5 Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free Even If You Are BROKE!!!

– Dude, Marcus? Hey, dude! – What the hell? – Is there, like, a way to make money with affiliate marketing
if I have no money? – Well.
– Like none? – Yeah, there are ways to make money if you have nothing but… – Well, no, no, seriously.
– Seriously? You have nothing?
– I have none. Dude, can't you just show me a way to make money, like, free or something? Isn't the internet free? Isn't affiliate marketing free? – Alright, well, I do have five ways that you can learn to make money with affiliate marketing for free starting right now and get paid right away but I gotta go to the blackboard to explain 'em, so, if you wanna learn how to make money with
affiliate marketing for free and learn about what it takes,
what kind of budget you need to build a real business, stay tuned, – [Together] 'Cause
we're starting right now.

(playful music) – Hey, guys, it's Marcus from
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I take questions from
you and help you learn how to make money online but for right now I wanna talk to you about
how to make money online with zero budget. Right now, disclaimer, zero
budget isn't the best way to get started but I understand,
like, when I started, I didn't have a whole lot, I
had like 67 bucks to my name which I used to purchase a little course about internet marketing. Here's a picture of what my
setting looked like back then. It was in a broken down mobile home that they since, like,
bulldozed or shipped away or something like that
and it wasn't very pretty. I was living with drug
addicts and craziness and I didn't have a whole lot of money and I was gonna have a kid
in, like, eight months, right? And, so, I was really scared
and I was living there and I was like, "Okay,
I need to make money "with this affiliate marketing thing." And what I did is I
had to pull it together and make sacrifices in my
life to make this stuff work the way that it needs to work.

So, I understand where you're coming from and I understand how
difficult it can be sometimes, however, if you're just looking for a way to make money online just 'cause you're cheap
and you don't wanna invest and you'd rather go get
more Taco Bell or something, then I really can't help
you but let's talk about how this works because there
are ways to get started. You see, right now, to become an affiliate of most companies, like Amazon, and you can become an affiliate
for hosting companies. You can even go to CPA networks and get started with
literally nothing, right.

If any affiliate company ever charges you to become an affiliate,
that's not a good way to go. Now, sometimes they do
require you buy their product just for obvious reasons
but most of the time, you get in and, you know, you
don't have to pay anything. So, becoming affiliate is free as it is. I mean, I can go to Amazon,
I can go to Best Buy, I can go to hosting companies. There's millions of affiliates out there that you can become an affiliate of. Now, an affiliate, a-fill-I-ate, alright? An affiliate is someone who makes money for selling a product,
pretty simple, right? Now, there's also CPA affiliate, which is where you get
paid for an action, right? So, sometimes, affiliate, I can't write and talk at the same time.

So, sometimes you can
get paid to get someone to download a little
toolbar, you guys have seen, I've done this many a times and you can check out
the videos on my channel to see how that works and you can get paid just when they download something, they don't even have to buy anything. You can get paid when
people fill out forms, when people click links, when
people fill out forms online, call in, things like that, right? So, there's lots of ways to get paid as a CPA affiliate and an affiliate.

The only difference is regular affiliate, you have to sell something, okay? CPA affiliate, you just need
to get them to do an action. Now, both of these
methods are free to join. You can go join companies
and get this stuff free. So, the question is, where does the money come in play if there is any? Because there's another thing over here, which is a website, okay? Web-site, okay, now. I recommend that when people start out at the bare minimum, you go through and you get a website and a domain name that is your name, okay? You get something like, like we have AffiliateMarketingDude.com or you would get something
like BobsWebTips.com or BobsWoodworking.com
or something like that, depending on your name and
what market you go into. So, at bare minimum,
we wanna have a website because, obviously, we
need to get these links because you're gonna get paid for linking people then when
they do the action, okay? So, everything happens through the link. Now, you're gonna get these links free, obviously, because these
companies want sales, right? They don't wanna charge you and be like, "Hey, it's 10,000 dollars
to be an affiliate." No, they don't wanna do that, right? They want you to drive
good quality traffic to their offers, so that you make sales because when you make
sales, they make money, which is cool and at
very little risk to them because, hey, you just
sign up, you make sales, and they get paid.

