all that stuff so you can focus on the vision and sales of your company Now keep in mind guys with the disc test Myers Brigg test if you're not like that sales person role But you're more of the managerial role Go through and find someone that can be that sales person and fulfill that role because these are all key roles that you're gonna need In your business, so maybe you're the manager But you're still the visionary but you're gonna need to find that sales person because obviously without sales You're not gonna have a business and if you do you're not gonna have it very long. Honestly guys this is the basic structure and at this point you should be able to grow to a seven-figure digital marketing agency with yourself as the visionary and salesman or Potentially managerial role and then somebody as a manager and then you know, you only need probably four to five technicians You don't need some massive company.

It's funny a lot of times I go through and I tell people that we only have a few people are working on our team and they're Like well, man How like how can you go through and do that or they assume that we're a lot smaller business and then we actually are Just because we don't have a lot of people working on our team Which the great thing nowadays is you don't need a ton of people You don't need some massive organization to go through and make money make seven figures per year. You just need the right people Fulfilling the right roles and grow the right way so anyway with that said guys go ahead drop a comment down below If you have any questions on kind of the structure of the roles and anything in the growth of the company Growing from six figures to seven figures and even beyond that I don't know what really looks like to go and grow an eight-figure just a marketing agency quite yet But I'll get to keep you guys posted and let you guys know once that happens.

Hopefully it's in a couple years here but anyway Yeah Drop and comment down below and if guys like this video go ahead give it a thumbs up and if you are brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe Hit that notification bell because we launch new videos every single week how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I'll talk to you all later.

The 3 Most Important Numbers In Digital Marketing: Part 1

>> Marcus:The Three Most Important Numbers
in Digital Marketing – Part 1 In this video I�m going to share with you
the first of the only three numbers you need to know in order to run a successful digital
marketing campaign�. This one is by far the most important for all businesses. What�s your cost-per-acquisition? In other
words, how much are you willing to pay for a customer? In my option this is the most important number
for businesses to know when looking at sales and marketing activities � because it determines
what is viable and what is not.

Yet, it is surprising how many businesses
owners don�t know this. This is especially true among start-ups. I was recently asked to speak with University
students who were part of a business start-up scheme. They were going to practice their
pitch on me before they went in-front of VCs. Some of them had interesting ideas, but none
of them knew what their CPA was. When I asked them how much were they willing
to pay for a customer, and they we�re sure.

Their business professors had not mentioned
including it in their business plan. Which I found shocking. At Fountain, we will pay �500 for new customer.
Whenever we run digital campaigns, go to networking events or get me on the stage – we work out
the cost to the business and calculate what the bare minimum of new customers required. The figure of �500 allows us to be creative
with referrals as well. From giving someone �500 in cash for a referral that comes in
as a sale to renting them a Ferrari for a weekend � it depends on who it is.

So I�d like you to take a moment and think
about what your CPA is: How much are you willing to eat into your
profits margins for a sale? It will vary for different products and services,
of course. I appreciate it depends on the size of the
customer, so let�s start with the max you can spend to acquire one of your smallest
customers. Have you got it? Even a ballpark figure at
this stage is a good start.

One you get this number it will be the bedrock
of all of your sales and marketing..

Lesson-3: How to start a blog (Domain, Hosting , WordPress Theme)

Hey guys, today I'm really excited. Today I'll be helping you build your first
website. It could be on any niche. Whatever you like, whatever you are passionate
about. It could be guitar, food, technology, anything. Just make sure you watch the video until the
end, because we have a special bonus gift for you. Hey guys, welcome to the digital marketing
mastery course. And today's video is really exciting and honestly
the most important video of this entire course.

In the last lesson I gave you an overview
on why starting a blog is one of the most important step in your journey to become a
good digital marketer. In my own journey of seven plus years of doing
digital marketing, I have never learned the trade just by reading about it or watching
a video about it. Unless until I practice it, I'm not able to
learn the skill. So, even today whenever a new tool comes up
or whenever a new technique of doing digital marketing comes up, I always make sure that
I do it by hand. Digital marketing is not something that you
can learn just by looking at a theory or watching videos. Unless and until you are implementing the
tactics, you won't be able to learn it. Trust me guys, if you really want to become
a good digital marketer, a pro-digital marketer, then starting a blog is the most important

And not just that, just to spice up the deal
we are even giving a Rs3,000 course for free for all the people who will be sending us
the hosting receipt. We will be talking more about it later in
the video, how you can do that. So, let's go directly into the video. So, whenever you are building a blog, the
first thing that you need to know is the domain name.

