[PART 2] MedCircle Doctors Tell All: Mental Health Stories

– I am always looking in
every patient interaction to see, how does this make sense? How does it make sense
that you're anxious? What was going on beforehand that would have potentially
brought up some feelings and had your anxiety spike? So that we could
de-stigmatize mental health and we could help people understand that they're not crazy, this stuff doesn't come out of the blue. Your diagnosis is that you're human, that we all go through this together and that we can learn together and we can learn to heal together. (chime) (calm music) – I think that it is
important to reframe thoughts, but at the same time,
acknowledge that sometimes thoughts are not easy to reframe. And I have a three-step process
for working with thoughts. The first thing is to
challenge their veracity, or the truth of them. Just 'cause you have
a thought doesn't mean that it's more likely to
happen or that it will happen. So you need to really look at it and say, "Well, what's the evidence
for and against this thought?" And when we say evidence, it's
not another thought or belief it's actually something that's
observable by a third person.

A person that can say,
"This is what I observe to be true or untrue." And I think once you put
that through the litmus test, it's then important to try to reframe it in a way that can still feel
realistic to the individual and they can get on board with. So this is where purely
positive affirmations, especially super cheery
ones are not going to work because it doesn't feel
realistic to the person based on what's going on. And that's why I talk about this technique of yes, but, where you basically
construct your new thought using this structure. Yes, things have not been great lately, but I have practiced these tools and I believe they are
going to make a difference.

Right, so acknowledging
what's not going right, but then acknowledging something, particularly something that you
are working actively towards or something that honors
your process and commitment that gives you the other
side of the picture and really giving you a complete picture of what's going on, as opposed to just the one-sided picture. But sometimes your negative
thoughts are so strong and maybe there isn't a way
to reframe it in the moment because you're just so
stuck on that thought. Or maybe that thought
isn't even a thought trap. Maybe things are just
really bad right now. And that's when we use the
technique of de-emphasizing the impact your thoughts have on your behaviors and your emotions. And in order to do that, it's really about separating yourself and your identity from the
thoughts that you're having. And to do that, we really
essentially relabel the thoughts, and we label them differently
in that we label them as a mental event. So, if you have a thought that
nothing will ever get better, that sounds so final. That sounds like it's happening right now or it's going to happen, but if you could just add
the clause in front of it that says I'm having the thought that things are not going to get better.

It gives you the sense that the thought is just a mental event. It is a thought that you are having as a separate entity to the thought, and it gives you a sense that
perhaps there could be a way to resolve the situation, and that perhaps the situation you feared isn't even going to happen. (calm music) I can't be any different that I am right here in this moment.

And if I can give myself
permission to be exactly me, having areas of expertise
in certain places and that there may be some questions that really throw me that
I don't know the answer to, and that that in and of
itself could be okay, I could help regulate my anxiety. But absolutely, I still
get symptoms where, again, stomach upset, sweaty palms, heart racing, I can feel in complete self-attack mode. And the key for me is
being able to notice it, to regulate, to see what's going on and remind myself, often when I'm in this kind of self-attack, gosh, you can't be anywhere
other than where you are. What you have to offer is totally enough, and you couldn't offer any
more than what you have right here in this moment. And for me, that's an important mantra to keep my self-attack
and my anxiety at bay. – In the realm of mental health, what would your ideal world look like? – Gosh, in the world of mental health, my ideal situation would
be complete normalization of symptomatology. So that we could
de-stigmatize mental health and we could help people understand that they're not crazy.

This stuff doesn't come out of the blue. That I am always looking, in
every patient interaction, to see how does this make sense? How does it make sense
that you're anxious? What was going on beforehand that would have potentially
brought up some feelings and had your anxiety spike? Why might you be depressed right now? What's going on in your life that brought up some feelings, had you get anxious and now you're kind of attacking yourself or
isolating or avoiding? How can we make sense of
this and see, you know, the catch phrase that I love is that your diagnosis is that you're human.

