Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

Translator: Mahmoud Elfar Checked by: Anwar Dafa-Alla As a cleric You can imagine how I feel like I don't belong to this place I feel like a fish came out of the water Or maybe an owl came out of the air (Laughter) I was a preacher in San Jose ever My friend Mark Kami has done Who helped introduce me To this conference Bringing in many CEOs And leaders Some of the companies here in Silicon Valley To break their fast with me, or fast with me. That was my motivation She was too new experience To listen to them as they talk about The world is yet to come Through technology And science I know we are near the end of this conference Some of you may be wondering Why do they now have a speaker From the field of religion Richard can answer that Because he made the decision But a few years ago I was in an elevator in Philadelphia Come down To speak at a conference in hotel On this elevator I heard someone say I heard that Billy Graham stays at this hotel Someone looked at me saying Yes, he is also with us in this elevator And this guy looked at me from top to bottom For 10 seconds Then he said what an absurd! (Laughter) I ..

I hope You will not feel that these moments with me .. silly You will not feel that these moments with me .. silly After all these enormous conversations That you just listened to And speeches that I intend to listen to But I was On a plane in the east several years ago There was a man sitting across the corridor opposite me The man was the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina His name is John Belk. Some of you probably know him There was another drunk man He got up from his seat two or three times Everyone was upset about what he was trying to do Than he was trying to do Like trying to be a hostess And harass them whenever they pass next to him Everyone was disgusted Finally, John Belk told him, Do you know who's sitting with us now? The man said: No, who? John replied that it was Billy Graham Preacher He said: What a surprise! Then he turned to me, saying: Put it there! Your speeches certainly helped me! (Laughter) I think that's true With thousands of people (Laughter) I know that as you look to the future As we heard from some this evening I would like to live this age I see what it will be But that will not happen Because I am eighty years old, and here is my eighty years I have not much left ..

I now have vein inflammation in both legs That is why I need some help to stand Because I have Parkinson's disease too in addition to, Some other problems that I won't talk about (Laughter) But .. this is not the first time That we had a technological revolution There are other previous revolutions I want to talk about one Within a generation Happened to the nation of the people of Israel A tremendous and radical change Made them a superpower in the Near East A man named David Came to the throne King David became one of the great leaders In his generation He was a tremendous leader God was with him He was also a brilliant poet Philosopher, writer, and soldier He has strategies in battles What people are studying today But two centuries before David The Hittites were Have discovered a secret Smelting and treatment of iron And little by little, that skill spread But they would not have allowed the Israelis To recognize that skill But David changed all that The iron age was introduced To Israel The Bible tells us that David built the iron warehouses Which archaeologists have found today In Palestine Which shows the existence of this generation And now, instead of raw tools Made of sticks and stones Israel now has plows Sickles and bulldozers And military weapons And within a generation Israel has changed completely The introduction of iron in some respects It had an effect As the impact of microchips on our generation As the impact of microchips on our generation And..

David found That there are many problems that technology has failed to solve There are many neglected problems And that still does not exist, and you have no solution And I didn't hear anyone talking here about it How do we solve these three problems Which I would like to mention The first is what David saw Are the evils of man Where do you come from? How can we solve this problem? More than once after another And in the Psalms, Gladstone described it as the greatest book in the world David describes the evils of mankind and say You (God) give me back my soul Have you ever thought of any contradiction what we are? On the one hand we can explore the deepest mysteries of the universe We are pushing the limits of technology This conference also shows us We saw what the deep sea Three miles down We have also seen galaxies billions of years away In the future But on the other Something is wrong Battleships Our soldiers It is now on a border Almost ready to go to war with Iraq Almost ready to go to war with Iraq Now, what causes it ?! Why do we have these wars in every generation And in every part of the world ?! And revolutions ?! We can't live with other people Even in our families We find ourselves in a tight circle Of self-destruction and habits we can not get rid of Racism, injustice and violence are sweeping our world Bringing a tragic harvest of sorrow and death Even the most sophisticated among us It seems incapable of breaking this episode I want to see the Oracle This problem is addressed or I find Technology geniuses are working on it How can we change man So do not fall into lying and deception Even our press is not full of stories For business and labor fraud Or sports, or whatever field The Bible says that the problem lies with us Within our hearts and souls Our problem is our separation About our Creator Allah We need to regain our souls He can only do God Jesus said: from the heart Come evil thoughts Of killings and sexual immorality Theft, perjury And tossing symptoms British philosopher Bertrand Russell He was not a religious man But he said in our hearts lies evil It is our heart ..