What is a domain name? A domain name is a website name. A domain name is an address where internet
users can access your website. Like the case of Facebook. Now, "" is the domain name for
the company Facebook. Similarly, "" is the domain name
for the company, Google. I know it's very simple, but still I'm explaining
it for people who don't know it. Now, there can be multiple extensions of your
domain name. The popular ones are ".COM" definitely.

Like, "google.COM" , "facebook.COM" , "instagram.COM". ".COM" is suited more for the international
audience. But when you are targeting specific countries,
like if you take the case of India, if you want to target only the Indian audience, then
instead for going for ".COM" you can go for ".IN". Like my case, my website address is "ankuraggarwal.IN". Because my primary audience will be Indian
audience that's why I didn't go for a ".COM" but rather went in for a ".IN" domain. Now, after the domain name, to start a blog
you need a hosting. What is a web hosting? A web hosting is a service that allows organizations
and individuals to post a website or a web page on the internet. So, just like you have Elmira and covers to
store your stuff, similarly your website also needs a place to store all the files and the

A website is nothing but a directory of files
and various folders that are rendered through a server or a particular domain name. So, whenever you're thinking of starting a
blog, you need two things: first is a domain name, and second is a website hosting. Now, hosting also comes in different varieties
so there's a shared web hosting, cloud hosting and then there is dedicated hosting. So let me explain each of them to you. We shall start with the shared web hosting. Now shared hosting is a type of web hosting
that allows multiple websites to share a physical web server and its resources among the hosted
websites. So whenever you are buying a web hosting,
you're actually buying the space of the various servers. So there are various companies that sell web
hosting. Like SiteGround, GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator. So whenever you are buying a hosting, you
are actually buying some space on the server of this company.

So these companies have massive servers so
you are actually paying a monthly fee for some space on these servers. So when we talk about shared web hosting,
you're actually taking a small part of the server. Because taking the entire server will be really
expensive, so shared web hosting is a solution for people to start their blog at a very cheap
price by taking a small part of the server. So by introducing this concept of shared hosting,
multiple websites can then be in the same server. And also shared hosting is the cheapest option.

So to understand this clearly, let's take
an example. So let's assume you are looking for a flat
and you've seen this flat which is really amazing and it has three rooms. But your requirement is only for one room. So you don't want to pay for the entire flat,
when you only need one room, right? So the solution is that, three people can
take one room each, so that each person does not have to pay the entire amount of the flat. Rather, just one third of the entire rent. So that's how shared web hosting works. A server has multiple websites and they pay
a small fee just to have some part of the server usage.

And this is what you will be purchasing to
start a blog as well because this is the cheapest option. And also for beginners or people who are starting
out with digital marketing or just starting a blog, a shared web hosting is more than
enough because you are not driving a huge amount of traffic, because you're just starting
out. Now the next come the cloud hosting, this
is the one I use because my website is driving approximately 120,000 people per month, and
to handle such kind of traffic you need a good server and that is why I am paying a
premium for the server and I am also using cloud hosting. Now cloud hosting services provide hosting
on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks
of physical web servers. Now just like I told you the cloud hosting
is used by established websites that are driving a massive traffic, and because it is costly
as well so startup people or people who are just starting up with digital marketing or
starting with blogging, they should not consider it.

Right now I am paying approximately $120 per
month just for my cloud hosting whereas in shared hosting you will only be paying approximately
$3 to $4 per month. In cloud hosting your files are hosted in
a cloud server. Now dedicated hosting is for the extremely
popular websites that are driving millions of people on a monthly basis. And they need that kind of server resources,
so this is when dedicated hosting comes into play.

So websites like,, or even very big popular websites which are driving multi-million people per
month. They need to go for dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting instead of sharing the
server with multiple websites, you own the entire server. So you own all the resources. And also dedicated hosting is quite complex,
so you'll really not gonna- as a beginner- you cannot manage it. You will need to hire a server person who
will be handling the entire server. But dedicated hosting are extremely fast and
can handle enormous traffic just because you are not sharing the space with anyone else.

To people who are just starting or individual
bloggers, dedicated hosting is not a solution it is more for big businesses. So these are the three types of hosting. Now let's talk about free hosting. Especially in India, "free" is something that
is really preferred. And people think "why pay for hosting when
you can everything for free?" But you have to understand one thing that
nothing good is free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist, but they have
their limitations, they have drawbacks and honestly, they are not worth it.

