Set up this Automation for your Ecommerce business in 2 minutes

– Hello, everyone. I am here today to talk
about my shopping addiction and ever-changing style that must really confuse brands
that I'm shopping with if they don't have this
awesome recipe set up for their business. (gentle music) Trends come and go, and our personal style is ever-changing, which if you think about it from a brand perspective
is probably exhausting. Luckily for ActiveCampaign users who are utilizing site
tracking for their business, it became so much easier
to be able to track and actually see what their
contacts are looking at to learn more about their
customers' interests every day.

Site tracking is a great tool on its own, but paired with the Product
Interest Tagging recipe, this can be a huge tool for your business to track interactions with your customers. This automation recipe
actually tags people's interest and keeps track of all
that information for you. The Product Interest
Tagging recipe generates a tag for each contact
based on the product page that they viewed from your website. Then those tagged contacts enter the product interest targeted
follow-up automation recipe to receive a targeted message based on the tags created in this automation. So here's a lowdown of how
this automation recipe works. First, the automation is triggered when a contact visits the product page that you specify in your start trigger. Then an if-else action checks to see if that contact
has visited the page or pages six or more times. If they have, a very
interested tag will be added to the contact's record. If the contact has not visited the page or pages six or more times, an if-else action checks to see if the contact has visited the tracked page two or more times. If the contact has visited
the page two or more times, the interested tag is added.

And if the contact has not visited the page two or more times, they exit the automation. This tagging sequence will
give you a clear picture of what your contacts are interested in, so you can engage them with the content that they actually wanna see and engage with from your brand. And that, my friends, is called a win-win. Happy automating..

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Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change? Futurist Gerd Leonhard, TFAStudios

Once upon a time business as usUal was often good enough No more where we are going good enough is dead In a world where everything is connected Where everything is equally excellent [where] performance is reaching perfection. There's only one space [left] to innovate in you Right now you are a central point of the raging tornado of change Fueled by digitization mobilization augmentation disintermediation Automation well the list goes on science fiction is becoming science fact Think about self-driving cars or computers that can learn and think The way we work will never be the same the skills. We [need] will be dramatically different Winning or losing are now happening faster than ever before So what's your response? How will you discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in Human history? Are you driving change, or are you being driven by it? disruption has become the new normal With change it's always gradually than suddenly well things really have stopped happening gradually this change is exponential Everything that used to be dumb and disconnected is now. [why] [are]? Intelligent cars cities Poets farms even our bodies will be wired with sensors and will talk to each other These game changes are also Combinatorial they amplify each other creating a perfect storm of change Quantum computing Fuels Big Data the Internet-of-things fields artificial intelligence and deep learning which Fields robotics however Anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become extremely valuable Human only traits such as creativity imagination Intuition emotion and ethics will be even more important in the [future] Because machines are very good at simulating but not at being Yes robots and software will do some of our work, but this will allow [us] to focus on things that cannot be [automated] To imagine change squared you've got to start engaging more with what might be not just with what is Immerse yourself in the immediate future five to seven years out from today we need to go Beyond technology and Data to reach human insights and wisdom Technology represents the [howl] of change, but humans represent the why the future is about holistic business model The opportunity is to be liquid to learn just in time not just in case not single Improvements, but complete transformations not individual systems, but new Ecosystems Humanity is where true and lasting value is created.

We will engage wait and buy things because of the Experiences they provide because of their transformative power The future doesn't just happen the future gets happened The new way to work is to embrace technology But not to become it The future is in technology Yet the bigger future lies in transcending it Let's live and lead from here world of the boat