Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

draw a circle remove dirt and soil at a depth of 1m began to appear groundwater Smooth sand appears. We can use it to build houses at a depth of 1.5m appear large groundwater at a depth of 2m tomorrow draw water out of the well has taken all the water Brick embankment for wells Brick embankment in a circle fill the hole in the well build wells go get wood in the forest grinding fire burn fire to make water barrels clean cover the soil so that it does not burn the edge tie the rope into the basket to draw water draw water from the well draw shapes to build a water filter tank remove topsoil build water filter tank Stretch the line to get straightness Brick boss for tank nails mortar strip divided into 2 water compartments fill soil for the above tank strip of waterproof mortar continue to build high finished part rough beautify the tank complete construction of water filter tank Go get pine tree resin melting plastic The plastic has melted Scan the plastic to prevent water from filtering the tank cut down the tree punch a hole Forced crane system to collect water for crane to support the rack tie the stone as a counterweight to the crane force the barrel to fill the crane with water Scoop water with a crane take charcoal Charcoal Take gravel from streams Clean gravel Take sand from the stream Charcoal small pebbles sand big stone take water from the well to the filter tank Contaminated water water was cleaner than before Clean water water has reached the standard Compare water before filtering and after filtering drinking filtered water