Must be eradicated It is our heart .. must be eradicated Albert Einstein I was talking to someone – when I was at Princeton, When I met Mr. Einstein When I met Mr. Einstein He did not have a Ph.D. That no one is eligible for one (Laughter) But he said It is easier to spoil plutonium Than to separate the poltergeist from a man And many of you, I am sure Think about it And look carefully You have seen people They benefit from technological advances Like the Internet as we heard tonight Then turn it into something .. corrupt You have seen brilliant minds invent computer viruses Which caused the failure of entire systems The Oklahoma City bombing was done using simple technology Used awfully The problem is not technology! The problem is the person or people who use it! King David said He knows the depths of his soul He said he could not free himself from personal problems And personal evils Which included murder and adultery However, King David sought God's forgiveness He said, you can restore my soul! You have seen, the Bible teaches us That we are more than body and mind We are ourselves And that there is something inside us Beyond our understanding It is the part that yearns To know God, or to something further Than we find in technology Your soul is that part of you Who yearns to make sense in this life And who seeks something behind this life.

It is that part of you who really yearns to know God I find young people all over the world Looking for something. They don't know what it is .. I talked at many universities, There was always time to receive and answer questions Whether it's Cambridge or Harvard Or Oxford I spoke at each of these universities I'm going to Harvard in three or four No, in about two months from now To give a lecture I will ask the same questions that I asked The few times I've been there I will be the ones These questions Where did you come from? why I am here? Where am I going? What is life? why I am here? Even if you have no religious belief There are times when you wonder that there is something else Thomas Edison has also said When you see everything that happens in the world of science And in the works of the universe Then you cannot deny, there is a commander for all this on the bridge I recall time I sat next to Mrs.

Gorbachev At a dinner at the White House I went to Ambassador Dobrinen who I know very well I had visited Russia several times, under the Communists Who gave me of freedom what I didn't expect I knew Mr. Dobrinen well and I said to him I'll sit next to Mrs. Gorbachev tonight What should I talk to her tonight? The answer surprised me He said: Talk to her about religion and philosophy That's what you really care about I was a bit surprised, but that evening That's what we talked about It was an interesting conversation She said afterwards You know, I'm an atheist But I know there's something Higher than we are The second problem Which King David realized that he could not solve Is human suffering And while writing the oldest book in history He said Man is born in misery Yes, sure, science has done little to roll back Certain kinds of human suffering But I do In the next few months I will be eighty years old I admit that I am very grateful For all medical advances That made me relatively healthy All these years My doctors urged me at the Mayo Hospital Not to make this trip – to come here I haven't given a speech for nearly four months And when I speak as much as I do Three or four times a day You rust That's why I use this platform And these observations Every time you hear me on TV, or anywhere You improvise I wouldn't have read a sermon I would not have read a recent, or lecture Just improvise But tonight I was I had brought some notes Even if you forget That's what I do sometimes I can refer to it to remind me.

But even here between us Maybe In the most advanced societies in the world We have poverty We have families that self-destruct themselves And friends who betray us And intolerable psychological pressures burden our people I have never met anyone in the world Had no problem Or worry Why do we suffer? .. It's an old question We have no answer And David continues to say again and again That he was going to God He says that God is the shepherd The last problem that David learned was that he could not solve it Are death Many commentators said that death Is a taboo subject for our generation Most people live like they are They will not die Technology envisioned our legend Controlling our mortality See on our screens Marilyn Monroe as it is, beautiful As if they are a fact Many of our young people are believed to be alive They don't know she's dead Or Clark Gable or whatever We see old stars coming to life And they And they are alive on the screen as if they were a fact But death is inevitable I talked a while ago At a joint session of Congress, last year We were meeting in that room Statues room About 300 were there I said there is one thing we have in common in this room We all – whether we are Republicans or Democrats Or any we were I said: We will all die This is common to us and all the great men of the past Who look at us now This is often difficult for young people To absorb it It is difficult for them to understand that they will die As the writer of Ecclesiastes wrote He said: There is time for everything under the sky There's time for birth A time to die I stood on a deathbed Many celebrities That you may know I talked to them.