That we all go through this together and that we can learn together and we can learn to heal together. – So many people have imposter syndrome and not just in a professional stance. Parents feel that way. Siblings, friends, coworkers, I mean in any situation you can
have that imposter syndrome. For those of us experiencing that, what would be your one word of advice? – So, if we think about imposter syndrome, so many people experience this.

And if we get really clear
about what is imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome is
a form of self-attack. It's a way that I attack myself and tell myself that I am not enough. That they way that I'm
operating as a parent, as a worker, as a friend, a
son or daughter isn't enough. And so, part of it often, in places where we actually have a lot of experience or doing a great job, can
be related to struggling to hold healthy pride, to feel good and confident
about what we know. And then the other part can
come when there are holes in our learning or in our capacity, and that there is no one
who is a perfect parent, a perfect teacher, a perfect doctor, and that when we have to
hold this juxtaposition of I know a lot, I have
healthy pride over that.

But there are things that I don't know, and I might feel some guilt around that or feel uncomfortable that
I have to say sometimes I don't know. Rather than holding
these mixed feelings of this is who I am, this
is what I have to offer that I am enough exactly as I am, we get anxious and then
we attack ourselves. We say, "Gosh, you know nothing. You shouldn't even call
yourself a doctor, Kristy." Those are things that
we can do to ourselves, but it's so important that we recognize that self-attack comes
in the face of anxiety over mixed feelings. I'm proud of what I know. I'm proud of the position
that I've taken on, and there are things that I don't know. And can I hold this kind
of really complex mix of being an expert and a learner? Knowing things and not knowing things.

Gosh, can that make us anxious. And rather than tolerate the
anxiety and feel these feelings we often dump into this self-attack and call ourselves an imposter. So, the more that we can own what we know, allow the space for what we don't know, and settle into the
anxiety that that provides and let that kind of complexity sit, our anxiety can come down and we can be enough exactly as we are. – What is the role of
hope in mental health? – So, you know, I would suggest that hope is actually one of the
cornerstone kind of ingredients in regard to mental health.

That when I have patients who come in and tell me they have no hope, we actually can't go any further, we have to start right there. Because if they have no hope, I can hold 110%, 150%, 200% of the hope, if they have no hope, we
can't really go anywhere. That it is when we start to create space that things could change.

That we could work together to make things different in your life. Then we've got room for
potential, for possibility, for change, and this is what hope is. In my experience, we
really can't go anywhere in mental health in regard
to finding symptom reduction, in regard to changing our lives, unless we start with hope. Even if it's just a little window. I always tell my patients I
can carry the bulk of this, but I can't carry all of it. We have to align that
there is at least some hope that we can start to tap into and expand for change to happen. (calm music) – When I had that thought that I'm failing my
son and I am a failure, I noticed it and I caught it. I had probably been feeling that way and thinking those things
for quite some time, but when I noticed that thought, because I was able to
really pay attention to it, I was able to question it. I was able to label it as a thought as opposed to as reality.

And I was so, so grateful
that's something that I already had the skills to
do due to my own therapy and my therapy training,
that I challenged it. I said, "No, this is not true. I'm not a failure and
I'm not failing my son. I feel like I am, but
I'm not because I'm here. I'm doing the best that I can, and everything else
will figure itself out." This obviously didn't
magically fix everything. I didn't start to feel better right away, but I know that had I
not caught that thought and had I not labeled
it as just a thought, I would have spiraled and it would have been
really, really hard for me to manage my emotions, to actually give myself the opportunity to connect with my son, and to connect with those around me so that I could feel a
little bit less isolated.