If you are starting this digital marketing
journey, then you have to invest some money in paid hosting. Because as I said, the only way you can learn
digital marketing is through practical knowledge and these free web hosting providers they
are honestly very shitty, they have limited server resources, they have unstable performances. That means your website will go blank or will
give 404 error even with small traffic. And the worst part is there will be no technical
support. Since you are starting out your blogging,
sooner or later you will face issues. You will face problems like, installing WordPress,
or some plugin is not working. Then you need someone to talk to. That's where the web hosting company comes
into play. There are support people, you can directly
call them or live chat with them and they will solve the issue for you.

But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. But with free hosting there is no technical
support. And also in my experiences, I have seen that
free hosting scams are going on, where they will offer you free hosting for a month or
two, but you won't even realize that after two months or maybe three months or even four
months, they'll charge you a huge renewal fee.

So personally I would recommend you to stay
away from free hosting, and rather just invest a few dollars in a paid hosting plan. Since you are investing your time and energy
in learning digital marketing, and with my seven plus years of digital marketing experience
the one recommendation that I can give you is just invest your dollars in this paid hosting
plan and this stuff alone will give you a huge push in becoming a very good digital
marketer. So the good thing about paid hostings are
that you get unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth with any email account. So with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth
you can drive as many people as possible. Yes, there's an upper limit of around 10 to
20,000 visitors per day, but if you are just starting out that is more than enough. Also with paid hosting plan there are so many
benefits. Instead of worrying the technicalities in
installing WordPress or all, which we will be talking about in the next lesson, there's
one click installation.

All you have to do is click on a couple of
icons, and almost everything will be installed automatically. And also there's a money-back guarantee if
you are not happy with the hosting you can directly call the company and they will refund
you your money. And the most important reason for going for
a paid blog hosting is the experienced support staff. I can't tell you how important it is. Even today after opening 50 plus blogs, sites
and even working on my clients' websites, still today we face some kind of issue so
the one thing that we do is go to the support staff and tell them our query and they are
the one that help me out and they are the one that fix the issue. There have been multiple instances where my
websites were hacked and it was a support staff that helped me out, it was a support
staff that helped me get my website back, help me get my revenue back.

And also paid hosting used to be expensive
earlier and now it's extremely cheap. And also if you follow this course correctly
and if you start a blog like the way I tell you, within a few months you'll be making
good amount of income, as a passive source of income. So the money that you're investing in your
blog is a… don't take it as an expense but rather an investment that will be giving you
benefits later. So I have already shared why paid hosting
is recommended and why it is one of the most important step for you to learn digital marketing. So the hosting company I recommend is definitely
SiteGround, this is the company that I am using, this is the company where all my websites
are hosted. And honestly, I've tried almost every hosting
company out there, be it GoDaddy, be it HostGator, be it BlueHost and almost all of them, be
it EightHosting etcetra, etcetera. But my search ended at SiteGround, the website. This hosting company is phenomenal and I think
the plus point is their support staff.

They are so knowledgeable and they solve the
query so quickly. And there are so many reasons why SiteGround
is recommended. I even wrote a comprehensive article on the
same topic, like why I recommend SiteGround. You can click here on this link and the article
will open. Here I have listed all the reasons why I recommend
SiteGround and why SiteGround is the number one choice for any person who is thinking
of starting a blog. I know in India specifically, GoDaddy also
does TV commercials. And they have huge marketing budget, so you'll
see advertisements of GoDaddy all over the internet. But trust me, I have never seen a worst hosting
like GoDaddy. A couple of years ago my websites were on
GoDaddy and trust me, they're pathetic.

I still remember I used to wait 30 to 40 minutes
just to solve a support query on the phone just waiting for the customer care to actually
take my call. The website was sluggish and they were not
even able to handle the kind of traffic that I was getting. So make sure you read this entire article
until the end and why I recommend SiteGround. And you'll know for yourself that this is
definitely the best hosting provider, right now as of 2019. But still if you think that SiteGround is
not for you, then you can go for HostGator. I even have a video tutorial on how you can
buy a HostGator hosting. So just watch the video until the end and
you'll know. But if still you have a special liking to
GoDaddy or BlueHost, then you can click here or click here to watch the video on how to
buy GoDaddy hosting, or a BlueHost hosting, and purchase the hosting that way. But the one I would recommend is definitely

So let's start our first blog. So let's first search for a domain name, for
a website. Let's look for "digital… marketing…"
Let's see if it's available or not. No, sorry digital… So this domain name is not available. So let's leave this, let's see whether…
"" is available or not. Oh, even this one is taken. Let's see if "" is available or
not. Oh, again. Even this one is taken. Let's look for ".IN". Okay. So this one is available, so ""
is available. So all you need to do is click here, on "buy
now". So there are three different plans here, so
there's a StartUp plan, there's a GrowBig plan there is a GoGeek plan.

