Set up this Automation for your Ecommerce business in 2 minutes

– Hello, everyone. I am here today to talk
about my shopping addiction and ever-changing style that must really confuse brands
that I'm shopping with if they don't have this
awesome recipe set up for their business. (gentle music) Trends come and go, and our personal style is ever-changing, which if you think about it from a brand perspective
is probably exhausting. Luckily for ActiveCampaign users who are utilizing site
tracking for their business, it became so much easier
to be able to track and actually see what their
contacts are looking at to learn more about their
customers' interests every day.

Site tracking is a great tool on its own, but paired with the Product
Interest Tagging recipe, this can be a huge tool for your business to track interactions with your customers. This automation recipe
actually tags people's interest and keeps track of all
that information for you. The Product Interest
Tagging recipe generates a tag for each contact
based on the product page that they viewed from your website. Then those tagged contacts enter the product interest targeted
follow-up automation recipe to receive a targeted message based on the tags created in this automation. So here's a lowdown of how
this automation recipe works. First, the automation is triggered when a contact visits the product page that you specify in your start trigger. Then an if-else action checks to see if that contact
has visited the page or pages six or more times. If they have, a very
interested tag will be added to the contact's record. If the contact has not visited the page or pages six or more times, an if-else action checks to see if the contact has visited the tracked page two or more times. If the contact has visited
the page two or more times, the interested tag is added.

And if the contact has not visited the page two or more times, they exit the automation. This tagging sequence will
give you a clear picture of what your contacts are interested in, so you can engage them with the content that they actually wanna see and engage with from your brand. And that, my friends, is called a win-win. Happy automating..

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Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #1 Marketing Funnel

hello and welcome to this
new video in this new affiliate marketing for beginners video I would like to introduce you to the funnel
or catch so we need we found such a marketing and
how does it ensure that our cash register rings for
those of you who don't know what a funnel is, a funnel
is usually a vessel that we put something in at the top , it then comes out a little more

compressed and we also have such a funnel in
marketing, however, our funnel is divided into three
levels and I will explain them to you in this video

English traffic and traffic is nothing more than
the visitors we see on a website But we
don't send random visitors to any websites Affiliate Marketing for Beginners,
we send targeted visitors who are looking for a
solution to a specific problem to specific websites, so
to keep things a bit more transparent , I have I came up with the following example
fishing and fishing like others point you out for non-predatory fish how
actually for predatory fish what do I need to get a fishing license
our visitor our package your affiliate marketing for beginners visitor could
look like this a visitor who says hey i
would like to do it but i don't know how that is his problem and on our
website on our specific affiliate marketing for beginners back page we offer the solution to
his problem so this is a tactician visitor we definitely
want hair on our website we don't want to have visitors the who
are interested in cars, for example, since we may have one
or two out of 100 visitors who are also interested in fishing Affiliate marketing for beginners or fishing
, so it is very important that the first level day visitors
who are looking for a specific solution problem are these
we send to a specific website for which we offer this solution
so the second level is really a bit smaller and for the following reason we
have a call to action here and we would like to give the visitor
a gift Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in return for his e mail address
he must want this gift because it is a remedy or maybe
even the solution to his specific problem
yes we could create a digital product or at least a
digital product should do that because a physical product is a bit more difficult due to the production
and the effort involved there is one to deal with digital
product could be for example affiliate marketing for beginners an e-book a video or video course
a members area or an audio book with information he can
use to pass his fishing exam for example we could
write an e-book with ten things you absolutely have to do for You need your fishing test.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is of course interested in this and turns on the
level with his e-mail address an Affiliate Marketing for Beginners or would like to have the gift that
gifts, by the way, lee profit or song magnet in marketing and as soon as the
interested party has done that yes as soon as the visitor has done that
he becomes interested yes so a second level even then the visitor will
sacrifice traffic to interested parties and then an e-
mail campaign in the form of three to five affiliate marketing for beginners or seven will start automatically e-mails that we
send out every day with more tips and tricks for successfully passing the
fishing test why do we do that below in the last level of the third
level the very small conversion we ultimately have the last call to
action and affiliate marketing for beginners although we want the interested parties so the visitor
has become an interested party and these interested parties want we make customers
statistically speaking, a prospect becomes a
customer after he has had seven contacts with a website
because the affiliate marketing for beginners probably didn't always buy something immediately themselves
but first of all you have to build trust is maybe a
little feedback back and forth send and then you will ultimately
buy a product and that is exactly what we will do here with
our funnels and also affiliate marketing for beginners and how we will
build it up throughout the coaching so that we will earn money with this funnel
and automatically money for the d he key in marketing and i
personally am a very big fan of automation it is much
more pleasant to lean back let me say in the affiliate marketing for beginners guide signs and
see how the credit lets say sex or the cash register rings so it can
everyone as he likes and as I said automation is the
key because we don't want to work a lot we
just want to take care of the fact that more visitors so value agitated visitors come into our
funnel ultimately become customers
and we do all that here in this coaching and Although everything is automated,
yes, I look forward to seeing you and we will set up business affiliate marketing for beginners here together
and I wish you lots of fun and see you in the next bio

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