Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

Translator: Mahmoud Elfar Checked by: Anwar Dafa-Alla As a cleric You can imagine how I feel like I don't belong to this place I feel like a fish came out of the water Or maybe an owl came out of the air (Laughter) I was a preacher in San Jose ever My friend Mark Kami has done Who helped introduce me To this conference Bringing in many CEOs And leaders Some of the companies here in Silicon Valley To break their fast with me, or fast with me. That was my motivation She was too new experience To listen to them as they talk about The world is yet to come Through technology And science I know we are near the end of this conference Some of you may be wondering Why do they now have a speaker From the field of religion Richard can answer that Because he made the decision But a few years ago I was in an elevator in Philadelphia Come down To speak at a conference in hotel On this elevator I heard someone say I heard that Billy Graham stays at this hotel Someone looked at me saying Yes, he is also with us in this elevator And this guy looked at me from top to bottom For 10 seconds Then he said what an absurd! (Laughter) I ..

I hope You will not feel that these moments with me .. silly You will not feel that these moments with me .. silly After all these enormous conversations That you just listened to And speeches that I intend to listen to But I was On a plane in the east several years ago There was a man sitting across the corridor opposite me The man was the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina His name is John Belk. Some of you probably know him There was another drunk man He got up from his seat two or three times Everyone was upset about what he was trying to do Than he was trying to do Like trying to be a hostess And harass them whenever they pass next to him Everyone was disgusted Finally, John Belk told him, Do you know who's sitting with us now? The man said: No, who? John replied that it was Billy Graham Preacher He said: What a surprise! Then he turned to me, saying: Put it there! Your speeches certainly helped me! (Laughter) I think that's true With thousands of people (Laughter) I know that as you look to the future As we heard from some this evening I would like to live this age I see what it will be But that will not happen Because I am eighty years old, and here is my eighty years I have not much left ..

I now have vein inflammation in both legs That is why I need some help to stand Because I have Parkinson's disease too in addition to, Some other problems that I won't talk about (Laughter) But .. this is not the first time That we had a technological revolution There are other previous revolutions I want to talk about one Within a generation Happened to the nation of the people of Israel A tremendous and radical change Made them a superpower in the Near East A man named David Came to the throne King David became one of the great leaders In his generation He was a tremendous leader God was with him He was also a brilliant poet Philosopher, writer, and soldier He has strategies in battles What people are studying today But two centuries before David The Hittites were Have discovered a secret Smelting and treatment of iron And little by little, that skill spread But they would not have allowed the Israelis To recognize that skill But David changed all that The iron age was introduced To Israel The Bible tells us that David built the iron warehouses Which archaeologists have found today In Palestine Which shows the existence of this generation And now, instead of raw tools Made of sticks and stones Israel now has plows Sickles and bulldozers And military weapons And within a generation Israel has changed completely The introduction of iron in some respects It had an effect As the impact of microchips on our generation As the impact of microchips on our generation And..

David found That there are many problems that technology has failed to solve There are many neglected problems And that still does not exist, and you have no solution And I didn't hear anyone talking here about it How do we solve these three problems Which I would like to mention The first is what David saw Are the evils of man Where do you come from? How can we solve this problem? More than once after another And in the Psalms, Gladstone described it as the greatest book in the world David describes the evils of mankind and say You (God) give me back my soul Have you ever thought of any contradiction what we are? On the one hand we can explore the deepest mysteries of the universe We are pushing the limits of technology This conference also shows us We saw what the deep sea Three miles down We have also seen galaxies billions of years away In the future But on the other Something is wrong Battleships Our soldiers It is now on a border Almost ready to go to war with Iraq Almost ready to go to war with Iraq Now, what causes it ?! Why do we have these wars in every generation And in every part of the world ?! And revolutions ?! We can't live with other people Even in our families We find ourselves in a tight circle Of self-destruction and habits we can not get rid of Racism, injustice and violence are sweeping our world Bringing a tragic harvest of sorrow and death Even the most sophisticated among us It seems incapable of breaking this episode I want to see the Oracle This problem is addressed or I find Technology geniuses are working on it How can we change man So do not fall into lying and deception Even our press is not full of stories For business and labor fraud Or sports, or whatever field The Bible says that the problem lies with us Within our hearts and souls Our problem is our separation About our Creator Allah We need to regain our souls He can only do God Jesus said: from the heart Come evil thoughts Of killings and sexual immorality Theft, perjury And tossing symptoms British philosopher Bertrand Russell He was not a religious man But he said in our hearts lies evil It is our heart ..

Must be eradicated It is our heart .. must be eradicated Albert Einstein I was talking to someone – when I was at Princeton, When I met Mr. Einstein When I met Mr. Einstein He did not have a Ph.D. That no one is eligible for one (Laughter) But he said It is easier to spoil plutonium Than to separate the poltergeist from a man And many of you, I am sure Think about it And look carefully You have seen people They benefit from technological advances Like the Internet as we heard tonight Then turn it into something .. corrupt You have seen brilliant minds invent computer viruses Which caused the failure of entire systems The Oklahoma City bombing was done using simple technology Used awfully The problem is not technology! The problem is the person or people who use it! King David said He knows the depths of his soul He said he could not free himself from personal problems And personal evils Which included murder and adultery However, King David sought God's forgiveness He said, you can restore my soul! You have seen, the Bible teaches us That we are more than body and mind We are ourselves And that there is something inside us Beyond our understanding It is the part that yearns To know God, or to something further Than we find in technology Your soul is that part of you Who yearns to make sense in this life And who seeks something behind this life.

It is that part of you who really yearns to know God I find young people all over the world Looking for something. They don't know what it is .. I talked at many universities, There was always time to receive and answer questions Whether it's Cambridge or Harvard Or Oxford I spoke at each of these universities I'm going to Harvard in three or four No, in about two months from now To give a lecture I will ask the same questions that I asked The few times I've been there I will be the ones These questions Where did you come from? why I am here? Where am I going? What is life? why I am here? Even if you have no religious belief There are times when you wonder that there is something else Thomas Edison has also said When you see everything that happens in the world of science And in the works of the universe Then you cannot deny, there is a commander for all this on the bridge I recall time I sat next to Mrs.

Gorbachev At a dinner at the White House I went to Ambassador Dobrinen who I know very well I had visited Russia several times, under the Communists Who gave me of freedom what I didn't expect I knew Mr. Dobrinen well and I said to him I'll sit next to Mrs. Gorbachev tonight What should I talk to her tonight? The answer surprised me He said: Talk to her about religion and philosophy That's what you really care about I was a bit surprised, but that evening That's what we talked about It was an interesting conversation She said afterwards You know, I'm an atheist But I know there's something Higher than we are The second problem Which King David realized that he could not solve Is human suffering And while writing the oldest book in history He said Man is born in misery Yes, sure, science has done little to roll back Certain kinds of human suffering But I do In the next few months I will be eighty years old I admit that I am very grateful For all medical advances That made me relatively healthy All these years My doctors urged me at the Mayo Hospital Not to make this trip – to come here I haven't given a speech for nearly four months And when I speak as much as I do Three or four times a day You rust That's why I use this platform And these observations Every time you hear me on TV, or anywhere You improvise I wouldn't have read a sermon I would not have read a recent, or lecture Just improvise But tonight I was I had brought some notes Even if you forget That's what I do sometimes I can refer to it to remind me.

But even here between us Maybe In the most advanced societies in the world We have poverty We have families that self-destruct themselves And friends who betray us And intolerable psychological pressures burden our people I have never met anyone in the world Had no problem Or worry Why do we suffer? .. It's an old question We have no answer And David continues to say again and again That he was going to God He says that God is the shepherd The last problem that David learned was that he could not solve it Are death Many commentators said that death Is a taboo subject for our generation Most people live like they are They will not die Technology envisioned our legend Controlling our mortality See on our screens Marilyn Monroe as it is, beautiful As if they are a fact Many of our young people are believed to be alive They don't know she's dead Or Clark Gable or whatever We see old stars coming to life And they And they are alive on the screen as if they were a fact But death is inevitable I talked a while ago At a joint session of Congress, last year We were meeting in that room Statues room About 300 were there I said there is one thing we have in common in this room We all – whether we are Republicans or Democrats Or any we were I said: We will all die This is common to us and all the great men of the past Who look at us now This is often difficult for young people To absorb it It is difficult for them to understand that they will die As the writer of Ecclesiastes wrote He said: There is time for everything under the sky There's time for birth A time to die I stood on a deathbed Many celebrities That you may know I talked to them.

I saw them in those painful moments When they were scared to death A few years later Death was never in their calculations I talked to a woman last week her dad.. Her father .. a famous doctor She never thought or talked about God He would not believe in God, he was an atheist But she said When death came He sat on the edge of his bed that day He asked the nurse to see a chaplain. He said for the first time in his life That he had thought of death And in Allah Did God exist? A few years ago, a college student asked me What is the biggest surprise in your life? And I said, the biggest surprise of my life Is the palace of life It's going fast! But things don't need to be that way Werner von Braun, In the aftermath of World War II, he says Science and religion are not opposite On the contrary, they are in sync! He said that as his own opinion I knew Dr.

Von Braun well And he would say, when I talk about myself I can only say that the greatness of the universe Just to confirm Believe in the existence of his Creator He also said In our quest to know God, I came to believe that the life of Christ You should be of interest to us And that the truth of his life and sent Is the hope of mankind I talked a lot in Germany And in France, and in different parts of the world I had the privilege of speaking in 105 countries I was once invited to visit Advisor Adenauer Which is one of the founders of modern Germany Since the war He told me once He said: Young man ..

Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? I replied: Yes, sir He said: I am When I leave my post I'll spend my time writing a book About the reasons why Jesus was resurrected And the importance of believing in it In one of his plays Depicts us Alexander Solgenstein A man is dying Saying to those who wrapped around his bed The most difficult moments you regret Is when someone is dying How should someone live so as not to regret when death comes? Blaise Pascal He asked this question exactly In the seventeenth century in France Pascal was called the architect of modern civilization Engineer of modern civilization He was a brilliant scientist In mathematics Even as a teenager Many consider him the founder of probability theory The first iconic model of the computer And of course all of you are aware That there is a programming language named after him Pascal sailed deeply into our human dilemmas Of evil, suffering and death He was stunned Of the phenomenon we were adopting People can achieve unfamiliar high levels In the fields of science, the arts, and human institutions But it's also full of anger, and hypocrisy And grudges Pascal gave us a great combination Of genius and self-deception On November 23rd Year 1654 Pascal suffered a deep religious experience He wrote those words in a magazine Introduce myself College Jesus Christ, my Savior A French historian Two centuries later Rarely present the powerful and the smart This humility To the authority of Jesus Christ Pascal's faith was not limited to the power of God's love and mercy To restore harmony between us But it's also safe That his sins and sins can be forgiven And that when he dies he will go to a place called paradise I have been exposed to that experience in a way that went beyond Limits of scientific observation and sanity It is from the line of those famous words The heart has its causes Which has no known cause.

He was also known for his famous bet He would say: If you bet on God And open yourself to his love You won't lose anything even if you're wrong But if you bet not to exist Then you might lose that life and what might follow Pascal's scientific knowledge was Faint beside knowing God Knowing God was beyond About anything dangerous to his mind He was ready to confront him When he died at the age of 39 King David lived until his seventies Long time in his time But he also faced death in the end And line these words Though I went through the Valley of Death Shadows I will not fear evil Because you (Allah) are with me This was David's response to the three dilemmas Evil, suffering and death. And you too can own this answer If you seek Allah And filled your life And made him own in the future When I was seventeen years old I grew up on a farm in North Carolina Milking cows every morning, and milking again in the evening When I came home from school There were twenty cows You are responsible for them And worked on the farm I tried to attend my studies I didn't achieve good grades in high school I didn't even achieve it in college Something happened in my heart.

Someday, you face to face With Christ He said, I am the way, right, life Can you imagine that? He said: I am the truth I embody all the truth Maybe he was a liar Or crazy Or it was what he claimed to be what was? I had to make that decision I can't prove it I couldn't bring her to a lab And subject them to experiments But I said with faith, I believe him I have dwelt to my heart And changed my life And now .. I'm ready When I hear this call To enter into God's communion Thank you, God bless you all (clap) Thank you for this honor, it was great Richard Foreman: I did it! Thanks (clap) .

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

Imagine living in the 1980s, and they told you that Computers will dominate everything From shopping, to dating, to the stock market. Millions of people will connect through a network That you will have a handheld device Its power will outweigh the power of supercomputers At the time it seemed absolutely unreasonable, and then it all happened Science fiction has become our reality and we are not aware of it Today, we stand the same position for genetic engineering So, talk about it Where it came from and what to do now What are the current scientific breakthroughs that will change the way we live And what we consider “natural” forever Humans have been "engineering" organisms for thousands of years by artificial selection We have strengthened useful varieties of animals and plants We became very good at this, although we did not understand it well So we discovered the code of life: DNA, DNA Complex complex driving growth and job development Every living thing is multiplying The information is encoded in the order of the boat 4 nucleotides are bound together and create the code that bears the instructions Edit the arrangement and the carrier object will be modified Since he discovered DNA, people have been trying to manipulate it In the 1960s scientists exposed plants to radiation To cause a random mutation in the gene The idea was to have a unique plant by pure chance Sometimes, it succeeds In the 1970s, scientists added DNA to bacteria, plants and animals To study and modify them for scientific research, pharmaceutical, agriculture and enjoyment The first genetically modified animal was born in 1974 Making mice the main tools of research that saved millions of lives In the 1980s the subject became commercial The first patent was given to a microbe (germ) rate to absorb oil Today we produce many chemicals through modified organisms such as Life-saving coagulation factors, growth hormone and insulin are things we had to draw From animal organs.

Or genetically modified food in the lab arrived at the market in The first genetically modified food that arrived on the market in 1994 Tomatoes preserved taste; tomatoes with longer shelf life An enzyme was added to inhibit mold enzymes But GM foods and the debate around them deserve a video on their own In 1990 there was a simple start to genetic modification in humans To treat infertility, children were made They carry a genetic material of 3 human Which made them the first humans with 3 genetic parents These days we have muscle piercing pigs, a fast growing salmon Chicken with no feathers and transparent frogs For entertainment, we made things shine in the dark The shiny striped fish is sold for about $ 10 All of this is great, but for a while Gene modification was expensive, complex and time-consuming This changed with a new technology that began to enter the domain known as CRISPR Overnight cost of genetic modification decreased by 99% Instead of years, you need a few weeks to do an experiment Anyone in the lab can do it It is hard to describe the bone of CRISPR technology It has the power to change humanity forever How this sudden revolution took place and what it did Since the dawn of history, bacteria and viruses have been fighting So-called bacterial eaters or fish eaters In the oceans, they eat 40% of bacteria every day This happens by inserting their genetic code into the bacteria They control them (bacteria) and use them as a plant Bacteria try to resist but fail most of the time For the weakness of its defense tools But sometimes bacteria survived the attack In this case they do their most powerful antivirus system It saves part of the genetic DNA of the virus Evacuate her genetic acid and deposit it in an archive called CRISPR Saves there safely until needed When viruses attack again, bacteria quickly make an RNA copy Of the acid virus that saved and handed over to a secret weapon; a protein called CAS 9 This protein scans the bacteria for any evidence of a viral invasion By comparing each part of the genetic acid you find it to the archive sample When you find a 100% match The weapon does and cuts the viral genetic acid which makes it useless It protects bacteria from attack What is special is that Cass 9 is very accurate, like a DNA surgeon The revolution began when scientists discovered that the crisp system was programmable! You can give a copy of the genetic acid to be modified Then place the system in a live cell We compare old ways of genetic modification to maps, This technology acts as a GPS In addition to being accurate, cheap and easy, CRISPR offers the possibility of modifying living cells to activate and inhibit genes And target and study specific parts of DNA It works on all types of cells: microorganisms, plants, animals and humans Regardless of being revolutionary tools in the hands of scientists, It is the first generation There are more precise tools to evolve and use as we speak In 2015 scientists used CRISPR to drive HIV out of living cells For patients under test, which proved successful About a year later they did a wider experiment on mice That she had HIV in all of her cells By injecting CRISPR into its tail They could remove more than 50% of the viruses from the cells of the body In the next few decades, we have been able to cure HIV and other viral diseases Viruses hiding in human DNA such as herpes will be eliminated CRISPR may be able to eliminate one of our worst enemies, cancer Cancer occurs when cells refuse to die and continue to multiply While immunizing itself from the immune system CRISPR allows us to modify immune cells To become the most skilled in catching cancer cells Cancer treatment may become a Take a few needles from your cells Which has been modified in the lab for your recovery The first clinical trial of cancer treatment was approved by CRISPR In 2016 in the United States and in less than a month Chinese scientists announced They will treat lung cancer With CRISPR-modified immune cells in August 2016, events are accelerating There are also genetic diseases there are thousands of them and vary From mild annoying diseases to fatal or suffering decades With a powerful tool like CRISPR we can end this suffering of more than 3,000 genetic diseases It might happen because of a character error within the DNA We build modified versions of Cas 9 that can Modify one character leading to cure the disease from within the cell In a decade or two we may end thousands of diseases forever But all these medical applications share one thing: They are confined to the individual and die with him only if you use them on genital cells or At a very, very early stage of the embryo.

But we can use CRISPR for more: Make two modified humans, the design of the children and this will mean gradually But definitively a change in the genetic pool of humanity Genome modification method Human embryo is present, although technology is still in its infancy But it was tried twice; in 2016 and 2015, Chinese scientists Experiments on human embryos and had partial success in their second experiment This shows the great challenge ahead of us in terms of gene modification For embryos and scientists are working to solve it Just as the computer was in the 1970s, there will be better computers Regardless of your personal perspective of genetic engineering, it will affect you Modified humans may change the entire human genome The modified features will be passed on to the children who will transmit and publish them For generations that are followed by slowly changing human gene pool, it will start slowly The first genetically modified children will not be much modified, often They will be adjusted to prevent deadly genetic diseases that flow in the family's genes As technology develops and becomes more professional, many people will discuss it If not using genetic modification is ethical because you are depriving children To avoid suffering and death and deprive them of treatment but soon while Born on the first genetically modified child will open a door that will never close Initially the original qualities will be left alone, but after it becomes Genetic modification is more receptive and our knowledge of our genes is more extensive Passion will increase If you make your sperm resistant to Alzheimer's, why not give it too Also better Or, ideally, what about a tall length and muscle mass? Perfect hair? What about a kid with supernatural talent? Great changes It happens because of individual decisions, affecting millions of individuals And accumulate, and steadily increase, modified humans may become The dominant pattern.

As genetic engineering advances and our knowledge expands We will be able to solve the underlying cause of death: aging Two-thirds of the 150,000 people who will die today will die of aging At present, we believe that aging is caused by the accumulation of devastation in ourselves, such as DNA breakage The device responsible for repairing these fractures has been disrupted over time But there are also genes that directly affect aging Gene therapy with a few other treatments may stop or slow aging and may even reflect it! We know from nature that there are animals that are anti-aging perhaps we can To borrow a few genes for ourselves. Some scientists believe that aging Nothing will remain. We will inevitably die, but instead of dying at the age of 90 We may be able to spend a few thousand years with our loved ones Research in this area is still in its infancy and a group of scientists are still truly skeptical About the end of aging the challenges are enormous, and perhaps unattainable But we can imagine that people alive today will be the first beneficiaries of Anti Aging Treatment All we need is a capable person To convince a smart millionaire to make her his next big problem to solve (in reference to Elon Musk) More broadly, we can certainly solve many problems with a modified population Modified humans can be better equipped to handle high-energy foods, which means getting rid of a group Contemporary diseases such as obesity, for example We have a modified immune system with a library of potential threats We may gain immunity against most diseases that threaten us today So in the future we can equip humans They are prepared for long space flights, and they can withstand the different conditions of other planets Which would be useful in keeping us alive in this cruel universe However, we still have some challenges.

