Why is 0! = 1?

Why 0! equals to 1? Okay. Because it does seem to defy the idea of you multiply down until you get down to whatever one, and then you stop. I'm going to argue for this the same way I would argue a very sort of reverse of.. Oh no, not that. How would i do this? How do you argue that? Because you'll take it to be true, right? But it's the same problem when you say on 'a' square, but we define powers as you multiply this number by itself that number of times and That makes sense to you, but the definition breaks down The U7 definition breaks down when you go to cases like this So how do you argue it, or do you just accept it and don't think about it? *Laughs* Don't think 'bout it All right people let's play a game, okay Someone at the audience: Mario! *laughs* No I still with a number, shall we? Okay. Let's go. To power of one? Everyone: 2. 2 squared? Everyone: 4. 2 cubed? Everyone: 8. Okay. You can start to see what's going on, right? We don't need to… *Laughs* People who spent time on their phones recently know this numbers VERY WELL.

Now, ah… Now, you're used to do it forward aren't you? You do it forward and the numbers get bigger, okay, but just as equally You can go backwards and the numbers get smaller, do they not? As you power decreases you divide by two And then you divide by two and you divide by two and when you get to here We have no reason to think that the pattern changes right? so this pattern becomes this and And so we divide by two and you get this. And you keep on going and it keeps making sense Okay, now therefore Can you argue for me? Why is your factorial is what? Tell me what 1! is.

Everyone: 1. 2 factorial? Everyone: 2. 3 factorial? Everyone: 6. 4 factorial? *Laughs* Okay. So, this time, how do I go backwards? I divided by 4 and I divided by 3 then I divided by 2 Everyone: Oh my god Can i just say, can i just say… the reason why I bet a big deal that this is because See this is what makes maths It's what makes math interesting to me. You see math is, uhm, it's an imagined world That's the point of it, right? Like I know maths can be used to do stuff, and that's, that's nice, okay but um The point is that oh actually I'll come back to that in a second The point is that it doesn't matter if it can be used for something or not the the point is that it has a consistent system of rules. That's meaningful, okay? Here's the amazing thing right There was a guy. [there's] a guy, a french guy, and his day was for you, okay? And he was the guy who we earned he discovered this Have a look at this for a second.

What is this ah? Yeah, language for this. This is a wave function [now]. You don't know what wave function is. I just drew it okay, but Amazing thing about this. This is what, I mean, this is what fourier proved, okay? is that this wave function can be made up of can be Composed of just take a whole bunch of sine functions, right? The whole variety of them some of them will be big, right? Some of them will be small. So you have to change… let's say you have to change this coefficient on the front and you change the frequency, okay, and if you add enough of them together Okay, and so on You can make you can make anything, anything! You can even make weird looking things like this You like, I can make a function like that. It's a wave function. I know it doesn't look like it It's got straight lines, [and] what's with that, okay? If you add up enough wave functions Different ones like this, okay like this one.

You can give us a else now. Here's the interesting thing What was fourier after? He just thought this was kind of cool. It was like. This is interesting, right? I wonder if you can do that, and he gave it to go and it came, okay? Uh he was not at all thinking about practical applications, right? He was not thinking about, you know, a world of electric communications which uses this routinely in order to, you know, How does this thing know to convert weird stuff, which is in the air? into sounds Sounds, right? How does it do that? Answer: using these, but fourier wasn't thinking of those, here's just like: Cool! Let's just see what happens. And the application came later, almost every field of mass Complex numbers, like, why are we doing that for? They come up all the time for engineers, but that's not what the people who were thinking about them were thinking.

They're just like it's cool. Zero factorial equals one. It does make sense just like Something power of zero equals one.
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Kaatelal & Sons – Ep 1 – Full Episode – 16th November 2020

Good morning from goat Puttu to the fans of kid goat. No. I don't mean goat as in animal. Goat means .. Goat means Greatest of all time. It's the latest word. So I couldn't remember. So today I will show you goat Puttu's family member's well .. Snea .. Snea .. Glimpse, whatever it is, come, let's see. Do you hear the thumping sound? This sound indicates how our today will be. Oh, God. Here is my revered uncle. The salon in the Hathi market which was started even before the market came up, Kaatelal and Sons uncle owns it. His name is Dharampal But, like the small animals hide when elephants come the same happens with my family members. I am saved. Come on, let's meet the one for whom the almond milk is being prepared.

She is the younger one of my older sisters. Suseela. Not suseela, it's Su Shee La. Susheela. Yes, Susheela .. Sister susheela is very fond of beating up. She is fighting with her shadow. See .. And the elder one is only four minutes older to her. How much difference four minutes can make, see it yourself. Enough .. He'll stretch his hand from there itself and pull you. Isn't that good? That would test plan 'B'. We can't take a risk, Susheela dear. What if plan 'A' fails? No .. Don't get confused. Sister Garima's plan 'A' and plan 'B', both are to get married. Sister Garima has made a very long list. if she finds a guy who can tick every box in the list then plan 'A' will be successful. otherwise he will be my brother-in-law in plan 'B'. I think one fine day this rat will die under the weight of his own books. What are you saying? He could be your brother-in-law in near future. What? – Yes. I am thinking of making a film star your brother-in-law and you are thinking of making this skeleton my brother-in-law.

Will you die without using your brain? Use it some times. He has cleared CA foundation course in first attempt. Once he completes intermediate within tow years, he will settle down. And after that straight to the wedding altar. After that straight to Switzerland. Oh, come back. By the way, what happened to the milk? Come on, let's go. Oh, God. the girls fooling around in room don't know that their dreaded dad is approaching the room There will be a blast now. Good morning, dad. Take this. Winter is approaching, dad. Remove it. And are those needles or dumbbells? Why is your forehead sweating? Dad, what's this? It isn't sweat, dad. It's rose water. She may not be bothered about her skin but I have to worry about her wedding too, dad. You know it. Here, take it. Hey! Keep your eyes closed, dad. Get the feel. I would say, use rose water instead of after shave in your salon. People will go crazy. It's a mind blowing let's rock idea. Focus on your studies, dear.

