Where’s Angela? – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 1

[CHIMING] [PANTING] Whoa! Angela, where are you? Angela! Angela! Where are you? Angela! Have you seen Angela? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Angela!
Hey! [MEOWS] (SINGING) Yeah, yeah!
Hey! Hey! [LAUGHTER] TOM: OK, people! I want the status
of operation find our missing friend, Angela. And I want it yesterday. I made a list of every
concert hall within 50 miles. If Angela performs at any
of them, I'll hear about it. Oh, that's great. As long as she
doesn't get on a bus. Make it 1,000 miles. No, 10,000. HANK: Gotcha. Tom? I made fake online profiles
for a bunch of people Angela would want to meet.

Now we just sit back and wait
for her to take the bait. Nice idea. But these friends
aren't friendly enough. Make these friends friendlier! [THUDS] Huh? How is this helping? Well, as you
know, I am currently banned from using tech. Right. Because the mysterious
agency blamed Ben for the zapper invasion. And in a stunning
twist, the agent in charge of keeping Ben down
was Ben's girlfriend, Xenon. Seriously, who
were you talking to? Oh, just reminding
myself what happened. Anyway, all of that severely
limits my ability to help. So I made popsicles,
to keep our energy up. Ugh! Watch it! I didn't cut a deal to save you
all and move into your garage just to get hit with ice!
[SLURPS] Everyone! Stop talking about
what happened before! I need your help, Ben. You were the best. So if Xenon is evil now, we'll
just have to go around her. What did you have in mind? [OWL HOOTS] All right, I'm here in
the park after sundown. And I made sure I
wasn't followed. Why all the
cloak-and-dagger stuff, Tom? What?!
– Shh.

I got it from an old lady. If you use it, the agency
will think your name is Edna, and you're going online to
write a scented candle review. We could get in
big trouble for this. No one else can know we– [SCREAMS] Hi, Tom! Hi, Ben! [SIGHS] You should be at the garage. Yeah, but I have
a good sense of when sneaky stuff is happening. And I wanted a
piece of the action. Fine. But this stays between
the three of us. Got it? [LAUGHS] [STICK CRACKS] [ANNOYED SIGHS] So does that mean I
should go, or stay, or what? Everyone just keep quiet.

I'm about to find Angela. Oh, how I miss the feel of
my fingers on a keyboard. Now I simply access
the GPS network to– COMPUTER: Ben detected!
Ben detected! Ah!
Uh– COMPUTER: Ben detected! [PROPELLER WHIRRING] [GASPS] Stop in the name
of the agency. Run! [BEEPING] Ah! [TOM SNARLS] [SIREN WAILING] Whoa! [BEEPING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [NERVOUS GASPS] Whoa! [SCREAMING] [HORNS HONKING] [SCREAMS] [TIRES SQUEAL] [GRUNTS] [ZOOMING] ALL: What?! Ben? You're a super genius. Why can't you understand
one simple rule? Don't.
Use. Tech. I understand the rule. I'm ignoring it! Because I need to find Angela! Remember when we used to
use tech to solve problems? Together? You can use this. Last time you had a computer,
you almost broke the world. OK. Since he almost broke the
world, you should almost stop us from finding our friend, right? [BUZZES] That belongs to Edna! How will she review
her candles now? Well, I guess Edna's another
casualty of you being reckless! And now, since you can't be
trusted not to sneak around, I have to give you this.

What is this thing? This thing is a
bracelet that will zap you if you try to use tech. No! You can't do this to me! You did it to yourself. Goodbye, boys. I have to go back to the only
people who can be trusted, a secret organization
with shadowy goals and limited power. Wow, she's really changed. This is why Hank flies solo. Tom, hear me out. We should join the agency. They can do anything, and
they give you rocket glasses! Actually, that
is a good point. Follow that nerd! [CAT SNARLS] TOM: 1, 1, 1, 1. [LOCK BEEPS] [SQUISHES] Ew! Ooh! [CHEWING]
– Ugh! Hank! [BUZZING] Ah! [BEEPING] HANK: She's not here. Unless she turned invisible. Can she do that? No, this can't be
another dead end. [GASPS] Hold on, Tom! The spy shows I watch–
even though my parents told me not to– say there's
always a secret entrance. Stop messing around, Ginger. Maybe we missed
something outside. Aw.
[RUMBLES] [GASPS] [RUMBLING] This is either a really big
bathroom, or it's the agency. [GROWLS] [SCREAMS] [WHOOSHING] (ECHOING) Nope,
nothing important here.

[BUZZING] [SCREAMING] Look who's still
sneaking around. Do you need a second bracelet? No! I was– we were– help, Tom. Uh, excellent
work, agent Xenon. You found the intruders. We're actually double
secret triple agents. We were testing you, right? Right. We totally belong here and
deserve rocket glasses! Mhm. Come with me. I've got just the place for you. [ZAPS] Uh– [BEEPS] [GASPS] [LOCK BEEPS] Look, before you
disintegrate us, I just want to say
that I understand how exciting it must be to
work in a place like this. I don't blame you. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Good to hear, Ben. [WINCES] 'Cause I'd be super sad if
you all hated me right now. I'm so relieved you got
my signal to follow me. What? Signal? When I said you couldn't
use the laptop to find Angela, but implied I had
another way to do it, you picked up on
all my clues, right? [UPBEAT MUSIC] [SHUTTER CLICKS] Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we saw that. Why couldn't you just tell us
that you were going to help? Obviously, because the
agency is always watching, Tom. Well, this guy gets it. Xenon! This is fantastic! You've been on our
side the whole time! [GASPS] [GAGS] I admit, I started to doubt you
with that whole bracelet thing. I had to convince the
agency I was against you. Now, we have to find Angela. And there's a machine
that can do it.

[BEEPING] The privacy destroyer. [MECHANICAL WHIRRING] BEN: Whoa ,wow! GINGER: Ooh! [BUZZING] Fairly impressive. With a name like
the privacy destroyer, it almost sounds
like a bad thing. But I guess the
agency knows best. The machine will open a
portal to wherever Angela is. You go through it. I'll stay back and make sure no
one finds out what we're doing. Got it! Now it's time for science Ben
to get back in the science saddle–
– Ben, wait! You can't touch any–
ALARM: Ben detected! Ben detected!
Ben detected! Ben detected! You nincompoop! You can't use tech! XENON: Agents are on their way. Cancel the mission! Ugh! I'm going to lose kitchen
privileges over this. No one is losing anything! We're finding something! I'm going to find Angela. [BUZZING] [GRUNTS] COMPUTER: Angela, found. Angela, found. – Yeah!
– Whoa! [SCREAMS]
– She's In trouble! I have to help!
– Tom! No, Ginger! It's too dangerous for a kid! That's never
stopped me before! [GRUNTS] [ZAPS] Aw! Geronimo! [NERVOUS WINCES]
– Ah! [ZAPPING] Ah. [SCREAMING] [ANGELA SCREAMS] Angela! [SCREAMING] Hold on! I'm coming! Don't worry, Angela.

I'm here to protect you. Stop it! What are you doing? We're saving you. Don't you know you
need to be saved? [CRITTERS CHATTERING] [CHEERING] Ugh. Ignore these fans, everyone. We've got a song to finish. [DANCE MUSIC] (SINGING) This is
my screaming song. If you feel it,
friends, hey, then you might wanna scream along. [SCREAMING] What happened to Angela? [WHISTLING THEME MUSIC] .

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