The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C

♪♪ Man: New Year's is just
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a membership at
One Time Fitness.
Here at One Time Fitness,
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for a one-time 30-minute gym
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It's just enough to give you
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about going to the gym without all the self-loathing from never actually
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get a drink, check your texts, take a gym selfie, lift your chin, puff your chest, flex your arm, whoa, just
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Take 20 minutes
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and then post your gym
selfie to Instagram.
Get a drink, relax on the only
leg press machine,
accidentally creep
on the yoga people,
wish you were that guy, or even that guy. Get a drink, do lifts incorrectly, go down in weight, go down in weight, go down in weight. Grunt loudly while
lifting no weight
so you can feel
better about yourself.
[grunts] Think about that
Instagram post.
Neglect to put the
weights away.
Delete your post,
go in the locker roo–
Never go back in
the locker room.
Try to join the yoga people, then leave and never return. – See you later! – No you won't! Man: One Time Fitness,
because let's get real,
that's all you'll use it
for anyways.
-Thank you for watching.

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6 Creative Recipes Using 1 Can of Sardines ! (Part 1)

When you do it like this it means you're french. When you do it like this it means you're english, okay? When you'll do it like this means like you're a bastard Yes! Okay, so this is Alex listen I wanted to make a video about fresh food, but the thing is I don't have any fridge yet So the only thing I could find Is this: a can of sardines. So, I believe you cannot do any proper recipe with just a can of sardines, right? Wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong 6 Mind-blowing dishes now So true story before making this video. The only dish I could have think of when it comes to kind of Sardine would have been just Sardines on a plate with a hunk of bread on the side. It's not that it's not good…

It's just a bit repetitive. That was before because now I know that you can do so much more with just a can of sardines. And I'm gonna share -oops- and I intend to share all my recipes and all my discoveries with you guys That's the main purpose of this video otherwise. There's no point. "Hey guys, I'm making a video, but I'm not gonna share anything." So first off, you need to know five things about sardines.

They are cheap and yes, I realize that having this as my first point makes me look a bit tight Second, you can keep those out of the fridge for about, you know an approximate period of… Forever. Everything inside is cooked. Which I'm sure you will agree is safer considering the previous point. For the texture of the fish, the flesh itself is very fragile So you gotta take extra care when you deal with them. And five, it's on the fatty side. I mean sardine is an oily fish. Which is preserved in all so oil. Oil in oil it's not like a double negative It doesn't work this way.

That's it for the theoretical stuff So now to the practical stuff: the recipes Easy a bit less shorter or longer Italian, Indian, French, I believe there is one recipes for each and every one of you Marinated Sardines This is my take on a french classic called fish in escabèche sauce. I know "escabèche" sounds fancy But it's just about hot marination Garlic. A blood orange (a regular orange works fine). Parsley. Onions. Carrots. Celery. And a blend of spices. If you want to know your spices, watch my series called Mundus Aromaticus and start building a solid and useful spice rack Here I've got cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns Place a saucepan over medium heat Drop in a third of a cup of vinegar.

To bring more flavors in I'm adding some pickling juice Does it look weird? Pickling juice is just the most precious gem for lazy and smart cooks. It has perfect ratios of salt and acid Squeeze the orange juice in for tang and sweetness and grate the skin Next drop everything in saucepan except for garlic and parsley You need to cook and infuse all those flavors for about 8-10 minutes just to get rid of the first acidic kick In the meantime take a can of sardines place them in a dish.

Those were preserved in olive oil so I'm using that liquid as well Add a few bits of garlic cloves and some parsley Gently [pour] over the hot marination and let that sit in the fridge overnight enjoy those cold on a garlicky toast Tangy, intense, crispy, spicy, and so fresh. This is definitely my kind of recipe Right guys, I'm editing this video right now, but I reckon it's time for a quick studio update So this very quick studio update is gonna be all about wins and fails Soap dispenser on the wall: Fail.

Workshop boxes to organize all the video gear: Win. Fluorescent tape on the edges of my shelves: Fail. Temperature control electric kettle: Win. Guys, that's it for the quick studio tour. Back to the sardines. Glazed and smoked Sardines. This one is inspired by a Japanese dish called Unagi Don. So classically, it would be eel fish glazed with sweet soy, sake, and mirin sauce, and broiled over a charcoal grill So if I may, there are a few challenges in this recipe because I've got no sake, no mirin, no charcoal grill, and no eel Maybe we change recipe? No! We don't change recipes! Now, you just build on something in a saucepan over medium-low heat Drop in half a cup of water half a cup of vinegar 1/2 a cup of Molasses, or a full cup of dark sugar And a cup of soy sauce I don't have a charcoal grill so to get the same barbecue effect, simply add a couple tablespoons of smoked Paprika in the Saucepan and cook that for 10 minutes on low heat To get a silky and shiny finish, add a teaspoon of corn or potato starch diluted in a bit of water Now open a can of sardines So those are not preserved in oil, just water because I felt otherwise the whole dish would be too heavy.

