Instagram Marketing Tips For 2019: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

today we're talking about Instagram marketing and my top five tips that I have for you today and a bonus tip if you wait till the end on how to do Instagram marketing hey everybody cubby here hope you're having a great day the cubby community has been growing we're growing subscribers all the time so I'm so glad that you're here to watch this video if this is the first time you hear please like and subscribe and you'll get more of these awesome marketing videos on the rig now I talked yesterday about how Instagram and snapchat are kind of competing with each other and how the great new features of Instagram are really putting snapchat into a tough spot so go check out that video if you have time Sammy linked up that video here somewhere right here you want to grow your Instagram account I understand that Instagram is a great tool for marketing it's really come into its own it added stories earlier this year which is a great addition but I got to say now that Instagram stories are here we're seeing lower engagement in the traditional Instagram feed so please take that into account and use both effectively I've grown my Instagram account to about 35,000 followers now that's been really hard work every day posting – bringing up that level but you can do the same one of the number one tips I have for you today is go take a look at my profile you can see that it actually changed my name to entrepreneur marketing tips why this is important is because most people won't be searching Chris copy unless they know who I am and then of course I show up as well because my user name is Chris Covey but most people are going to be searching things like marketing tips if that's my industry or entrepreneur marketing tips or personal branding tips or if you're a shoe manufacturer then they're looking for shoes or shoe products or shoes or high heels or monkeys for sale if you sell monkeys which I'm assuming a lot of people do these days so monkeys for sale if you sell monkeys if you sell cars and you have cars international or foreign cars or amazing cars or retro cars whatever the hell it is that you sell change your name to that because that's people are searching for this will help you gain more exposure and get you in front of your customers if you go to my profile you'll also see that I've got some lines in there about what I do and an emoji next to it you can set this up by going to edit your profile in the settings and Instagram and add those lines in so for example if you're a shoe manufacturer or your shoe brand you can add in you know high quality or high luxury shoes running shoe manufacturer running gear whatever it is that you do put those lines in it'll give people context to what you're doing you might want to also spice it up and do something interesting in there to give people a laugh or something that's sort of special and interesting to your brand you'll also notice that you have a link in there which will lead me to my next tip about using links to grow your Instagram account my number two tip for you is to use the link in your bio to direct people to content or to campaigns or to promotions that you're running outside of the Instagram platform I use it for example when we're running the Cubbies show to actually drop a link in and you'll notice if you go to my bio and Instagram that I've actually written some text above the link that gives context to the link you should do the same so you can say like 40% off our latest X and put the link in below this will give people context now when you're running a promotion I recommend that you do a post about an Instagram post and also an Instagram story about it in the comments section or in your first caption for your Instagram post you can actually add an app mention so you could say like if for me I can add at Chris cubby and then a little direct people when people click on that link they add mention Lee it'll actually take them again to my profile which is you have to understand the psychology is that maybe people are seeing your stuff in the feed they're not necessarily seeing it on your profile or they're seeing it in the explore tab in Instagram so you got to remember that so when you provide them with the @mention link they can quickly click on that they can see in the bio hey this is the offer that they were talking about click on that link and go outwards now I recommend you use bit ly links or you use a link that you can actually track I don't do that all the time but if I want to track it and I want to see if there's results coming from this then I would do it in a bitly or another URL shortener where I can actually track what's going on do the same in Instagram store is we now have the ability to add at mentions within our Instagram story so if you're doing an Instagram story about hey we got this great new thing going on our hand I just showed this video say add your @ mention so people can click on it and get that link easily because we all know we can't add links in the comments below which is a little stupid why has an Instagram fix that they shouldn't allow that tip number three now there's some Instagram purists out there that say you shouldn't add text on top of a photo and Instagram and it should only be photos this is honestly if you look at the stats of what works in Instagram while it's mostly tips and ass that works on Instagram but if you're not doing tits and ass I'm recommending you don't like maybe you don't have a tits in a store I mean it's really hard to set up a tits in a store these days so I can understand why you don't have that but if you aren't posting tits and ass and you are posting something about you know your business maybe it's your shoes maybe it's your dresses maybe you're selling I don't know what the hell you're selling but if you're only posting things with that don't be afraid to put