Let me first differentiate between each of
them. So StartUp plan is the cheapest plan but the
only drawback is that you can only host one website on this plan. And also there is a limit of 10,000 visitors
per month. The difference between a StartUp and a GrowBig
plan is that you can host unlimited websites. So even in the future if you think of creating
a new website, for you, for your friend, or just a new idea that might come into your
mind or maybe you want to start a startup and you need a website for that, then you
can go for the GrowBig plan. And also this is the one that I will recommend
to you guys. Because I've seen that the GrowBig plan is
extremely fast, the hosting is really fast.

So your website will load at lightning speed
and I've seen that whenever someone starts the journey of becoming a digital marketer,
they end up making multiple websites. So whenever someone goes for the StartUp plan,
they end up regretting that they need to create more websites, and they can't do it. So I recommend to go for the GrowBig plan,
so I'll be buying this one. So let's click on "Get Plan".

I forgot to differentiate between this one. So the GoGeek and the GrowBIg. The only primary difference is the traffic. So GoGeek plan can handle a huge amount of
traffic. Although they say they can handle 100,000
visitors per month, but my website when it was not reaching 1.2 million visitors, even
at 300,000 visitors this GoGeek plan was giving me no issues at all. It was my personal choice that I went into
cloud hosting. But even at 300,000 to 500,000 this plan is
perfect for you. But since you are just starting out, I'll
recommend GrowBig plan. So let's create a website, and this… So register a new domain, I already have a
domain. So we will be registering a new domain. "Askankur"… let's go with ".IN". Domain registration is extra. So let's click proceed. So I'll fill in all the information here. So guys, I'll fill in all the information
here. So I'll pause the video and play it again. So while I fill up all the details above…
like the addresses, the card details and all. So let's look at the other options the SiteGround
provides. So the plan is GrowBig.

The data center is Singapore. So data center is the place where all your
files will be stored. So SiteGround gives you multiple options. Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Iowa, Singapore. So if you’re creating a website that's targeting
Indian audience then go for Singapore. Because the closer your server is to your
target audience, the better it is for you. The faster your website will load. So if you're creating a website that's targeting
the audience of the US, then you can go for Chicago or Iowa. Because that is much closer to USA compared
to Singapore. For the period I would recommend you to go
for 12 months. Because if you go for 1 month, the renewal
price will be $19.95. I won't recommend you to go for the trial
account because you'll be paying much more money. Just $24, just for the setup and all, so the
renewal price will be $20, 19.95 per month. So if you go for 12 month plan or even 24
month plan you'll get the benefit of this discounted price. And you are being offered the discounted price
because you're going through from my link.

So we have this partnership with SiteGround. So I will recommend you to go for 12 month
or even 24 months. But minimum 12 month, don't go for the trial
1 month else you will just end up wasting your money. Yes, we need the domain registration as well. SG site scanner is something, I won't recommend
you to have it. It's not mandatory. So we won't be taking that. So I confirm. I would like to receive SiteGround news and
special offers by email. Okay, I will take that. And I’ll click "Pay Now".

So guys my order was successful, I purchased
this hosting. Now let's talk about the bonus course, how
to claim this course for free. As I told you earlier if you send us the hosting
receipt, we will be giving you this host for free. So all you have to do is check your email. So you can see that I already received this
receipt from SiteGround. So I click it here… as you can see, I bought
a GrowBig hosting plan, "" So to claim the course for free, all you have to
do is, forward this email to "" And just mention, "Hosting Receipt". Hosting receipt and press "send". So once we receive this email, we'll be sending
you the link of this course, on how to access four amazing videos for free. So guys, this is how you buy a domain name
and hosting for yourself. In the next lesson we will be telling you
how to set up a blog like a pro. So there are people who buy a hosting or domain
name that make the big mistake of not setting up their blog correctly.

And in my experience, I have set up approximately
500 plus websites, so I know exactly what works and what doesn't. How to configure website in the most perfect
way. So make sure you watch the next lesson to
the end as well. And also don't forget to claim your free bonus
course. So if you have already purchased the hosting,
just send us the hosting receipt at "" And as soon as we receive the receipt, we
will send you the special link to claim this bonus course for free. And I am sure you'll love the videos of this
bonus course as well. So guys, this was it about how to start your
first blog. And first of all, congratulations.