Thoroughly Coat each filet in the sweet and sticky sauce and then place it on top of warm and fluffy white rice Add a few spring onions, sprinkle some sesame seeds, and Voilà! Sticky Smokey caramelized and the tang from the sauce cuts through the fattiness of the fish Sardines and Fennel pasta, it's a dish that is Directly inspired by a dish I had in the very south of italy in Sicily. It was called Pasta Con Le Sarde. Italian viewers, discretion is advised. This is not exactly pasta con le sarde. You know you guys tend to be a bit picky when it comes to Italian food? Pre cook a handful of pasta. The best would be bucatini but spaghetti is great too. Stop like two minutes before fully cooked strain, but keep some water for later Now we chop an onion Garlic clove and some parsley.

Trim off the tiny tender leaves from the fennel, and chop them up roughly Now chop up the fennel finely into strips Rehydrate a handful of raisin by soaking them in boiling hot water Place a pan over medium heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Drop the onion the garlic, the raisins. To give it a nice color just use a Saffron if you've got some and you're wealthy. Or just you know tomato paste if you're let's say, you know more casual (broke!) Add fennel strips, mix that up. Add cashews or any nuts you have. Now pour in some leftover water from your pasta. Close the lid and [cook] that for ten minutes on low heat Then add your pasta, but do not overcrowd it Open a can of sardines and add them in chunks Sprinkle with Fennel tops, Parsley, breadcrumbs, and lemon zest Finally a nice squeeze of lemon Everything works great in this dish and not only because it's Italian Sardines and Pasta bring some richness Lemon Parsley and Fennel take care of the freshness you also got some good crunch from the cashews and the breadcrumbs Humble and Flavorful.

That could be a definition of Italian cuisine So guys that's it for part 1 in the next part I will show you three more recipes that you can rustle up with just a can of sardines. Truth be told, my favorite dish is in the second video of course it is So now people, it's your turn I want to know which dish you cook with just a can of sardines Bye-bye, take care, salut!.

Dutch Oven Cooking 2: Basic Meals – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] Hello folks! We're out here
again at Riverbend park in Smithville, Texas. Today we're gonna do
1-pot meals. We're going to do a
chicken stew, a beef stew, and a pot of beans. Simple, easy, anyone
can do it and they've got a lot of
liquid in them which is always good for
your first time out. Now let's get cookin'! [sizzle] Now we've got some vegetables,
some beef and some chicken that
I've prepped.

Okay, we've got some
meat here and we're going to brown
it just like you would at home to get a good color and
some flavor. Once we get it browned, we're going to add some liquid add some spices. I picked some fresh herbs
out of the garden today. And then we're going to put
the vegetable liquid in and we'll stack them and
cook them and we'll talk about that
temperature control which is critical on the
open fire. What we've got here is a
3-stack. It conserves a little
bit of energy in the coals. And on top I'm making a
little pot of beans. So we've got some ham
hocks coming in here. And then all this stuff
needs to cook just like if you were at home same amount of time for it to get nice and tender
and done.

Your key to dutch oven
cooking is temperature control, just like your oven at home
when you turn the knob. Here we don't have that.
We've got to do a couple of little things to
test it. There's 2 rules that I use. One is a 3 second rule. I hold my hand 6 inches
above the dutch oven 1001, 1002, 1003 If it's a little bit of
discomfort, I know that the temperature
inside is about 350 degrees.

Since most things cook at
350 degrees, that's what we're trying to
get to 350 degrees inside. If you use brickettes, which I suggest you do
your first time, there's a simple rule there:
2 under, 2 over. For a 12 inch dutch oven,
I'm going to put 10 brickettes on the bottom
and 14 on top. On a good day with low
humidity and low wind that'll get you up to 325 to
350 in your dutch oven. We finished our 1-pot meals. This is a great way
to get started A few minutes ago I dropped
some dropped dumplings in there in a dutch oven with a liquid
recipe is very forgiving.

Look at that. Isn't
that great? In the next segment,
we're going to talk about some more exotic meals, different things that you can do
with your dutch oven at home to put out a 7 course meal for
all your friends and family. [music].

