Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

draw a circle remove dirt and soil at a depth of 1m began to appear groundwater Smooth sand appears. We can use it to build houses at a depth of 1.5m appear large groundwater at a depth of 2m tomorrow draw water out of the well has taken all the water Brick embankment for wells Brick embankment in a circle fill the hole in the well build wells go get wood in the forest grinding fire burn fire to make water barrels clean cover the soil so that it does not burn the edge tie the rope into the basket to draw water draw water from the well draw shapes to build a water filter tank remove topsoil build water filter tank Stretch the line to get straightness Brick boss for tank nails mortar strip divided into 2 water compartments fill soil for the above tank strip of waterproof mortar continue to build high finished part rough beautify the tank complete construction of water filter tank Go get pine tree resin melting plastic The plastic has melted Scan the plastic to prevent water from filtering the tank cut down the tree punch a hole Forced crane system to collect water for crane to support the rack tie the stone as a counterweight to the crane force the barrel to fill the crane with water Scoop water with a crane take charcoal Charcoal Take gravel from streams Clean gravel Take sand from the stream Charcoal small pebbles sand big stone take water from the well to the filter tank Contaminated water water was cleaner than before Clean water water has reached the standard Compare water before filtering and after filtering drinking filtered water

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 0 – My New Home

Hello, everyone this is Mumbo, and Welcome back to another episode on the hermitcraft server. Today is incredibly exciting because this is episode 0 on season five! Here we are in a completely new world, as you can see I am running low on hunger. I've got absolutely no armor and I have got no tools, and very little wood and I have no food. I'm basically in a really bad state. at this *laughs* point in time. But this is episode 0. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Hermitcraft series, and perhaps Haven't seen like the very start of a season before, what basically happens is… is Well it tends to be that I'm extremely busy during the week that the season starts, So the tradition is is that I do an episode 0 Just to give you guys a rough idea of what I'm actually going to be getting up to, in this season right here. So in Hermitcraft season 2. I think I have my gcse's in Hermitcraft season three, I have my A S levels. In Hermitcraft season four I was going to Japan, and Hermitcraft season five I am going to Insomnia games convention tomorrow! which means that this is a very good tradition for me because for some reason the Hermit's don't like me and tend to book in the start of the new season on the weeks, I am ridiculously, ridiculously busy but anyway, what i'm going to do is, I'm going to try my best to get some very basic, early starter resources and then we're going To head over to where I have planned to place my base.

Welsknight, He's already like, kicked into action and started building some really pretty stuff Where- where's the dirt huts? *ha* we need dirt huts! this is too high tech! Stone tools are very, very slow and … I've run into Lava, but there is some redstone and also some coal over there. Can y- You can mine coal with the stone pickaxe, can't you? Guys I've just been on a killing rampage! I think this season, is going to be my season. I killed a baby zombie, I killed two other zombies who'er both in Golden armor Oh, you should have seen it. It was so impressive, and I've got loads of resources This is a really good start whoa boy I almost fell in Lava, ladies and gentlemen we have achieved the first redstone on the server These are the first pieces of redstone that we have managed to get way we've done it That was actually quite quick.

We've managed to be really really speedy here This is quickly. Look around make sure nothing's Gonna creep up on me one two [three] four and a five five diamonds, oh this is not something that I was expecting to run into Now I wonder if we can do this skillfully I Don't have I don't have I don't have a sword. I don't have a sword at all where did my swords go man,why did i not have that ready I so thought that was gonna be the first death since if you can get this guy he is so ready to take me out Get out of a here wow, that hurt my brain that hurt my brain ok I'm going to kind of like this thing up and going to take down at the coordinates and Then we should have ourselves a zombie spawn, and I'll be amazing right well after that somewhat Shaky entrance right there We have actually managed to get in and we've managed to torch up the place, so I'm going to take a screenshot of that We're also going to check all of the chest I guess Gunpowder could be handy melon seeds that is incredibly handy for Melon farm.

So that's good bunch of coal bunch of Bones and Some Golden horse armor but once again pumpkin seeds perfect ok right I Guess those chests could be handy as well. Oh my gosh Hahahahaha they have made a heck of a discovery Double is that a Skeleton spawner have we got a zombie and a Skeleton spawner? Yes, we do. Oh wow, ok uh I've got to be super careful here. I do not want to destroy this thing I also don't want to die that will be handy look how close. They are Wow, we did it. We actually managed to do it. We have taken over this thing now We have a skeleton spawner about three blocks away from a zombie spawner so that is definitely something that we are going to making use of Very very shortly hopefully in the near future what I'm going to grab all of this stuff right here I suppose you can leave all of that That's a ton of gunpowder right there.