You don't have to worry about the salon and the customers. Okay, dad. Okay, dad! Did you see, she changed the direction of the wind. No one can challenge sister Garima's talent. Oh, sorry .. I forgot about my mom. No one can beat my mom in making fool out of others to serve her own purpose. Come, I'll introduce her. Oh, wow! Nice. Whatever it is Mrs. Dharampal cooks so well that even her worst critics will love her. Honestly. Hey, Chanchal. Just now when I saw time, it was 7 o'clock. Now it's 10 o'clock, we haven't even started cooking. – Hey, sister, chill. Why do you worry when Chanchal is here? Look here. I have cooked everything. I was about to season it. – You are so nice, Chanchal. Let me season it at least. Okay, do it. No .. Don't be confused. Aunt suffers from amnesia. She does all the work. And my mom takes all the credit. Can I get breakfast? I'll serve it right away. He thinks he is a king. But he isnt. The big bungalow you see is ancestral.

But the subject is poor. They are terrified of the king. Look over there. My dad. – Brother taste it and tell me. I have made it. With sugar free. You have all the qualities of women. Get a skirt stitched. You are the heir of Kaatelal and Sons. Start coming to the salon, Ghanshyam. Leave the mobile and hold the razor. Son of an ass. I won't say anything. Okay? Okay, I will tell. You keep quiet. 'The person you are trying to reach ..' 'is not answering.' tAnd now 'You can try' the idiot is not answering. 'after some time.' Hot 'Poori', dad. Well, dad what's your program for today evening? Are you coming to Raamleela? Yes, dad, it's been years since all the family together .. – What's the point in asking the same question every year.

There is nothing new in it. You all go. Okay. – But before 8 pm entire family should be back home. 8 pm But at 8 pm even Sita 'Swayamvar' is not over, dad. Sita was married in 'Treta Yuga'. Girls who stay out after 8 pm don't find husbands in this 'Kali Yug.' We don't want husbands, dad. We want boon of freedom. The nonsense you talk in front of your dad is the boon of freedom, dear. But, dad .. – Why are you irritating dad? He said he won't come. So let him be. Come on, we're late for college.

Take it .. Eat. – Carefull .. Oh, professor. I couldn't become one, Brother. Don't call me professor. The guy from Sharma furniture owes us 25,000 rupees since last one and half months. Neither is he selling the chairs nor returning the money. He is not answering my phone since last 2-3 days. In the salon chair are making more nose that the scissor. It is very embarrassing. Give him a earful on you way. Yes, Brother. Okay. Uncle. I am quoting the color from uncle's face has drained looks like Garima, Susheela will have to do the what's needed. Uncle we'll take care of the guy from Sharma furniture. You go to the college. And don't be tense about this. I'll talk to him. That's fine. But don't create a fuss there.

And reach college on time. Shave my beard, Dharampal. Take a seat, sir. Okay. I have ordered new chair. It should be here in a couple of days. Old man Dharampal is calling repeatedly since morning. I am not answering. But, isn't the chair ready, uncle? It's loaded in the van too. Why don't you give it? – Shan't I give you one? I've got this chair through special order from abroad. It doesn't suit the old man's personality. I have an offer from Gharaunda. They are giving me 5000 extra. This chair will go there. You are making a grave mistake. Do you know that a small mistake can cost you dearly? Who are you? You are interfering in our talks without asking. Uncle, have you heard of Susheela Ruwel? The same girl who had thrashed everyone last year in Raamleela? And who had thrashed Constable Bahadur Singh's son last month. I have heard. But not seen her. She is herself coming here. You can see her now.

I'd say, scoot from here. – Why should I be scared of her? She is Susheela. My younger sister. And I am Garima. She has beaten up anyone since last three months. I've stopped her. So unless the chair is sent to Hathi market no one is going anywhere. Okay .. Dharampal has sent his daughters as recovery agents. Now go and tell him that I have pulled this chair from under his bum.

So not to sit else, he'll fall with a thud. Will you make my dad fall down? You, useless bat! Susheela. Hey, Uncle, run! Hey! What happened, Mister? Where are you running off to? Yes, Garima? He was calling dad, a bat. – A bat! Look, he said again. – When did I say? Hey, Chote, get the car. Get the Scooty. Hey, Chote. Race it. Come on .. Be Quick. See that. This anaconda is back again. I don't know whose shop he will swallow this time. Yes, Mr. Avtar come over here. Come quickly. Yes.

Hail Mother Goddess. Bring it. Sign these papers quickly. This shop is mine and the carom board yours. Didn't you get it, Mister? I am giving you so much money that you don't have to work at all. You'll have lot of time on your hands. So I've brought you carom board. Look, how well I take care of you. Mr. Jagat if you could give me another chance .. Okay, Mister I'll ask you an objective type question. When the bank was sealing your shop who paid your EMI then? You did. – Yes. And I had given you my number while leaving. Yes. 96 86 62 .. – Enough If you remembered my number you should have done, right? What's it called, digital payment? Right? If you don't make payment tell me what should I do? Well ..

seize my shop. If you are giving the answer, innocent man, then why are you asking for a chance? Take this. Sign on these quickly. Come on, clap. Clap, next is your number. Clap your hands. Sign it quickly. Avtar You don't come in between, Dharampal. I came in between right then when the foundation of Kaatelal and Sons was laid right in the middle of Hathi market. According to you, if a farmer has a problem should he sell his land? What should I do, Dharampal? I had taken loan to fund my son's engineering. Hey, hello. Do this emotional drama later. Hey, there, give the lock. Pull the shutter down. Whose message is that? I have transferred my one day's income. And I will do it every day till Avtar's shop is not freed from this vulture's claws. Rest of you see, what you want to do. If we had fun together we'll face the problem together. This is my four days' income.