[Rookie King BTS Ep 2-1] Who is the best chef? Cooking survival between the 7 members!

Who is the best chef in BTS? The cooking war begins Bulletproof return The secret of the second album Punish quickly Bulletproof Punishment Show Free member's collection Don’t have any favorite songs? Don't know what song to download? The first reason to choose bulletproof is Will not be eliminated Second, protect everyone I am mc rm from BTS Wouldn’t you be happy to hear about cooking? A cooking contest will be held today Open now Today’s topic is rm's birthday dishes The cooking war between the two groups is about to begin 40 minutes to finish cooking The winner rests, the loser finishes I don’t know why I started early There are ingredients in front Need to determine the menu Start a meeting We prepare seaweed soup I'm very curious what kind of dishes you would choose Let's choose the ingredients now Because it’s your birthday, you have to prepare seaweed soup We are Stir-fried Rice Cake Pasta with Miso Tomato Sauce They wanted to make seaweed soup, but they snatched it away Now give 40 minutes Start now Feel so confused Is a bribe really tasty We have no meat do not know what to do with it He asked me to chop vegetables But I can't do it I don’t know what to do, so I copied all the chili sauce I wanted to smoke I like sesame oil, so I put a little more The meat is amazing Meat and onions are enough v Very ignorant of cooking, but very hardworking Never seen v cuisine v is critical All the ingredients are copied together But Jimin took it and copied it again I can't help The seasoning package is the best Only a little bit The best seasoning package Only five minutes left it's finally over Try it with other judges So salty I want to hinder them Who did this? How could pork be like this? Smells so strange Put the soybean paste and many more Smelly feet The subtopic of cooking is vomiting Is actually punishment too salty v's seaweed rice is really angry It seems they don't like me Can't eat it Let's have a meeting Actually not nervous jimin group is red spoon The suga group is a blue spoon Three two one jimin group win The prize for the winning group is a merchandise coupon Let the failed group finish washing The bulletproof cooking war is over j-hope is a bit greedy Thank you Jungkook and Jimin Actually mine is delicious too How can this be bad? Later Secrets of Bulletproof's second album Stay tuned

Cooking with Valkyries S2 Episode 3: Freestyle Tapas – Honkai Impact 3rd

Well, I borrowed this camera from the school, but I'm no good at it… Please allow me to tune the lens for you… There, I have set a bigger aperture. Sorry for the trouble, Rita. It was nothing. I'm honored to be invited to the welcome party for new roommates. Not to mention that it was I who put forward the proposal to take photos and film the event.

It's a pleasure to be of service. How should I put it… It would be a loss if the highlights of the party are not recorded. Absolutely. Please take a look at the photo. Good job. Fu Hua, how about we print it out, frame it, and put it on the nightstand? Uh? Rita! Quick! Film me in the kitchen! My master piece is coming in hot! Kiana! Be careful in the kitchen on your own! Miss Himeko, please stay still. I'm trying to comb your hair. I handed the recipe to Kiana. The formula is as safe as can be, so you can rest easy.

But… Don't worry, I'll go check on her. Rita Rita, gimme a close-up first! Wait till Mei sees my work of art! Her jaw's gonna hit the floor! Rita, you gotta zoom in closer! We gotta capture the very moment of its completion! Ta-da! Huh? Hmm… This is not exactly what Fu Hua made… Miss Kaslana. Should I continue zooming in? Kiana Idiotka, what's the fuss about? No-Nothing! You didn't see nothing! Stop fooling around and go help Mei.

Cheese, olive, ham, avocado, honeydew, tomato… Whoa! Check out the ingredients! Wotcha making today, Mei? Tapa, a famous snack in Spanish cuisine. Simply put, it's a bite-sized dish that can be done by skewering or stacking different ingredients on toothpicks or bread. It's the most fun when everyone is involved. Count me in! I wanna play with food! Then I'll leave everything to you while I'm setting the table. Got it! This is Kiana's time! First, a slice of savory Spanish ham. Next, a slice of sweet honeydew. Done! Looking fab! As expected of me! This does not appear to be edible…

Miss Kaslana didn't make dark fusion food today. Her choice of honeydew and ham is in fact in accordance with the key to making tapas. Which is to blend sweetness and saltiness perfectly. Miss Zaychik, would you like to have a bite? The Bronya finds it hard to believe… Fuaaa! I made something so yummy without anyone's help, which means… I'm a genius after all! Meeeeeeeeeeei! Mei! Fabulous! I've recorded everything.