So guys, this was it on how to start a blog,
and my congratulation to all of you because you are starting your own blog now. I'm feeling really excited because I'll be
helping you out build your blog, add content to your blog, and everything about digital
marketing. And not just that, I'll also help you monetize
your blog. How to make money from your blog. Everything will be discussed in this digital
marketing course and not just the digital marketing course. Make sure you share the URL of your blog in
the Facebook group as well. I want my Facebook group to be the most active
group of Facebook. So make sure you ask questions, your doubts,
any concern and also do it in the Facebook lives, because I'll answer all your questions.

So guys, I'll see you in the next lesson,
where I'll tell you how to set up your blog like a professional blogger. Hey guys, I hope you understood the simple
process of starting a website from scratch. In the next video, we'll be going into the
technical details. The settings, the configuration, but worry
not. It's all simple. And I will be showing you everything on screen. Also, I have a special bonus for you.

Since digital marketing is all about practical
knowledge, so for all those people who send us their hosting receipt, we'll be giving
you a free course, which we usually sell for Rs3,000. In this free bonus course you'll be getting
four amazing videos. Like how to drive enormous traffic to your
blog. How to make your website lightning fast. And all the tips and strategy that I personally
use to make $5 to $10,000 from affiliate marketing. So all you have to do is, send us your hosting
receipt and we'll give you the link for our free bonus course. Also if you have any question, any query,
feel free to ask it in our Facebook group, you can also tweet us at "#askankur" and I'll
be answering your queries. I'll see you in the next video.

The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing (no one is this honest)

