Kaatelal & Sons – Ep 1 – Full Episode – 16th November 2020

Good morning from goat Puttu to the fans of kid goat. No. I don't mean goat as in animal. Goat means .. Goat means Greatest of all time. It's the latest word. So I couldn't remember. So today I will show you goat Puttu's family member's well .. Snea .. Snea .. Glimpse, whatever it is, come, let's see. Do you hear the thumping sound? This sound indicates how our today will be. Oh, God. Here is my revered uncle. The salon in the Hathi market which was started even before the market came up, Kaatelal and Sons uncle owns it. His name is Dharampal But, like the small animals hide when elephants come the same happens with my family members. I am saved. Come on, let's meet the one for whom the almond milk is being prepared.

She is the younger one of my older sisters. Suseela. Not suseela, it's Su Shee La. Susheela. Yes, Susheela .. Sister susheela is very fond of beating up. She is fighting with her shadow. See .. And the elder one is only four minutes older to her. How much difference four minutes can make, see it yourself. Enough .. He'll stretch his hand from there itself and pull you. Isn't that good? That would test plan 'B'. We can't take a risk, Susheela dear. What if plan 'A' fails? No .. Don't get confused. Sister Garima's plan 'A' and plan 'B', both are to get married. Sister Garima has made a very long list. if she finds a guy who can tick every box in the list then plan 'A' will be successful. otherwise he will be my brother-in-law in plan 'B'. I think one fine day this rat will die under the weight of his own books. What are you saying? He could be your brother-in-law in near future. What? – Yes. I am thinking of making a film star your brother-in-law and you are thinking of making this skeleton my brother-in-law.

Will you die without using your brain? Use it some times. He has cleared CA foundation course in first attempt. Once he completes intermediate within tow years, he will settle down. And after that straight to the wedding altar. After that straight to Switzerland. Oh, come back. By the way, what happened to the milk? Come on, let's go. Oh, God. the girls fooling around in room don't know that their dreaded dad is approaching the room There will be a blast now. Good morning, dad. Take this. Winter is approaching, dad. Remove it. And are those needles or dumbbells? Why is your forehead sweating? Dad, what's this? It isn't sweat, dad. It's rose water. She may not be bothered about her skin but I have to worry about her wedding too, dad. You know it. Here, take it. Hey! Keep your eyes closed, dad. Get the feel. I would say, use rose water instead of after shave in your salon. People will go crazy. It's a mind blowing let's rock idea. Focus on your studies, dear.

You don't have to worry about the salon and the customers. Okay, dad. Okay, dad! Did you see, she changed the direction of the wind. No one can challenge sister Garima's talent. Oh, sorry .. I forgot about my mom. No one can beat my mom in making fool out of others to serve her own purpose. Come, I'll introduce her. Oh, wow! Nice. Whatever it is Mrs. Dharampal cooks so well that even her worst critics will love her. Honestly. Hey, Chanchal. Just now when I saw time, it was 7 o'clock. Now it's 10 o'clock, we haven't even started cooking. – Hey, sister, chill. Why do you worry when Chanchal is here? Look here. I have cooked everything. I was about to season it. – You are so nice, Chanchal. Let me season it at least. Okay, do it. No .. Don't be confused. Aunt suffers from amnesia. She does all the work. And my mom takes all the credit. Can I get breakfast? I'll serve it right away. He thinks he is a king. But he isnt. The big bungalow you see is ancestral.

But the subject is poor. They are terrified of the king. Look over there. My dad. – Brother taste it and tell me. I have made it. With sugar free. You have all the qualities of women. Get a skirt stitched. You are the heir of Kaatelal and Sons. Start coming to the salon, Ghanshyam. Leave the mobile and hold the razor. Son of an ass. I won't say anything. Okay? Okay, I will tell. You keep quiet. 'The person you are trying to reach ..' 'is not answering.' tAnd now 'You can try' the idiot is not answering. 'after some time.' Hot 'Poori', dad. Well, dad what's your program for today evening? Are you coming to Raamleela? Yes, dad, it's been years since all the family together .. – What's the point in asking the same question every year.

There is nothing new in it. You all go. Okay. – But before 8 pm entire family should be back home. 8 pm But at 8 pm even Sita 'Swayamvar' is not over, dad. Sita was married in 'Treta Yuga'. Girls who stay out after 8 pm don't find husbands in this 'Kali Yug.' We don't want husbands, dad. We want boon of freedom. The nonsense you talk in front of your dad is the boon of freedom, dear. But, dad .. – Why are you irritating dad? He said he won't come. So let him be. Come on, we're late for college.

