Fitness Pilates Boutique Workout 1 with Rachel Holmes

well hi everybody it's Rachel I was here and welcome to the first ever fitness pilar takes rollers and vitality butene really excited that year to join me this week the next exciting addition workouts of mindset coaching at nutritional coaches I mean speed a bit more a boutique is it's an attempt certainly we're still in the choreography to go studio so every workout today will be between about 10 to 20 minutes or we all you'll need about and its subsequent warehouse you might eat a mini ball the Swiss ball also very nice one or two kilos great positivity coming through on the Facebook group already make sure that you downloaded your baño you filled in the questionnaire because this is just as much about mindset about nutrition about health and well-being I'm feeling great about yourself your body it's all about looking and feeling positive and totally fabulous so shall we begin this is a shorter Pilates workout it's functional it's progressive you'll get some classical fitness blood taste movements mixed up with progression body conditioning body weight training floor works and triplane which who will be moving the body in three planes for back side to side and rotating so in these short workouts you'll get a full body workout concentrating on your core and linemen cut breath and of course mindset so are you ready without further ado I'm just gonna sum slightly on an ankle here so that you can see and we can work out together so find some space let's have a little bit of still time quiet time we're going to do our workouts then we'll do a stretch and then at one minute meditation and visualization so if you're doing this with me on your phone on your iPad or your computer give it your best shots as much energy as you can I'll motivate you and every day with our daily practice we'll get better and stronger leaner and more positive p.m.

Pain all the way here we go you so great positioning Madhavi toes landing up in the middle of your knees and hips let's bring her attention to our core course it muscle around the center here let's just contract bring the shoulders back and then squeeze the back of the shoulder blades together so the shoulders are rotated slightly back heads looking forward so we starting that beautiful posture close your eyes deep breath breathe air and breathe out now as we breathe air breathe in all the positive energy beautiful sunny day breathe out any chatter that your mind has let it go clear it away breathing again now as we connect we're going to roll down so to knock the head roll the shoulders your hands coming to the floor hands down now walk the hands forward to the end of your band and hold stabilize in that plank position shoulders away from your ears let's just establish that position and every time we do this routine we'll add on a new movement so hold so getting used to how the body feels here toes underneath now let's walk the hands back up bending your knees rolling through the spine now reach both arms let's go extension head neck and shoulders roll down use your core muscles to support the body walk forward first movement to add on is one press up took in the elbows let's go down to a Pilates press up push back one more time if you need to drop your knees no problem try and do the two walking the hands back in and at the end of every workout we're gonna concentrate a little bit on flexibility as well so I'm trying to improve my own flexibility so it's great that we can all do it together walk forward let's have our next exercise that one push up really strong holding the upper body still let's bring one knee in so imagine now that you're almost doing like a sit-up if you're lying on your back bringing your knee to your chest how this is tilting underneath lovely two more shoulders are strong i thinka tips are wide supporting your upper body weight as hold so hopefully you doing this first thing in the morning with me it's gonna set you up at the day giving amazing extension let's walk it forward a few moves to not only is your brochure now hill climbers through can you see my upper back stays very still great workout here the lower abdominals now the shoulders are working hard let's do one more take one knee down to the mat extend your right arm on your left leg says go for a balance challenge had the controller's look down now once you've established that position the arm of the leg down to the man's come back a decayed tap down so we'll do four of these on each side use the core muscles think about the center when you open your leg in now let's take a breath there take a breath out extend the opposite arm again switchboard reach tapped up now the goal here is to keep the smile as still as possible you'll get a little bit of movement of course as you move the limbs let's minimize eyes hold Romilly come back it live in a roll back up through the spine head down shoulders down let's add on a little bit more yes sir this is a mini workout or moving through a little bit quicker so you know where we got it you know modify or come to this at any time to Brussels now tucking in the elbows strengthening the upper body feels great doing this in the morning there are eight hill climbers so even though the workout is short let's make sure that everything you do counts that it's quality not quantity now its adult here and just hold the upper body and abduct the hair so the hip and the muscles around the pelvis is so key to your Pilates practice boutique now bring the knee across to the wrist now my shoulders are working hard my upper body stabilizing my rib cakes is still one more hold now take the knee down take the pressure out of the wrists very light fingertips now let's just go for hold do two breaths in this position breathe air breathe out breathe in again now bring your own but you like it still no movement from this imagine that you're balanced on a glass table but you know what if we were told anything everything very still we breathe out the connection there one more time let's put your harmony like back in by sitting back I just stretch maybe shoulders alone now just gonna turn my map to face you but not likely to roll up through the spine a masseuse a man severely what if you can't feel their problem 25 so just moving the other body into three plays man again me wrong electioneer and shoulders down how I feel a rotation to the left a little bit further biggie biggie goods the center have not got a mirror so let's focus on keeping keep your body line in your mind's eye you might be feeling when your arms down go again extension she was since you ship Elvis want you to move your pelvis through this rage movie upper back bring me up since then – now push nips to the right as you take your arms over my sister good two more so we have lateral flexion there we go over the top thumbs around again nobody stays still now and rotation to the left that's always going with you in life except your spilling damn it slowly one vertebrae at a time I just come around on to turn this way cuts you back what do you want sir so just some very simple work here for the call shoulders down now just some routine so contract let's go round off this bar I'm going to drop down breathing out and then we're going to breathe in and come up we'll do four or so only four so ensure that your technique is absolutely spot-on all in shoulders back relax the shoulders if you can see yourself in a mirror check your alignment again you're moving out of the sagittal plane a little bit in a second then adding some rotation because we tend to lack mobility in the transverse plane and fitness Pilates is always about working on the weaker areas the weakened links mr.