Some are technological and others are moral Some of you will feel upset and afraid to create a world Incomplete humans will reject and pre-select humans based on their characteristics and competencies Based on our perception of what is healthy The problem is that we actually live in this world. Tests for dozens of genes Disadvantages and problems have become essential for any pregnant woman In most of the world Even a slight suspicion of a genetic defect will result in termination of pregnancy Take Down syndrome for example, one of the most common genetic disorders In Europe, about 90% of cases are detected in pregnant women The pregnancy aborted, the decision to abortion is a personal decision par excellence but It is important to know that we are actually selecting human beings Based on their health. No need to claim that this Will change, so we have to be careful and respectful as we move forward Technology and we can make more choices. But none of this will happen soon Despite the power of Crisp, we have not been able to do it yet. Wrong modifications They still occur in addition to unknown errors that can occur anywhere in the DNA Without attention, a gene may give us the desired result But it may also have the wrong effect We still do not know yet about the complex overlap of our genes until we survive The consequences are undesirable, working on accurate and controlled methods It is their great when human experiments begin, since we discussed A brilliant future is possible, there is also a dark vision Imagine what a country like North Korea could do if it could engineer Genetic, can the system consolidate its power forever by making a few genetic modifications On his staff? What will prevent an authoritarian system from engineering An army with genetically modified supernatural soldiers? Theoretically this is possible! A scenario like this It is inundated in the future if it ever happens.

But Evidence of this principle exists Currently. This technology is actually powerful. This may be Reason to ban genetic modification and any research close to it that would be A big mistake is certain The prohibition of genetic engineering on humans will prompt scientists to look for other ways Only for places where there are uncomfortable laws and regulations By sharing we can be cautious There are justifications, monitoring and transparency Do you feel bad now? Most of us have Something is not so good for them. Will we have to survive In the future ahead? The technology must be a bit scary, but we have a lot of gains and engineering Genetic may be a step in the way of natural evolution of the genus In this intelligent universe, we may be able to eliminate diseases, we may be able to prolong our life For centuries and travel through the stars. There is no need for limited thinking When we speak on the subject Whatever you think about genetic engineering.

The future is coming whatever you did. What was a mad science fiction became Our new reality, a reality full of opportunities and challenges Such a video would not have been possible without your support on the supporter If you want to support explaining complex things, maybe get On your bird, you can do it here. Want to know more about CRISPR? We have developed Sources and references in the video description The whole placement will come later if you want to receive a timely notification You can follow us here Translated by the team

Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

draw a circle remove dirt and soil at a depth of 1m began to appear groundwater Smooth sand appears. We can use it to build houses at a depth of 1.5m appear large groundwater at a depth of 2m tomorrow draw water out of the well has taken all the water Brick embankment for wells Brick embankment in a circle fill the hole in the well build wells go get wood in the forest grinding fire burn fire to make water barrels clean cover the soil so that it does not burn the edge tie the rope into the basket to draw water draw water from the well draw shapes to build a water filter tank remove topsoil build water filter tank Stretch the line to get straightness Brick boss for tank nails mortar strip divided into 2 water compartments fill soil for the above tank strip of waterproof mortar continue to build high finished part rough beautify the tank complete construction of water filter tank Go get pine tree resin melting plastic The plastic has melted Scan the plastic to prevent water from filtering the tank cut down the tree punch a hole Forced crane system to collect water for crane to support the rack tie the stone as a counterweight to the crane force the barrel to fill the crane with water Scoop water with a crane take charcoal Charcoal Take gravel from streams Clean gravel Take sand from the stream Charcoal small pebbles sand big stone take water from the well to the filter tank Contaminated water water was cleaner than before Clean water water has reached the standard Compare water before filtering and after filtering drinking filtered water

My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

I bought Champagne from you last week and i'm very disappointed Oh yeah What's the problem Yeah well why My Blackberry Is not working Correctly *Laughing* HAHA What's the matter, it ran out of juice? No no it's completely frozen in to ice *The man hits the blackberry on the table* with anger Oh yeah I can see that. I'll tell you what lets try it on orange That’s got a few black spots, you see Ohh dear yeah Sorry bout that But there I am using my black berry working Well there could be an application issue Where do you store that blackberry You could try using a mouse drag the blackberry to the trash and after you done that you might launch the blackberry from the desktop Well I already tried that few times I mean all it did was mess up windows Well it might be worth to wait for couple of weeks they got the latest blackberry coming in then Could you give me a date? Certainly Let me put that date in my diary Anything else I can help you with? Yes,yes I also got a problem to be honest.

With my apple Ohh dear oo dear that is an old apple isn’t when'd you buy that Last week Last week?! Oh we have two new apples since then What’s the problem with it? It wont fit Oh yea An how bigs your dongle Well I dont know much about these things but my wife seen a few dongles in her time and she says a little bit on the smaller size Oh friend there’s not a lot I can do bout that Tell you what? Let me try booting it That is crashed Anything else I can help you with? Well funnily enough.

Yes My Grandson birthday soon Now he already got an apple and a blackeberry I mean have you got anything else that he might just like? Oh we doing a special offer on these I mean I can’t make head or tail of them but the kids seems to like them,eggs boxs 360.

Cable and Antenna Test | FieldFox Handheld Analyzers | Keysight Technologies

If you have used cable and antenna testers before, you will understand that before each measurement is performed, Reopening the circuit – short circuit – load calibration is a very cumbersome and time consuming task. However, here you will be happy to see that in most cases you will use FieldFox's calibration ready (CalReady) And with the QuickCal feature, you no longer have to use the calibration kit. It saves a lot of time and is especially suitable for measurements in difficult environmental conditions. For example at the top of the mast. First, scan the X-band horn antenna with a shorter test cable. Just like we did the acceptance test at the factory before we went to the field. First I press the Mode button to make sure the meter is in CAT (cable and antenna test) mode. Then I press the Meas button and select the return loss test.

Set the start frequency to 5 GHz and the termination frequency to 14 GHz. At this point you can see the return loss of the instrument being scanned. Change the scale to 5 dB/div, This way we can see more clearly, we are measuring the return loss. The return loss is represented by the Y axis, and the frequency is represented by the X axis. But now I have not calibrated. If I press the Cal button, you will see many calibration options: Simple response calibration and fast calibration, the latter can make Our calibration eliminates the need for mechanical calibration parts. We can also perform a complete open-short-load calibration as needed. Each FieldFox meter is pre-calibrated at this reference point before leaving the Agilent facility. We are happy to be able to measure the response of the cable and antenna.

The cable is a very short, good quality low loss cable. Therefore, the return loss shown is from both the antenna and the cable. Then we no longer need to perform any calibration. This is before the field test A factory validation test that can be accepted. If you need to eliminate the effects of the test cable, Or if you have a longer cable, then we use a quick calibration method. First disconnect the cable attached to the antenna, press the Cal button and select Quick Calibration. The on-screen diagram shows the order and manner of connections. Start calibration, it will display "Keep port 1 open (no connection)". Then press the Measure button and it will proceed with the optional Step 2 step: Connect a 50 Ω load to the end of the cable. I will skip this step and press the Finish button. FieldFox has now been calibrated without any mechanical calibration kits. I will reconnect it to the antenna. Without considering the influence of the test cable, Now we measure the return loss of the antenna. As you would expect, Press the Marker button to open several cursor markers, I will open the cursor 1 marker.

Then open another cursor. And we can save the current result to the U disk Or SD card and save it as a test report. Let us consider another situation here, That is, we have to diagnose the problems that may occur in the antenna installation on site. In this case, we need to check the antenna, wiring and connectors. All aspects must work in an orderly manner to ensure that the antenna transmits and receives signals efficiently. Common mistakes include: damage to the antenna or cable, usually caused by lightning strikes, corrosion, Accidental damage during maintenance, or improperly installed connectors on the RF cable, Or water ingress due to inadequate waterproofing of the connector. In order for the antenna and wiring system to work properly, all parts of the system must Similar to a 50 Ω transmission line at the transmit and receive frequencies. Any deviation (deviation of 50 Ω) will cause damage on the cable Any deviation from 50 ohms will cause the signal to reflect along the cable, and these reflections will decrease.

The power to the antenna or receiver. Fault location function in FieldFox It is possible to verify these reflected signals. It will tell us how serious these mistakes are, And where these errors are transmitted along the cable. Under this setting, I will still use a shorter one. Test cable and the same X-band horn antenna, between the two, now I have a length At 10 meters or 20 meters, if we want to test the cable, And any components added to the entire loop, then we press the fault point positioning button. We use the Y-axis to represent the return loss (dB) and the X-axis to indicate the distance being measured. The starting distance is 0 meters. The calibration plane is at FieldFox port 1. Now I use the calibration ready feature again. The termination distance is 100 meters. The length of the cable is no more than 30 meters.

If I press the Freq/Dist button, the termination distance is 30 meters. Also need to change the scale to 5 dB/div. It’s now showing a distance of 0 to 30 meters, and we can clearly See the reflections at various points on the cable. To ensure distance measurement and The accuracy of the return loss measurement, we have to set it in FieldFox The type of cable used. Press the Meas Setup button, Select the DTF cable specification, edit it, save it and load it into the cable, and you will see that we loaded the pre-set cable. It is a RG8 or LMR or LDF standard cable loaded directly into the FieldFox memory. If the cable you are testing is not on this list, you can simply add it manually. Simply enter the speed factor and loss value. I have chosen the cable type LMR195. Now we press the downstream button and open the cursor 1.