(calm music) – I heavily believe in what I consider, I call it the five Vs for thriving. And I know that they
work because I use them. The first one was to
validate how I was feeling. A lot of times, especially
in the medical field and then professional fields, you feel like you have to
really put others first, but it's really important to
validate how you are feeling. So I have to validate that. This was painful, emotionally difficult, and then I had to vent. And so, venting for me
was regularly meeting with my own therapists. I had to really take care of the vitals. I had to take care of my sleep patterns, my eating, making sure
that I was still exercising and keeping my body in that routine. And then focusing on the
values, the fourth V, which is like, what are my true values? My values at the time were my family, my friends and his legacy.

And then vision, keeping
things in mind for the future. So, myself and the rest of the community made sure that we were going
to memorialize him every year, get together every year. So, having something on the
calendar to look forward to to keep you moving forward. Those five Vs really helped
me to get through that. And I really see this theme
with my patients today, like people who can
pull on these strengths and these five Vs, really do well in the face of obstacles.

(calm music) – You know the funny thing is is that when you talk about the moment I felt I could get out. And you know I've said this
on other MedCircle videos, is the only way out is through, Robert Frost and all of that. But I have to say it was less about I knew I was going to get out than I can think of a different
way of thinking about this. Because, to me, so much of mental health is about acceptance. We can't rewrite our pasts. The things that have happened to us have happened to us, they have. Can't go back and have different parents, can't eliminate the traumas
that have happened to us, can't eliminate the
losses that have happened.

Our stories are our stories. And so the question the becomes, for me it was the coming out of it moment, was I gotta do something differently. And so it was more of a, in a way, going through a mental health crisis, once you can start getting
almost to the other side, if you will, getting closer, is you start giving
yourself permission to say are there other options? Are there other things I could do? Can I do differently, feel differently, act differently? And that's really where it turned for me. It's like, okay there's things I can do. Part of that actually culminated in me retiring from a long
standing academic job. Some of the traumatic
things I've alluded to impacted that job. And while it hit me financially,
as you could imagine, I thought this is, in the
grand scheme of things, and this is when it's hard, you're doing all this accounting.

The one thing is dollars and cents and the other is like,
what's the price of my soul? Haven't quite figured that out, but apparently it was about the equivalent of my academic salary. So, I was like, I gotta get out of this. And, like I said, there's gonna be financial costs and all of that for me, but had this mental health
crisis recently not happened and the cumulative crisis of
COVID, family health issue, all not happened, I
think I would have stayed in an inertia state. And instead, basically
it was like the universe or the world or my mental
health or something metaphysical slapped me across the face and said, "What are you gonna do about it?" And so it was a huge call for me.

And some people around me said, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" I said, "No, but I got to do something." And I have to say it's relieved
some fears and tensions and other things that
were coming from that, so that's great, but there's still some other tweaks that need to happen. And the other way I knew I
was kind of coming out of it was I was getting a lot
better at paying attention to sort of how I feel and
really giving credence to that saying on this day I feel well, on this way I don't feel well.

Well, let's look at the
difference between those two days and figure out what
things are in by control between those two different kinds of days. Now obviously between you and me, Kyle, if somebody gave me enough money, I'd be like peace, I'm out. I'm just gonna go sit in
some sort of green place or snowy place or maybe
go back to New England or something like that and live quietly. I could not work for the rest of my life. I have to be honest with you. But that's not in the cards for me. So for me, it was really like how is this going to lead me to think and do differently? And the severity of what I've gone through in the last eight, nine months, it ended up being a call to arms. And it's a call to arms
that has changed my life with an intentionality and a power that I don't think I would have had unless all this terrible
stuff had happened to me. – When you are in that space of an emotional mental
health challenge, obstacle, perhaps suffering from trauma
or any number of things, and you haven't reached the point of I need to change something, you're still at the point of, oh my gosh, I just wanna sleep, what is your advice to
those people in that space? – Yeah, you know it's interesting, when I look at my own story and say why didn't you crawl
into bed and not get out? 'Cause let me tell you, for several months there,
that is all I wanted to do.

