Race 4 Fitness #2 Race 4 Fitness coach training

hey a-team welcome to day two of Coach training I am so excited yesterday day one we got to see you share your goals you're wise and then that a time that you are going to invest into your brand new business today I want to focus strictly on personal development and why it is so important not only for you but for anybody in growing their business or growing their hearts listen I've helped enough people over the years that I can tell you the one thing that is so important yes we can help people lose weight get hot get healthy get amazing results and build energy but the one thing that's missing and we can help them and ourselves is feeding the soul fading the mind catching our tongues before those words come out this is where personal development going to be the one area that helps you build your business in fact out of the three vital behaviors that you need to live every single day in this business which is inviting being a product to the product doing your workout and drinking your shake personal development the third I think is the most important vital behavior within your business because let's keep it real we can do all those things but if we don't believe in ourselves how are we going to help others so I want to give you guys a list of my top personal development books that truly are game changers of them in my business and I know we've already shared with you guys the compound effect by Darren Hardy is big and I know a lot of you guys are already digging deep in this and absolutely it will change your life the other one that's really really similar but is the slight edge is a great affirmation as well really really close to the compound effect in addition eat the Frog is a must I recommend that being your next book that you read on the list here then there is also Jab Jab right hook fabulous book last but not least is go givers go givers was the book that I truly think taught me how to give more and take less that is the moment my has change is when I looked in giving instead of receiving so personal development is the one area that you have to make a non-negotiable within your business listen you might have five minutes a day to do it you might have ten minutes a day to do it you might need to do it when you're dropping the kids off at school and you're listening to an audible in your car it might be a book in between doing laundry maybe on your lunch break but this is the deal I need you to make it non negotiable within your business it doesn't have to be a book a month a book a week but it has to be something that you commit to because I can tell you one thing when I see a brand new coach or even the season coach och coach on social media it is so obvious if their head and their mind is in personal development it comes through their posts they're so motivating they're so direct most of my post come from personal development I don't just make those things up that I post it comes from what I've read and what I fed the soul that is what motivates me I don't wake up every single day nor should anybody and have that motivation to change the world but I can tell you in those days where I'm down or I don't know what to do or I don't know how to move forward or I don't know where to start personal development is the very first place I go to a lot of times I'll listen to personal development while I'm doing my laundry or getting dressed in the morning and getting my girls ready and they get to hear it too it's so wonderful so the thing I want you to know is the tools are everywhere within our business here and on our team page the race for fitness under files we have a list of the top recommendations of personal development books so when you run out of the list that I'm going to provide you in here we have more provided to you not only that but beach body itself provides you with so much personal development because we truly know that that's what's going to help you grow as a person that when you're logged into your website there is actually a tab up top that says success when you hover and click on that bring that down it opens up personal development for you that beachbody recommends as a company in addition when you became a brand new coach I sent you a welcome letter that gave you a link to the Platinum presenters this is vital platinum presenters are more tools that you get is a brand new coach in helping your team be successful helping yourself be successful when you log into platinum presenters it takes about three days to get a response back they you'll still you'll get a message back and then you'll have access to all of their training it is so awesome to grow your business you've got all these tools so when you wake up each day and you wonder how to learn more tools they are there I want you to implement them this is the one thing that's so important is a brand new coach kick fear to the curb you can learn everything that you want to learn within this business but the one thing I cannot do for you is make you implement them so every single day you learn share it stop sharing what you're reading start sharing what our team is doing go out and live it I lived this before I even knew I was working at I shared the journey of food prepping and and personal development and all these things and then I'm like oh my gosh I'm work I'm oh i guess i'm working the business I was just living it I loved it I've changed my life because of these three vital behaviors because of our amazing team but personal development is so important you guys so I want you to comment below what your commitment is I want you to share what the team here is it easier for you to read a book or actually to have either a DVD right so I want you to share what works for you I'll be honest I very rarely have a book in my hand I am much more of a stick of CD in and drive or stick a CD in and get my housework done so for me that works really really well I want you to know there's no wrong way the only wrong way is to skip personal development so if you find yourself struggling in the beginning or two years in the very first thing I want you to ask yourself is have I done my personal development today so again share below let's get started let's grab a hold of you and I want you to commit to what it's going to be what book is going to be first what book is going to be second and how you're going to listen to it so share below and let's rock this out

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