Here it goes. 'You started a wrong game, Dharampal.' Before you punch him next, check your location on Google. Brother's area starts from here. We are the entrance of Hathi market. Get down. Mr. Dharampal. Remove the van. – Great. Wow .. – This is your discount. What is this for? Due to delay in delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Move the van. – But, Mr. Sharma .. Brother. That Mr. Sharma was shivering like a dry lief in front of me. You have proved that you are Kaatelal's blood. There has to be a surprise party in Raamleela today. 'In the court of King Janak' 'when the bow of Lord Shiva breaks' 'Parashuram comes angrily with an ax in his hand.' 'Sita' 'Ravan will keep you in his heart.' 'No, I am waiting for Lord Shri Ram.' 'He will surely come.' 'His message should be coming anytime.' 'Try to understand what I am saying.' 'Ravan will keep you very happy.' 'Dad!' 'How did he come here?' Hail Lord Ram! Greetings, Lady.

Lord Shri Ram has send you this. 'If dad sees Susheela as Hanuman' 'then I don't know about Ravan' 'but our Lanka will surely be on fire.'.

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Fitness Experiment: Glücklich durchs Abnehmen? | Muss ich schön sein? Folge 1/5

[Music] she probably knows that in the morning too from the mirror and actually thinks i look ok but the belly is So in the last few months my hips got pretty fat i find way too much fat i'm really muscular i'm not exactly right now I often don't feel really good in my body and when I'm up look at instagram then i think all the guys only look out of the ordinary six pack and heavy upper arms and then I'm still dissatisfied with mine body i want three weeks right now hard work my body and find out if I'm comfortable then [Music] and over there is the coast and me hope he can help her hey what's up properly off I have nothing to do with really big muscles Or something like that but just a bit more defined, defined body but as little fat as we can to say what to do so that something could be done for them out there yes that feels so awesome I would say let's see something together my values ​​result in body composition body fat percentage muscle mass and then look what we're going to put in the pillory of this cool that I have never done that [Music] then you have them here now muscle mass that said you were at 32 percent it is the average range as it is in any case in need of improvement his body fat percentage 1 percent is 19 8 All that we see here is disastrous health-wise great but also for the city figure that's not that either optimal as we imagine it together 90.50 I would like to measure that with you that would be for me and now yes, I have one too now looked around a bit on instagram then you can understand there you are even that is kind of a blatant one feeling of I'm just too fat and I'm just kind of not good enough or yes that's true so I'll say it up insider posted you always know that in the best moment my photos post is that is definitely also gives people who think okay kristic always like that and I am aware that it is definitely a weakness never fast food that can lead to negative thoughts at first I am also aware but at the end of the day exactly what I do want to get across because that can motivate people and a little give pain because pain is simply a great move and to be with to start something I can now however here put together the whole thing is also muscle building strength gain fears that So now cut it for the next three weeks, but now it was in stake that will be tough that we as soon as we catch right with the first device he should go up here now the last way is really very good, you always have to stay exciting not come up anymore what is it that you really enjoy now I should already be able to ask a little whether that is also on the in the end all that is worth feeling a little better in the swimming pool on the mountain All of this will definitely be that here after three weeks remember and once you are in then everything will be easier for you outdoor pool all of the outdoor pool [music] [Applause] how long what do we do now for a few minutes still more whole now yes the reason you said i want to put muscles on me was That was also very much from the pain because everyone was around me always said hey chris but mostly for the study does something although i do I really did a lot of sport back then, but I didn't look like that that is now working shortly before I was 17 So there you found yourself somehow too thin so you can see that my upper arms were just as good as mine forearm and I saw that I only saw the other and that was yes then also with his movement for me to really get started with the training after twelve weeks it was absolutely amazing the reactions I got like I said it got me too Being really motivated for the tournament is not so nice when I'm one now If you watched the game, I would definitely say yes, I like it when I go watch game ten centimeters belly circumference has been the since this week different from you I want a little something if you at least maybe that Not only with all the training but we also need nutrition switch travel bot should you have to malevolently also mine whole wheat bread fierce exactly is so much cheese that will be less today because that is a lot So all in all, I can remember it so I can less of what I like to eat that is exactly where it is sun and rain everyone at the beginning meets the most important thing for you in the calorie that we end up the day is just slightly different, most of the calorie deficit is just too hate like a punch in the stomach pit so okay you're somehow bigger than them norm your arms are puny, your stomach is too fat and you've already eaten always wrong so number has the first difficult in the end that gets great first day of my experiment it starts today Butter and cheese have to hit jam not as good as I do I have and can eat that said delicious cereal with a few nuts and almond milk really works, i didn't get what but very good chris said yes, I always have to stay to myself, I don't know when that last time so many vegetables and greens in a shopping basket that he now had i did it now a member of the gym [Music] once you've overcome yourself there also really bock 25 that should be content here [Applause] [music] so today i have really sore muscles in my forearm in my shoulders in my upper arm a little in my stomach so today it really falls me pretty hard to get up but I definitely have to go today gym [music] the first week of training is behind me So I would already see the difference that it is on the hip a little less I would say a little on top everything should be tighter that's so cool even though I've only been doing this intense exercise for a few days I seldom felt so weak in my life as I do at the moment I love my bread and cheese so much I think you can tell by the cheese side it has become a bit flatter again it is getting slowly I'm off work and I'm still meeting my colleagues here in the beer garden and it's bombastic weather i really feel like a cool, light one that my crop doesn't eat that or what I always have to eat lightly stay stocky says my fitness coach I've been doing it for a week and a half that is already driving so slowly is on my nerves But I think there is a little more happening in my face I feel a bit violent on my face I'm on my way to the It's been work since 9 and I already have to think about how I plan my day when I think about how much it will cost incredible [music] amsterdam actually have that the stomach is as good as gone [music] instead of doing some work on the muscles totally great result before the three weeks of training are now at last over i meet chris now and i'm very excited about what you mean body changed i would see 73 it was really exhausting so i did I took a lot of good things out of it somehow, for example the change in diet was also good for me physically I think a few things I would keep but not so extreme what I've noticed is just that I go out less and that less often I meet friends do you know that about yourself at the beginning it was already difficult time that was also a time for me when I questioned that, that makes everything I need all of this for sense the time and the routine has become easier for me and then I noticed more and more what is important to me how can i share it optimally and i definitely wouldn't want to miss first check what the results say [Music] So you really have the last time suffered and accelerated especially the body fat percentage so that is really the most amazing you have now i put on in the short time of 19 8 15 percent lower that is madness that is real crazy that was his problem area and then two belts snow so it was really busy we look something does one say so here one sees now here very well that is now only 82 centimeters what that is, that means you have 88 and a half centimeters lost and that is really madness you will then for yourself if you are now before the game go what do you have a feeling so often now correspond more to that how I would like to be but of course I also know what the right price is i pay for it at the beginning i thought it was really cool and then I wondered if that was really the case It is good that you can almost see your confirmation his body picks up and that is also something very dangerous that could also be fully good that at some point you can't stop anymore want that can also become an addiction the whole subject that is another one Maybe also tip everyone that they just see that we are not one-sided that you only go to the gym and only think of this body but also that Other areas in life also do not take into account all of this fitness experiment made for the reason that I don't want to feel more beautiful and now I don't ask so in retrospect I actually had to be beautiful what would you say is important once only to gain self-confidence and that helps you because the workers help the nutrition at you you just have good self-confidence but only for the motivation to look beautiful it would be for others to do that here and there I give you right that only helps a little to find oneself china knows because the awareness stands my fitness experiment is over now i want to Find out in the next few weeks whether I have to be beautiful at all I would be interested in how important is beauty to you, write me that please in the comments