I have a child. Child needs breakfast. Bills need to get paid. I have staff that needs to get paid. I have a mother that
I need to check in on. In many ways the people around me, and I think this is a
very, in some ways I know it's many women who certainly
find themselves in this role of there's people I gotta take care of. And those people I have to take care of, it wasn't in my reality or my identity, however, I know there's people out there who very much identify
as incredible caregivers and they still find that
they can't get out of bed.

And I understand that as well. For me, it was about breaking my day into pieces that were manageable. I would sometimes look
at my calendar and say, in fact, I don't want to
tell you the obscenity that more mornings than not I start. Like, I basically I'm like, curse word me, I can't believe I have to do this again. That was literally, I'm like, wow, that's really what
you say every morning. When that alarm goes off, first thing that comes out of my mind. And my cat's next to me
every morning hearing this. So, it's sort of a really tragic tableau if you want to think about it. But what I did was, and I do, and I've said this before, is I've got three things that I do in the same order every morning. This is actually many
ways where I think my cat may have saved me. She had to get fed. And she had to, she had
a routine in the morning. She'd come, she'd lay next to me, but then I'd stir and she'd
wait until the sun kind of comes up just a tiny bit.

So, she'd never wake me up in the dark. And then I had to get
out of bed to feed her. And once I was standing, I'm like, okay, girl, you're standing. And then I would use the
bathroom and brush my teeth, go downstairs, make my tea and now the day had started. One, two, three. Cat, basic ablutions, make the tea. And when that three-step
process had started, it was almost like imagining
a plane going up a runway. The day had kind of started, and then what I did try to do is I do try to follow routines. Like, then this is gonna
happen, this gonna happen, and I'd cut the day into pieces. When you're seeing clients,
that logically happens, it's an hour, it's an hour,
it's an hour, it's an hour.

And so that helped me. And on days that were more freeform, I'd cut the day up into chunks. Sometimes 15 minutes at a time because I couldn't imaging thinking about the 12 hours ahead of me. And I have to say sort of breaking it into these manageable chunks, before I knew it, I'd
lift my head and say, wow we got all the way to three o'clock. Or wow we got all the
way to seven o'clock.

And then I did other preventative things. A lot of the stuff that was coming at me that was harming me, was
coming by text messages and emails and that kind of thing, so my team, I have the
best team on the planet, they said, "We're managing these emails. And at the end of the day
we're sending you a summery, and you will handle the important stuff and we are going to protect
you from the rest of it." And that speaks to social support, Kyle. Because what I was surrounded by people who saw the cracks showing. They said, "We know what's causing this. It would cause it for us, but this isn't coming at
us, it's coming at you, so we're going to be
the front team on this." Just as I would do this for anyone else, they protected me from that and they helped me order my day too.

So that combination of social support, that cat that would get me out of bed, the three steps that I would do that the rest of the day would
kind of logically fall from, and deconstructing my day
into reasonable chunks, it was like cutting my food, you're not gonna stick a
whole pancake in your mouth, you're gonna cut it into pieces. It was the same thing. It made it digestible. And then, you know, some
days I have to admit, and it's still like this, Kyle, I feel like I'm just enduring the days. And then there's some days
where the joy cuts through.

And hopefully with time, more of the joy-filled days will be there than just the days where
I feel like I'm enduring and just pushing through. – Thanks for watching. Check out the links below
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Connect: Zigbee modules from Feibit Technologies

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, everyone. Welcome to another
episode of CONNECT. I'm Adrian. I'm Nick. And today we're doing
something very special. We have Mr. Robbin, the
CEO of Feibit technologies. He's live in
location in Shenzhen. And it's our first time
doing a live Q and A with us based here in Dallas. So thank you so much, Mr.
Robbin, for joining us. Yes, thank you for inviting me. And I'm very happy to be here. Yeah, and Mr. Robbin,
can you tell us, for those who may not
know about Feibit, can you tell a little
bit about your company? Yes. Feibit was found in 2010. So in the past eight years,
we focus on smart home area. And we providing the
Zigbee module and gateway for the traditional customer,
like smart switches, smart sensor, and smart curtain,
and smart dialog, and so on. Very cool. And we understand you're using
a lot of SimpleLink products in your home
automation solutions. Can you tell us
a little bit more of why you use the SimpleLink
Zigbee wireless MCUs? First of all,
SimpleLink platform has the very good
ultra-low power feature, as well as the RF performance
is the best, I think, in the world.