If I set it to 0 meters, you will see a slight rise in the track line. It will return a return loss value of approximately 40 dB. This is the quality test cable and The junction of the FieldFox port 1 RF connector. If we move the cursor along the trajectory, we can see the second lift. The return loss at the point where the test cable is connected to the LMR195 is 40 dB. I can prove that when disconnected, you will see 100% reflection in a distance of 1 meter. I reconnected the cable, as we can find Other errors that may exist on the cable. Here, these small lifts are due to Caused by minor cable damage, the peak here is at the connector to Between the antenna fly leads. All are in compliance with the test index's 25 or 30 dB return loss value. Finally, very large, the rise at the end of the antenna is the response of the antenna itself.

So you can see that the antenna is 19.44 meters away from FieldFox. I am replacing this very good connector now, plugging in a cheaper adapter. You immediately observe that this response is significantly increased. If we use a cursor here to identify, you will see a return loss of 26.9 dB. This is acceptable in the real world. But this may indicate that the signal is attenuated. You may need to fix it during the next field test. There is an easier way to set the cursor at the peak instead of rotating the button. If I press the downstream button 2 and then press the Peak button, the cursor 1 will be immediately Reach the peak on the screen. We open the second cursor, Then move to the next right peak. Then open another cursor and continue to set to the right peak. I can press the downstream button and open the cursor list.

You will see the distance (meters) and return loss value of each cursor that has been opened in the list below the track. This is a great way to generate test reports. We can save the contents of the screen to U disk or SD card, and put it in the report or send it to the customer by email. You may notice that under the measurement button, In addition to the DTF that can be expressed in dB, the DTF can also be represented by the standing wave ratio. This is similar to the previous measurement of return loss, we can only measure the standing wave ratio of the antenna. We can also display return loss and fault point distance in the same display at the same time. If I press the More button, we can even perform a single port line loss test.

This is very useful. If the meter has a network Or tracking function, which will make it easy to measure the loss of two ports. But both ends of the cable must be connected to FieldFox. When the cable is placed at the antenna mast, you can only touch one end of the cable. Simply connect the FieldFox to one end of the cable to measure the line loss. This makes it very convenient to make measurements in the field. In short, we are able to measure the return loss of the antenna And standing wave ratio, can also measure the DTF, return loss and standing wave ratio of cable and antenna systems. In addition, we can measure the loss of the cable by simply connecting one end of the cable. We don't have to use a calibration kit at any time. However, you can still calibrate using traditional open circuit shorts and loads. But with FieldFox, you don't have to use them many times. For more information on the Agilent FieldFox Microwave Analyzer, Please contact your local sales representative or visit the website below.


10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

[Chinese subtitle: mouth gun rat] Welcome to the TTI channel. A paradise for tech lovers. Today we are going to take stock of the top ten of holographic technology. They look so amazing and real. So, sit down and relax, enjoy it, my friend. Tenth place "Laser plasma holographic surgery" Burton has developed this laser plasma holographic device. It is a 3D display that produces real light spots in the air. So viewers can see 3D images in real 3D space. It utilizes the phenomenon of plasma radiation near the focal point of the laser light. By controlling the three axes of x, y, z, It looks both sci-fi and fascinating. This holographic technology will be applied to advertising, Distress signal in the entertainment industry, emergency and disaster. Ninth place "Fan-leaf hologram" The fan-leaf hologram device is like a ceiling fan. Complex RGB light sources are assembled on the fan blades. A full-image image is produced when rotated. The amazing thing is that its holographic image is almost HD quality. It is very power efficient and consumes only 10 watts of electricity.

The price of this device is about hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is ideal for use in affordable commercials. eight place "Portable holographic projection device" This holographic projection unit is compact and easy to carry. Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology Co-developed this portable holographic projector called "Hollow Becht". Surprisingly, it is the most meticulous hologram in the world. Simply put, it is a thousand times smaller than the hair. This hologram suspended in the air does not require any special glasses. That's really cool. Another portable holographic camera is "Fairy Light." It is a light that can interact with it. You can not only touch it, you will even have a touch. This aerial image was developed in collaboration with many Japanese universities.

This technology uses a femtosecond laser, It can ionize air molecules, Thereby, a luminescent plasma accompanying a small knock is generated. These lights or "voxels" can be arranged in midair. Floating and interactive images in the air. Another portable holographic device is called the "digital holographic desktop." It was developed by Giga Korea in cooperation with other companies and investors. Greatly, it produces the world's first 360-degree hologram. So it has no perspective restrictions. With a series of high power colorful lasers, It is possible to project this complex magic square in midair. Seventh place "solid hologram" Entity holograms are more detailed in terms of interaction. Daniel, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Resinger and Sean. Volmer Invented this complex reality dynamic body display. It is more advanced than hologram. Because it is a 3D-style telepresence technology. Because it has the ability to present the shape of a person or thing. You will be curious about how this is done. simply put, This tabletop is made up of motor linkage and moving rod. It can instantly display artificial shapes through digital sources. It looks like it came out of science fiction. It consists of 900 half-width wide moving rods and 900 independent motors. Squeezing 900 motors in such a limited area is really a challenge. "Crazy Flies 2.0" is another kind of solid hologram. It uses hundreds of autonomous drones equipped with LED lights.

These drones fly in a coordinated manner. A 3D illuminating holographic structure is presented in the air. It can be an alternative to fireworks. And there will be no air pollution. It is by Rafaelello. Designed by DeAndre. Sixth place "Material Media Whole Image" The so-called "material media holographic" means that it requires the object medium as a projection. The first example of this type of technology is a smoke projector.

Smoke projection is an excellent projection technique. It can have a holographic effect and is low in cost. Only need one projector plus a smoke room, Can emit vertical smoke streams, It is a cool and inexpensive idea. You can attract customers with high-tech advertising effects. Another example of material media holographic surgery is "Water Full Image", It was developed by Burton. You will wonder how it works. These laser beams excite water molecules, A green hologram pattern is produced. Surprisingly, it can generate 50,000 light spots per second. And 30 frames per second, that's amazing. "Kelly Water Full Image" is a super creative technology. Adopted by an advertising company "Kai Li Li". Interestingly, this hologram is made up of more than 20,000 components. It took 5,000 hours to assemble. There are a total of 208 independent nozzles, and the switch switching time is only 2 milliseconds. This portrait ran to the box, When it jumped into the box, its water splashed when it stepped on the box. This technique is really difficult. the fifth place The hologram in the hypermarket It is a 7D holographic technology.

That is, high-quality holographic images captured from 7 dimensions. Provides the ultimate visual effect. As you can see, a virtual whale splashing water on the floor of a school gym, It looks very real. However, this technology is still in the development stage. In the release of this magical leap concept film, Showcasing the capabilities of 7D holographic technology. Many of the videos on 7D holographic technology on YouTube are like wildfires. Just like the 7D hologram show in Dubai, There is also a 7D zoo in Japan's hypermarket. All-image animals such as: giraffes, monkeys, pandas, etc. Interact with guests in hypermarkets. But unfortunately, These films are obviously a prank. This video is part of a series of commercials from the National Geographic Channel. But it was passed wild. At the same time it was created using animation software. By the way, the Internet is full of fake movies. However, we cannot deny the existence of holographic technology.

Another hologram technology was developed by Kino-mo. They showed the super visual wall, It produces a holographic image that is close to HD resolution. This unique wall is made up of many rotating blades. The sophisticated LED blades utilize advanced software algorithms to produce a full image. This wall is three meters in size, but it is very energy efficient. Because it only consumes 65 watts of electricity. It is priced at $3,200. So it is designed for use in stores, stadiums and commercials. "No-Logram" is a true holographic technology that does not require glasses. This new technology was developed by French artist Joanie Lemercier. Which utilizes a two-dimensional projection combined with a motion sensor, Make the image look like a full 3D stereo. fourth place "Table top imager" As the name implies, it is a device that presents a full image on the table top. The first example of a table-top hologram is the Euclidean hologram table: The first person in the world used the holistic table. Up to four people can surround and interact with the hologram. The Euclidean hologram table is equipped with a great processor and a powerful graphics processor.

Using a light beam to generate a 3D image, It can be projected artistically. The computer achieves this by coordinating tiny theoretical "light pixels" of light. It can be used to sell pre-sale houses. Just like the architectural model used to display the finished product. Or it can be used to view the entire city or even the entire country. It is equipped with the world's strongest 3D graphics processor and imaging algorithms. This super-strong combination allows the table to process 64 centimeters per cubic meter of data. That is about 1 million cubes per cubic mile. That means it can handle 1,000 GB of graphics data. Another example of a tabletop hologram is "HoloLamp". The world's first portable hologram that does not require glasses. It projects 3D optical images directly on your desktop. The application of HoloLamp was developed with Unity. That is the leading software for the gaming industry worldwide.

Relying on touch detection technology, HoloLamp allows you to control virtual 3D objects by hand. Another tabletop holographic device is "3D volume technology". It assigns digital content to life, And it allows people to visualize communication, learning and common games. Provide a 3D experience without obstacles. No need to wear special glasses, This is a more fascinating way to interact with 3D. Can provide multiple people to interact at the same time, It is a new way of social entertainment technology. 3rd Place "Event Holograms" Event Holograms is a holographic projection technique that is best suited for use in the Jesus Festival. Or you can use it for Halloween. It was developed by AtmosFX. Article 2 "The stage performance hologram" MDH Hollogram is a pioneer in the holographic industry. It is also a leader in global holographic technology. MDH hologram is the most advanced hologram technology. Most of them are used in stage performances. It is also popular among singers, actors, magicians, politicians and businesses.