Rugzak als fitness tool? | Trainen als een militair | Military Workout #2

We as soldiers are in areas, such as here in the woods where there is no gym. But of course we want to keep training. And the resource we use today is actually the home of every soldier and that is the backpack. And we are going to make it heavier and then we are going to use this as a training tool. I have a 16 kilo bag, I put it in. And at home you can use and fill bottles of water. You can use garbage bags that fill with sand and stack them nicely and then you go with towels or with sleeping bags or with blankets are you going to fill up the case, so that you have a whole. You actually make your own fitness bag from a backpack. Okay, the first exercise is back squat. We will have the backpack on our back immediately You are ready.

Starting position feet is wider than shoulder width toes slightly apart. You split the ground so that you have strength on your thighs. We pick up the bag. Pick up from a straight back. And you put it on your back. You have to distribute weight evenly. Then you go as far as you can and the sales really come from your heel. So you work from your heel and you focus on the ground 3 meters in front of you. Yes then your head is proportional to your upper body This way you do 15 to 20 repetitions.

Okay, the next exercise is a bicep exercise. Arm muscle strengthening exercise. You stand, feet shoulder width apart you pick up the bag. Make sure you pick up the bag with a straight back and you distribute the weight evenly. We're going to curl the biceps. You are ready, elbows next to your body. Pulls up the bag and you stretch completely. In this way you are working on the bicep curl.

Just stand up. And this way you do 15 to 20 repetitions. Okay the next exercise is actually for the front of the shoulders. We'll grab that bag in the following way right away and pull that bag actually to our chin. Your elbows are high and won't go beyond your chin. That is injury prone And you lower the bag again. Looks like this, you pick it up. You stand up. Your feet are shoulder width apart. You pull the bag towards your chin and your elbows are high. In this way you are your front from your shoulders to training. This way you do the 15 to 20 reps. If we analyze a soldier who is operational in action, then this is a kind of failure that occurs very often.

Shoot, get ready, kneeling shooting position, from kneeling to standing and forward again. In this way, those men on the shooting range are quite often busy training that way. That's why we do this strengthening exercise. Because that's super good, that's bone strengthening. You actually grab the backpack on your back. And we are going to make a failure pass. What you do, you are ready and you take a step forward. You descend, and push off strongly, to starting position. Sag, push off forcefully, to starting position. That way you are busy training your legs. You do this exercise 15 to 20 times. That means 15 to 20 times with your left leg, 15 to 20 times with your right leg.

The next exercise is the back row. For the top, back of the back. We stand in front of the bag, feet shoulder width apart. You pick up the bag and this is actually the result of the rowing movement. It is equally important that your back is straight and not convex So you look ahead, your back is straight and this is how you do the exercise. 15 to 20 reps. The next exercise is mountain climbers for the abs Place your hands shoulder width apart on your backpack. From this position, is of course also super good for your core, you actually always jump feet. Okay this way you are doing mountain climbers and do 15 to 20 reps. You have now seen the entire series and we are going to train nicely.

Between the exercises you have 30 seconds of active rest, then you are nice to run. You come back and then you go to the next exercise. If you are a beginner you do 2 series and if you are advanced then you do 3 series Well train well. Don't forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel and have a blast with that backpack.

Fitness Pilates Boutique Workout 1 with Rachel Holmes

well hi everybody it's Rachel I was here and welcome to the first ever fitness pilar takes rollers and vitality butene really excited that year to join me this week the next exciting addition workouts of mindset coaching at nutritional coaches I mean speed a bit more a boutique is it's an attempt certainly we're still in the choreography to go studio so every workout today will be between about 10 to 20 minutes or we all you'll need about and its subsequent warehouse you might eat a mini ball the Swiss ball also very nice one or two kilos great positivity coming through on the Facebook group already make sure that you downloaded your baño you filled in the questionnaire because this is just as much about mindset about nutrition about health and well-being I'm feeling great about yourself your body it's all about looking and feeling positive and totally fabulous so shall we begin this is a shorter Pilates workout it's functional it's progressive you'll get some classical fitness blood taste movements mixed up with progression body conditioning body weight training floor works and triplane which who will be moving the body in three planes for back side to side and rotating so in these short workouts you'll get a full body workout concentrating on your core and linemen cut breath and of course mindset so are you ready without further ado I'm just gonna sum slightly on an ankle here so that you can see and we can work out together so find some space let's have a little bit of still time quiet time we're going to do our workouts then we'll do a stretch and then at one minute meditation and visualization so if you're doing this with me on your phone on your iPad or your computer give it your best shots as much energy as you can I'll motivate you and every day with our daily practice we'll get better and stronger leaner and more positive p.m.