Try out honeydew ham! IT'S LITERALLY… the best… Darn it! They're not falling off this time! Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei! I mean it! Mei, open your mouth, you won't be disappointed! Okay, but we can take it slow. Nothing has fallen off this time. Nom… Nom… Fuaaa. The Bronya cannot pair ingredients. For tapas… No pairing is too wild if you dare. But tapas do not have fixed recipes… What you must find out is what you want to have and with whom you want to share it. The Bronya wants… The Bronya wants to share it with… Chorizo… Pickled olives… Nom. Unbelievable… The saltiness and sourness of olives balanced out the spiciness of chorizo. If The Bronya adds cheese… Oh? The Bronya will attempt to make more. Bronya made some weird-looking tapas that taste better than they look.

Not as good as mine, but close! The tapas made by Kiana were random occurrences. You're just jealous. You can't compete with my ultra cooking instinct! By the way~ Rita must know many more awesome combos! C'mon, tell us already! Let's see… How about tomato and buffalo mozza… Oh. I've decided to keep them to myself. The secret to good tastes should be explored by yourself… Or you'll miss out on the surprises..

Cooking Rice In Different Liquids (Taste Test)

when christie goes like a way to like do things she yeah she she hires a babysitter for me somebody just keep an eye on me better breath thing and she gets in my face she's like you better mind me man [Music] good mythical morning november is peaking around the corner which means you have the opportunity to vote like a beast head over to where you can find all the information you need to get registered educated and voted and reminder if you have a mail-in ballot get that thing filled out and sent in today do not procrastinate the election is just a few weeks away and we want to make sure that your voice is heard you want to make sure too if you live in wisconsin first of all congratulations oh but also today is your online voter registration deadline so make sure you are registered and if you're not get registered at where tennessee and kansas we're looking at you because you can vote early starting today that's right we've done homework it's where you need to do yours vote by mail or in person get the info you need vote like a beast that felt like a and remember if we register 18 000 people by election day we will do our very first all-day long live stream oh yeah but today we've got other plans involving rice now i'm told that rice is traditionally cooked in water can you confirm i've done it in water i mean cooking rice is what i'm talking about to which i say why why why can't we choose what we cook our rice in maybe there is a superior liquid out there that we just don't know yet let's find out it's not far you should probably cook rice in good old h2o but if we cook it in other things will it make us say uh-oh the mythical kitcheners have spent the entire day or however long it takes to cook rice uh cooking plain old white rice in different liquids and we're gonna try and guess what the rice was cooked in and stevie's gonna give us hints because apparently she doesn't believe that we'll be able to guess without have faith in us stevie okay whoever gets closest uh wins a point and then points escalate each round and the winner gets a necklace that has a grain of rice with their name on it i've always wanted one of those i have to get it let's try the first one as you can see we can't but we can smell rice and i can feel a warm bone is that a loud is that cheat dude are we allowing the smell cause like rhett's doing a deep smell and i want to let you know because i want it to be fair why don't you you can smell and you can taste man smelling is eighty percent of tasting yeah but it's not temptation is 80 of my life all right boy i can't say that's good it's not it's super sweet what could it be i said get tangy i can't i haven't i can't okay i gotta guess i guess all right you ready three two one gatorade gatorade orange juice oh yeah yeah you can take a peek it's orange juice now that i know what it is let me taste it again oh yeah yeah cause it was tangy yeah i went with some citrusy but i didn't get all the way to this it's a lot sweeter than i thought it would be so is this is this something worth trying no what if you put condensed milk on that as opposed to what i'm just saying like i haven't tasted that rice but i feel like it could be like a like a you know like a sweet rice pudding but you like you add even more sweet to it but no it's bad it's it's too it's too citrusy i like smelling it though another bowl another bowl of rice one bowl of rice no oh wow i feel i feel like i know this one just from smell oh that's a good smell that's inviting oh now everything changed oh what was a little bit inviting is now it's taking a dark turn i thought i was gonna like that boy but the eating part was bad the smelling part was good the vegan part was bad well i don't think it's bad i just think we're blindfolded you're oh you're blindfolded oh the old we both got blindfolds on trick all right i'm i i'm feeling after my first win i'm feeling way too confident okay so i'm gonna be specific