And it has the multi-protocol
in the same platform, which means we can easily
switch our wireless technology in the same product. And also it has very
user-friendly SDK, together with the very good
supporting team and the forum. That's great. Yeah. So can you tell us a little more
about how your Zigbee modules can help a customer? And can you maybe expand on
some of your top customer challenges, and how Feibit helps
them address those challenges? This customer who knows
less about the Zigbee because it is very
complex for them, so we take charge
of the Zigbee part, and they take charge of the
traditional manufacture, and so on. So we can cooperate to
make this smart product, and shorten the time to market. And as you guys are developing
your home automation products, can you talk a
little bit about how the SimpleLink SDK and the
platform that we've provided is helping with
your development? We started this development
job from the end of last year. And at this moment, we have
two classical user case applications, like the smart
dialog and the smart gateway, as this platform is very
suitable for these two applications.

So up till now, we have already
made the developing job done, and it will be released
the Q4 of 2018. Great. And as you've been developing
with the SimpleLink MCU platform, what are
some of the things you're most excited about? Oh, well, I think the
most exciting point is the multi-protocol. Right now, the
smart home product has different protocol like
Zigbee, BLE, sub-1 gigahertz, and so on. So I think it's better to
support more for a gateway. So this platform is very
suitable for a gateway to support more devices. And second point, for
the devices like dialog, some dialog need just a
mobile phone connection, and some just need long
range communication, and some need Zigbee to expand
the product ecosystem to build a whole smart home system.

So different user cases
need different technology. So the SimpleLink platform
provide all for us, so this is the most
exciting point. So TI recently announced
the new SimpleLink CC1352P, which is a multi-protocol
device that allows for both sub-gig and
2.4 gig concurrent operation. Can you talk a
little bit about what you think the importance
of multi-protocol is in your field, and to your
company going into the future? Especially for
this dialog area, I think the CC1352P,
because it supports BLE and sub-1 gigahertz,
so except the Zigbee, I think these two
technology were helpful for the simple
mobile phone connection, and also some user case for
expanded communication range.

So yeah, it's a very
good feature for us. Very cool. And developers might be
interested in getting up and running with Feibit
technology and solutions. Can you share how developers can
get started, and get in contact with you guys? You can browse our
website at www.feibit.com, and also feel free
to contact me. Well, Mr. Robbin, thank
you so much for joining this episode of CONNECT. This was really
great to illuminate how you use SimpleLink,
and what you're excited about working with our
platform and the great products that you're bringing
out to market.

Thank you guys for joining. This was an exciting
episode, the first time we tried Dallas to China link. So we're very excited. Thank you guys for joining. If you'd like to learn
more, you can always go to ti.com/simplelink. And if you have any suggestions
of topics you'd like to see, you can tweet at
us @sensortocloud. Thanks guys.

Step Up: High Water, Episode 2

[upbeat music playing] [Tal sobbing] Come on, Janelle.
Come on, pick up. Pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up. Fuck. [groans] [groans] -[phone ringing]
-[singer] ♪ It's me
against the world ♪
♪ See, I say
it's so simple ♪
[rap continues indistinctly] [Janelle] Whoa,
your dad is intense. Yeah, a lot of people
think that but he's just
some regular dad,
you know what I mean? He be cooking pancakes
on the weekends and making sure my room
all clean and shit. Seriously? -Yeah. Oh, what up?
-What up there, bro? -Yeah, yeah.
-How you doing, man? Okay, I see
you're Mr. Popularity. Somebody's got to be.