Pain all the way here we go you so great positioning Madhavi toes landing up in the middle of your knees and hips let's bring her attention to our core course it muscle around the center here let's just contract bring the shoulders back and then squeeze the back of the shoulder blades together so the shoulders are rotated slightly back heads looking forward so we starting that beautiful posture close your eyes deep breath breathe air and breathe out now as we breathe air breathe in all the positive energy beautiful sunny day breathe out any chatter that your mind has let it go clear it away breathing again now as we connect we're going to roll down so to knock the head roll the shoulders your hands coming to the floor hands down now walk the hands forward to the end of your band and hold stabilize in that plank position shoulders away from your ears let's just establish that position and every time we do this routine we'll add on a new movement so hold so getting used to how the body feels here toes underneath now let's walk the hands back up bending your knees rolling through the spine now reach both arms let's go extension head neck and shoulders roll down use your core muscles to support the body walk forward first movement to add on is one press up took in the elbows let's go down to a Pilates press up push back one more time if you need to drop your knees no problem try and do the two walking the hands back in and at the end of every workout we're gonna concentrate a little bit on flexibility as well so I'm trying to improve my own flexibility so it's great that we can all do it together walk forward let's have our next exercise that one push up really strong holding the upper body still let's bring one knee in so imagine now that you're almost doing like a sit-up if you're lying on your back bringing your knee to your chest how this is tilting underneath lovely two more shoulders are strong i thinka tips are wide supporting your upper body weight as hold so hopefully you doing this first thing in the morning with me it's gonna set you up at the day giving amazing extension let's walk it forward a few moves to not only is your brochure now hill climbers through can you see my upper back stays very still great workout here the lower abdominals now the shoulders are working hard let's do one more take one knee down to the mat extend your right arm on your left leg says go for a balance challenge had the controller's look down now once you've established that position the arm of the leg down to the man's come back a decayed tap down so we'll do four of these on each side use the core muscles think about the center when you open your leg in now let's take a breath there take a breath out extend the opposite arm again switchboard reach tapped up now the goal here is to keep the smile as still as possible you'll get a little bit of movement of course as you move the limbs let's minimize eyes hold Romilly come back it live in a roll back up through the spine head down shoulders down let's add on a little bit more yes sir this is a mini workout or moving through a little bit quicker so you know where we got it you know modify or come to this at any time to Brussels now tucking in the elbows strengthening the upper body feels great doing this in the morning there are eight hill climbers so even though the workout is short let's make sure that everything you do counts that it's quality not quantity now its adult here and just hold the upper body and abduct the hair so the hip and the muscles around the pelvis is so key to your Pilates practice boutique now bring the knee across to the wrist now my shoulders are working hard my upper body stabilizing my rib cakes is still one more hold now take the knee down take the pressure out of the wrists very light fingertips now let's just go for hold do two breaths in this position breathe air breathe out breathe in again now bring your own but you like it still no movement from this imagine that you're balanced on a glass table but you know what if we were told anything everything very still we breathe out the connection there one more time let's put your harmony like back in by sitting back I just stretch maybe shoulders alone now just gonna turn my map to face you but not likely to roll up through the spine a masseuse a man severely what if you can't feel their problem 25 so just moving the other body into three plays man again me wrong electioneer and shoulders down how I feel a rotation to the left a little bit further biggie biggie goods the center have not got a mirror so let's focus on keeping keep your body line in your mind's eye you might be feeling when your arms down go again extension she was since you ship Elvis want you to move your pelvis through this rage movie upper back bring me up since then – now push nips to the right as you take your arms over my sister good two more so we have lateral flexion there we go over the top thumbs around again nobody stays still now and rotation to the left that's always going with you in life except your spilling damn it slowly one vertebrae at a time I just come around on to turn this way cuts you back what do you want sir so just some very simple work here for the call shoulders down now just some routine so contract let's go round off this bar I'm going to drop down breathing out and then we're going to breathe in and come up we'll do four or so only four so ensure that your technique is absolutely spot-on all in shoulders back relax the shoulders if you can see yourself in a mirror check your alignment again you're moving out of the sagittal plane a little bit in a second then adding some rotation because we tend to lack mobility in the transverse plane and fitness Pilates is always about working on the weaker areas the weakened links mr.