I saw them in those painful moments When they were scared to death A few years later Death was never in their calculations I talked to a woman last week her dad.. Her father .. a famous doctor She never thought or talked about God He would not believe in God, he was an atheist But she said When death came He sat on the edge of his bed that day He asked the nurse to see a chaplain. He said for the first time in his life That he had thought of death And in Allah Did God exist? A few years ago, a college student asked me What is the biggest surprise in your life? And I said, the biggest surprise of my life Is the palace of life It's going fast! But things don't need to be that way Werner von Braun, In the aftermath of World War II, he says Science and religion are not opposite On the contrary, they are in sync! He said that as his own opinion I knew Dr.

Von Braun well And he would say, when I talk about myself I can only say that the greatness of the universe Just to confirm Believe in the existence of his Creator He also said In our quest to know God, I came to believe that the life of Christ You should be of interest to us And that the truth of his life and sent Is the hope of mankind I talked a lot in Germany And in France, and in different parts of the world I had the privilege of speaking in 105 countries I was once invited to visit Advisor Adenauer Which is one of the founders of modern Germany Since the war He told me once He said: Young man ..

Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? I replied: Yes, sir He said: I am When I leave my post I'll spend my time writing a book About the reasons why Jesus was resurrected And the importance of believing in it In one of his plays Depicts us Alexander Solgenstein A man is dying Saying to those who wrapped around his bed The most difficult moments you regret Is when someone is dying How should someone live so as not to regret when death comes? Blaise Pascal He asked this question exactly In the seventeenth century in France Pascal was called the architect of modern civilization Engineer of modern civilization He was a brilliant scientist In mathematics Even as a teenager Many consider him the founder of probability theory The first iconic model of the computer And of course all of you are aware That there is a programming language named after him Pascal sailed deeply into our human dilemmas Of evil, suffering and death He was stunned Of the phenomenon we were adopting People can achieve unfamiliar high levels In the fields of science, the arts, and human institutions But it's also full of anger, and hypocrisy And grudges Pascal gave us a great combination Of genius and self-deception On November 23rd Year 1654 Pascal suffered a deep religious experience He wrote those words in a magazine Introduce myself College Jesus Christ, my Savior A French historian Two centuries later Rarely present the powerful and the smart This humility To the authority of Jesus Christ Pascal's faith was not limited to the power of God's love and mercy To restore harmony between us But it's also safe That his sins and sins can be forgiven And that when he dies he will go to a place called paradise I have been exposed to that experience in a way that went beyond Limits of scientific observation and sanity It is from the line of those famous words The heart has its causes Which has no known cause.

He was also known for his famous bet He would say: If you bet on God And open yourself to his love You won't lose anything even if you're wrong But if you bet not to exist Then you might lose that life and what might follow Pascal's scientific knowledge was Faint beside knowing God Knowing God was beyond About anything dangerous to his mind He was ready to confront him When he died at the age of 39 King David lived until his seventies Long time in his time But he also faced death in the end And line these words Though I went through the Valley of Death Shadows I will not fear evil Because you (Allah) are with me This was David's response to the three dilemmas Evil, suffering and death. And you too can own this answer If you seek Allah And filled your life And made him own in the future When I was seventeen years old I grew up on a farm in North Carolina Milking cows every morning, and milking again in the evening When I came home from school There were twenty cows You are responsible for them And worked on the farm I tried to attend my studies I didn't achieve good grades in high school I didn't even achieve it in college Something happened in my heart.

Someday, you face to face With Christ He said, I am the way, right, life Can you imagine that? He said: I am the truth I embody all the truth Maybe he was a liar Or crazy Or it was what he claimed to be what was? I had to make that decision I can't prove it I couldn't bring her to a lab And subject them to experiments But I said with faith, I believe him I have dwelt to my heart And changed my life And now .. I'm ready When I hear this call To enter into God's communion Thank you, God bless you all (clap) Thank you for this honor, it was great Richard Foreman: I did it! Thanks (clap) .

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