with this guess three two one chocolate pudding dang it no this has a good hint though uh what's the hint this is the most basic of all the races uh vanilla no like basic like slang like girl you basic girl you basic that means like latte that means like frappuccino wait you guys can't that's that's astounding to me that there's not the taste of this specific coffee beverage that i'm looking for that's not coffee that's not oh pumpkin spice latte yeah what i'm tasting chocolate no no i was that's why i said coffee from the very beginning it's amazing how being unblindfolded makes you taste pumpkin spice or whatever that is i don't i don't know what it is it's just very hardy i can't like reconcile it in my mouth yeah i i want to like it i like to reconcile things in my mouth but i don't at all these have been some clumpy rice situations man man what does this stink i can't i can't even decide if things stink the rice the sort of the wet rice part is what stinks but then there's nothing on the spoon i keep thinking all i have to do is smell and then i realize oh no you also can eat this is absolutely horrible oh this smells like my dadgum babysitter's breath like she'd get in my face and say you better behind me hold on you mean like your babysitter now because i mean it's like when christy goes like away to like do things she yeah she she hires a babysitter for me somebody just keep an eye on me a bit of breath thing and she gets in my face she's like you better mind me man your wife's gonna be home soon what what is this it's nasty man it's like furniture polish okay i gotta guess but it's wrong okay link you ready three two one capri sun i got nothing okay so you're you're capricious you're not you're on the right track with that guess i didn't even guess well i was talking to rhett yeah i'm on the capri sun oh it comes in a pouch it it comes in a form of pouch and i think that it's regional depending on like what people usually call this thing kangaroo one dip no what else do people call fun dip uh i don't know dip and trip i call it fun dip no that's what i'm saying so the thing that i'm talking about has multiple names depending on where you live in the country yeah i guess do you know what color snoopy snoopy yellows they all taste the same well i already guessed the thing i'm gonna i'm gonna go with blue yeah no extra point on that wow look at that that is beautiful now let's see if it tastes better when we can see it i don't know why i could only get one grain of rice at a time when i was eating with my blindfold it stinks is it the rice part of the steak i think the rice stinks rice stinks everybody knows what is the rice right josh rice stinks yeah rice got a stink to it yeah right a good stink what is a strong one it's got a strong scent and it's moisture too it's moisture and when i say moisture i don't mean moisture i mean it's moisture then anything another thing that could be moist i kind of like the smell of it yeah it smells good this one's got a good stink too good stink yeah oh whoa oh wow oh hey something a little spicy what is it i have no idea i don't know i can't tell i got to figure it out because i'm way behind i got to teach you this i've really got it together with a good a good guess it's so tangy i think i know what this is three two spaghetti sauce barbecue sauce no you're both incorrect it did wasn't it like spaghetti sauce you can't guess on two well it was it was a lot of words i'm gonna have to [Laughter] i literally was thinking i have so many syllables i have to finish my answer before it's over this hint uh doesn't really narrow it down too much but it's you shouldn't take a bath in this but you guys did oh it's great ranch yeah what it's so meaty tasting how are you doing that this is crazy listen to me it's got look at the peppers though look at the dark little peppers this is good this is the first thing that is bona fide good and it's rice when you eat ranch on rice and you're blindfolded it tastes meaty this is it guys stop watching what go go to another video no no no no don't don't don't we don't i already seen two good rolls don't ever tell them to do this listen this is what you came for there it is right josh or is there something better is there something else i came for oh so you don't think they should stick around do you hear that you hear that moist i don't like the way you penetrate your rice uh you hear that at the beginning of each round well that makes me uncomfortable that is something oh okay there's not much to the smell of this one all right i have my guess there's a lot of smell to this one to me well hold on hold your horses i'm ready to vote i'm way behind we got to do it i'm ready no no no no three no you can't do that yeah give me a chance bro i know it man i can't believe you didn't know it immediately just smells like rice see i'm just giving you a freaking hint man do you like it okay ready three two one dr pepper what did you say rhett milk vanilla is definitely dr pepper now yeah it's dr pepper oh yes so how many points did i get for that a lot eight no you but you you got into a position where you can you can easily win the last you got five points okay 96.