Reach forward now what oh it doesn't matter which one you do do the same thing but rotate and sweep the arm back and let's meet at the top and then the other side roll it back a sweet round the shoulders reach fine and again it might be a different experience on both sides to reach forward drop the head reach it back again when I'll extend the spine all the way so always trying to mobilize the spine in every plane let's reach forward forward fold and then roll down now if you aren't able to do a full roll down choose your option but again a really key component of fitness pilates is roll it up roll it down so if you need assistance so you need a band or you need to hold onto your leggings you know you can I'm gonna hold it down gonna break one here I'm going into sixteen single leg stretch movements are you ready and after that or follow it with eight double leg stretch and this is your challenge I ready let's go three four keep it going seven now we have a long tragical let's get that breathing mind-body future good for to go for to not bring both knees in if you need to rest your head and shoulders you know you can eight for this double leg stretch variation feels good sunshine along everyone it's the boutique that last one but I could sit I just really okay final exercise let's do some variations for a shoulder bridge so tilt the pelvis here's your technique let's get the glutes involved roll up through the lumbar spine all the way up pause now let's just try not some balance challenges so I'm just going to get the abdominals here they'll stay engage they'll all be working as they should how much is balancing by walkie one heel off the world now you can stay at that point or you come with me and take the Lenox so I'm going to lift the leg up get a stretch on the hamstring bring the near basic back down there were 10 add on some abduction all that stuff within the air and down so let's go and do this together extend the leg out to the side lower down only two more so extend with the toe abduction bring it in and lower down keep pushing the hips up you can do it stretch to the ceiling abduction bring minion and then lower down okay let's go for stretch okay three breaths everybody breathe close your eyes breathe out again let's go for you to get and breathe out she won't breathe okay let's roll all the way over and come on sir just a minute a flexibility which a minute but on the end of every single workout in the wellness boutique now I don't know about flexible I'm really trying hard to gain more flexibility so if you're the same with me let's make a conscious effort to really stretch every single day so push your hip down lift your knees both knees together if you were able to lift your head and shoulders then please do and let's do the four breaths are we ready breathing breathe that good come on really get into those muscles oxygenate the body breathe in breathe out two more feel the court stretch and out good okay holds and let it go well done no thought except hands and D shoulders now push up into a plank position to just walk your hands in and I'd like you now to just move into a modified almost like a down dog to get your hamstrings and cardless as a screaming we need to do this more are you ready three breaths it good and exhale push down with the heels so good it feels so positive after this workout so energized so flexible which is exactly what we want one more breathe it in breathe lovely our final stretch is it flex it which again is such a key area so push into the hip extend your arms and we'll do two breaths in each side let's go breathing in and breathe out now I'm increasing the range in below that you could stay here or you can extend if you choose let's change size so I can push that hip forward both arms go back breathing in I breathe out South down okay I need to sit comfortably however you want Grusha legs legs extended next minute it's just a little bit me a new time at a relaxation to focus your mind on the day ahead or if you're doing this workout at the end of the day you can rewind you goes through everything that you've done today just replay it back and let it all go and then we look forward so close your eyes deep breath inhale through the nose and exhale now would be to take yourself away you've had a great workout feel very refreshed very energized more flexible challenged your core and some of your weaker areas now I need to focus on your mind clear you mind of any cancer anything that's going on let that go just concentrate on my voice today we're all going to have the most amazing positive a productive day even a meat interesting people and any barriers or obstacles that you come across today be able to just push through smash out of the way forward move through today getting energized any positive to everybody around you pray there three heads lights were for your eyes I really hope you've enjoyed our first workout together been exciting I would so love your feedback please let me know how you feel if you enjoyed the workout I'll see you on the Facebook group I'll also see you tomorrow and tomorrow you'll need a mini ball a little round bendable to do the workout way and so I'll see you tomorrow have the most wonderful day see that

Race 4 Fitness #2 Race 4 Fitness coach training

hey a-team welcome to day two of Coach training I am so excited yesterday day one we got to see you share your goals you're wise and then that a time that you are going to invest into your brand new business today I want to focus strictly on personal development and why it is so important not only for you but for anybody in growing their business or growing their hearts listen I've helped enough people over the years that I can tell you the one thing that is so important yes we can help people lose weight get hot get healthy get amazing results and build energy but the one thing that's missing and we can help them and ourselves is feeding the soul fading the mind catching our tongues before those words come out this is where personal development going to be the one area that helps you build your business in fact out of the three vital behaviors that you need to live every single day in this business which is inviting being a product to the product doing your workout and drinking your shake personal development the third I think is the most important vital behavior within your business because let's keep it real we can do all those things but if we don't believe in ourselves how are we going to help others so I want to give you guys a list of my top personal development books that truly are game changers of them in my business and I know we've already shared with you guys the compound effect by Darren Hardy is big and I know a lot of you guys are already digging deep in this and absolutely it will change your life the other one that's really really similar but is the slight edge is a great affirmation as well really really close to the compound effect in addition eat the Frog is a must I recommend that being your next book that you read on the list here then there is also Jab Jab right hook fabulous book last but not least is go givers go givers was the book that I truly think taught me how to give more and take less that is the moment my has change is when I looked in giving instead of receiving so personal development is the one area that you have to make a non-negotiable within your business listen you might have five minutes a day to do it you might have ten minutes a day to do it you might need to do it when you're dropping the kids off at school and you're listening to an audible in your car it might be a book in between doing laundry maybe on your lunch break but this is the deal I need you to make it non negotiable within your business it doesn't have to be a book a month a book a week but it has to be something that you commit to because I can tell you one thing when I see a brand new coach or even the season coach och coach on social media it is so obvious if their head and their mind is in personal development it comes through their posts they're so motivating they're so direct most of my post come from personal development I don't just make those things up that I post it comes from what I've read and what I fed the soul that is what motivates me I don't wake up every single day nor should anybody and have that motivation to change the world but I can tell you in those days where I'm down or I don't know what to do or I don't know how to move forward or I don't know where to start personal development is the very first place I go to a lot of times I'll listen to personal development while I'm doing my laundry or getting dressed in the morning and getting my girls ready and they get to hear it too it's so wonderful so the thing I want you to know is the tools are everywhere within our business here and on our team page the race for fitness under files we have a list of the top recommendations of personal development books so when you run out of the list that I'm going to provide you in here we have more provided to you not only that but beach body itself provides you with so much personal development because we truly know that that's what's going to help you grow as a person that when you're logged into your website there is actually a tab up top that says success when you hover and click on that bring that down it opens up personal development for you that beachbody recommends as a company in addition when you became a brand new coach I sent you a welcome letter that gave you a link to the Platinum presenters this is vital platinum presenters are more tools that you get is a brand new coach in helping your team be successful helping yourself be successful when you log into platinum presenters it takes about three days to get a response back they you'll still you'll get a message back and then you'll have access to all of their training it is so awesome to grow your business you've got all these tools so when you wake up each day and you wonder how to learn more tools they are there I want you to implement them this is the one thing that's so important is a brand new coach kick fear to the curb you can learn everything that you want to learn within this business but the one thing I cannot do for you is make you implement them so every single day you learn share it stop sharing what you're reading start sharing what our team is doing go out and live it I lived this before I even knew I was working at I shared the journey of food prepping and and personal development and all these things and then I'm like oh my gosh I'm work I'm oh i guess i'm working the business I was just living it I loved it I've changed my life because of these three vital behaviors because of our amazing team but personal development is so important you guys so I want you to comment below what your commitment is I want you to share what the team here is it easier for you to read a book or actually to have either a DVD right so I want you to share what works for you I'll be honest I very rarely have a book in my hand I am much more of a stick of CD in and drive or stick a CD in and get my housework done so for me that works really really well I want you to know there's no wrong way the only wrong way is to skip personal development so if you find yourself struggling in the beginning or two years in the very first thing I want you to ask yourself is have I done my personal development today so again share below let's get started let's grab a hold of you and I want you to commit to what it's going to be what book is going to be first what book is going to be second and how you're going to listen to it so share below and let's rock this out