I guess this week it's me. Come on. Let me show
you around. Actually, um,
can you give me one second? I need to call my brother. All right. Cool.
I'll be out here. Fellas! What y'all doing
around my 'hood, huh? [Janelle] Hey, Tal, why aren't
you picking up your phone, bro? I made it through
the first round of auditions. Call me when you get this, okay? Love you. [singer] ♪ I wanna tell
everybody something,
even though…

♪ Just got a quick moment… ♪ [Motown continues
indistinctly over radio] [Uncle Al] Tomorrow
you're gonna go to school and you gonna fight and you gonna show them. That's your advice? Just fight back? How profound. [singer] ♪ You know, it just ♪ ♪ It just won't do now… ♪ [Rigo] See? High Water
ain't no joke. Oh, I noticed that. Yeah, that's
why I told you, you got to hang
with the right people -if you're trying
to shine around here.

Oh, my God. Well, this has definitely
been the best day that I have had
in a long time. -Oh, yeah?
-Yes. I can make it better
for you. [singer] ♪ I would give you
everything I got ♪
♪ Tryin' to rock your body ♪ ♪ Tryin' to rock your body ♪ ♪ Tryin' to rock your bod ♪ ♪ No ♪ ♪ Tryin' to rock your body ♪ ♪ Tryin' to rock your body ♪ Well, that's better. [both chuckle] [music fades] Hey, Tal,
I came by your room when I got home,
but you were asleep. What the hell
happened to you? Oh, nothing. I just got brutally attacked by some of Atlanta's
finest thugs. [Janelle] I'm so sorry. -Who did this to you?
-It doesn't matter. Yeah, it does matter.
Look at your face. What are we gonna do? We are not gonna do
anything, all right? You're at High Water and I'm at Garvey. And I'm late. [Davis] So if we have
two more auditions to go and the last one's
our solo, what the hell's
the next one? [Odalie] I don't know, but I spent all night
working on my solo. I tried FaceTiming
to show you,
but you didn't pick up.

No, I'm so sorry, I knocked out
as soon as I got home, but I can't wait
to see it today. [Davis] Hey, yo, I could use
some feedback too. You guys wanna work
on the solos tonight? Um, absolutely. I need as much help
as I can get. Man, you're dope.
We're dope, all right, and we're about to be
the dopest crew over here at High Water. Oh, I got to turn
in my paperwork. -I'll see you guys soon.
-All right, see you. Hey, don't worry. You're gonna be great,
all right? Ugh. What you looking at, bitch? Nothing. Watch yourself. Hey, come on.
Don't worry about her. [session bell rings] [dramatic music playing] What up, Tal? You feeling
any better? And whatever you do, don't snitch, okay? Don't snitch. Congratulations
to the prospective students who made it past yesterday's
round of auditions. I know you're curious
as to what the next round will entail. This is Mr.

McCoy Harris. He's one of the master teachers
here at High Water, and he will explain further. [McCoy] I'm pleased to make
your collective acquaintance. The next round is
a peer review performance where the prospective
students will be paired with
the High Water students to choreograph
a routine together. The High Water students will critique you, and make no doubt it, we take their assessment
very seriously when we make
our final decision.

Good luck. [Electra] All right,
let's start with the pairings. I hope I get
someone good. What are you talking about?
Everyone's good. But some are better, right? Look, no matter
what happens, we'll be okay. We got this. [Collette] Odalie Allen, you will be paired
with Leticia Bingham. Janelle Baker, you will be working
with Poppy Martinez. Can't I get
someone better? Okay, you will work with
who I assigned you to. [Electra] Megan Driscol
and Kyle Wilson. Josh Dowdy and Chris Royce. [Poppy] Three, four,
turn around, hit, hit, hit and pop, and booty, booty, here. And now we hit
the freestyle. Come on, girl.
Why you not dancing? [Janelle] I, I don't know.
I guess I'm just nervous. And I guess
you can't freestyle. Can we just do it again? Do you mind if I record you? What? It would just help me
get some ideas. You're kidding, right? It's called freestyle
for a reason. Put the fucking phone down
and let's go again.