hey guys so in this video I'm going to
share with you some hard truth about affiliate marketing and what it really
takes to run an online business so my name is Rachel Esley and if you're new
to my channel it's all about online marketing affiliate marketing so many of
the videos are software tutorials affiliate marketing strategies trap
strategies to get more traffic and collect more leads and make more sales
online and build up passive income and a lot of them are like screen share or and
I'll teach that way and this one's a little bit different this one I just
wanted a chill out on the couch and have a talk with you guys if you are new to
the channel be sure to subscribe and hit the notifications and I hope you enjoyed
this video so I hate to say this but I truly don't think that affiliate
marketing is for everybody only 3% of people that try to make money online
actually do and even people who do make a dollar or more online may not be happy
with where they're at or also have a lot of expenses yes revenue and income but
also a lot of expenses so not as much profit as they would like and this is
especially true in the beginning as you're learning you will get better
hopefully not everyone gets better but if you're really truly committed to this
you want it to work keep learning you have to keep learning I try to learn all
the time and then the days and the weeks that I decide oh I'm not gonna do any
learning I'm only gonna do content for production or like or working on my
automations or build out a funnel or need to get emails up whatever it may be
whatever activity it is in my business it's so important to keep sharpening the
saw and even if you're like an expert and you're really good you'll still want
to be learning because there's always going to be ways to optimize your
campaigns optimize your funnels optimize your traffic make things better scale
drive more traffic so one of the truth is like
this journey is ongoing there are destinations you do what and hit goals
and set goals and hit certain destinations perhaps you have a goal in
mind like you want to do $10,000 months well you need to consider do you want to
do $10,000 in profit month and let's say you have that $10,000 profit what are
you gonna do with that and there's always going to be these questions and
challenges in front of you of how you're currently running your business and what
direction it should go in so to get affiliate marketing to work there are
slow methods and there are fast methods and even the fast methods can take a
long time and even the slow methods because they keep in slower or the mean
they don't have to go that slow but even these slow organic methods these like
free methods can still cost money because you may want to free up some
time so then you pay for outsourcing and then you want to balance the return on
your investment for that spending money it can be faster like hiring a team
paying for traffic ads doing testing so you can further optimize things when you
do have money to invest in your affiliate marketing business to get to
the results that you want faster but it still takes time like in my business
online with whatever's up on the Internet I have funnels on the internet
I have landing pages on the internet opt-in pages I have things for people to
sign up to I have courses that like free courses that people can take in free
trainings and downloads for people and then all the email is automated and a
lot of the traffic is automated so a lot of it is just happening but it's a daily
challenge for me to think how can I scale this even better like how can we
make more money with this does it just need more traffic or does do we need to
get more leads from the traffic do we need to get more sales from those leads
do we need more emails on the sequence do we need to be setting up a chat bot
for it for a facebook messenger but I guess I just want to make the point that
it can take a toll on entrepreneur to forget that is an
ongoing journey and yeah there's destinations and goals that you want to
hit but when you hit them it doesn't mean that it's done and there's going to
continue to be challenges and it's hard like even if you have money to invest
and paid ads and you're like I'm gonna do paid ads he's still gonna crack the
code and that like you're still gonna be good at us and learn how to do ads
Facebook Ads Google Ads whatever ads you're doing solo ads Instagram ads and
then let's say okay you have even more money to invest that's great
so with that money you're gonna hire some experts money does not like just
buy everything that quick you can't just expect a I'm gonna bring an expert right
away and then they're gonna crack the code for me when you sit back and
realize that's not gonna happen the only person you really can blame is yourself
so just another truth about having an online business and being in affiliate
marketing is that you are responsible for
everything so even if you're growing your team and you set up your
automations what if one of automation fails and you don't even know that all
this traffic is not even getting the emails or you go check on your ads and
you realize like $1000 was there's not gonna be a return on that the only
return is the learning lessons so I guess my point I'm trying to get across
with this is it is so possible to have success if you really want this to work
you can make it work just most people don't make it work and that's something
that the Guru's aren't gonna tell you they're not gonna tell you that oh this
is so hard no the make money online industry the way people market if that's
like the affiliate marketing niche that you're in or you I mean I'm sure you
guys see plenty of things for courses and strategies like little courses or
programs or coaching or whatever it is for software's like this is gonna make
everything easier buy this and everything is just gonna be easier and
this is the solution that you need to make money online and you buy something
