Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 – Ep 76 – Full Episode – 10th September, 2020

'Today I felt like ..' 'Are you asleep?' 'Are you awake?' 'You must be feeling sleepy.' 'Not at all.' 'I'm not feeling sleepy.' 'You are so cute.' 'Sorry I sent it by mistake.' 'I have something to tell you.' 'Okay.' 'I know how much army and study matter to you.' 'If you ever feel I am distracting you' 'please let me know.' 'Shravan, I know you will never distract me.' 'We will do hard work together.' 'A little chat at night.' 'Sleeping on time.' 'And the mornings are reserved for studies.' 'Done.

Just wait and watch. ' 'I will surprise you with my good marks in exams.' 'Oh my God! I almost forgot .. ' 'I have a good news for you as well.' Suman, you have already given me my life's best good news' 'by saying I love you. Still .. ' 'Tell me what's the good news.' 'Well that was the best news for me as well.' 'This is the second one.' 'Do you know, Kanchan and I are going to have a brother?' 'Aunt is pregnant. I am very happy, Shravan. ' 'Oh my God! So now little Kanchan will become an elder sister.

'You are right. It's really the best news. ' 'Congrats, Suman. I will throw the party. ' 'So you want to impress everybody through this party.' 'Hello! Not everybody. ' 'There will be only two members in this party.' 'It's just you and me. I mean just us. ' 'Made for each other.' What are you typing, Shravan? Make it fast. 'Well, madam! Usually couples celebrate ' 'after proposing each other.' 'They go for a ride. That's called a date. ' 'Will you come with me?' 'Reply with a tick for Yes and cross for a No.' 'Just let me know if you feel sleepy.' We will meet tomorrow. Okay, sir. Thank you. Good night. Is everything all right? – Yes. I am just thankful to God. Okay. So what's the special reason? I know it's not good to think or say this. But it's good for me that Colonel Vijay hasn't joined yet.

What do you mean? Kavita, if Colonel Vijay was sitting on that chair it would have been very difficult for this deal. May God always keep Mr. Vijay healthy. Listen, it's not bad to think about yourself. You are right. Also, it's not in our hand. If this deal fails then I will lose everything, Kavita. Hey, hope for the good. It will be successful. If at all anything goes wrong we are always together, right? We will handle the situation just like every time we do. It's not the same as the past. All my hard work and our family reputation are at stake. We will face it together. Everything will be fine. Let's wait till Monday. I hope the deal gets finalized with all the paper works. "This is the tale of two hearts .." 'Shravan, now we should go to sleep.' "It was like a dream.

Half complete half incomplete." 'Oh sorry! Are you feeling sleepy? ' "It's a strange feeling .." 'I don't think I can sleep anymore.' "It's hard to stay apart .." 'What about you?' 'Are you serious? It's long gone. ' "I don't know what has happened to me." Oh God! It's 6 o'clock in the morning. 'See you in class.' "We are made for each other." 'Good night! Oh sorry. 'Good morning, Suman!' Since when she sleeps even after the alarm? Suman! Suman, wake up. Let's go for walk. I won't go today. What's wrong? Are you all right? I have not fully recovered yet. Okay, take rest. I have never missed my morning walks. I have never lied to Kanchan before. What's happening to me? Also, I don't feel any guilt. Instead I am feeling so happy. There's nothing to worry about. You are absolutely fit. – Yes! Congratulations, Dad! – Thank you so much, dear! Congratulations, Uncle! – Thank you, dear! So, just take care of yourself. You can join the command from Monday.

Thank you. – Thank you so much. Take care of yourself. – Thank you. Thank you so much, my home command. Now Colonel .. – Is absolutely fine. And Colonel's dad is also happy. Thank you, Dad. Do you all need a party or it's just me? It's a special day, right? I completely agree with dad. There's something special indeed. We have so many good news since yesterday. Really? What about your special good news? Do you want to share it or keep it a secret? Stop it. Okay, there will be a party. But I have only one week left. I want this week's classes to be the best, okay? Inform everyone, this week nobody should miss any class. Sure, Dad. I will inform everybody. – Good! That's what I was afraid of. Anyway, thank you for the information. Thank you. What's wrong? I've messed up, Kavitha. Colonel Vijay is joining the army again. Does that mean .. What about your deal? – Yes, Kavitha. I know very well that Colonel Vijay will surely put a spoke in the wheel. If this deal gets canceled after reaching this position I'll be runied.