The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C

♪♪ Man: New Year's is just
around the corner,
and so are your resolutions, so give yourself
the best gift of all:
a membership at
One Time Fitness.
Here at One Time Fitness,
you can sign up
for a one-time 30-minute gym
membership experience.
It's just enough to give you
bragging rights
about going to the gym without all the self-loathing from never actually
going to the gym,
so you can feel free to come in
and warm up on the bike,
get a drink, check your texts, take a gym selfie, lift your chin, puff your chest, flex your arm, whoa, just
strike a pose.
Take 20 minutes
to write a caption
and then post your gym
selfie to Instagram.
Get a drink, relax on the only
leg press machine,
accidentally creep
on the yoga people,
wish you were that guy, or even that guy. Get a drink, do lifts incorrectly, go down in weight, go down in weight, go down in weight. Grunt loudly while
lifting no weight
so you can feel
better about yourself.
[grunts] Think about that
Instagram post.
Neglect to put the
weights away.
Delete your post,
go in the locker roo–
Never go back in
the locker room.
Try to join the yoga people, then leave and never return. – See you later! – No you won't! Man: One Time Fitness,
because let's get real,
that's all you'll use it
for anyways.
-Thank you for watching.

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how you feel about… me. I want to know. Just give me the truth. What do the kids call it? Roast me? Don't roast me..

6 Creative Recipes Using 1 Can of Sardines ! (Part 1)

When you do it like this it means you're french. When you do it like this it means you're english, okay? When you'll do it like this means like you're a bastard Yes! Okay, so this is Alex listen I wanted to make a video about fresh food, but the thing is I don't have any fridge yet So the only thing I could find Is this: a can of sardines. So, I believe you cannot do any proper recipe with just a can of sardines, right? Wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong 6 Mind-blowing dishes now So true story before making this video. The only dish I could have think of when it comes to kind of Sardine would have been just Sardines on a plate with a hunk of bread on the side. It's not that it's not good…

It's just a bit repetitive. That was before because now I know that you can do so much more with just a can of sardines. And I'm gonna share -oops- and I intend to share all my recipes and all my discoveries with you guys That's the main purpose of this video otherwise. There's no point. "Hey guys, I'm making a video, but I'm not gonna share anything." So first off, you need to know five things about sardines.

They are cheap and yes, I realize that having this as my first point makes me look a bit tight Second, you can keep those out of the fridge for about, you know an approximate period of… Forever. Everything inside is cooked. Which I'm sure you will agree is safer considering the previous point. For the texture of the fish, the flesh itself is very fragile So you gotta take extra care when you deal with them. And five, it's on the fatty side. I mean sardine is an oily fish. Which is preserved in all so oil. Oil in oil it's not like a double negative It doesn't work this way.

That's it for the theoretical stuff So now to the practical stuff: the recipes Easy a bit less shorter or longer Italian, Indian, French, I believe there is one recipes for each and every one of you Marinated Sardines This is my take on a french classic called fish in escabèche sauce. I know "escabèche" sounds fancy But it's just about hot marination Garlic. A blood orange (a regular orange works fine). Parsley. Onions. Carrots. Celery. And a blend of spices. If you want to know your spices, watch my series called Mundus Aromaticus and start building a solid and useful spice rack Here I've got cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns Place a saucepan over medium heat Drop in a third of a cup of vinegar.

To bring more flavors in I'm adding some pickling juice Does it look weird? Pickling juice is just the most precious gem for lazy and smart cooks. It has perfect ratios of salt and acid Squeeze the orange juice in for tang and sweetness and grate the skin Next drop everything in saucepan except for garlic and parsley You need to cook and infuse all those flavors for about 8-10 minutes just to get rid of the first acidic kick In the meantime take a can of sardines place them in a dish.

Those were preserved in olive oil so I'm using that liquid as well Add a few bits of garlic cloves and some parsley Gently [pour] over the hot marination and let that sit in the fridge overnight enjoy those cold on a garlicky toast Tangy, intense, crispy, spicy, and so fresh. This is definitely my kind of recipe Right guys, I'm editing this video right now, but I reckon it's time for a quick studio update So this very quick studio update is gonna be all about wins and fails Soap dispenser on the wall: Fail.

Workshop boxes to organize all the video gear: Win. Fluorescent tape on the edges of my shelves: Fail. Temperature control electric kettle: Win. Guys, that's it for the quick studio tour. Back to the sardines. Glazed and smoked Sardines. This one is inspired by a Japanese dish called Unagi Don. So classically, it would be eel fish glazed with sweet soy, sake, and mirin sauce, and broiled over a charcoal grill So if I may, there are a few challenges in this recipe because I've got no sake, no mirin, no charcoal grill, and no eel Maybe we change recipe? No! We don't change recipes! Now, you just build on something in a saucepan over medium-low heat Drop in half a cup of water half a cup of vinegar 1/2 a cup of Molasses, or a full cup of dark sugar And a cup of soy sauce I don't have a charcoal grill so to get the same barbecue effect, simply add a couple tablespoons of smoked Paprika in the Saucepan and cook that for 10 minutes on low heat To get a silky and shiny finish, add a teaspoon of corn or potato starch diluted in a bit of water Now open a can of sardines So those are not preserved in oil, just water because I felt otherwise the whole dish would be too heavy.