Now, what we need to do
is we need to drive people to our affiliate offers, okay? So, we gotta get 'em over
here to our affiliate offers. Now, we could do this
several different ways. You can go out there and
you can make a Facebook page for free, okay, you can go on Facebook, you can set up a little page, and you can make a Facebook page free. You can also go out there and you can make a Facebook group, okay? You can go and find people
that are interested in website building, or people
who are interested in making money, or people
who are interested in romantic ideas, or quotes,
or whatever, right? You can find all kinds of things that people are interested in. This is your traffic source. You could also go out
there and you can set up a free blog, okay, you can
do this on places like, I think Weebly has one, I
think Weebly's one of 'em.

You could go to Blogspot or Blogger, or you could go to the
free WordPress version. Now, the downside of
these is you're gonna have a, like, a domain that's
not really yours, okay? So it'll be like
AffiliateMarketingDude.weebly or AffiliateMarketingDude.facebook or Facebook.com/affiliate. So, it's not really gonna be something that you own, which is important, right? Because if you do all this work and you get all these links out there and at the end of the day Facebook says, "Ah, we don't wanna do groups anymore." Well, then you're kinda hosed.

See, now, I have my
website, I'm never hosed because I own my website, I own my domain and I've done all the work to
get the people to it, okay? So, there are ways you
can set this stuff up. You can do Instagram, right? You can get a whole following on Instagram and then you can set up a free blog to send them to buy stuff or send them to your affiliate links
or something like that. So, it's really easy to do. Now, the first thing you gotta do is you need to refine your market, okay? You gotta refine your
market, if you're gonna do reviews on products, you say, "Hey, you know what,
I'm gonna go out there "and I'm gonna review
different cooking things "or I'm gonna review different
web hosting companies "or I'm gonna review different
headphones or computers "or laptops, or tablets,
or whatever it is, right?" You're gonna go out there,
you're gonna do this stuff, so, you gotta refine your niche and you gotta base it on something people are actively interested in, right? So, you gotta get something
people are interested in.

If it's something that
no one's interested in then you're not gonna make any money but here's the cool
thing, with the internet, people are interested
in damn near everything. You can find all kinds of weird stuff that people are interested in that you can make money on, right? Like, people out there
that are interested in certain types of niche cooking. Like, I just found,
just today on one of our private coaching webinars,
I was talking to someone and we were talking about a niche for the sous vide cooking, right? These people are obsessed
with sous vide cooking and I bet most people on this video probably didn't even know
what that was 'til now but I could go out there, I
could find all the keywords related to sous vide cooking and I could get these words,
I could build a free blog, or a Facebook, or a site, or
whatever around this stuff and I could start putting people maybe to an Amazon link
for the sous vide thing or maybe I could give
them a recipe toolbar where I get three dollars
per download, right? Or I could send them to, like, Amazon if I sell the sous vide equipment, it's like 200 bucks for these things, I get, you know, like
four to seven percent, which is kinda low but,
hey, it's money, right? But you can go out there
and do all kinds of stuff and make it work, now, you can do this with a Facebook group, you can say, "Hey, guys, I'm into sous
vide cooking, here I am, "here's a picture of what I made." Get in there, start talking to them and then, of course, when
you're ready, you say, "Hey, check it out, here's the
sous vide equipment I use." Boom, you send a bunch of
people over to your link, they buy, you make money.

Or, "Hey, check it out, I
found this really good recipe "on the recipe toolbar." Send 'em over there and,
boom, you're ready to go. Now, this is good, you can do it. People have made lots of
money with free blogs, Facebook groups, Instagrams, Twitters, all kinds of things like that. Now, the question is, how
do we do this the right way? Okay, this is how you
would do it with no money. If you have zero, really zero
money, like nothing, okay? Not just if you're cheap and you'd rather go
buy a hamburger, right? You gotta make sacrifices
to get what you want. Back in that mobile home
when I was sitting there and I was depressed and I was thinking what the hell am I gonna do,
how am I gonna feed my kid? I don't want my kid crawling
around in this mobile home.

Probably gonna frickin'
pick up acid on the floor because there's drug addicts
here or snort a line of coke and I had to get out of there fast, right? And it was like, should
I go spend on my business or should I take the 60
bucks or the 100 bucks I have and, you know, put it
towards getting out of here? Okay, what I decided to do is
I said I'm gonna go out there and I am going to balls to the wall, I don't even know if that is a phrase, I don't know how that would work but I'm gonna invest everything
I have in making this work because I know it works.