– Don't say that. Nothing like that will happen. You're just overthinking. – No, I'm not. This is what my conscious is telling me. I'm sure that colonel will surely mess things up. But I'm a businessman. I'll not give up. I'll do whatever it takes. Come to the terrace. I have to tell you something. Go ahead, I'm listening. Why do you want me to come on the terrace? I want to see you while telling this. Well, I'm very tired. I'm sleepy also. Why don't you tell me what is it? Really? Don't you remember I used to meet you whenever you told? Do you want me to plead more? Fine, do one thing.

You should get my binoculars instead of standing on the railings. You can see me with the binoculars. Fine, you can go back to sleep. Just a minute. How do you know that I'm near the railings? Where are you? Tell me what is it? The doctor has allowed my dad to join the army again. Wow! Congratulations .. So, is your dad completely fine now? Yes, he is! Maybe, he'll join from the next Monday.

I'm very happy today, Shravan. Even I'm very happy to see you happy. Well, why are you here so early? Actually, I was waiting. I was waiting for you to come to the balcony so I could see you sneak on you. No, I don't want to sneak on you. Rather, I'll watch you publicly. I do have the right. Oh, God! Do you also read cheap romantic novels like Kanchan? Well, forget about that. Tell me, when and where the party is? Go get your bike, we'll go somewhere right away. I'll let you decide the place. Actually .. I've not been riding lately. 'But Anish was indeed right.' 'I love my bike.' 'It is the second best' 'and so, it is easy to sacrifice it, right?' 'It's not a sacrifice if it's easy, right?' So, did you not ride your bike since that day? How can I break my promise which I had made to my best friend? Shravan Malhotra, you have all the permission. You can go back to riding your bike again.

Moreover, we're not just best friends now. Really? So, what bond do we share now? Let's go .. – Well. We have to come back before the class starts. Dad has told me there will be important classes as this is the last week. We can't miss them. – Okay, that's fine. Before we leave, I want you to answer my question. What do I mean to you? Stop talking and get going. But .. – Go and get the bike's keys. Go on! She has not even informed me. I have no idea where Suman is. That loser Shravan will be rebuked today as well. Even Suman is not here today. Hey, Kanchan. Everybody is here but where is Suman? She'll be here very soon. So, even Shravan should be on his way, right? Anish, what is your problem? Why don't you mind your own business? I don't mind if they both have gone out together.

But it would be an awkward situation if the others get to know about this, right? What if your grandpa gets to know about this? I'm sure he'll not like Shravan and Suman going out together. Why did you stop? Well, why don't you sit properly? You're ruining both our balances. Are you talking about me? I'm sitting just fine. I think you've forgotten to ride the bike. Really? Where are your hands? My hands .. I've held them back. You'll surely fall down if you hold your hands back.

You used to sit nicely before. Why don't you place your hands on my shoulders like always? It was different before, Shravan. It never felt weird like this before. Oh, no. I think we should've let everything to be like before. At least, it could've saved you from feeling awkward. Looks like I made a mistake by expressing my feelings. Yes, you've made a mistake. You should've expressed your feelings long back. The balance will be just fine now. My life and bike will be well balanced now. Good morning, sir .. I'm fine now and will join the command from the next week. I must appreciate all of you for coming here in all conditions with discipline. I'm very happy with all of you. I'm very happy. Do remember one thing. A person only learns when he has the wish to learn.

A person who can always report to his duty. I would surely make a commitment with you that I'll work very hard in this last week. I'll try my best to teach you what I know. Kanchan, where is Suman?.

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