See because this right here if you like dr pepper you might like might think it's milk but if you don't like dr pepper you'll know it's well the thing i've always loved about dr pepper is it's milk like quality you hear that you hear that oh man you hear that you guys like milk oh this smells that that smells good this is the best smelling one so far could it taste horrible yeah oh no more like mmm well this is good it's very bland but there's something to it what happened to this well this is very good it's bland it is it's so weird i love blind yeah i'm not gonna i'm not going back down from that statement i love blind i don't particularly like it but i don't also don't know what it is this one's this one's difficult i'll say that it is we got to be specific right you have to be specific and put your put your reach and hats on i'll guess something three two one chocolate sun cereal milk both incorrect but we're both in the milk zone and i don't know yeah you're in the you're in the right milk zone i'll say okay we're under the teat okay the hint i have says we're really rooting for mashed potato rice okay this is something that you would usually potato is a root get in a shop that has um [Music] beverages that contain yogurt bubbles this is soda um no sorry uh tapioca pudding chocolate in them no boba rice okay yeah so this is a fairly typical milk boba yep and then if you had a root in it ginger root no turmeric carrot red hot tea it's a blank milk tea it's a it's a light purple color oh uh lavender uh lavender root oh what is that oh good lavender bubble tea almost like i've had it and i just can't put my hands around the root ah shoot it rhymes with arrow tarot root yeah arrow i don't even feel like i should get points for that well you already won anyway tara oh that's beautiful that is so pretty that is so pretty and it tastes good let me reevaluate now this tastes good and it comes out in the shape of a bowl i do like this i do like this and that hey that ranch oh but look take note look what i got i got look at my name is written on that and it's a piece of rice look at that it's written red is on rice oh wow it really is i'll put it it doesn't fit but i'll figure that out the sad thing is either they knew i wasn't gonna win or there's a grain of rice with my name on it somewhere around here that's just gonna go in a trash can yeah over there well yeah we'll throw it away thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell you know what time it is my name is hussain my name is muhammad we are from saudi arabia and it's time to spread the wheel of mythicality you know what i'm going to start holding the microphone between the two of us yeah like it's a budding i like that it's very intimate click the top link to watch us taste every flavor of ryzeroni in good mythical movies and to find out where the wheel's gonna land make your voice heard and vote like a beast visit for all your voting needs

6 Amazing Cooking Tricks

Alright, let’s get going, six little tricks
to use in the kitchen. First off take a hardboiled egg, place it
in a jar, add a little bit of water to cover, then you just place your hand over the jar
and shake it like mad. Once you’re done which is pretty soon just
take the egg out and the shell is basically falling off the boiled egg. It’s that easy to remove. Alright trick number five, staying on the
same shaking idea, this is a garlic bulb and I’m just going to place it in a jar and
again shake like mad. Okay once you’ve done that for a little
bit then you just pop it out and you just remove some of the husks because they’ll
get in the way later. Once you remove the husks just put all these
garlic cloves back inside, put the lid back on and again shake like crazy. Keep shaking, just carry on shaking and now
you just pop it out and all the skins have separated from the cloves. You can just pick them away and put them to
one side.

Then you’ve got these beautiful little garlic
cloves, any of the skins that are still on you can put them in the jar and shake again
or just easily pull it off, very easily like that. Okay trick number four, take a kiwi, slice
it in half then take a glass, press the glass into the corner of the kiwi and then up against
the back of the skin all the way up until the skin is completely removed in one go. There we go, now you’ve got half a kiwi
perfectly peeled—that easy. You can also do the same with mangos. Now trick number three, take a banana and
a sewing needle and then you just want to take the sewing needle and push it in through
one of the corners and then just slide it on the inside cutting the inside of the banana,
just like that. And then you just move it down a couple centimeters
and do another cut, and then move it down a couple more centimeters and do another cut
again and you continue all the way down the spine of the banana until you reach the bottom.

And then I suggest you do not open it yourself
but to hand it over to a friend so they can open it and make sure they didn’t see you
doing this. All they’ll see is some dots going across
the side of the banana, but to their amazement when they open it, it will be cut into slices
because there’s some kind of black magic or something, who knows. It’s surely going to fascinate and amaze
whoever you show it to. Alright trick number two, take a paprika or
a red bell pepper and you slice the top off. Then you slice the bottom off, and here I’m
going to show you how to efficiently cut this paprika and break it down. Just slice into the side just like this and
then remove the core by disconnecting the main connector tissues from the inside, just
those three struts. Then place your core on the side, then flip
over the outer skin of the paprika and slice it into thin slices just like this.

Once you’ve done that then just take the
top, you can remove this little green part on the top of the paprika by just pressing
on the back with your thumbs and popping out just like this, and then you just simply take
the top part and slice it again in thin slices. You take now the bottom and also slice that
in slices, just like this. Then you’ve got all this flesh that you
can use with most of the paprika, and you have the extra little core bits, the most
efficient way to cut it. Now for the final trick, trick number one. You just take a knife and a potato and you
put them together and twirl the potato around while you cut into the skin just softly in
a circular motion. Then you take it and you cook it like you
normally would. Now by cooking the skin with the potato you
actually infuse the potato with more flavor because most of the flavor of the potato is
actually in the skin so you get more potato mash, and once you’ve cooked it you can
just pull the skin off just like this and it’s so much more efficient, you don’t
waste any potato and it’s much quicker than peeling it.


