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Hello Vanessa. Hello Dean. How are you? What are we doing here? Well, it's a continuation of yesterday's… The sauerkraut? Sauerkraut, yes. Okay. We salted the sauerkraut, put it in here. How long does it stay in there? Overnight.
Overnight? Overnight, yeah. And you cover it with a cloth, right? Covered with a damp cloth and it's salted with sea salt. We talked about that yesterday. Yeah.

Okay. Now, one
thing, this cabbage is not very juicy. Okay. Because we are a little early, but I wanted
to have it done, you know, for the fall. Okay. So I can put. So? And, we need certain things
now to do the cabbage, and you see me standing here on this white cloth with absolutely clean feet. Clean feet okay. Very clean feet. So what we do is we take a little bit of dill,
fresh dill. Yeah. And put it down here, and…That's a cockatoo screaming. And three pieces of horseradish. Horseradishes, okay yeah. And now, just a minute, that's just our cockatoo
screaming there. Chucky, yep. So, now I'm filling in the cabbage. Just a piece. Filling
the cabbages in? Yeah.

To the crock. But, not more than that. Alright. Yep. Now the best way, you can also do it with your hands, but you just won't get it as good as when you step in and do it with your feet. And you just, because you are injuring the cabbage, so you're really, really getting the juices going here, right? Okay. So, now, next one.

Yeah. Some more dill, okay, yeah.
Put another sprig of dill. Yeah. Now, people do it differently. Some people like quince
instead of the horseradish. The horseradish is only in because it prevents the cabbage from going mouldy. Okay yeah. Right? Put another three in. Yeah. Put this in. Doesn't the horseradish give a little flavour? Yeah, it gives a little flavour to it. So, now, second one, and a little more. A little more salt? No. A little more cabbage. A little more cabbage, kay, right? Yeah. It's actually not too bad. Right. A little more. So, and now, going to go in it again, and you can see already. Yeah. Want to come here? It makes a lot of juice.

Can you see it, already, it makes a lot of juice? And don't worry about it, that's how they used to do it in the old farms. Yeah? Yeah. That's how cabbage was done. Well, it ferments like. Yeah, it will
ferment. Which will make it all… And here, we have another piece of dill. Okay, the whole stalk and everything? Just tear it up, just throw it in. Yeah. Okay, and now we put the
last part of the cabbage in here. Yeah. Now, I'm not making huge amounts, you know, but
I make enough so we have a few jars. Yeah. And then in the fall I will make some more. Okay. So, It's not a big deal, you know, to make sauerkraut. Okay, yeah, let's do the
cabbage dance again. The cabbage dance! Ha ha ha! Yeah. You know what? This is totally totally
watery. Yeah, yeah. And you only get that… look at this. Yeah, when you step in it. And that's only the water from the cabbage.

Yeah okay. Now what I did is, because it looked very dry to me, I made myself some lightly salted water, just in case I need it, but I don't think I need it, so now I put some more dill. Yeah. I'm done with this. Yeah. Little more
peeled horseradish. Yeah. Okay. You grow that in your garden? Yeah.

I have that in the garden, but you can buy it in the stores, you know, they sell, you know, those stalks. Okay. And a little more, right? How long does it take before it… Depends on how warm it is. Yeah. It shouldn't be in too warm of a place because then it just goes mushy really quick. And you have to check it every day, whether it has enough water. Yeah. And every day, if it starts to get mouldy, like, on the outside, you have to take that off. Yeah. Clean it off. Yeah.
Maybe a little more salt. Okay. Now I put a plate upside-down. Yeah yeah. And I put a weight on it, and I'm using my… Your salt pestle, yeah. …my mortar from Carrera. Carrera marble. Yeah. And just to make sure, I'll put a little water in. Yeah. A little salted water. Yeah. And it's cold.

Yeah. Just to make sure. Okay. Yep. So, we'll be back. Can
I say two more words? Yeah. After a few days, it will start to bubble and to ferment. Yeah. And when it's done fermenting, after about a week or so. Yeah. Then it goes back down. Yeah, okay. Okay? And then it has to be bagged and frozen because you cannot can it.

Okay. You cannot can sauerkraut. Okay. Okay, otherwise you lose all the goodness. Okay, thank you Vanessa. So that's it! Have fun. Ha ha ha. Do the cabbage dance… Cabbage dance! Ha ha ha! Thanks a lot. You're welcome. Can hardly wait to taste it. Yeah, oh oh. You
have to put a cloth over it. It's very good to taste. A wet, you know, a damp cloth over
it. Okay. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Yep. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen.

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