Qigong Exercise for Health-1

hello everyone my name is hi young today I would like to share some the Chico exercise with you today we will practice the first one okay let's let's keep the seat apart at shoulders back and then gradually raise up your arms your palms then I stand like an eyeball and then focus on the space between the hands so focus on the space between the hands you can gradually close your eyes oh you keep your eyes open this after you then then after we focus on this area then gradually slowly extend our arm and then post toward each other then let's repeat this movement so extend the palms arms shoulders and the chest then in the end pull inward so we still focus on a space between the hands then crack these days slowly you can keep your eyes closed Oh keep your eyes open then at this moment that you have to keep your mind relax keep your facial muscle relax and breathe naturally you can make coordination between the breathing and your movement oh just just focus on the moment we stop focusing on your breathing that's the first point second point one after well after focusing top of sections you can coordinate the movement with the body motion for example when the palms extend outward then imagine the body is expending at the same time then when the palms push toward each other then just a sense of just imagine that your body is is the country as well so for calls under space and the coordinates the breathing and the body movement which the move with the physical moment with time so in the beginning just focus on a space just focus on the moment gradually you coordinate your movement with your breathing with the body movement with the body breathing in the end you can repeat this movement slowly for I say five or ten minutes then in the end you can put your palm put your palm toward your stomach then just put the palm up on your stomach relax the shoulders sing down the shoulder and then Foucault's are the space behind your palms for cotton space behind your palms and at the same moment you can keep a seat standing posture on the seat on the chair you can keep this posture or sit on the chair but relax the whole body at this moment normally you can close your eyes close your eyes breathe with your nose and the phone calls and the space behind your poems then eventually after few minutes then move palms downward then from here you can work on other movement so it is the first exercise so nice let's repeat again first keep your body relaxed second relax the mind third raised naturally then start from focusing on the space behind your arms then move the palms opening of hollow opening and the flows and slows emotion then this which time you can coordinate your hands movement with your breathing and your body movement on motion as well eventually we put palms toward the stomach and the focus on his face behind your palms then very important that you relax the shoulder relax the face of muscle and relax the wine try not try not force any movement with time there will be some sensation we test incision between between your parties I mean your problems on your arm on your body maybe even you feel certain circulation but try to ignore this in the beginning so don't focus on any sensation in the beginning for the first week just focus on the moment and the space between your palms that's the first moment and the first time thank you very much I hope you try this

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