Thoroughly Coat each filet in the sweet and sticky sauce and then place it on top of warm and fluffy white rice Add a few spring onions, sprinkle some sesame seeds, and Voilà! Sticky Smokey caramelized and the tang from the sauce cuts through the fattiness of the fish Sardines and Fennel pasta, it's a dish that is Directly inspired by a dish I had in the very south of italy in Sicily. It was called Pasta Con Le Sarde. Italian viewers, discretion is advised. This is not exactly pasta con le sarde. You know you guys tend to be a bit picky when it comes to Italian food? Pre cook a handful of pasta. The best would be bucatini but spaghetti is great too. Stop like two minutes before fully cooked strain, but keep some water for later Now we chop an onion Garlic clove and some parsley.

Trim off the tiny tender leaves from the fennel, and chop them up roughly Now chop up the fennel finely into strips Rehydrate a handful of raisin by soaking them in boiling hot water Place a pan over medium heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Drop the onion the garlic, the raisins. To give it a nice color just use a Saffron if you've got some and you're wealthy. Or just you know tomato paste if you're let's say, you know more casual (broke!) Add fennel strips, mix that up. Add cashews or any nuts you have. Now pour in some leftover water from your pasta. Close the lid and [cook] that for ten minutes on low heat Then add your pasta, but do not overcrowd it Open a can of sardines and add them in chunks Sprinkle with Fennel tops, Parsley, breadcrumbs, and lemon zest Finally a nice squeeze of lemon Everything works great in this dish and not only because it's Italian Sardines and Pasta bring some richness Lemon Parsley and Fennel take care of the freshness you also got some good crunch from the cashews and the breadcrumbs Humble and Flavorful.

That could be a definition of Italian cuisine So guys that's it for part 1 in the next part I will show you three more recipes that you can rustle up with just a can of sardines. Truth be told, my favorite dish is in the second video of course it is So now people, it's your turn I want to know which dish you cook with just a can of sardines Bye-bye, take care, salut!.

Dutch Oven Cooking 2: Basic Meals – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] Hello folks! We're out here
again at Riverbend park in Smithville, Texas. Today we're gonna do
1-pot meals. We're going to do a
chicken stew, a beef stew, and a pot of beans. Simple, easy, anyone
can do it and they've got a lot of
liquid in them which is always good for
your first time out. Now let's get cookin'! [sizzle] Now we've got some vegetables,
some beef and some chicken that
I've prepped.

Okay, we've got some
meat here and we're going to brown
it just like you would at home to get a good color and
some flavor. Once we get it browned, we're going to add some liquid add some spices. I picked some fresh herbs
out of the garden today. And then we're going to put
the vegetable liquid in and we'll stack them and
cook them and we'll talk about that
temperature control which is critical on the
open fire. What we've got here is a
3-stack. It conserves a little
bit of energy in the coals. And on top I'm making a
little pot of beans. So we've got some ham
hocks coming in here. And then all this stuff
needs to cook just like if you were at home same amount of time for it to get nice and tender
and done.

Your key to dutch oven
cooking is temperature control, just like your oven at home
when you turn the knob. Here we don't have that.
We've got to do a couple of little things to
test it. There's 2 rules that I use. One is a 3 second rule. I hold my hand 6 inches
above the dutch oven 1001, 1002, 1003 If it's a little bit of
discomfort, I know that the temperature
inside is about 350 degrees.

Since most things cook at
350 degrees, that's what we're trying to
get to 350 degrees inside. If you use brickettes, which I suggest you do
your first time, there's a simple rule there:
2 under, 2 over. For a 12 inch dutch oven,
I'm going to put 10 brickettes on the bottom
and 14 on top. On a good day with low
humidity and low wind that'll get you up to 325 to
350 in your dutch oven. We finished our 1-pot meals. This is a great way
to get started A few minutes ago I dropped
some dropped dumplings in there in a dutch oven with a liquid
recipe is very forgiving.

Look at that. Isn't
that great? In the next segment,
we're going to talk about some more exotic meals, different things that you can do
with your dutch oven at home to put out a 7 course meal for
all your friends and family. [music].

[Rookie King BTS Ep 2-1] Who is the best chef? Cooking survival between the 7 members!

Who is the best chef in BTS? The cooking war begins Bulletproof return The secret of the second album Punish quickly Bulletproof Punishment Show Free member's collection Don’t have any favorite songs? Don't know what song to download? The first reason to choose bulletproof is Will not be eliminated Second, protect everyone I am mc rm from BTS Wouldn’t you be happy to hear about cooking? A cooking contest will be held today Open now Today’s topic is rm's birthday dishes The cooking war between the two groups is about to begin 40 minutes to finish cooking The winner rests, the loser finishes I don’t know why I started early There are ingredients in front Need to determine the menu Start a meeting We prepare seaweed soup I'm very curious what kind of dishes you would choose Let's choose the ingredients now Because it’s your birthday, you have to prepare seaweed soup We are Stir-fried Rice Cake Pasta with Miso Tomato Sauce They wanted to make seaweed soup, but they snatched it away Now give 40 minutes Start now Feel so confused Is a bribe really tasty We have no meat do not know what to do with it He asked me to chop vegetables But I can't do it I don’t know what to do, so I copied all the chili sauce I wanted to smoke I like sesame oil, so I put a little more The meat is amazing Meat and onions are enough v Very ignorant of cooking, but very hardworking Never seen v cuisine v is critical All the ingredients are copied together But Jimin took it and copied it again I can't help The seasoning package is the best Only a little bit The best seasoning package Only five minutes left it's finally over Try it with other judges So salty I want to hinder them Who did this? How could pork be like this? Smells so strange Put the soybean paste and many more Smelly feet The subtopic of cooking is vomiting Is actually punishment too salty v's seaweed rice is really angry It seems they don't like me Can't eat it Let's have a meeting Actually not nervous jimin group is red spoon The suga group is a blue spoon Three two one jimin group win The prize for the winning group is a merchandise coupon Let the failed group finish washing The bulletproof cooking war is over j-hope is a bit greedy Thank you Jungkook and Jimin Actually mine is delicious too How can this be bad? Later Secrets of Bulletproof's second album Stay tuned