and then you're still where you were at before or even
like in a worse spot I just want to let you know that's normal it's common it's
just so common if if that doesn't if you don't experience that then something's
weird but just because it's so common it doesn't mean that has to be your reality
it doesn't mean that you can't break through that there's always going to
continue to be challenges but whatever challenge you're at you can break
through that one a lot of my results I have gotten from locking myself in my
room or in my house and getting the work done filming the videos setting up the
fun all building the funnel building the recording the videos for the funnel
getting the emails ready getting the traffic like just doing the work and
then a lot of the results that I've gotten in my business are a result of
meeting certain people of networking of having people come into my life who I
did not know before and having them teach me something or presents to me an
opportunity that I would not have ran into it's like think about how how did
you learn about affiliate marketing where were you when you first heard
about it if you remember or do you remember a time where there was like one
pivotal moment or event or think that you did or went to a person that you met
that changed your life and oftentimes we are not going to be able to make those
connections if we are so laser focused so I think it's super important in your
online business and in this affiliate marketing journey because that's what it
is to socialize be social make friends people that you can talk to know people
that you could complain to like oh let's get on a call so we can just like
complain but it's so important to have that support system people that you meet
online even through YouTube I've met people through YouTube which is so
amazing or we connect maybe first to each other on YouTube but then we'll go
connect on Instagram or on Facebook I try to meet those people in person at
the conferences or maybe they live in my area and I can meet them in person
meeting people like real people talking to people that has really been so
important for getting to the next level in the next level in the next level in
my business another thing another truth that you guys may see online is people
using their results to as leverage to get more results so oh look everyone I
made a hundred dollars with this opportunity I'm an or this thing that
I'm promoting this affiliate offer that sparks people's interest so it's them
doing that now Delp now they just made a $200 Hey look everyone I made $200 with
this program more people sparked interest signup now you're right $500
and just keep like that's common and I'm not even saying it's bad I'm just saying
it is a truth about affiliate marketing for me I think integrity is everything I
do leverage my results to get more results
sometimes but I make sure to do it in hopefully a classy way in a way that
provides value in an authentic way in a vulnerable way it's easy to say that
things are easy it's easy to say that this is the easiest affiliate program
I've ever promoted and look at this and look how quick I'm getting people to
sign up for it and it's hard for people to tell the truth and tell people that
it's hard and I'm not making this video to bring anybody down or like try to
spread negative energy I just think it's kind of like pew if you are in an
affiliate marketing industry and make money online I think it's somewhat your
duty to share the truth like not lie to people so much of what's online is just
what you chose to get online you go look at my Instagram every photo I look good
I'm not gonna post a photo where I don't look good and that's fine that makes
sense like I don't really use my Instagram that much anyway for like make
money online industry but I'm just saying like even on Facebook or on
YouTube it can be the good they're good and the highlights look at this look at
this look at this and then it makes the viewers think like oh they must I mean
obviously they do know something that I don't
or like those things are so easy for them why does it have to be so hard for
me and I just want to let you guys know that it's just like so not fricking the
case and whatever your goals are like your journey how you want to set up your
business that's fine you can learn from other people just because your business
does not look exactly like someone else's it's okay I like have a big team
and then I see a lot of my colleagues online making money online making good
money online and they don't even like have a team or they have like very small
team or like one person helping them and I get like I feel like oh I need to be
doing it like that but then again on the other hand a lot of deals that I got
going on in business deals and investments and things that I'm
promoting it I'm doing they're not so it's also important in your online
business and in this journey to not compare yourself to other people I know
there's so many videos and people saying that but it's true so if you need a
social media detox I suggest that you subscribe to my channel right now leave
a comment of what you learned and then get off the internet go take a break go
outside go to the beach go somewhere like put it down because the whole point
of us building this online passive income business is so we can shut it
down for like a freaking day and if you are starting to write right now or not
feeling good oftentimes it's that day like away from everything that we really
need and that's really gonna help you get back into your groove and have you
conquer everything that you want to conquer so I hope this video was helpful
if you want to see more videos like this that go more into the mindset of online
marketing and the truth let me know in the comments let me know what kind of
content that you want to see on this channel and I'll see you guys on the
next video