Reach forward now what oh it doesn't matter which one you do do the same thing but rotate and sweep the arm back and let's meet at the top and then the other side roll it back a sweet round the shoulders reach fine and again it might be a different experience on both sides to reach forward drop the head reach it back again when I'll extend the spine all the way so always trying to mobilize the spine in every plane let's reach forward forward fold and then roll down now if you aren't able to do a full roll down choose your option but again a really key component of fitness pilates is roll it up roll it down so if you need assistance so you need a band or you need to hold onto your leggings you know you can I'm gonna hold it down gonna break one here I'm going into sixteen single leg stretch movements are you ready and after that or follow it with eight double leg stretch and this is your challenge I ready let's go three four keep it going seven now we have a long tragical let's get that breathing mind-body future good for to go for to not bring both knees in if you need to rest your head and shoulders you know you can eight for this double leg stretch variation feels good sunshine along everyone it's the boutique that last one but I could sit I just really okay final exercise let's do some variations for a shoulder bridge so tilt the pelvis here's your technique let's get the glutes involved roll up through the lumbar spine all the way up pause now let's just try not some balance challenges so I'm just going to get the abdominals here they'll stay engage they'll all be working as they should how much is balancing by walkie one heel off the world now you can stay at that point or you come with me and take the Lenox so I'm going to lift the leg up get a stretch on the hamstring bring the near basic back down there were 10 add on some abduction all that stuff within the air and down so let's go and do this together extend the leg out to the side lower down only two more so extend with the toe abduction bring it in and lower down keep pushing the hips up you can do it stretch to the ceiling abduction bring minion and then lower down okay let's go for stretch okay three breaths everybody breathe close your eyes breathe out again let's go for you to get and breathe out she won't breathe okay let's roll all the way over and come on sir just a minute a flexibility which a minute but on the end of every single workout in the wellness boutique now I don't know about flexible I'm really trying hard to gain more flexibility so if you're the same with me let's make a conscious effort to really stretch every single day so push your hip down lift your knees both knees together if you were able to lift your head and shoulders then please do and let's do the four breaths are we ready breathing breathe that good come on really get into those muscles oxygenate the body breathe in breathe out two more feel the court stretch and out good okay holds and let it go well done no thought except hands and D shoulders now push up into a plank position to just walk your hands in and I'd like you now to just move into a modified almost like a down dog to get your hamstrings and cardless as a screaming we need to do this more are you ready three breaths it good and exhale push down with the heels so good it feels so positive after this workout so energized so flexible which is exactly what we want one more breathe it in breathe lovely our final stretch is it flex it which again is such a key area so push into the hip extend your arms and we'll do two breaths in each side let's go breathing in and breathe out now I'm increasing the range in below that you could stay here or you can extend if you choose let's change size so I can push that hip forward both arms go back breathing in I breathe out South down okay I need to sit comfortably however you want Grusha legs legs extended next minute it's just a little bit me a new time at a relaxation to focus your mind on the day ahead or if you're doing this workout at the end of the day you can rewind you goes through everything that you've done today just replay it back and let it all go and then we look forward so close your eyes deep breath inhale through the nose and exhale now would be to take yourself away you've had a great workout feel very refreshed very energized more flexible challenged your core and some of your weaker areas now I need to focus on your mind clear you mind of any cancer anything that's going on let that go just concentrate on my voice today we're all going to have the most amazing positive a productive day even a meat interesting people and any barriers or obstacles that you come across today be able to just push through smash out of the way forward move through today getting energized any positive to everybody around you pray there three heads lights were for your eyes I really hope you've enjoyed our first workout together been exciting I would so love your feedback please let me know how you feel if you enjoyed the workout I'll see you on the Facebook group I'll also see you tomorrow and tomorrow you'll need a mini ball a little round bendable to do the workout way and so I'll see you tomorrow have the most wonderful day see that

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