Now, back then, it wasn't like now. Now, you guys know this stuff works. There's a new news report every day of a dude getting rich on YouTube. A guy getting rich with Facebook groups. There's people all over
the place making money. There's blogs where you can set this up. You don't even need to know coding. You don't have to know half
the stuff I knew back then. So, if you truly have no money, okay? Then, what you wanna do
is you wanna set these up. Now, what I usually tell people to do is two things, one, get your site, okay? Get your site, now, I teach
you how to make these sites at GoHubSite.com, we teach
you how to do it, okay? You get your domain name, which right now they give you for free when
you sign up for hosting. Hey, pretty cool, free is a good word. Now, you do have to
sign up for web hosting and if you sign up for,
like, three years in advance it's like four bucks a month or something.

If you sign up at a year at at time, it's like six bucks a month. So, it's gonna be like 70 dollars. Now, why is this 70
dollars important, okay? And, I know, to the people
that have no money, go do this. Right, for the rest of
you, take a look at this. Say 70 bucks, what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna get my domain, okay? What this does is it allows
you to host all your stuff on your own, okay, I could put files up, I could start a mailing list, I could start different pages
on my blog to send people to. I can go out there, I can make redirects. I can have hosting of links, right? And all these tools we provide for you in the Simple Sites course. So, I go out there, I get my domain. Now, the cool thing about this is this 70 dollars gives
me unlimited, unlimited, right, unlimited, now you'll notice here I have lots of domains, I got
AffiliateMarketingDude.com I got GoHubSite.com, I got tons.

I probably have about 600
domains at any given time, okay? So, I use these and I use
them for a specific reason. And, now, this allows you
to have unlimited, okay? All you gotta do is buy the domain, point it at the unlimited hosting. You only pay 70 bucks a
year and that's it, right? That's all you pay, okay,
I can go and I can get like 100 different domain names and boom boom boom boom boom boom. I'll put 'em on here,
I'll have different blogs, I'll have different things, right? So, it's really important that you set this up the right way.

I would rather you, instead of like trying to scrimp and save and, you know, buy something for 70 bucks, you know, get in there and do it the
right way so you own it because what's gonna
happen is all this stuff is gonna build a following
and if you build a following and you're like, "My site whatever dot
whatever dot Weebly dot com." Okay, no one's gonna remember that but you remember
AffiliateMarketingDude.com. You're like, "Okay, that's where I go, "AffiliateMarketingDude.com, pretty cool." Right, or VideoHacks.com, you
guys remember these domains. So, now I got these
pointing, I don't even have to have a website on these, I
can just set up a little thing and redirect 'em wherever
I want them to go. Maybe an affiliate link, right? Boom, hey instead of go to
whatever hosting dot com slash affiliate slash 99474824
question mark whatever, I say go to GoHubSite.com or
something simple like that.

Okay, so that's the first thing, if you wanna do this business
right, get yourself set up. Now, GoHubSite.com is my
affiliate site for hosting. We teach you how to do this
so I'm compensated for it which is exactly what I'm
showing you how to do. This is why I practice what I preach. I'm out there doing this stuff
every day on a daily basis making, actually, more money with affiliate marketing overall than I have with teaching affiliate but I really like teaching this stuff. Now, the second thing I say to do is get yourself a mentor and tools, okay? So, get yourself a mentor and tools.

Now, take a look at this, right? If you said I wanna open a business and I wanna open a haircutting salon, you're in the game 90,000 dollars before your doors even open. Boom, done, you gotta get
rent, you gotta have lights, you gotta have employees, insane. We're talking you're starting a business for 70 freakin' bucks. I mean, really, come on, that's it. 70 dollars, anyone can do that. So, we gotta look at it, we gotta say, okay 70 bucks for that. Now, for a mentor and tools is different, depending on who you go with, right? If you like my videos and
you get a lot out of 'em, hey, check it out, we
actually offer mentoring. You could go to SimpleSitesBonus.com, sign up for our mentoring and
it comes with tools, right? So, I would say budget, you know, 300 bucks to a thousand
bucks for mentoring if you have it, okay? Now, again, if you have no money, do what I'm teaching you with
this stuff for now, okay? Do this for now, start to
build it up, make some money.