Instagram Marketing Tips For 2019: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

today we're talking about Instagram marketing and my top five tips that I have for you today and a bonus tip if you wait till the end on how to do Instagram marketing hey everybody cubby here hope you're having a great day the cubby community has been growing we're growing subscribers all the time so I'm so glad that you're here to watch this video if this is the first time you hear please like and subscribe and you'll get more of these awesome marketing videos on the rig now I talked yesterday about how Instagram and snapchat are kind of competing with each other and how the great new features of Instagram are really putting snapchat into a tough spot so go check out that video if you have time Sammy linked up that video here somewhere right here you want to grow your Instagram account I understand that Instagram is a great tool for marketing it's really come into its own it added stories earlier this year which is a great addition but I got to say now that Instagram stories are here we're seeing lower engagement in the traditional Instagram feed so please take that into account and use both effectively I've grown my Instagram account to about 35,000 followers now that's been really hard work every day posting – bringing up that level but you can do the same one of the number one tips I have for you today is go take a look at my profile you can see that it actually changed my name to entrepreneur marketing tips why this is important is because most people won't be searching Chris copy unless they know who I am and then of course I show up as well because my user name is Chris Covey but most people are going to be searching things like marketing tips if that's my industry or entrepreneur marketing tips or personal branding tips or if you're a shoe manufacturer then they're looking for shoes or shoe products or shoes or high heels or monkeys for sale if you sell monkeys which I'm assuming a lot of people do these days so monkeys for sale if you sell monkeys if you sell cars and you have cars international or foreign cars or amazing cars or retro cars whatever the hell it is that you sell change your name to that because that's people are searching for this will help you gain more exposure and get you in front of your customers if you go to my profile you'll also see that I've got some lines in there about what I do and an emoji next to it you can set this up by going to edit your profile in the settings and Instagram and add those lines in so for example if you're a shoe manufacturer or your shoe brand you can add in you know high quality or high luxury shoes running shoe manufacturer running gear whatever it is that you do put those lines in it'll give people context to what you're doing you might want to also spice it up and do something interesting in there to give people a laugh or something that's sort of special and interesting to your brand you'll also notice that you have a link in there which will lead me to my next tip about using links to grow your Instagram account my number two tip for you is to use the link in your bio to direct people to content or to campaigns or to promotions that you're running outside of the Instagram platform I use it for example when we're running the Cubbies show to actually drop a link in and you'll notice if you go to my bio and Instagram that I've actually written some text above the link that gives context to the link you should do the same so you can say like 40% off our latest X and put the link in below this will give people context now when you're running a promotion I recommend that you do a post about an Instagram post and also an Instagram story about it in the comments section or in your first caption for your Instagram post you can actually add an app mention so you could say like if for me I can add at Chris cubby and then a little direct people when people click on that link they add mention Lee it'll actually take them again to my profile which is you have to understand the psychology is that maybe people are seeing your stuff in the feed they're not necessarily seeing it on your profile or they're seeing it in the explore tab in Instagram so you got to remember that so when you provide them with the @mention link they can quickly click on that they can see in the bio hey this is the offer that they were talking about click on that link and go outwards now I recommend you use bit ly links or you use a link that you can actually track I don't do that all the time but if I want to track it and I want to see if there's results coming from this then I would do it in a bitly or another URL shortener where I can actually track what's going on do the same in Instagram store is we now have the ability to add at mentions within our Instagram story so if you're doing an Instagram story about hey we got this great new thing going on our hand I just showed this video say add your @ mention so people can click on it and get that link easily because we all know we can't add links in the comments below which is a little stupid why has an Instagram fix that they shouldn't allow that tip number three now there's some Instagram purists out there that say you shouldn't add text on top of a photo and Instagram and it should only be photos this is honestly if you look at the stats of what works in Instagram while it's mostly tips and ass that works on Instagram but if you're not doing tits and ass I'm recommending you don't like maybe you don't have a tits in a store I mean it's really hard to set up a tits in a store these days so I can understand why you don't have that but if you aren't posting tits and ass and you are posting something about you know your business maybe it's your shoes maybe it's your dresses maybe you're selling I don't know what the hell you're selling but if you're only posting things with that don't be afraid to put text on top of images this works really well because you have very little time to grab people's attention in Instagram and any social media platform for that matter so hit them over the head so if you have a 40% off offer that's hard to say if you have a 40% off offer then put that in there don't just say you know don't just have a picture of the thing and then in the text below in the caption below at you know I'll get this off for 40% it's not going to do as well you have to hit people over the head so use text and use it on top of images the second part of that tip is use nice images use good design I cannot say this enough I've set it on so many videos use nice design use nice design use nice design use nice design I've said it over and over and over again and I'll say it again you have to visually capture people spitting everywhere you have to visually capture people's attention right away so strong colors strong visuals high contrast get their attention that is going to be critical my fourth tip for you is use video video is incredibly powerful and Instagram open this up a little while ago and they also opened up the ability to have one-minute video the same rules apply with when it comes to video when it comes to images you need to capture people within the first three seconds so if you're doing a video you might want to think about adding text on top of the video or you might want to make sure that your thumbnail for that video is really interesting I can show you how to do that when you record something in video you have the option of going over to cover and actually changing the cover you can scroll through your entire video and pick something interesting now if you have the ability to edit video outside of Instagram and import it in I really recommend that we do that all the time we do videos like this outside and then we import them in and we try to put something interesting at the start so it visually grabs people remember those rules visually grab people interest people from the get-go this is why freaking boobs and fancy cars works on Instagram because everyone's like oh I'm scrolling through and I see a Bentley and some boobs the two B's the two most important B's in the world and leis and boobs and people are like oh okay I'll click on that and I'll give that a like tip number five is hashtags we all know this I don't know why I keep having to say this but it's like my design rant everybody needs to use hashtags on instagrams the only way that people are going to over you so do your hashtag research if you hit the search icon and Instagram you get the Explorer thing and you can actually see what's trending or what's doing very well for your interest because they actually tailor it to your life so you can actually see things that you would probably be interested in and probably your followers would be interested in as well so go to the Explorer tab and see and tap on some of those Instagram photos and go and see what hashtags are they using take notes use different hashtags to reach different audiences I found that if I use the same hashtags for a long period of time my engagement goes down and I don't reach as many people and I don't grow my followers because I'm hitting the same people over and over and over again so go and take a look at different hashtags and mix it up I put my hashtags and my keyboard shortcuts options inside of my phone so when I type out a certain word or a certain phrase it actually automatically puts in my normally used hashtags this is a nice way of automating your processes so you don't always have to sit there with your phone and start hash typing out hashtags bonus tip time are you ready for the bonus tip the bonus tip is add video that you've already recorded outside of the Instagram platform inside of Instagram stories we do that for trailers for these videos here Instagram is doing great they're killing it it looks like they're going to continue to innovate on the platform and do amazing things and I think that they're going to take out big chunk out of snapchat we do that for rants that I do I think companies need to step up to the plate and say you know what here's your internship program here's what you're gonna learn you're gonna do this you're gonna do that here's the skills were going to give you we do that for a number of things if you have an ability to create video outside of the platform this is a super interesting way of grabbing people's attention because it's high-quality it's interesting and you can engineer it so this is an advanced tip if you're into video production or if you're into really doing great things you know promoting your brand doing you know grabbing a nice shot you can also take shots with a camera you know really nice DSLR and take shots of your product and you know get your designer to design stuff and then save it to your camera roll in your phone and then upload it to Instagram stories this way you just basically swipe down and Instagram stories and then you have your last four saved photos and then you can add that new one and then you can also add an app mention like I mentioned before so that's a super powerful cool new tool that we have if you have professionally created materials already use those in Instagram that's the best way to attract attention and separate you from the rest of the pack thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that I hope you apply these tips to your Instagram and I hope to see it grow please in the comments below put your Instagram in I'd love to follow you and see what you're up to on that platform and please like and subscribe I've already said that I'll say it again please like and subscribe I need your subscriptions because it tells YouTube that this is good content and promotes my channel so that you guys can get even more of this great stuff so thank you so much adios amigos you