The best example of applying this technology is Indian Prime Minister Narendra. Modi's recent victory. He used MDH hologram technology to broadcast live to Indian states. But this technology is not cheap, it is quite expensive. 1st place "Completion of Conspiracy" The best example of a conspiracy is the Blu-ray program. This conspiracy theory was first proposed by two Canadian journalists in 1994. Two years later, the two men died of heart disease. If you remember the black skyscraper event that happened in China floating in the clouds, Then you can fully understand this conspiracy theory. NASA launched four hologram satellites. These satellites can generate a hologram by simultaneously focusing on a single area of ​​the surface. How is this done? The answer is that a holographic laser beam can ionize air molecules in a specific area. So the local people will see this hologram. This conspiracy theory claims that NASA is trying to achieve a new century of religion, Headed by the Antichrist, At the same time, "Christ's Advent", which was simulated by science and technology, opened the "new world order." This secret mission is to control all human beings by fear of alien invasion.

By misleading religious prophecies and archaeological knowledge of all major beliefs. If this technology is true, then who is our first name? Thanks for watching. Which technology do you think is the most fascinating? Please tell me the reason in the message board. If you are a new visitor, please subscribe freely. And share this video with friends. Click on the small bell to not miss our latest videos. We will see you in the next movie.

Peter Diamandis: “Exploring Exponential Technologies” | Talks at Google

[Music] thank you jack a force of nature here so a pleasure to be here I want to actually tee up a bunch of quick conversations that we can carry to our fireside chat and conversation with you so first of all I'm clear that were alive during the most extraordinary time ever in human history all right there's never been a better time to be alive other than perhaps tomorrow we're at a time where each of us have more power than nation-states had at heads of industries had just decades or century ago we forget how amazing the world is right we forget that a hundred years ago in 2019 and 1918 in that one year alone 50 million people died from the Spanish flu right 20 odd million people died from World War one scale that to today's population you'd be talking about a quarter billion people that would have passed away this year so we forget despite all of the negative news on what I call the crisis news network and so forth we're still living in the amazing time it's also true that I think none of us really understand how fast the world is changing we're living in a world where technologies across the board are growing exponentially you know computation sensors networks AI robotics 3d printing synthetic biology AR Viera blockchain all those technologies are themselves accelerating but it's the combination of two three or four those together that are accelerating things add to that the notion that in the next six years we're going from 3.8 billion people connected on planet Earth last year at the end of 2017 to eight billion people connected right we're adding four billion new minds into the global conversation have never been there before and that's a massive empowerment for acceleration add to that the fact that we've got more capital available flowing than ever before we hit all-time highs in venture fund seed funding crowdfunding icos sovereign and and so more capital flowing at the same time that all the technology that we're using to make stuff happen is de monetizing faster than ever before right the human genome was sequenced for a hundred million dollars in 2001 today it's circa 500 bucks Illumina is projecting $100 in one hour as is the Beijing genome Institute so there's more money everything we need to do is cheaper right look at Google Cloud computational capabilities and so more people more money cheaper stuff more experimentation and what it means is we're entering a period of a hyper acceleration right as I think about how fast the world is going it's not slowing down and in fact you know it's an acceleration of the acceleration that we're hitting so that makes for an amazing amazing future and one of the things that I focus on a lot is the notion that there is no problem we cannot solve all right and I'm clear that the right combination of technology talent and treasure can take on any problem and and my message to a lot of people around the world is you're now empowered if you are sick and tired about a problem or you're inspired to solve something you can it's a matter of do you do you give yourself permission to be that audacious and go do it 100 years ago the only people could actually solve a problem at any scale were the nation-states right or were the robber barons the industrialists and even all they could do was unleash monetary policies or troops or so forth today I just want you to feel and understand how empowered you are to find a problem and solve a problem that's what gives me hope that entrepreneurs by definition are individuals who find problems and solve problems and there are more and more entrepreneurs with more and more data with more computational power with more and more access to capital solving more and more problems so I would give you that perspective for a moment another area I'm excited about I serve as founder and executive chairman of the XPrize Foundation Jack is for a while now since the earliest days one of my trustees and so we we focus on what are the world's biggest problems they're not being solved and how do we set a very clear objective and say I don't care you know who you are where you went to school what you've ever done if you solve this problem it hit these metrics you win and so the very first XPrize was from my you know nine-year-old childhood passion of spaceflight I gave up on massive being the way I was we go to space I did the math and your chance are right mark one in a thousand of being a NASA astronaut I had a better chance of becoming an NBA all-star at five five than I did a NASA astronaut and so when I read that Lindbergh in 1927 crossed the Atlantic to win a $25,000 prize and looked at the numbers nine teams spent four hundred thousand trying to win this $25,000 prize and Raymond Orteig spent nothing on the losers only paid the winner and Lindbergh was the most unlikely guide to do it so I said okay I'm gonna create a prize for spaceflight he's gonna be a ten million dollar prize ten million was enough money to inspire the entrepreneurs but not the Airbus the Boeing the Lockheed I don't want the large players just buying the prize I wanted true innovation that ten million dollar prize inspired twenty six teams around the world who spent a hundred million dollars they're all optimists and Burt Rutan backed by Paul Allen who we just lost funded that prize development and won it was spaceship won Richard Branson came in and bought the rights to create Virgin Galactic richard has publicly announced he expects a flight to space approximately this month so fingers crossed we'll see something is what three weeks left in the month or there abouts and then we on the heels of that created an amazing board very proud that we've had as board members and benefactors Larry and Sergey and Eric and Ann Ann and a multitude of Googlers in the earliest days and folks like Elon Musk and Jim Cameron and Ratan Tata and so we've launched a bunch of prize let me give you a few that are active right now just for fun Elon funded a global learning XPrize and we asked teams can you build a piece of Android software that could take a child in the middle of no place from illiteracy to reading writing and numeracy in under 18 months and so sundar very kindly gave us 5,000 Android tablets with the World Food Program we went into Tanzania where we are right now we interviewed hundreds of villages and we found 2,500 kids who knew no swahili no English and put the tablets in their hands we had 800 teams enter the competition 141 ish delivered software we narrowed it to five finalists those five finalists are in 500 tablets each in the villages right now we're measuring the impact on the child the family and the village and then we're gonna open source the winning software the goal would be that this becomes part of you know Android kernel for example in the notion that every time an Android device is built it's a teacher right we're building a billion teachers a year we have to go in those villages and set up our there so that's one XPrize we're doing one that we just awarded is called the water abundance XPrize now half the disease burden on planet Earth is due to unclean drinking water and so we asked the the team could you pull water out of the atmosphere there quadrillions of liters of water in the atmosphere when it you know when it condenses on particles we call it rain and could you pull the app water out of the atmosphere 2,000 liters for under two cents per liter from all renewable energy and we just awarded the winner of that competition about a month ago I just came back from Greece and we have a an X Prize going on right now on on mapping the ocean floor we've mapped less than 5% ocean floor the physics of salt water makes it very difficult and so we said to win this prize at 7 million dollars put up by shell and by NOAA you've got to build an autonomous vehicle that can launch from land go out some some distance tens of kilometers into the ocean then go down 4000 meters and map 250 square kilometers in 24 hours on its own return and provide the data right so fully autonomous large-scale mapping we're down to five finalists that are in in Greece right now off the coast of the mainland and I've met two of the five teams one team is a group of 13 academics and grad students from Germany other team is two people at a switzerland and the team is out of japan and it's amazing what they're doing it's transforming what's possible in ocean one of my favorite exercise is going on right now is called the avatar XPrize and we've asked teams to build a robotic avatar so a robot so imagine I'm not here I'm back in Santa Monica where I live and at home I've got on pair of VR goggles and a haptic suit and as I'm moving around the robots moving on as I'm looking at here the robots looking at you so it's basically a remote avatar telepresence to allow you to go and and solve a problem do a medical diagnostic go into a disaster zone and so for us we have over 400 teams entering that competition so a lot of XPrize is going on we can dive into more when when Jack and I talk or you have your questions another area I'm passionate about is human longevity I'm clear we're gonna be able to add 10 20 potentially 30 healthy years and everyone's life right Google's got a massive investment in Kaliko besides Calico there's a multitude of different companies going on right now company down in San Diego Sam you med that's using that's manipulating wind pathways which is a communication pathway that's a thirteen billion dollar private company because the results are extraordinary they're in Phase two clinical trials on a multitude of different anti-cancer hair-growth anti-wrinkles osteogenesis I mean it's incredible what they're doing you see companies like unity Biosciences which are working on synthetic medicines to kill senile cells cells that have to the hayflick limit and have stopped replicating and then are becoming inflammatory agents if you can kill those cells and make room for new cells to generate from endogenous stem cells the organism regenerates and you get an extended lifespan another I have two companies in the longevity business one is in the stem cell business called cellularity we have the world's largest bank of placentas turns out you can think of the placenta as the 3d printer that manufactures the baby and that placenta is the richest source of stem cells and so those stem cells delivered back to an aging organism can extend life 30 plus percent as we age our stem cells in our bodies and all the compartments fall off very rapidly over time and so one of the reasons for aging is we lose the ability to regenerate ourselves to repair ourselves or the stem cells in our body they will drop hundred to a thousand X in population but they undergo epigenetic changes mutations and so forth and they're not capable as they were before so stem cell replenishment is another area one fun one that that I co-founded called human longevity we're down in San Diego will be opening around the country and what human longevity does is you come in for three hours we sequence your genome while 3.2 billion letters we do a 30x sequencing on you we sequence your microbiome we look at the your metabolomic aliy the top hundred plus proteins in your and chemicals in your micro small molecules in your bloodstream we do a full body MRI head-to-toe a brain MRI brain vasculature coronary CT lung CT and then we feed about 150 gigabytes of data into our system to determine two things number one is there anything going on inside your body right now that you should know about and number two based upon your genetics what are you likely to die from and how do you find it before so numbers are pretty telling the price point initially for for hli that what's called the health nucleus facility was 25,000 bucks so it's not cheap all these people who came were very well-to-do patients so to speak the price has dropped down to five thousand and three thousand for subsequent visits but still then in two percent right so we're in a room of roughly a hundred two of you have a brain or a or deque aneurysm you don't