Make a couple of sales, right? Give away 100 toolbars
or get someone to sign up for hosting or get someone to
sign up for whatever, okay? Get some money, if you don't
have any, you can do this. This is what I did back then, right? When I was sitting there
in that mobile home and I was like, "Dude,
I gotta make ends meet, "I gotta do something." What I did was I found clients and I built websites for them. I did some little ranking for them and taught 'em how to get started
and everything really easy but it put bread on the
table right away, okay? Now, this is the cool
thing, if you have no money, you could do this right away, right? You can go out and you
can go in forums, okay? There's forums out there that say, "Hey, my sous vide machine
didn't work, you know, "this, or what sous vide
machine is the best?" And you go teach them
or, "Hey, I don't know "how to set up hosting,
I want a secure host." Boom, you go on forums, you
start talking to people.

I just taught this couple months ago to a client of mine and he's like, "Marcus, I, you know,
I wanna get started." He had gotten a high ticket niche from us and he was waiting for
his niche to be built and while we were
building it, he was like, "I just followed one of your videos "that said go post this
stuff in forums, I did it "and within 45 minutes, I
had 60 bucks in my account." Now, the cool thing about this is you can actually get
paid instantly, right? If you're doing something like when I did the website
building on PayPal, boom, it was instant. When I sold resale like stuff
on PayPal, boom, instant. When I do stuff now, my merchant account, if I make money today, by six o'clock, tomorrow morning I wake
up and it's in my account, really cool, now, the
hosting and stuff like that and Amazon, they pay a little bit later.

So, if you're in a grind
and you wanna make money, listen to ol' pal Marcus here, do the stuff I'm teaching you. You can go out there, you
can start bridging the gap because there's a gap right here. The gap is between people searching and between the vendors, okay? These vendors they want
people with influence. They want people with traffic, okay? So, if you're on Instagram or something and you're posting little
pictures of dresses or you're posting little things like, maybe, inspirational quotes or maybe you post a recipe
on Pinterest, right? You post that recipe on Pinterest, you can drive people
to the recipe toolbar, lot of these guys will
actually pay you weekly if you're driving a decent amount of sales and you'll start to get it right away and the gap is between
these people over here that are searching for
stuff and on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook
and searching Google and YouTube and all this, right? YouTube's another killer way, right, I just found a guy
who's doing a lot of YouTube and we actually do a
lot of YouTube ourselves but this guy's got one
in the sous vide market, he's got 120,000 subscribers.

What do you think's gonna happen tomorrow if that guy says, "Hey, check this out, "if you like the sous vide machine, "I actually got this pan that
sears your steak perfectly, "check it out, shhh, sizzle,
sizzle, look at my steak, "isn't that bitchin', good,
go get yourself a damn pan." Right, they get the damn
pan and the company pays 16 dollars to 25 dollars
when someone gets the pan.

Simple, right, you could do that without a website, without anything but, again, if you wanna
do it the right way, get a website like,
GetYourDamnPan.com or GetPans.com or SizzlePan or whatever, so
it's easy for them to go to because the more barriers you have for them to get to what you have to offer, the less money you're
gonna make in the long run and the more you're
gonna hinder this stuff.

So, you gotta do it the right
way and you gotta focus. Now, a lot of people look
at this and they say, "Okay, get domain name
that would be a good way, get the website." You can learn about that at GoHubSite.com and get mentoring and tools. If you wanna get our mentoring and tools, right now, the Simple Sites course is 297. It's actually going up once
the 2018 course comes out. It's gonna be 797. But right now, that's pretty cheap, right? At 297, good deal. Another thing you might
want to look into is a auto-responder, okay? There's free auto-responders out there but do you wanna own your list or do you want someone else to own it? Right, do you wanna own your business or do you want someone else to own it, that's the question. Do you want Facebook to own it and be able to shut it
down at the drop of a hat or do you wanna own it, right? The last thing you want is to be able to be making money and then, boom, everything's gone because you didn't build your house on the dirt,
you built it on the sand, which is hypocritical
because I live in Florida and my house is on the sand
but you get the idea, right? There's dirt under the
sand and grass on top.