Take it .. Eat. – Carefull .. Oh, professor. I couldn't become one, Brother. Don't call me professor. The guy from Sharma furniture owes us 25,000 rupees since last one and half months. Neither is he selling the chairs nor returning the money. He is not answering my phone since last 2-3 days. In the salon chair are making more nose that the scissor. It is very embarrassing. Give him a earful on you way. Yes, Brother. Okay. Uncle. I am quoting the color from uncle's face has drained looks like Garima, Susheela will have to do the what's needed. Uncle we'll take care of the guy from Sharma furniture. You go to the college. And don't be tense about this. I'll talk to him. That's fine. But don't create a fuss there.

And reach college on time. Shave my beard, Dharampal. Take a seat, sir. Okay. I have ordered new chair. It should be here in a couple of days. Old man Dharampal is calling repeatedly since morning. I am not answering. But, isn't the chair ready, uncle? It's loaded in the van too. Why don't you give it? – Shan't I give you one? I've got this chair through special order from abroad. It doesn't suit the old man's personality. I have an offer from Gharaunda. They are giving me 5000 extra. This chair will go there. You are making a grave mistake. Do you know that a small mistake can cost you dearly? Who are you? You are interfering in our talks without asking. Uncle, have you heard of Susheela Ruwel? The same girl who had thrashed everyone last year in Raamleela? And who had thrashed Constable Bahadur Singh's son last month. I have heard. But not seen her. She is herself coming here. You can see her now.

I'd say, scoot from here. – Why should I be scared of her? She is Susheela. My younger sister. And I am Garima. She has beaten up anyone since last three months. I've stopped her. So unless the chair is sent to Hathi market no one is going anywhere. Okay .. Dharampal has sent his daughters as recovery agents. Now go and tell him that I have pulled this chair from under his bum.

So not to sit else, he'll fall with a thud. Will you make my dad fall down? You, useless bat! Susheela. Hey, Uncle, run! Hey! What happened, Mister? Where are you running off to? Yes, Garima? He was calling dad, a bat. – A bat! Look, he said again. – When did I say? Hey, Chote, get the car. Get the Scooty. Hey, Chote. Race it. Come on .. Be Quick. See that. This anaconda is back again. I don't know whose shop he will swallow this time. Yes, Mr. Avtar come over here. Come quickly. Yes.

Hail Mother Goddess. Bring it. Sign these papers quickly. This shop is mine and the carom board yours. Didn't you get it, Mister? I am giving you so much money that you don't have to work at all. You'll have lot of time on your hands. So I've brought you carom board. Look, how well I take care of you. Mr. Jagat if you could give me another chance .. Okay, Mister I'll ask you an objective type question. When the bank was sealing your shop who paid your EMI then? You did. – Yes. And I had given you my number while leaving. Yes. 96 86 62 .. – Enough If you remembered my number you should have done, right? What's it called, digital payment? Right? If you don't make payment tell me what should I do? Well ..

seize my shop. If you are giving the answer, innocent man, then why are you asking for a chance? Take this. Sign on these quickly. Come on, clap. Clap, next is your number. Clap your hands. Sign it quickly. Avtar You don't come in between, Dharampal. I came in between right then when the foundation of Kaatelal and Sons was laid right in the middle of Hathi market. According to you, if a farmer has a problem should he sell his land? What should I do, Dharampal? I had taken loan to fund my son's engineering. Hey, hello. Do this emotional drama later. Hey, there, give the lock. Pull the shutter down. Whose message is that? I have transferred my one day's income. And I will do it every day till Avtar's shop is not freed from this vulture's claws. Rest of you see, what you want to do. If we had fun together we'll face the problem together. This is my four days' income.

Here it goes. 'You started a wrong game, Dharampal.' Before you punch him next, check your location on Google. Brother's area starts from here. We are the entrance of Hathi market. Get down. Mr. Dharampal. Remove the van. – Great. Wow .. – This is your discount. What is this for? Due to delay in delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Move the van. – But, Mr. Sharma .. Brother. That Mr. Sharma was shivering like a dry lief in front of me. You have proved that you are Kaatelal's blood. There has to be a surprise party in Raamleela today. 'In the court of King Janak' 'when the bow of Lord Shiva breaks' 'Parashuram comes angrily with an ax in his hand.' 'Sita' 'Ravan will keep you in his heart.' 'No, I am waiting for Lord Shri Ram.' 'He will surely come.' 'His message should be coming anytime.' 'Try to understand what I am saying.' 'Ravan will keep you very happy.' 'Dad!' 'How did he come here?' Hail Lord Ram! Greetings, Lady.

Lord Shri Ram has send you this. 'If dad sees Susheela as Hanuman' 'then I don't know about Ravan' 'but our Lanka will surely be on fire.'.

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