Digital Marketing News 2-15-2019: Google’s Customer Intent Survey and More

welcome to the digital marketing news
I'm Tiffany Allen and with your first story this week I'm Joshua NIte but
before we get in though happy discount at candy day the best day of the year
yeah so consolation prize if you didn't get those just candy yesterday you can
have some delicious discounted candy today just as good half the price if you
want if you did yesterday and you still want some more today I'm not gonna tell
anybody that's fact yeah but the only delicious candy that
I'm gonna offer today is the delicious candy of knowledge right yeah okay so
one of my favorite companies with the initials DnB right next to Dave &
Buster's right but Dave and Buster's junk don't ever release any research
it's fair yeah but to be fair my other favorite dun & bradstreet don't have as
good chicken wings so get on that dun & bradstreet but at least they did release
some new research on programmatic advertising now they feel that it is
unlocking new opportunities for account based marketing really so a programmatic
advertising of course is having computer artificial intelligence who are
basically machine learning do the bidding on your advertising for you they
bid in these auctions that take place in the fraction of a second and that gives
you the ability to get your ads seen and possibly for more cost-effective
definitely in the right spots so what they found was 63% of b2b marketers
worldwide are already buying or selling programmatically 41% expect to spend
more in 2019 so it's happening yeah and 48 percent so almost half have this ABM
style personalization in place already so this is kind of a new thing like
programmatic advertising has been a thing targeted advertising by
programmatic has been and will continue to be a thing but the idea of bringing
them together and using your targeted programmatic to for a specific set of
accounts that seems to be a new practice that is on the rise and definitely worth
keeping I am yeah speaking of things worth keeping an eye on yeah we did it
we did the Segway nice so LinkedIn hashtag client LinkedIn debuted LinkedIn
live this week which is super exciting so it's giving people and organizations
the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups or to their holdings in
audience and testing yeah so launch versus a beta in the US TBD unexpected
rollout but of course as we talk about ad nauseam every week people like video
content it is engaging as you can tell by what we're doing currently so this is
something worth checking out if you are using LinkedIn you can segment this
video of course but check it out for your company or yourself for sure
do it before lightning crashes right so anybody else remember live the band do
not know I will bet that there is a subreddit for live the band though hmm
yeah maybe it's like slash are throwing copper so much did you look this up I
did not because honestly I don't want to know I don't think wants to go that far
back into the 90s but we're gonna look forward because reddit as I mentioned in
my sweet segue is hitting the big time they just raised 300 million dollars Wow
they have a three billion dollar market valuation and they have some major
investors that have come on board looking to turn reddit into more of a
you know churning engine of unstoppable revenue like your Facebook's and your
instagrams so there has already actually been some controversy in the reddit
community about this one of the investors is 10 cent there's a Chinese
corporation and that brought concerns about censorship and this is a community
that is passionate and angry most of the time I think is fair to say and you know
of course there are millions of people with different interests across the
thing but they are passionate about defending this platform so as we watch
the platform develop I think marketers there is some value here but it is
definitely a place to approach with caution sure their value per user is
still pretty low people aren't yet seeing it as a platform where they go to
see ads and interact with them and that is a process that is probably going to
take a little bit of blood sweat and tears but the audience is there and the
audience is passionate and as I always say if you come into reddit and you keep
it reeling you add some value then they probably won't hurt you too much that's
always the best objective worth a look yeah it doesn't hurt that bad and other
news from other companies other companies
Gary from Google I will not try to pronounce his last name if you go on the
Twitter he tells you to call him Gary from Google so I did
so he'd recently did an AMA on reddit absolutely I did my best so there are a
lot of takeaways here if you haven't looked at the AMA thread take a look in
the blog there's a lot of information available but there are a couple
takeaways I want to make sure everyone here so the first is he urges SEO s to
go back to basics making your site crawlable it wasn't all caps it should
be in all caps make sure that your website can be crawled by Google that is
sort of the whole point of SEO so folks are overlooking he says as well video
and image search as that becomes more popular so making sure that your images
and videos are optimized and the second backlink from a publication which this
is news to to lots of folks also counts more than traditional was them they tell
us so if you've already had a backlink for example from a publication you get
another one it's no it's not no value there are value there and also just
general reminder you should care about user experience when you are yeah
optimizing or having a website because ultimately if it's terrible to use no
one will use it that's pretty fair yeah and it's like we say all a good content
is good SEO good UX is good SEO a lot of those markers that tell Google that a
site is valuable and related to that user experience how long they stay howdy
big navigating queue site so if you pull it up and it looks like geo cities from
the 1990s I mean that's kind of cool but they're probably gonna bounce back
that's it's a throwback in which case we should talk about that yeah please do
check out the Captain Marvel website they designed as a Geo city site it's
beautiful you could find that also on Google we're gonna continue talking
about Google a little bit because they put out a customer intent survey
recently released the result the result of that they looked at 3,000 customer
journeys this was a combined effort from Google and virtual analytics and they
found just looking at the way that people navigated a purchase no two
journeys were like they found that research is a huge part of the process
of making any purchase they had some samples that they had set up that we're
kind of anonymized so you can go through them definitely worth a look but they
found there's up to a hundred and twenty five touch points for a single simple
purchase like of a but makeup Oh somebody who purchased
headphones was one of their examples and he had 345 touch points and it was
starting with the search engine and finding some brands and then going to
YouTube and looking at reviews and going back to search and then finally going to
a mobile location search and buying the thing in person oh so it kind of shows
that you have to be that online and offline together and it showed that the
brands that can stay top of mind through this entire journey are the ones that
are going to went out it wasn't necessarily about the the quantity of
content more so the the quality that they kept showing up in search so it
wasn't just oh I saw this name 345 times here's value here in value here in value
here everywhere I go in this journey they're there oh the other thing that
they found was research does not stop when you make a purchase okay so people
are gonna continue to explore to either add-on or to validate their purchase or
to see where to put a review so all of that customer journey is a lot more
complex than we thought and this gives us a really neat look at it it's true I
mean some of the key takeaways here that on an offline are crucial and they
should work together people do research online but they still do purse purchase
in person let me down again yeah so you need a 360 degree view to understand
really what's happening and it's also important to optimize content both for
your business objectives and for your end user for your customer so that it is
helpful in the right ways for your company of course and you know there's a
difference between paying to acquire profitable customers and paying to
acquire the ones your competition and reject it right it's it is that
optimizing for your relevance to your brand your business objectives and not
just trying to get the most amount of customers that you can yeah absolutely
totally agree and they put out there also that automation is going to be key
for this because there are so many touch points and so many people searching and
that automation is out there that can help you understand intent personalized
at scale and find those missed mentions absolutely so Josh I heard you
saying some kind of rumor around the office this week about some sort of
Forrester list yes we are proud to be foresters we have been foresting for
years no this is research analytics company Forrester put out a list of b2b
agencies this year as they do every year this is an invite-only list of agencies
in North America there are only 39 agencies on this list and guess which
agency is on that list is it us yes yes so we have small medium large agencies
on there they're handling millions of dollars in client work we are pleased to
be invited that we are plat proud to be featured on that list and we are also
super proud that we are the only one on that list that has influencer marketing
listed as a specialty huh b2b influencer marketing who knew that
was gonna be a thing it could be it's gonna be big indoor plumbing of
marketing perfect okay well that's all the news we have for you this week we'll
be back next week with more news if we need more in the meantime you can follow
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