ABC21 Chats w/ Founder of the Institute For Integrative Health And Healing

september is national yoga awareness month and you've probably all heard about the benefits of yoga john hopkins university cites benefits to the heart stress and even your mood did you know that it could also help with side effects of cancer treatments well with me this morning jennifer freemian and she's the founder of the institute of integrative health and healing she's here to talk about her program and how it works and how it helps the patients first of all good morning jennifer we're glad that you're here with us tell us a little bit about first of all what is integrative cancer therapy integrative cancer therapy is an online platform so it's a library it's a growing library of videos that patients have 24-hour access to so it's therapeutic movement it's mindfulness meditation sound healing so at any point in time patients can use it for side effects of chemotherapy radiation postoperative any any sort of side effects so this will help with like any type of cancer treatment that one's maybe going through correct what inspired you to create this i work as an oncology nurse so and i've been a yoga practitioner for 25 years so combining the two and really seeing the benefits especially with anxiety depression nausea pain there are just so many benefits and it tied it in so perfectly with oncology so what are some of the stories or maybe you know testimonies that you've kind of heard from this type of therapy have you had a lot of those testimonies and stories so many yeah i work directly with patients and have been for many years so that's really the why this was created so patients could have access to this 24 hours a day as opposed to just having a couple of classes a week so one of the biggest benefits is anxiety relief they you know it's meditation they can kind of tune into themselves tune into their breath really getting into their bodies and connecting to their breath in that way and we've seen a lot of the arise it seems like in the awareness of the importance of addressing mental health getting help asking those questions do you think now i mean even with this pandemic the stress has put that it's important now than ever to get your mental health checked out absolutely yeah and my focus really with the institute and integrative cancer therapy is bringing wellness to the forefront of health care and cancer care so that's that's really what we all need so if there are people sitting at home asking themselves does this apply to me should i be one to sign up how can people do so they can go to and there's all of the information on the website if they have any questions they can go to support and we'd be happy to answer any questions all right jennifer freeman thank you so much thank you yes and we know that look you guys if you need this type of help if you could use this type of help definitely make sure that you go on and sign up thank you again for being good thanks so much all right let's go ahead and take another look

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