ORAL HEALTH BENEFITS of OIL PULLING | 2 Minutes to Better Health

hi in this video I want to talk to you about a 
tremendous health practice known as oil pulling   and it's better than teeth flossing in many many 
ways hi I'm Dr Joe with two minutes to better   health well this has been used for thousands 
of years in Ayurvedic medicine and now it's   used in our culture for those that know it and 
I believe that most people that do know it they   don't actually apply this but if they did it would 
have tremendous benefits to their oral hygiene as   well as other health benefits so let's find out 
a little bit more about this so what is it first   of all you have to understand that it's a simple 
process you put oil in your mouth you chew it you   slosh it around your mouth for minutes at a time 
and these are the benefits that will come from it   it's that simple kills harmful bacteria there's 
over 700 bacteria that can be found in the mouth   at any given period of time and upwards of 350 
to 400 of them can be easily handled by using   this simple process and I believe there's one type 
of oil which we'll talk about in a moment that is   by far the best to use for this procedure helps 
reduce bad breath well ultimately by controlling   the bacteria growth the bad stuff in your mouth 
bad breath will be helped tremendously by this   helps prevent cavities same thing bad bacteria 
in the mouth then ultimately you can help prevent   cavity growth healthier gums gingivitis same 
thing inflammation is controlled in many ways by   controlling the bad bacteria there's good bacteria 
in the mouth as well but by controlling that will   help to prevent gingivitis from spreading reduces 
inflammation not just in the mouth but in other   parts of the body because as you'll see in a 
moment it has detoxifying effects soothe a sore   throat so when you do this you're going to chew 
this and slosh around in your mouth but as you   gargle it it'll get into the back of the throat 
as well the benefits are far beyond the mouth   whitens teeth tremendous benefits with 
this especially with a specific type of   oil I believe coconut oil is by far the best 
cracked lips because it is going to get onto the   into the mouth and into the lips area and there's 
certain nutrients that are going to be helped to   be replenished by certain oils that have vitamins 
and minerals in them as well detoxification   so this is huge oral detoxification is a big 
thing a lot of the the stuff that we ingest into   our bodies goes directly into the mouth goes into 
the thyroid into the digestive tract but as you   clean up what's going on in the mouth in many ways 
you're going to detoxify the whole body especially   for people that have heavy metals in their mouth 
still and a lot of metals from other appliances   and stuff this is a huge practice because that 
stuff doesn't stay inert in your mouth it does get   into the tissues the more you can pull it out the 
healthier you will be and many many more things   that are you know supported by this there's been 
research that shows that it helps with things as   far as like heart disease and preventing cancer 
and all the different body systems supported   Ayurvedic medicine done a lot more research 
especially anecdotal evidence on this so   look it up yourself how to do it very simple one 
tablespoon oil coconut sesame olive put it in the   mouth coconut oil will be solid at first and chew 
it it's actually like a chewing process because   they do talk about just swishing it around but 
at first chew it and that's going to help release   enzymes from your mouth which helps to enhance the 
quality of this process and do it for upwards of   10 to 20 minutes you won't start there but if you 
can build up to that that would be a tremendous   health benefit from it spit it in the garbage when 
you're done not in the sink not in the toilet it   will clog things it's not good tons of bacteria 
in that as well you don't want that in there rinse   with water and preferably salt water afterwards 
to definitely clean all that out of your mouth   get all those toxins out and repeat three to 
five times per week okay it's tremendous health   practice or upwards of three times per day if 
needed if you have a lot of oral health issues so   definitely try to utilize this share with friends 
and other people that have never heard of it and   more importantly leave a note to remind yourself 
or leave the oil in your bathroom to start this   process even if you did it once in a while or for 
two to three minutes at a time tremendous health   benefits will come from it hope this is helpful 
look forward to seeing you in a future video

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Macka B’s Medical Monday ‘The Gift Of Health’ 1/1/2018

greetin's in the shops things have been flying off the shelf everybody giving presents to somebody else time not to give a gift to yourself give your body the gift of health a new year come you find out you're fun and you're looking at your belly as a what have I done you're making a new year's resolution got a subscription for a gymnasium started here people start realizing now is the time that they need exercising but in a way that's cheating cuz as well as exercising you need healthy eating healthy eating healthy mind go together the two combine get serious now is the time get on the field come off the sideline gear body new trends give it a lift don't argue with the body don't create a rift time for a change time for a shift fruits and veg are the perfect gift sasaengs to your body for the good things you do support your body kahit supports you help yourselves to become brand new can't you you're well overdue a medical monday late 2018 be seen as the best you've ever being lt's wet yes I are

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Dates health benefits- nutrition value of dates – khajoor benefits – benefits of dates – jari booti

Benefit of Dates
A Date is a sweet fruit from the Date Palm. Date is considered one of the oldest cultivated
fruits. Dates originate
from the Middle East and grow on palm trees. There are different types of date cultivate
in the world. Dates are different colour, in
size and nutritional components. The items are available at 5 medium-size date. Energy 114 kcal, Fat 0.2 gm, protein 0.8gm,
cholesterol 0, carbonate 30.8gm, fiber3.5, sodium 1 mg, potassium 270.6 mg, iron 0.5,
niacin 0.9. Dates are an excellent source of iron, potassium,
niacin, fiber and energy. Soak one handful of dates in goat’s milk
overnight. In the morning grind the dates in the milk and add honey and cardamom powder
and drink it. It helps increase one’s sexual stamina. Potassium dates in our physical muscles and
nerves makes you stronger.

During regular menstrual cycles women have
more risk of developing iron deficiency. losing iron means your are losing haemoglobin
in your blood. Date eat them to avoid the risk of
developing iron deficiency. Dates are rich in potassium ions that help
to control blood pressure. Dates provide
the body with a quick supply of energy and help you feel active..

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