Connect: Zigbee modules from Feibit Technologies

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, everyone. Welcome to another
episode of CONNECT. I'm Adrian. I'm Nick. And today we're doing
something very special. We have Mr. Robbin, the
CEO of Feibit technologies. He's live in
location in Shenzhen. And it's our first time
doing a live Q and A with us based here in Dallas. So thank you so much, Mr.
Robbin, for joining us. Yes, thank you for inviting me. And I'm very happy to be here. Yeah, and Mr. Robbin,
can you tell us, for those who may not
know about Feibit, can you tell a little
bit about your company? Yes. Feibit was found in 2010. So in the past eight years,
we focus on smart home area. And we providing the
Zigbee module and gateway for the traditional customer,
like smart switches, smart sensor, and smart curtain,
and smart dialog, and so on. Very cool. And we understand you're using
a lot of SimpleLink products in your home
automation solutions. Can you tell us
a little bit more of why you use the SimpleLink
Zigbee wireless MCUs? First of all,
SimpleLink platform has the very good
ultra-low power feature, as well as the RF performance
is the best, I think, in the world.

And it has the multi-protocol
in the same platform, which means we can easily
switch our wireless technology in the same product. And also it has very
user-friendly SDK, together with the very good
supporting team and the forum. That's great. Yeah. So can you tell us a little more
about how your Zigbee modules can help a customer? And can you maybe expand on
some of your top customer challenges, and how Feibit helps
them address those challenges? This customer who knows
less about the Zigbee because it is very
complex for them, so we take charge
of the Zigbee part, and they take charge of the
traditional manufacture, and so on. So we can cooperate to
make this smart product, and shorten the time to market. And as you guys are developing
your home automation products, can you talk a
little bit about how the SimpleLink SDK and the
platform that we've provided is helping with
your development? We started this development
job from the end of last year. And at this moment, we have
two classical user case applications, like the smart
dialog and the smart gateway, as this platform is very
suitable for these two applications.

So up till now, we have already
made the developing job done, and it will be released
the Q4 of 2018. Great. And as you've been developing
with the SimpleLink MCU platform, what are
some of the things you're most excited about? Oh, well, I think the
most exciting point is the multi-protocol. Right now, the
smart home product has different protocol like
Zigbee, BLE, sub-1 gigahertz, and so on. So I think it's better to
support more for a gateway. So this platform is very
suitable for a gateway to support more devices. And second point, for
the devices like dialog, some dialog need just a
mobile phone connection, and some just need long
range communication, and some need Zigbee to expand
the product ecosystem to build a whole smart home system.

So different user cases
need different technology. So the SimpleLink platform
provide all for us, so this is the most
exciting point. So TI recently announced
the new SimpleLink CC1352P, which is a multi-protocol
device that allows for both sub-gig and
2.4 gig concurrent operation. Can you talk a
little bit about what you think the importance
of multi-protocol is in your field, and to your
company going into the future? Especially for
this dialog area, I think the CC1352P,
because it supports BLE and sub-1 gigahertz,
so except the Zigbee, I think these two
technology were helpful for the simple
mobile phone connection, and also some user case for
expanded communication range.

So yeah, it's a very
good feature for us. Very cool. And developers might be
interested in getting up and running with Feibit
technology and solutions. Can you share how developers can
get started, and get in contact with you guys? You can browse our
website at, and also feel free
to contact me. Well, Mr. Robbin, thank
you so much for joining this episode of CONNECT. This was really
great to illuminate how you use SimpleLink,
and what you're excited about working with our
platform and the great products that you're bringing
out to market.

Thank you guys for joining. This was an exciting
episode, the first time we tried Dallas to China link. So we're very excited. Thank you guys for joining. If you'd like to learn
more, you can always go to And if you have any suggestions
of topics you'd like to see, you can tweet at
us @sensortocloud. Thanks guys.