know about which is kind of shocking two percent and this is for population two older than you are here for 50 and older have a have a high grade cancer tumor 3.4 percent have a significant cardiac condition atrial fibrillation or bundle branch block or so it like II and we find 14 percent of the people who've come through have significant findings they take action on immediately so the faculty matter is we're all optimists we think everything's fine in our body and then until you go to the hospital at which point you're like oh you know I didn't know that and but I'm a pilot I fly a couple of planes before I take off make sure everything's in the green but for most of us we don't know that eventually we'll all have wearables we were talking about I have my aura ring here right with about about 14 15 different sensors that measure my pulse wave form my temperature my acceleration and give me sleep data I've got my you know Apple watch I've got a small little fr ID chip implanted over here got my business card on it completely useless but eventually it'll be something as well but we'll all have this data uploaded to give us minute by minute how we doing and the goal people say I want to know if anything's wrong with me of course you want to know and you want to solve it right then at the very beginning when it's most solvable right so it's going from sick here which is what it is right now we take care of you after you're sick to healthcare do you find anything at stage 0 so I'll close single our University ray and I ten years ago what month are we in ten years ago two months ago we announced X but now in single our University I was reading Ray's book The Singularity is near and I said there's no place in the world you can go not Harvard MIT not Stanford not super or whatever it might be that you can go and actually get an overview of all the exponential technologies and understand what they're able to do in convergence so we created a graduate program it's now called the global startup program our goal is a thousand startups a year and then we started executive programs for six day programs where executives come in and we give them an overview of what's going on in all the technologies and how they're converging and it's really about you know awareness and education but it's it's we're growing you know a good clip of 30 to 50 percent year-on-year so I'll pause there and bring in maestro [Applause] great opening talk thank you Bob let's start with connectivity 1969 ARPANET it's taken 50 years since then to get three billion just about 40% of the world connected four billion people not yet connected to the Internet to everything that in this room we work on we build on we engage in and other companies up and down Silicon Valley and around the world talk to us about a world the numbers indicate not from us but from third party sources that well it took 50 years to get to three billion we might get the next three billion that is the doubling of the number of people Internet in about within six maybe seven years yeah very very soon paint us a picture of that world the world where suddenly you know huge swathes of countries and others that are not online today suddenly become part of not just the information flow but also the global economy buying selling putting stuff into markets talk to us about that kind of world a great question so first of all the layers of connectivity that are coming online right 5g is probably one of the the biggest incredible explosions coming online we'll see test deployments in 2019 and really full deployments in 2020 and onward and you know 10 gigabit connection speeds means you're downloading a movie in a fraction of a second you take your new LG TV set and put it on the wall you plug in the power and it's got you know 500 channels Sutton so 5g is gonna is gonna spread like kudzu on the planet but on top of that obviously loon has now been spun out as its own company you've got 1.2 billion dollars of money from masses on that soft Bank backing one web then you've got you know Elon who is gotten F a F CC permission for 11,000 satellites you know a set that a 4,000 satellite layer in a 7,000 satellite layer called called space link right Starling which is incredible and then you've got terabit Boeing satellites in a mio orbit so we're basically covering the entire planet with bandwidth and then on top of that we're gonna all have all of these micro cells on non-licensed bands I think eventually we're all going to be dribbling bits all the time and our AI is going to be negotiating prices on different mechanisms so that sounds like a great future dribbling bits dribble dribble bits we're all gonna be dribbling bits you know I think we're all gonna have our own personal version of Jarvis eventually right Google now and an echo and Missouri are all all versions of that which are which you get permission to have access to everything your email your conversations your your microbiome your your bloodstream and and it's transacting constantly but so eight billion people potentially connected in the next six years as the price comes down now the question is can they afford these devices and so can the poorest people in the world before those devices so I've seen years ago engineering drawings for a $20 cellphone or $20 tablet there is a price point at which the price the device gets so cheap that Google is going to give them away right and Amazon is gonna give them away to get the traffic to get the data to get the transactions so I think we are heading very quickly towards a world of eight billion people that are digitally connected and if you do the math right I mean and I I'm screaming this from the rooftops and no one's talking about this which drives me nuts because four billion you people connected and if they're just transacting you know on the average ten dollars a day that's tens of trillions of dollars flowing it's a global economy that no one's talking about and and the markets all of these four billion new digital you know digital newbies are all going to want insurance and banking and education and health care you're also going to be creating content right they're gonna be critical are now there's a certain number of dominant players creating a lot of the content and also of course is distributing content and crowdsource content but four billion people are not yet part of that conversation and and what's gonna happen is they'll generate content they'll generate revenue but they're also going to demand these services at de minimis you know freemium prices and it and I talked to insurance companies and banks I say listen this is coming to see but that's not my marketplace so it's fine it's not your marketplace today but some entrepreneur within 50 kilometres of ground zero here is working on delivering value to those individuals when the new business model and then when it starts working they'll bring it back to New York and Chicago and eat your lunch there great let's switch gears because we have a limited time let's go open with genomics the first genome sequence Craig Venters you know was about three billion went down to a hundred million hit a thousand now about five hundred and as you mentioned probably we're on the way to a hundred dollars or even less and of course the analysis with that is as important as a sequence to itself and that's starting to ramp up the bioinformatics around it the estimates are that right now in total putting aside smaller genomic tests but in terms of whole genome sequencing there may be are a few hundred thousand mats of a million people who maybe have had a head of seven plus billion people when do we get to a critical mass that helps us understand the significance of billions of those base pairs that we don't understand yet the sequence significance of in other words we have a lot of good sense about the usual five hundred that are cancer drivers that are oncogenes we don't have a good sense of literally billions plus of some of those you know base pairs in sequence tell us about the critical mass we need to start to understand the sample size that we need to really drop it so so we're getting amazing results with tens of thousands right now at HLI I can't I can't state the stuff until it's published but you know traditionally we talk about the exome the part of the genome that codes for proteins and yes too has been euphemistically called junk DNA but it's not junk DNA none of its junk DNA it's all in some way structural or coding or control segments and it's interesting that as you look at enough large enough population you start to say listen these segments of DNA are protected any mutation here is lethal to the person right so we start to discover by elimination and by subtraction fascinating parts of the genome that are worth looking at and the other thing I might just say is it's the correlation what was really exciting is the correlation between genome and then rich phenotypic data right well we've got your genome and then we have full body MRI and coronary and heart CT and metabolome and so forth then you start to really correlate AHA that's what this does right now I was gonna get to methylation right now genome sequence coming down but the ability to get to epigenetics in terms of methyl groups things like that talk to us about all the other rich information that's necessary to draw those conclusions so I think one of the things that is true is this next decade is going to be just discovery after discovery and I think AI is gonna play the most is is the only way we're gonna make sense of all of it the amount of data that's coming out and I remember when I was in medical school what got me on this path of one of my massively transformative purposes is making a hundred years old into 60 how do we have add a hundred to cognition the aesthetics and mobility that we had at sixty I remember watching a TV show on long live sea life that some whales could live hundreds of years sharks could live four or five hundred years Turtles two six seven hundred years I was like if they can why can't we write it's either a software problem or a hardware problem but we need to swim more yeah we have to be in a water park cool our body temperatures down but but I really think we're going to start to unravel that and understand it and let's jump to another area of health care which is our brains and you mentioned that we're going to live longer and it's already happening in a number of countries but that also now is revealing greater populations with Alzheimer's Parkinson's neurological diseases we have we've had a good handle so far on cardiac diseases morbidity from chronic has actually come down diabetes is on the rise but there's some you know hopes there but talks about the neurological diseases yeah so we have cardiac conditions in our 50s and 60s we have cancers in our 60s and 70s and we had neurological disease in our 70s and 80s and the fact the matter is just for contact that's a bright future I like that until you prevent it right life is short until you extend it and and so forth but the human body was never intended to live past age 30 I mean just to put it on the table here right you would go into puberty at age 13 you'd have a baby and then by the time you were 26 your baby was having a baby and back then 100 thousand years ago before whole foods and McDonald's was around right when food was scarce the last thing you wanted to do for The Selfish Gene was to take the money out of here at grandchildren's mouths and now compete with them so you do the best thing you could give your bits back to the environment but of course that's changed now and we're beginning to extend life and as we extend life we run into new problems there is amazing drugs in Phase two clinical trials right now we're seeing impact from sin oolitic medicines we're seeing impacts from wind pathway manipulations on cancers and and Alzheimer's I think one of the areas that is super exciting as well it's a whole field of brain-computer interface right my last count there's probably a billion dollars a year going into interfacing your neocortex with the cloud in buildings not far from here and so at the end of the day we're gonna learn a lot about how the brain works and the root causes of these diseases as we have over and over again but a lot of its gonna come because our ability to sense and gather data and analyze the data is you know billions trillions of times you know better than ever let's turn to one of your first passion space let's talk about really space travel that's we hear from Branson that it may be imminent Virgin Galactic may be launching imminently with paying customers and there's been a long line of thousands of people putting their bets in terms of their down payments on getting a seat on that ride which is it's great to see that any Virgin Galactic ticket holders here in the audience so to curiosity ok well that's the customers potential exactly I'll take a check later but but talk to us about what you see as the odds that we're gonna be a multi-planet species within say 10 years 20 years 50 years sure we obviously have the potential the technology I don't think that there's doubt that we can actually get to another planet now but tell us about the will and the mobilization to make that out yeah so probably the the single most important driver that's making that happen is the individual passionate actor in this case in the form of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson and just past Paul Allen and it's interesting right a lot of these individuals grew up in the case of Jeff Webb known for 35 years since the early days of CEG's I was founder seds and said and Jeff ran that Princeton chapter a member meeting Jeff