10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

[Chinese subtitle: mouth gun rat] Welcome to the TTI channel. A paradise for tech lovers. Today we are going to take stock of the top ten of holographic technology. They look so amazing and real. So, sit down and relax, enjoy it, my friend. Tenth place "Laser plasma holographic surgery" Burton has developed this laser plasma holographic device. It is a 3D display that produces real light spots in the air. So viewers can see 3D images in real 3D space. It utilizes the phenomenon of plasma radiation near the focal point of the laser light. By controlling the three axes of x, y, z, It looks both sci-fi and fascinating. This holographic technology will be applied to advertising, Distress signal in the entertainment industry, emergency and disaster. Ninth place "Fan-leaf hologram" The fan-leaf hologram device is like a ceiling fan. Complex RGB light sources are assembled on the fan blades. A full-image image is produced when rotated. The amazing thing is that its holographic image is almost HD quality. It is very power efficient and consumes only 10 watts of electricity.

The price of this device is about hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is ideal for use in affordable commercials. eight place "Portable holographic projection device" This holographic projection unit is compact and easy to carry. Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology Co-developed this portable holographic projector called "Hollow Becht". Surprisingly, it is the most meticulous hologram in the world. Simply put, it is a thousand times smaller than the hair. This hologram suspended in the air does not require any special glasses. That's really cool. Another portable holographic camera is "Fairy Light." It is a light that can interact with it. You can not only touch it, you will even have a touch. This aerial image was developed in collaboration with many Japanese universities.

This technology uses a femtosecond laser, It can ionize air molecules, Thereby, a luminescent plasma accompanying a small knock is generated. These lights or "voxels" can be arranged in midair. Floating and interactive images in the air. Another portable holographic device is called the "digital holographic desktop." It was developed by Giga Korea in cooperation with other companies and investors. Greatly, it produces the world's first 360-degree hologram. So it has no perspective restrictions. With a series of high power colorful lasers, It is possible to project this complex magic square in midair. Seventh place "solid hologram" Entity holograms are more detailed in terms of interaction. Daniel, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Resinger and Sean. Volmer Invented this complex reality dynamic body display. It is more advanced than hologram. Because it is a 3D-style telepresence technology. Because it has the ability to present the shape of a person or thing. You will be curious about how this is done. simply put, This tabletop is made up of motor linkage and moving rod. It can instantly display artificial shapes through digital sources. It looks like it came out of science fiction. It consists of 900 half-width wide moving rods and 900 independent motors. Squeezing 900 motors in such a limited area is really a challenge. "Crazy Flies 2.0" is another kind of solid hologram. It uses hundreds of autonomous drones equipped with LED lights.

These drones fly in a coordinated manner. A 3D illuminating holographic structure is presented in the air. It can be an alternative to fireworks. And there will be no air pollution. It is by Rafaelello. Designed by DeAndre. Sixth place "Material Media Whole Image" The so-called "material media holographic" means that it requires the object medium as a projection. The first example of this type of technology is a smoke projector.

Smoke projection is an excellent projection technique. It can have a holographic effect and is low in cost. Only need one projector plus a smoke room, Can emit vertical smoke streams, It is a cool and inexpensive idea. You can attract customers with high-tech advertising effects. Another example of material media holographic surgery is "Water Full Image", It was developed by Burton. You will wonder how it works. These laser beams excite water molecules, A green hologram pattern is produced. Surprisingly, it can generate 50,000 light spots per second. And 30 frames per second, that's amazing. "Kelly Water Full Image" is a super creative technology. Adopted by an advertising company "Kai Li Li". Interestingly, this hologram is made up of more than 20,000 components. It took 5,000 hours to assemble. There are a total of 208 independent nozzles, and the switch switching time is only 2 milliseconds. This portrait ran to the box, When it jumped into the box, its water splashed when it stepped on the box. This technique is really difficult. the fifth place The hologram in the hypermarket It is a 7D holographic technology.