text on top of images this works really well because you have very little time to grab people's attention in Instagram and any social media platform for that matter so hit them over the head so if you have a 40% off offer that's hard to say if you have a 40% off offer then put that in there don't just say you know don't just have a picture of the thing and then in the text below in the caption below at you know I'll get this off for 40% it's not going to do as well you have to hit people over the head so use text and use it on top of images the second part of that tip is use nice images use good design I cannot say this enough I've set it on so many videos use nice design use nice design use nice design use nice design I've said it over and over and over again and I'll say it again you have to visually capture people spitting everywhere you have to visually capture people's attention right away so strong colors strong visuals high contrast get their attention that is going to be critical my fourth tip for you is use video video is incredibly powerful and Instagram open this up a little while ago and they also opened up the ability to have one-minute video the same rules apply with when it comes to video when it comes to images you need to capture people within the first three seconds so if you're doing a video you might want to think about adding text on top of the video or you might want to make sure that your thumbnail for that video is really interesting I can show you how to do that when you record something in video you have the option of going over to cover and actually changing the cover you can scroll through your entire video and pick something interesting now if you have the ability to edit video outside of Instagram and import it in I really recommend that we do that all the time we do videos like this outside and then we import them in and we try to put something interesting at the start so it visually grabs people remember those rules visually grab people interest people from the get-go this is why freaking boobs and fancy cars works on Instagram because everyone's like oh I'm scrolling through and I see a Bentley and some boobs the two B's the two most important B's in the world and leis and boobs and people are like oh okay I'll click on that and I'll give that a like tip number five is hashtags we all know this I don't know why I keep having to say this but it's like my design rant everybody needs to use hashtags on instagrams the only way that people are going to over you so do your hashtag research if you hit the search icon and Instagram you get the Explorer thing and you can actually see what's trending or what's doing very well for your interest because they actually tailor it to your life so you can actually see things that you would probably be interested in and probably your followers would be interested in as well so go to the Explorer tab and see and tap on some of those Instagram photos and go and see what hashtags are they using take notes use different hashtags to reach different audiences I found that if I use the same hashtags for a long period of time my engagement goes down and I don't reach as many people and I don't grow my followers because I'm hitting the same people over and over and over again so go and take a look at different hashtags and mix it up I put my hashtags and my keyboard shortcuts options inside of my phone so when I type out a certain word or a certain phrase it actually automatically puts in my normally used hashtags this is a nice way of automating your processes so you don't always have to sit there with your phone and start hash typing out hashtags bonus tip time are you ready for the bonus tip the bonus tip is add video that you've already recorded outside of the Instagram platform inside of Instagram stories we do that for trailers for these videos here Instagram is doing great they're killing it it looks like they're going to continue to innovate on the platform and do amazing things and I think that they're going to take out big chunk out of snapchat we do that for rants that I do I think companies need to step up to the plate and say you know what here's your internship program here's what you're gonna learn you're gonna do this you're gonna do that here's the skills were going to give you we do that for a number of things if you have an ability to create video outside of the platform this is a super interesting way of grabbing people's attention because it's high-quality it's interesting and you can engineer it so this is an advanced tip if you're into video production or if you're into really doing great things you know promoting your brand doing you know grabbing a nice shot you can also take shots with a camera you know really nice DSLR and take shots of your product and you know get your designer to design stuff and then save it to your camera roll in your phone and then upload it to Instagram stories this way you just basically swipe down and Instagram stories and then you have your last four saved photos and then you can add that new one and then you can also add an app mention like I mentioned before so that's a super powerful cool new tool that we have if you have professionally created materials already use those in Instagram that's the best way to attract attention and separate you from the rest of the pack thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that I hope you apply these tips to your Instagram and I hope to see it grow please in the comments below put your Instagram in I'd love to follow you and see what you're up to on that platform and please like and subscribe I've already said that I'll say it again please like and subscribe I need your subscriptions because it tells YouTube that this is good content and promotes my channel so that you guys can get even more of this great stuff so thank you so much adios amigos you

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