We also have cat again number 13 on we too bothered about Beetroot seeds, okay Nice. I guess get rid of diorite for that one chuck in this stuff. We don't really need any of that Could we do [with] a bucket? I guess a bucket is something handy to have around so I get rid of andesite, okay? Yeah, I would say that has been an absolutely killer star I've been doing this for probably about an hour now So I think I'm going to pop up to the service and we are going to continue on with episode 0 I can't believe Generally speaking in episode zeros, okay, all I do is I wonder around talking about plans But we have made I'd say we've made a fairly solid start. They're fully armored up some diamond gear and double..

Double spawners I Mean I wanted that in Hermitcraft season 4 in like episode 130. We find it in episode 0 Sorry wells. I think I'm just going to pop down to the bottom here and Yeah, grab myself a little bit of fish That's a good idea though afk fish from right the very start I think I'm gonna have to do that myself well by the sounds of things My little double Mob farm isn't acually that special Pics clearly these guys are just one of the most ridiculous setups now because I'm determined to get myself a semi-decent Enchantment in today's episode I'm actually doing a kind of mini XP grinder session type thing right here in that I'm standing next to the mob spawner without all of the torches and Killing these guys manually it's a bit of a slow process, but I just I really want to get efficiency four unbreaking three It's not too much to ask you know. What guys this process is really really slow I missed the ender ender at this point in time. I know it's noisy I know it doesn't make for the best video continent in the world But you take that thing for granted come on.

We're always there these are final ones now That's gonna be it once that XP reaches me Level 30 has never felt so far away Thank you, all right Let's light this place up before we get destroyed by hundreds upon hundreds of zombies if I die now by the way, I'm quitting Hermitcraft Is this worth going for? I think it is fortune 3 is always really handy to have in the early days Yes, oh Yes I've been a champion. I now have a monstrous Pickaxe in episode 0 It's a pre hermitcraft season episode Right okay, let's run through the plans now So now it is time to go on a bit of an adventure, and it's just starting to get dark Which is the perfect time to start venturing but we want to head off to 119 [2] x minus 1 304 now the reason that we're going to be doing that is because that is where I am actually going to build in my base I'm extremely excited this because I'm going to be doing something that I have never ever done before Let me know what you think it is down on the comments section you probably have about 20 seconds before you find out Don't worry this isn't going to be my base area But check it out and mushroom biome I think this is planned to be the games area This is where we're going to building like the theme park type space But that is cool, and that is one of three I think as one there, [and] there's also a few off in this direction, but we still have a ways to go yet Ha I have not realized this was here.

I Had not realized we had ourselves an ocean monument. So close to that area there You'll see why that's annoying in a couple seconds, and there it is ladies and gentlemen this spot Right here is going to be the spot for hermitcraft season 5. Let's just pop over to one of my islands That's my island. That's my island. That's my island and that Massive piece of land there is also, my island as well, but most importantly and as you can see that We have got ourselves an ocean monument. I've never build a guardian farm I want to build a guardian farm and I want to design my entire base around it It's going to be insane it's going to be all underwater I'm probably going to cry because under water builds are horrible And if thats it all doesn't go to plan and we don't like building underwater.

We can always build above the ground because Spherical spheres look really awesome. I kind of want to build a sphere So maybe that could be coming at some point in the near future But that is my plan for hermits craft season 5 that is what we are going to be doing we're going to be building Just a crazy ocean base, and I cannot wait I'm seriously seriously so excited. I think this is going o be one of my best basis yet. I've got a ton of really awesome plans. It's just gonna look awesome It's going to look really really cool and we are going to try to incorporate these landmasses right here And maybe even do something over off in that direction. We're gonna have like the We're going to just it's going to be huge okay It's going to be so big that I just lost the ability to speak Because Hermitcraft season 4 if we did a pretty decent job and making like a big area But we kind of limited ourselves to terrain here.

We have the ocean [okay] we're building ocean so we have infinite space to work with here and Hopefully this season is going to be awesome. I mean, it's just going to be great. I I'm so excited I [don't] think I've [been] this excited for Hermitcraft season ever because Hermitcraft season four was so good this one it is shaping Up to be a good one, so I hope you've enjoyed this little episode 0 right here I thought I would continue on with the tradition episode 1 will be coming out on Sunday And that we like a proper episode where I actually go started do some mining do some resource gathering set up some farms do some community build I want to make as much progress as Possible really nice and early on but this announcement was good I now feel like I have a plan I have set you guys up with My goals for the series you guys know what to expect now.

I just have to deliver on those goals Which is kind of the hard part, but yeah, you guys know where we stand So if you did enjoy the video, please go to that like button, and if you loved it and make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is the mumbo and I'm out I'll see you later [Music].