Macka B’s Medical Monday ‘The Gift Of Health’ 1/1/2018

greetin's in the shops things have been flying off the shelf everybody giving presents to somebody else time not to give a gift to yourself give your body the gift of health a new year come you find out you're fun and you're looking at your belly as a what have I done you're making a new year's resolution got a subscription for a gymnasium started here people start realizing now is the time that they need exercising but in a way that's cheating cuz as well as exercising you need healthy eating healthy eating healthy mind go together the two combine get serious now is the time get on the field come off the sideline gear body new trends give it a lift don't argue with the body don't create a rift time for a change time for a shift fruits and veg are the perfect gift sasaengs to your body for the good things you do support your body kahit supports you help yourselves to become brand new can't you you're well overdue a medical monday late 2018 be seen as the best you've ever being lt's wet yes I are

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