after he started Amazon so what he doing with this Amazon thing and he goes well I'm gonna make a lot of money there and spend it on space no really and and Neil ons committed said I will spend all his money on opening up space that is his both of them are that committed and I think a lot of it was those who were born during the Apollo and shuttle era got enamored with this vision right from Star Wars and Star and all of those things and then NASA never implemented it never never paid off on the deal and so now you've got individuals saying we'll do it I've known Elon since he sold PayPal and watched what he did with with with SpaceX with the Falcon one and one Ian Falcon nine and heavy and I would never bet against him he is dead set on making that happen and I think he will you know he set a target at landing in 2024 on the Martian surface okay listen I'll give him an extra four years but could he get there by 2028 I would bet on him over any government hands down and then Jeff is sort of the the tert the tortoise in the race right he's committed a billion dollars a year and he's just that is his and his endgame and so I think we're gonna do it I think it's gonna be a function of you know I don't think governments can take the risks anymore that were inherent in the early Apollo program days its way to failure is not an option for them and therefore risk is no option either but individuals can say I'm going to do this I mean you know there is a Tesla on a earth asteroid return that's insane I mean just like like game over point yeah you mentioned a number of great entrepreneurs and we can see how they're changing the world so let's talk about entrepreneurship now yeah here in Silicon Valley we know the power of entrepreneurship we see it we feel it there's other key entrepreneurial centers around the world but it's not spread evenly enough yet it's not as inclusive as it needs to be and could be and not only is that the case we're missing out on the talents of many of those people from diverse backgrounds that could be part of the entrepreneurial during lift and is earning what are your thoughts around how to change that game so first of all we're dematerializing democratizing and d monetizing all the tools for entrepreneurship right so it used to be that to be an entrepreneur you needed to have computational power you need to have an Ethernet cable or a modem plug or whatever and you need to have you know now obviously with Google Cloud and AWS you have all the computational power you want by the number is by 2023 I believe there'll be 300 billion dollars available in crowdfunding which means anyone around the world with a good idea can launch a crowdfunding campaign to get the capital so capital becomes less of a restriction obviously Google makes the world's information available so what used to be scarce resources I mean bad with I remember back in 2001 I had a stealth company called blast off my number one expense was Akamai on bandwidth to send video to people was like ridiculous and now it's nothing so we're literally everything you need to be to to create an entrepreneurial startup is becoming available globally at lower lower costs and so it's now the number one scarce resource that I see an entrepreneurship around the world is mindset so I was just in Greece at an su Athens summit meeting there with heads of the country and the entrepreneurs and they were saying what do we need to do to become more innovative it's a country of 10 million people it's like one Google sized success story dwarfs the budget of the country so it's like you need to create a mindset of entrepreneurship you to have the you know some venture capital would be great but failure needs to be an option so a lot of Central and South American countries if you fail it's a black mark for life right here we call it success at X you know you celebrate a failure every week when something gives up their their their company and say we're gonna spend our money on our time someplace else better that's amazing so it's teaching that that mindset of failure I had this conversation with write to talk to one of our fellow trustees who who in India it's really hard if you fail you're screwed and so you don't take steps and so he wanted to sort of dismiss that ethos and so he was like we're gonna celebrate failure we're gonna celebrate a great idea that was worth trying that failed and give this person their next and next shot so speaking that mindset breakthrough and then we'll turn to one or two questions so it it's if you want to line up at the at the mic if people have questions you know you've now su is now trained I don't know thousands of people it must be now an exponential thinking and through XPrize and others who've also touched a lot of people and changed a lot of people's mindset about what is possible you know when you go back to the news reports on polio back in the early part of last century it's written in such a way that people never thought it could be over I come today when people speaking about cancer yes incremental progress but most people when you ask that they don't believe that in their lifetime we're gonna see the management and containment you know of cancer so identified for us three or four things that you think we should apply exponential breakthrough thinking and we're not doing today we're gonna look back 30 40 years from now and say we were people like polio you know looking at polio the same way that we should have had a different mindset sure so let me talk about where the places we're doing X prizes as a perfect example right so first of all we are in final steps for what I hope will be a hundred million dollar cancer XPrize for going beyond liquid biopsy but very early detection something like a blood test or something like a you know a pap smear or something that is tens of dollars very easy to do type of detection we're also working on an Alzheimer's XPrize same order of magnitude one of my favorite prizes that I want to do right now is a fire detection and extinction XPrize the idea that we don't know when a fire starts is ridiculous right so this is a simple XPrize for me a team has given five hundred square kilometers of forest land and you have to detect a fire above a certain looming level let's say five campfire is worth it right and you have to put it out within ten minutes and I don't care what how you do it with drones with water balloons whatever the case might be I think if that technology exists you insurance makes it possible and deploys it across all forest lands we don't have devastating forest fires again right so I'd love to do that working on a earthquake prediction XPrize I think it's a massive data play there's no way in the world that a magnitude 6 earthquake doesn't believe digital trails before and Alisha's know 30 Hiroshima bombs of energy working on a hurricane trajectory prediction XPrize so it turns out that that you know all those wide area projections of our hurricane caused devastation and if you can measure wind velocity at 10 meters above the center of the eye of a hurricane that's the missing data so is there a drone or technology for doing that accurately there's energy XPrize we're working on a feeding the next billion XPrize for massive protein food production the way that we grow our protein today this is a planet for cows if you didn't know right one third of our non ice landmass is used a Peter is used for is used for livestock production and that's crazy with co2 water energy and so forth so we've been working with a lot of the companies that are in the beginning of cultured meat to create a large-scale cultured meat XPrize for for meat and plant or stem-cell meat and plant-based derivative that tastes better than what you buy and it's finally I know you've been thinking about housing for a while in terms of the ability to medicine from next prize but in general can we provide housing you know for folks so with that we have time for two questions we have two questioners mostly Zechs prizes have to do with science and technology or when they evolve humans they treat humans as individual units how would you do an X PRIZE that involves connections between humans this in this the social space what would they be groups of people you mean invite a behavioral prizes yes yeah so to be clear X prizes they've been successful so far have been for widgets devices transportation modes and things like that where people can go and have a very clear measurable objective and can rapidly iterate we've talked about doing competitions between regions like cities or companies and so forth one of my favorite XPrize ideas and actually the very first person ever mentioned this was Larry Page would be a it's a two-part prize one would be a happiness X it's called a happiness XPrize could you build a device that could physiologically measure your state of happiness like if I asked right now are you happy number seven right and if the times gonna be a 10 or – whatever it is but if you can actually accurately measure they even creative you could create a policy change at Google and then measure didn't make people happier or not so I think the ability to measure something first and then create state changes afterwards would be my my approach to that but we haven't done it successfully yet we keep on banging our heads against it and continue to but thank you for that you talked a lot about accelerating technologies in the year Torterra future and my question had to do with do you think there's any risk of these accelerating technologies being misused by bad actors in the shorter near term yeah I'm thinking of things like China's Social Credit System which just seems kind of like I don't know a nightmare to me but like what are your thoughts on that yeah so the answer is of course and I would just say listen the Social Credit System first of all anybody who went through school and got an a a B or C or had a you know review we've had that all through our lives it's the negative externalities that are the issue with that but being able to tell a person how there's good parts of a social credit system if it's for the upside not for the downside just to be clear not to defend what they're doing they're to be very clear but yeah I'm clear that even though the world is getting better by almost every measure you know the cost of food energy water healthcare all these things are plummeting as life is going up as you know childhood mortality rates have plummeted from 45% of people of kids dying under age five to now 4% all these metrics are getting better and better and I think they'll continue to we're still gonna have terrorism we're still gonna have warfare we'll still they have a whole bunch of things the thing that gives me the greatest hope for for not being decimated is that it's harder or harder to do anything in secret it's the flip side of loss of privacy right that there are cameras all the time everywhere right a single autonomous car with a wide are generating 750 megabytes of data as it's going down the roads everything is being imaged whatever augmented reality goggles we're all gonna be wearing or gonna have you know millimeter cameras looking out you know 1.6 million drones flying over the sky is the United States so everything is going to be visualized and so your ability to do something in secret becomes harder and harder and that lets me sleep a little bit better at night but ultimately when I do my calculus the question is are there more good people in the world using these technologies or bad sure we're not leave that to you there thank you thank you so final word of advice to those in this room on livestream and then watch this on on YouTube around the world you're at a company like Google you're another company you're managing five 10 20 people maybe a hundred people what is your advice to somebody as they're growing their career as they're building products to kind of tap into the kind of you know exponential focus that you have and you kind of live every day but in the practical day-to-day sense what is your advice to folks so first of all don't do anything you don't absolutely love doing I don't have to say it more clearly than that I did do anything big and bold in the world and make a difference on the planet is hard it's extraordinarily hard and if you don't love doing what you're doing you're gonna give up before you get there right so any of my successes you know overnight successes after 11 years of hard work and I just did not I refuse to give up and sometimes there's an important point to give up but I didn't because you know for X Prize like is my zero-g company which anybody here flown in zero-g Marquez in again you know it took 11 years to get FA permission to do this with a 727 had a chance to fly Stephen Hawking no zero-g was amazing but I just refused to give up I mean I was like battling the FAA and I was saying you're gonna die or retire before I give up was my attitude and sometimes because only because I cared about it that much the other part is and this is one of the ethos of Google that the world's biggest problems are the world's biggest business opportunities right I mean I tell people probably the company that's made the biggest positive impact on the planet is Google right in terms of and you don't have to be a non-profit to create an incredibly better world and then you know going to become a billionaire helped a billion people so it's those kinds of mindsets I think that are convergent with the power that you have and never astrum underestimate what you can do each of you are extraordinarily powerful to solve problems you just have to have that committed passionate human mind great Peter thank you thank you very much you you