Alright, so, an auto-responder usually you can get started for
like a dollar a month or 17 dollars a month, the
trial's like a dollar a month. Right, start this up bare
bone, start making money, start paying for it. Auto-responder's a good thing to have and that's about it, right? Once you get into it,
if you're buying traffic which you don't have to do, you get free traffic all day long, it's everywhere and it's easy to get. But if you're buying
traffic, you only buy it when it's profitable, so you're like, "I spent 25 bucks, did I make 50? "Uh, yeah, good, yeah I think I'll spend "another 25 tomorrow so
I can make another 50." And so it's very basic and, again, you have to look at
this with common sense.

I know there's gonna be a lot of questions about this video and if you have them, put them in the comments below so that I can help you with this stuff but, again, if you wanna get
started, use these things. Okay, go out there, talk on forums and don't be an idiot, right? Don't go out there and be like, "Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. "Here click this affiliate link ugly." No one responds to that,
I'm talking to people right now who have been
doing that for years and it's, like, how much do you make? "Well, I've made like a quarter," right? And it's, like, okay, well you're making about, you know, a tenth of
a penny per hour which sucks. So, do this the right way. If you do a video, do a good video. If you do a article, write a good article.

If you do on forums,
answer the questions good. Be a helpful person. If you're helpful, if you
go on Facebook groups, you can go spam the hell
out of 'em if you want, you'll probably get kicked out. You won't make a whole lot of money but if you go and help
people, guys, I've done this. I've answered a question
in a Facebook group and, boom, within like three minutes I've gotten like 1,200 bucks,
just from one question, boom, there it goes,
these people are like, "Woohoo, hey, that's a good answer." So, this stuff works if
you work it the right way but you can't be like our little guy in this hat out there who's like, "I just want everything
free, I don't care." You gotta be in it to win it and if you're in it to win it, hop over to SimpleSitesBonus.com and we'll show you how to start.

If you're just going
through it and you're like, "I really have no money." Go over to AffiliateMarketingDude.com, get my affiliate toolbar,
this toolbar is like a cheat sheet for affiliate marketing. If you wanna do this stuff and start free, go there, it's got some tools for you. We have some things that
you can start with for free obviously in the hopes that later, hey, once you make some money, you'll
join us in some other stuff so we can help you make even more. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope these ways of making
money make sense to you and I hope you see that, you know what, this works for anything and anyone no matter where you're
at, you just gotta do it and if you get the momentum going, you're gonna build
something and you'll be able to live the life you want, now, disclaimer, this is affiliate marketing, it's a business, there's a
risk just like anything else.

99% of the people who
come and learn this stuff don't do a damn thing with it. Some people don't get any results, some people make a lot of results like a friend of mine
I taught back in 2005 who went on to make like
seven million bucks, or I think it was six million
bucks or something like that or the guy I taught who just started making ten grand a month,
he called me up, he says, "Marcus, can I, like, pay for your program "on a payment plan?" And I said, yeah, this
is before we had that. I said sure, you know,
it was like 90 bucks, he started making money within weeks. Now, can you make money
instantly right now, right away? Yes, you can, will you, I don't know. We don't know what's going to happen but if you do it deliberately and listen and you keep your head on straight, because for some reason when it gets to internet affiliate
money, you see people in Ferraris and you just think that somehow buying a course or whatever is gonna, you know, work right away and you're gonna be
rich or posting one post and it's gonna be it and
you're gonna be rich, that's not the way it works,
slow and steady wins the race.

If you do it right and deliberate, you gotta do things deliberately and you gotta set it up the right way. So, ask yourself how do I wanna start? If I wanna start free, go to
AffiliateMarketingDude.com to get the toolbar, if I wanna mentor and I wanna make it do it right, go to SimpleSitesBonus.com,
get our course, walk through it, we'll teach you how to set it up the right way
and how to start making money online with affiliate marketing. Thanks for watching
this, if you enjoyed this and you wanna learn more
about affiliate marketing, we got tons of cool stuff for you. Click that subscribe button,
click the little bell notification icon, and we'll help you out. So, thanks again for watching. Check out my next video up in
the corner after you subscribe and I'll see you next time..

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