Lesson 2 in The Health Choices Book: Personal experiences – The Informed Health Choices project

Hello! Eh! Kazuku! You stop making trouble, Kazuku! Julie! What? My finger! It is only a burn, John. But it is painful! Cow dung heals burns! Hey! My friend Sarah said the same thing! Kazuku must have heard her! Sarah said she once put cow dung on her burn and her burn healed! So she says cow dung heals burns Really? Look! There's some cow dung! Put some on Your finger, John! Oh. OK… Mama! Mama! My finger! Let me see, John. John! You have an infection in your finger. Julie! Yes, Mama? Take your Brother to the clinic. OK. Oh! Good afternoon, children. My name is Professor Compare. And I am Professor Fair! Nice to meet you, children! Good afternoon, Professors! I am Julie.

Good afternoon. I am John. Is everything ok, John and Julie? No! I put cow dung on this burn and now I have an infection. But my friend Sarah says she put cow dung on her burn and the burn healed! So she says cow dung heals burns! What Sarah said was wrong. Next time, use cold water. It will reduce the pain. Then wait and the burn will go away! John, your infection does not look serious. Keep your finger clean, and if it gets worse, come back to the clinic. Are you doctors? Oh yes! Children, Professor Compare and I are doctors and Health reseachers. Professor, was Sarah trying to mislead us? No, but what she said was wrong. It could be because she was misled by someone else. Or, it could be because she has not learned some important lessons! Ah! Professors, will you teach us? Yes, John.

Then we can teach our friends and family! Wonderful! First, you must learn what a "claim" is. A claim is something that someone says that can be right or wrong or wrong. Like what Sarah said? Exactly! Sarah's basis for her claim was bad! But she said she put cow dung on her burn and her burn healed! Yes, but that is a bad basis for her claim. It was only Sarah's personal experience! Oooh… Julie, what would have happened if Sarah had not put cow dung on her burn? Ha. I am not sure. Is it possible that her burn would have healed without the cow dung? Yes, I think so.

So, someone's personal experience using a treatment is…..a bad basis for a claim about the effects… Oooh… OK. We cannot be sure what would have happened if they had not used the treatment! If the basis for her claim is bad, then the claim is unreliable. Eh… There are other bad bases for claims about treatments. When you hear a claim, you must always ask: What is the basis for the claim? And, is it a good or bad basis? If you hear any other claims about treatments, write them down. OK! We will use them to teach you, next week! We will come to visit your school. That's wonderful! Thank you, Profesors! Bye!.

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