That is, high-quality holographic images captured from 7 dimensions. Provides the ultimate visual effect. As you can see, a virtual whale splashing water on the floor of a school gym, It looks very real. However, this technology is still in the development stage. In the release of this magical leap concept film, Showcasing the capabilities of 7D holographic technology. Many of the videos on 7D holographic technology on YouTube are like wildfires. Just like the 7D hologram show in Dubai, There is also a 7D zoo in Japan's hypermarket. All-image animals such as: giraffes, monkeys, pandas, etc. Interact with guests in hypermarkets. But unfortunately, These films are obviously a prank. This video is part of a series of commercials from the National Geographic Channel. But it was passed wild. At the same time it was created using animation software. By the way, the Internet is full of fake movies. However, we cannot deny the existence of holographic technology.

Another hologram technology was developed by Kino-mo. They showed the super visual wall, It produces a holographic image that is close to HD resolution. This unique wall is made up of many rotating blades. The sophisticated LED blades utilize advanced software algorithms to produce a full image. This wall is three meters in size, but it is very energy efficient. Because it only consumes 65 watts of electricity. It is priced at $3,200. So it is designed for use in stores, stadiums and commercials. "No-Logram" is a true holographic technology that does not require glasses. This new technology was developed by French artist Joanie Lemercier. Which utilizes a two-dimensional projection combined with a motion sensor, Make the image look like a full 3D stereo. fourth place "Table top imager" As the name implies, it is a device that presents a full image on the table top. The first example of a table-top hologram is the Euclidean hologram table: The first person in the world used the holistic table. Up to four people can surround and interact with the hologram. The Euclidean hologram table is equipped with a great processor and a powerful graphics processor.

Using a light beam to generate a 3D image, It can be projected artistically. The computer achieves this by coordinating tiny theoretical "light pixels" of light. It can be used to sell pre-sale houses. Just like the architectural model used to display the finished product. Or it can be used to view the entire city or even the entire country. It is equipped with the world's strongest 3D graphics processor and imaging algorithms. This super-strong combination allows the table to process 64 centimeters per cubic meter of data. That is about 1 million cubes per cubic mile. That means it can handle 1,000 GB of graphics data. Another example of a tabletop hologram is "HoloLamp". The world's first portable hologram that does not require glasses. It projects 3D optical images directly on your desktop. The application of HoloLamp was developed with Unity. That is the leading software for the gaming industry worldwide.

Relying on touch detection technology, HoloLamp allows you to control virtual 3D objects by hand. Another tabletop holographic device is "3D volume technology". It assigns digital content to life, And it allows people to visualize communication, learning and common games. Provide a 3D experience without obstacles. No need to wear special glasses, This is a more fascinating way to interact with 3D. Can provide multiple people to interact at the same time, It is a new way of social entertainment technology. 3rd Place "Event Holograms" Event Holograms is a holographic projection technique that is best suited for use in the Jesus Festival. Or you can use it for Halloween. It was developed by AtmosFX. Article 2 "The stage performance hologram" MDH Hollogram is a pioneer in the holographic industry. It is also a leader in global holographic technology. MDH hologram is the most advanced hologram technology. Most of them are used in stage performances. It is also popular among singers, actors, magicians, politicians and businesses.

The best example of applying this technology is Indian Prime Minister Narendra. Modi's recent victory. He used MDH hologram technology to broadcast live to Indian states. But this technology is not cheap, it is quite expensive. 1st place "Completion of Conspiracy" The best example of a conspiracy is the Blu-ray program. This conspiracy theory was first proposed by two Canadian journalists in 1994. Two years later, the two men died of heart disease. If you remember the black skyscraper event that happened in China floating in the clouds, Then you can fully understand this conspiracy theory. NASA launched four hologram satellites. These satellites can generate a hologram by simultaneously focusing on a single area of ​​the surface. How is this done? The answer is that a holographic laser beam can ionize air molecules in a specific area. So the local people will see this hologram. This conspiracy theory claims that NASA is trying to achieve a new century of religion, Headed by the Antichrist, At the same time, "Christ's Advent", which was simulated by science and technology, opened the "new world order." This secret mission is to control all human beings by fear of alien invasion.

By misleading religious prophecies and archaeological knowledge of all major beliefs. If this technology is true, then who is our first name? Thanks for watching. Which technology do you think is the most fascinating? Please tell me the reason in the message board. If you are a new visitor, please subscribe freely. And share this video with friends. Click on the small bell to not miss our latest videos. We will see you in the next movie.

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