I make spaghetti in Cooking Simulator (part 1)

Let's make some spaghetti! That's right, my name is Pewdiepie, and today I'm on a mission to make spaghetti Its a cooking simulator. I have never played the game before, so I don't know if pasta can be made here This is how I committed to making this spaghetti. Spaghetti is one of the things that I know how to cook How does this work? Oh, that's a blender, okay, cool How do I cook? Spaghetti is one of the things that I know how to cook Well, the first successful step in cooking spaghetti is chopping onions So we'll get the onions (Cut) Okay let's see how we're going to do this (cut) (cut) I like onions, but I don't like the thicker consistency, I always chop them until they're very smooth.

So, this is what we're going to do here Okay well that's fine at least … wait, maybe I can use the mixing tool? I think – I wonder if that will work? Move vertically. Well, well, okay Drop. what happens? Did he succeed Yeah … that won't work … Well now we have the onions Oh, we can put it in the blender !! We put it carefully … Carefully… We put it carefully … Thank! right Now Now it will be sliced ​​up Wonderful they have all disappeared are you kidding me!? Well let's cut it here …. I am tired of this (cut) (cut) (cut) (cut) Now I realize I have to pick them all up …

Individually Damn I'm so stupid I need a chopping board If only I could have it Can i do that No. The answer is no. Damn it !! Aaaaaaaaaa For the hundredth time! Let's chop some onions! On an onion chopping board. In fact, you are not supposed to use a shingle. To cut the onion Because the onion will absorb … OK? And you don't want onions on your plate To absorb I want to have a plastic board but this is a game Loser! So, I'll just do this. Well I think we did. Next bring a frying pan, Yes! And we put it. And we turn on the heat, not forgetting the oil. Ah, avocado? Water, red sunflower? Honey, oil! I need cooking oil! that is it! Olive oil is, well, perfect We open the bottle.

Let's put in great oil Pour oil come on This is! Let's put you out there, perfect! Let's cook this damned onion! Does it make sense? Why is there a shelf there? are you kidding me? It's okay, it's okay. Damn!!! Gosh!! OK! Wonderful We make pasta There it is This is the sound! This is the so – I need a spoon! Now we have the spoon Let's make sure they don't burn. Not happy with this Let's get the onions We cook it wrong, there it goes.

Can we cut it in the pan? Because that will save me a lot of time. We cook the knife, everyone There it is There it is! Where did they go!!! The onion does not disappear !!? Here you are! Just a little. Damn it I'm doing everything wrong, I forgot OK I want oh I need a deeper bowl oh. I need a deep bowl. Can I have a deep bowl? Yes yes, a small bowl This is a seemingly small bowl, according to this game This is the correct method, I forgot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, yes Let's get the onions Well, well two of them survived! Two of them got it, and that's a win Can I change the temperature? There is one setting Well, until the next To take ground beef.

Great no ground meat … There is a hamburger, so I guess we'll cook that I think three, three would suffice Now we want to cook that with a lid For about … Are you… Kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so hot I can't touch it where's the rest? Let's take a look at the onions Oh, you see it ripening. Well, well, well, well Uh, we need tomato sauce tomato sauce tomato sauce tomato sauce tomato sauce?? where are you? Liquids They don't have tomato sauce, but they do have ketchup This is what we are about Mmm ketchup In spaghetti Here you are I think we need a lot more. So I poured out the whole bottle apparently Well, it is starting to look good Uh, might we add some spices? This is! I follow the prescription honestly Let's not forget the salt This spaghetti would be the best Macaroni Papa Bedos Then some pepper well now While ripening At low temperature We'll add some water what the hell? Let's put that on the stove To boil And let's not forget to salt the water I am getting better in it now Now it should be left on a little low heat And let's make sure the water is boiling, at the same time Let's have some noodles Well, they don't have spaghetti but they do have penne Penne pasta Are you boiling yet? Does it even work? He's working Why not boil? Well let's are you kidding me? what happens? what happens?? I was just trying to add pasta Well we didn't put spaghetti alone Damn! Shall we try again? This is the basis Here we go, here we go Yes!! Looks like we need more water Make sure it is covered Wonderful What type of dish will we be serving? Well boil pasta That's cool, it looks really good Maybe I try to raise it a little Make sure the pasta is not Damn don't do that! And uh Why oh spoon? Gosh There is one onion, it's okay Let's just cook it in red wine Can I chop ground beef, maybe? Wow, you can slice it very well amazing this will be The best pasta in the world Here it goes How is the pasta? Burnt out, I got it, good Uh, we need …

What is it called? Water dispenser … a utensil Wonderful they don't have that I guess a fryer basket would do that? The Refinery! So this is her name Colander I got it (x4) Well, this is a very crucial moment We need to put the pasta in the colander I don't see how I can spoil this Yes Be here, my beloved children Okay, now let's put – Thing in the thing Oh yeah, oh yeah We are making art here Hey hey, get lost I didn't mean to do that.