Connect: Zigbee modules from Feibit Technologies

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, everyone. Welcome to another
episode of CONNECT. I'm Adrian. I'm Nick. And today we're doing
something very special. We have Mr. Robbin, the
CEO of Feibit technologies. He's live in
location in Shenzhen. And it's our first time
doing a live Q and A with us based here in Dallas. So thank you so much, Mr.
Robbin, for joining us. Yes, thank you for inviting me. And I'm very happy to be here. Yeah, and Mr. Robbin,
can you tell us, for those who may not
know about Feibit, can you tell a little
bit about your company? Yes. Feibit was found in 2010. So in the past eight years,
we focus on smart home area. And we providing the
Zigbee module and gateway for the traditional customer,
like smart switches, smart sensor, and smart curtain,
and smart dialog, and so on. Very cool. And we understand you're using
a lot of SimpleLink products in your home
automation solutions. Can you tell us
a little bit more of why you use the SimpleLink
Zigbee wireless MCUs? First of all,
SimpleLink platform has the very good
ultra-low power feature, as well as the RF performance
is the best, I think, in the world.

And it has the multi-protocol
in the same platform, which means we can easily
switch our wireless technology in the same product. And also it has very
user-friendly SDK, together with the very good
supporting team and the forum. That's great. Yeah. So can you tell us a little more
about how your Zigbee modules can help a customer? And can you maybe expand on
some of your top customer challenges, and how Feibit helps
them address those challenges? This customer who knows
less about the Zigbee because it is very
complex for them, so we take charge
of the Zigbee part, and they take charge of the
traditional manufacture, and so on. So we can cooperate to
make this smart product, and shorten the time to market. And as you guys are developing
your home automation products, can you talk a
little bit about how the SimpleLink SDK and the
platform that we've provided is helping with
your development? We started this development
job from the end of last year. And at this moment, we have
two classical user case applications, like the smart
dialog and the smart gateway, as this platform is very
suitable for these two applications.

So up till now, we have already
made the developing job done, and it will be released
the Q4 of 2018. Great. And as you've been developing
with the SimpleLink MCU platform, what are
some of the things you're most excited about? Oh, well, I think the
most exciting point is the multi-protocol. Right now, the
smart home product has different protocol like
Zigbee, BLE, sub-1 gigahertz, and so on. So I think it's better to
support more for a gateway. So this platform is very
suitable for a gateway to support more devices. And second point, for
the devices like dialog, some dialog need just a
mobile phone connection, and some just need long
range communication, and some need Zigbee to expand
the product ecosystem to build a whole smart home system.

So different user cases
need different technology. So the SimpleLink platform
provide all for us, so this is the most
exciting point. So TI recently announced
the new SimpleLink CC1352P, which is a multi-protocol
device that allows for both sub-gig and
2.4 gig concurrent operation. Can you talk a
little bit about what you think the importance
of multi-protocol is in your field, and to your
company going into the future? Especially for
this dialog area, I think the CC1352P,
because it supports BLE and sub-1 gigahertz,
so except the Zigbee, I think these two
technology were helpful for the simple
mobile phone connection, and also some user case for
expanded communication range.

So yeah, it's a very
good feature for us. Very cool. And developers might be
interested in getting up and running with Feibit
technology and solutions. Can you share how developers can
get started, and get in contact with you guys? You can browse our
website at, and also feel free
to contact me. Well, Mr. Robbin, thank
you so much for joining this episode of CONNECT. This was really
great to illuminate how you use SimpleLink,
and what you're excited about working with our
platform and the great products that you're bringing
out to market.

Thank you guys for joining. This was an exciting
episode, the first time we tried Dallas to China link. So we're very excited. Thank you guys for joining. If you'd like to learn
more, you can always go to And if you have any suggestions
of topics you'd like to see, you can tweet at
us @sensortocloud. Thanks guys.

Luxe et innovations technologiques / Paroles d’experts / Luxury-technologies – Matthieu Zeilas

Good morning to everyone and welcome to this new issue of "Paroles d'Experts" focused today on technological innovation within the Luxury Industry. Sectors receiving a lot of attention, especially from customers seeking for the latest high-tech object or the latest technological revolution which would bring comfort to their lives.
To talk about it, an industry expert, Matthieu Zeilas, Founder of the Luxury-Technologies company and the Z brand. – Good Morning – Good Morning Linda.
How would you describe the role of technological innovations all over the world today? The world is changing like never before under the influence of new technologies, of which the diffusion rate astonishes. 100 millions of connected devices were sold last year, primarily watches and bracelets. As we approach the end of the year, we are almost reaching 125 millions of connected devices, which represents an evolution of 25%. There is a huge market ahead.

Smart and connected devices are tomorrow's standards. They can bring a driving force for the creativity of luxury brands. Concerning the Luxury Industry, what is the influence of these new technologies on the market? This is a period of great change for the Luxury sector, which can frighten some historical Houses. It is important and necessary to attract these new generations, enthusiasts and major users of new technologies, whom account for 40% of the Luxury consumers in 10 years.
They are tomorrow's Luxury consumers. New technologies force us to reconsider our approach to the Luxury Industry. More than Design, Fashion or Art, technological innovations are a stepping stone for creating value for these brands.

Gradually, Luxury Houses shift from a product to a service offering. The yesterday's watch, and still today, is a contemplation object, one which let its marks on time and gives us time. Tomorrow's watch, the connected watch, is the one which gives us daily weather forecasts and makes it possible to protect ourselves from inevitable life transitions. We are shifting from a product to a service offering. It is a «service-based» device. New technologies open up tremendous opportunities within the Luxury sector in terms of creation of new products and services, , screenwriting, communication, customer relationship and even customization. Luxury brands become exploring, with a product which will lose its static aspect to become evolutive, service-based and communicative. This is the brand new approach to the Luxury Industry. Can the Luxury sector ignore technology nowadays? According to me, Luxury cannot ignore technology.

Today, new technologies cannot be overlooked and even become fundamental. For instance, in the 17th century, the clock industry was part of the diplomatic gifts between the Occident and the East. For these gifts, one chose the most refined, the noblest materials and of course, the latest technological advance so as to provide the greatest accuracy. Today, new technologies bring remarkable experiences, all along the customer journey, from the point of sales to the brand official website. These experiences are known as being key drivers of customer loyalty.
Technologies are even, for some people, a way of showing their social status.
I believe it is essential for a Luxury House to be able to integrate these new technologies as of now, in order to modernize itself, attract and touch these new consumer targets. Always sticking to its core values, codes, brand positioning and its DNA.
Today, innovating while preserving its know-how is possible. Does that inevitably imply “breaking codes” while innovating ? In the literary and artistic history,
changes were often conducted at the cost of a violence, that we find in the expression “breaking codes”. Innovation is the only way for brands to be able to reveal their past and heritage while preserving the vitality which today's customers require.

However, innovation cannot be radical since each luxury brand is here to last and has established a long-term view. They chose to be integrated upstream in the production process for a better control. However, here, they will have to work with an external actor so as to integrate these new technologies of which they do not possess the know-how. For a luxury brand, avoiding a bad turn implies to take risks.

This transition phase is full of opportunities. Nobody knows what the future will be, but something sure is that it is being written today. You are knowledgeable about the subject as you are the Founder of a company named Luxury-Technologies. What is its specificity on the market ? We are an authentic luxury crafter 4.0
We develop for Luxury Groups and Houses turnkey solutions of high-tech products. We offer them high-tech products which they introduce to their clients and are seamlessly fitting with their historical brand positioning and their DNA. The main function of luxury brands is to fight against the boredom due to the saturation of desires and products.

Our approach is to introduce technological innovations which bring a singular experience, emotion, while targetting the new generations. What are the biggest challenges to which you are confronted today? The biggest challenge is to manage to tell a story between tradition and modernity for the Luxury Houses we are working with. It will be necessary to capitalize on the brand heritage and its long-term view. It is cultivating a form of Art and waiting. The challenge is to keep customers dreaming. Possessing an object has become secondary and customers are now seeking for emotion and experience. Transmitting this emotion for a luxury House can be done through an invitation in its journey. It is a transmission of its own history. Technological innovations are compatible with Luxury. One just needs to find an equilibrium, especially by reducing time to market of the high-tech product so as to fight against built-in obsolescence.
Tell us more about your brand, la Maison Z. Thanks to our expertise with Luxury-Technologies, we are able today to work and collaborate with small or larger high-tech brands to develop and produce for them a unique version of one of their bestseller product.

We select elegant high-tech products which are precious, useful and innovative and we refine them using natural and noble materials, transformed thanks to the know-how of
French craftsmen. These unique creations become
precious travelling companions. We see each of our creations as a way to reward small or special occasions. We give them an authentic soul, we bring them to life. Each product is designed by our passionate team as an artistic and technical masterpiece.
It is the genius of new technologies with the traditional know-how of French craftsmen. The meeting point between tradition and modernity. We collaborate with companies distingued by the State label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", which guarantee the excellence
of French craftsmanship. We also work with the New Luxury Codes label which allow us to search and select natural and noble materials, within the framework of our engagement for sustainable development.

What are your plans for the future? We have new presentations and follow-up projects with Luxury Houses already interested in our brand. Apart from that, we are preparing ourselves for the launch of a new product for the 2018 MZ Collection. In the end, our objective is to regularly introduce new elegant, useful and innovative high-tech objects. We will be patient. Thank you for sharing with us your expertise. Thank you Linda for inviting me. Thank you for listening in. Stay tuned for a forthcoming "Paroles d'Experts" issue..