1 Tasse, 1 Topf, 1 Rezept, dass du nie vergessen wirst! Brot ohne kneten

Today we would like to show you how you can bake super delicious bread quickly and easily . Today we would like to show you how you can bake super delicious bread quickly and easily and we don't need a lot of ingredients. We need flour, dry yeast and we need salt. Today I use three different types of flour. It will be a slightly lighter bread. You can only use one type of flour, that's not bad, it is just important that you keep a unit of measure.

I use a cup to measure and the size of this cup should be kept, not change in between so that it might be a different size cup. This cup remains part of the unit of measure from start to finish. The bread that mixes today consists of wheat flour type 405 and type 550, these are types of wheat flour and a spelled flour type 630 or 1050. And let's just start. To do this, we take a bowl and measure 3 cups of flour. As I said, you can take the flour you want, that is completely up to you. You can use dark flours, for example rye flour. It doesn't matter at all. As I said, there should be 3 cups of flour for this bread, it doesn't matter which kind you use for it. We now have the three cups of flour here in the bowl, plus 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of dry yeast.

Now mix the whole thing first, before we add hot water straight away, for example when we make darker types of bread, then we like it very much that we add a spiced bread or quinoa. You can actually mix in what you want. You will definitely find out what tastes good after the first few attempts . Everything is now premixed, now add 1 1/2 cups of hot water to the flour.

It's getting mixed up now. The hot water is there to shorten the yeast's walking time. We are now mixing this into an even dough. We don't need a food processor or other equipment, we just need 1 bowl, 1 spoon and the ingredients I just mentioned. Unfortunately, this is the wrong spoon for stirring, it is too soft, but as I said, we stir the dough until it gets about this consistency. The nice thing about the dough is that it only has to rise for 3 hours – that's enough for the dough. Of course, you can also let her go longer or let her go overnight. Put it in a nice, warm place, but 3 hours are enough … to get a nice, delicious bread. I cover the whole thing now. I prepared another dough three hours ago . We can start the next phase right here. This is what the dough looks like when it's gone. We'll take it out of the bowl and sprinkle a little flour. With a spatula I turn the bread a few more times, distribute the surrounding flour with the dough …

And shape it slightly. The whole thing is now on baking paper. It might be very interesting to know that if you use a slightly better baking paper, the dough won't stick as well. You already have this when the dough is a bit wetter that it sticks to the baking paper after baking. That's why I took a little better baking paper. Now let's take a pot. The pot is very important, we need it for baking.

The oven is preheated to 200 degrees. We use a roaster because it simply stores the temperature better and the bread becomes much juicier and much tastier. But a stainless steel pot is also possible. Please make sure that there are no plastic handles on the pots! We preheat the oven to 200 degrees, the bread goes into the pan with the baking paper, fold the paper a little neatly to the side. So far everything is now prepared, the oven is almost at temperature and we let the dough rest a little. I make a small cut into the surface so that the dough tears open nicely in the middle.

Then we wait a little and put the lid on it. Then we'll bake that together right away. The oven is now preheated and the pot with the dough is placed in the oven together with the lid for 30 minutes at 200 degrees top and bottom heat. The baking time itself can be a little longer if the dough has become too runny or other types of flour have been used. But after 30 minutes you can take the pot out for the first time to see what it looks like. And then possibly adjust the baking time again . But as I said, for the first it comes in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees top and bottom heat, including the lid. 30 minutes of baking time are up, then we'll get the whole thing out. Caution please, very hot, please do not burn! I take the lid down, you can see that it looks very, very good, really delicious.

But you see, something has to happen there. The 2nd phase of baking, you now have to get the dough out of the paper and as I said, be careful! And put the dough back into the pot without parchment paper and then bake for another 30 minutes, but this time without the lid, that's very important. We have now baked in the oven for the second half hour without a lid, at 200 degrees, I'll get the bread out for a moment and do a knock test to see whether it's done or not. Let's do that now. This is what it should sound like when it's done. It has to sound hollow. I put the pot on its side. I usually use a wooden board and a couple of wooden sticks to let it cool down, as I always worry that the bread will start to sweat if it comes into direct contact with the surface. So I find it very, very good. Very well done, beautiful color you can see it that way. Looks great. It will taste exactly the same . We'll let that cool down a bit now and then we'll cut it together.

So, the bread has cooled down a bit, now let's cut it together. I'm curious what the bread looks like inside. So let's cut that first. Mega, take a look at that, see how juicy it even steams a little. A really, really really great bread. It really works, it works with every type of flour you can imagine. With wholemeal flour, spelled flour and rye flour. So what you can imagine. Whether you want dark or light types of bread, it works with any flour. Stick to the mixing ratio, as I said, very important, 3 cups of flour to 1 1/2 cups of water … and then it works too. Give it a try, I hope you enjoy it, it smells great, I'll hold it in the camera again, it crunches, just great. A really great bread Yes, as I said, it tastes great and it is made quickly. You can find a detailed picture by picture instruction on alles-Selbstgenaeht.blogspot, there you will find all the ingredients you need if you also want dark flour or light flour, as I said, all the ingredients can be found on this page, or below in the info box.

Please comment on your experiences and results, I would be very happy to receive a subscription. please write me how your results were and write to me in the comments if you liked this. Whether your results have been just as good or not, whether your failures would also interest me , and yes, have fun baking yourself. Enjoy the meal!!! See you soon!!!.

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