Why not turn off you are so annoying !!! You are wasting water !! Oh, that was hot water Well, how's the pasta sauce? Looks good! Let's put bananas without reason Can you cook bananas? Well, that dessert would be: a chocolate banana Do they have chocolate Do you like bananas with milk and onions ?? To forbid order pasta This is not what I wanted to do Can you be silent there ?? This is what came out ?! I poured an entire liter of spaghetti sauce … This is what came out ?! Well I guess I'll put ketchup myself, damn it Uh, shit, stop And now this pasta is all done Now let's see what happens to the banana What are we going to put to make it delicious? (soy sauce) Let's put some chocolate Now that's a good banana What if you put it in the microwave Are you telling me I can't microwave bananas Maybe I should put it on a plate first Great we lost it all Here is my banana are you kidding me?!!!!? You just bend over ?! Faster my banana will die I don't trust you, but I don't have a choice Gosh, I did it Let's close it Come on, microwave! There are people who say that iron should not be placed in the microwave Gosh, I can't open the door are you kidding me Spoon please Bananas are too hot to touch Oh, excellent what is this game Gosh I got stuck in the door My banana, come! Banana please! Let's try some cool things, for example what you can do You can take out a blowtorch.

You should be careful with a blowtorch Oh my God shit !! This is bad is it bad? Go, bucket Oh shit it's spreading! Hell, are you kidding me ?! Let's keep gases away from the fire Oh, not my food Aaaah OK There is nothing wrong Gosh No! Stop Oh my God, this is not my pasta I was a brother to my pasta I was the best brother I had my pasta There is not a single piece left Wow this was a cooking simulator I think it went well This was my macaroni I can't try it, I don't know if it's good or not, but me I think I'll work to finish that Episode ended, thank you guys, don't forget to subscribe And let me know that you have done my way of cooking What?! You haven't played the Youtube emulator Did you know it's fun? I am not supposed to give my opinion But try it Then you can tell me whether it is good or not Not convinced yet? OK I will give you a deal The game is available for free And that's a good price.


helloooooo everyone!! We are making Oreo Swiss Roll :)) Today's main ingredient is "OREOOOOO"!!! obviously.😂😂 We need 27 pieces Oreo, it should be 30 pieces but I ended up eating 1 pack (3 pieces) of them, haha. :)) Separate the cream from oreo biscuits. Dont entice to eat it all, we need this :)) after that put them all in a ziplock bag and Crushed it. Used rolling pin to crushed the oreo biscuits into fine crumb. after that put it in a bowl. Add 1/2 cup (4oz) Room temperature Cream cheese. Mix it well until become dough and set aside. if you are fond of oreo and fascinated to cheesecakes you'll surely love this. Now, lets make the cream filling. Add 1/4 cup (2oz) Room temperature Cream cheese. Use a spoon and mix it well until smooth. Lay a parchment paper and place the oreo mixture on top. fold the parchment paper and shape it into a swiss roll- sized rectantangle. Use a rolling pin to roll it out, roughly (7×9 inches) neat the edges. :)) used rolling pin and roll it out for the second time to make our swiss roll even. Spoon the cream filling on top use a spatula to smooth it over.

Leaving a gap of 1/2 inch at the thin end farthest from you. Rooooolling tiiiiiiime!!! Let's roll the cake up.:)) Tightly wrap it up and refrigerate for atleast 1-2 hours to firm up. Leaving the cake in the fridge overnight taste better. Believe me :)) Cut into pieces and ready to serve!! :)) if you will cut it by 1/2 inch you can make atleast 16 pieces swiss roll 🙂 This Swiss roll is so delicious and it will melt in your mouth. This indulgent simple recipe will hit anyone even kids. :)) Let's Eaaaaaaaat!!! It's irresistibly delicious :)) Don't forget to Like and Subscribe. Thankyou!!.

Riverside – Cooking Classes goes Compostable.

We're just setting up for another one of
our Riverside Barbecue School barbecue courses. We take plastic waste very
seriously here, which is why we buy all of our consumables from a brilliant
company called Vegware. The spork: compostable; food cup: compostable; coffee
cup: compostable; and even the gloves. Fully compostable, Absolutely Fantastic.
So you know if you come and do one of our courses, we're doing our bit, but
you'll be doing your bit too..