From the top, five, six, seven, eight, pop. One, two, three,
turn around. And hit, hit. [Collette] All right,
so once we take out this wall and this wall, then we will have
our gorgeous new studio. -[Sage] Uh-hmm.
-[Colette] Right? It looks so good. I thought it was
gonna too expensive but with all
the new kids coming in, we're really gonna
need it, so… -[buzzing]
-[sighs] East-O. East-O. Oh, yeah. I was wondering
when you two were gonna run
into each other. [Sage] Yo, since I've been back,
this dude is like a dog with a fucking bone.
It's ridiculous.

I'm sure everyone
from back in the day just wants a little time
with you. Yeah, nah, East-O
wants more than time. He loaned me like,
uh, twenty grand to start my first album. Twenty grand, mind you, that
I paid back ten times over. But nothing's enough.
It's like he feels like
I owe him everything. Two hundred grand?
Sure seems like a pretty generous payback to me. Yeah, I, I thought so too. All right,
so all in all, this is gonna cost us
75 grand. Fuck this.
Look, we'll do this– -We'll do this another time.
-Excuse me! Why are you throwing
this back at me? You wanted the audition. [Sage]
We'll do this another time.

♪ I'm committed, heavy ♪
♪ I'm on 10 already ♪ ♪ Hopping on my mark a minute ♪ ♪ But y'all still ain't ready ♪ ♪ Celebrate the win early ♪ -[singer] ♪ Get the confetti ♪
-[singer] ♪ Hey ♪ [singer]
♪ Girls wetter than Katrina ♪
♪ Like they broke a levee ♪ Sounds tight. -You okay?
-[singer] ♪ I can swim good ♪ -[singer] ♪ Baby, motion… ♪
-Is it Rigo? I'm fine. Actually, I need a favor. I need a dope-ass track. Well, you know, I got you. They paired me
with that ho Janelle. Do you know that she was
with Rigo last night? You serious? No, no.

I'm not–I'm not helping
that girl. You're not helping her,
you're helping me. Besides,
she can't freestyle. I'm gonna leave her ass
in the rearview. I'm gonna show her up
in front of Sage and Collette. I just need a dope track
to do it. [sighs] King, come on. I need some
dope ass music. Please? Okay. All right. Um, I think I got something
that'll shake things up. Thanks. [singer] ♪ We, we, we, we,
we, we going overtime ♪
[Dondre] Ohio. Man, you're moving slower than Bill Cosby on his way to a women's rights rally.

Where you headed? Uh, home. Uncle Al's. You wanna take a ride
with your boy? Um… [Dondre] Or you can just
keep walking home. I mean, at this rate
you'll make it there by… next Tuesday. Come on, man,
I heard about your fight. I got something
that'll cheer you up. [indistinct rap playing
on radio] Yeah! [Dondre] My man said
he got the all-star dunks in the blue-on-blue

I've been trying to get them
for a month. You come here a lot? [Dondre] Yeah.
Sometimes twice a week. Everybody has
an obsession, right? What's yours? Uh, I-I-I don't know. Maybe you haven't
discovered it yet. Now that you in ATL,
you might wanna step your kick game up. -What size are you?
-Eleven. [Dondre] Yeah,
I'm sure the Garvey kids got a lot to say
about those.

Yeah, well, they got a lot
to say about everything. Yeah, and I can tell you
don't give a fuck. I respect that. I went to Garvey. Or should I say
I survived Garvey. They tried to step to me crazy
because I was a PK. -PK?
-[Dondre] Preacher's kid. Oh, yeah, that's right,
your dad's a preacher. Oh, no, no, no,
not just "a" preacher. In this hood,
he's "the" preacher. Alpha and Omega First Church
of Christ the Redeemer. Corner of Spellman
and Jackson. [Tal] So you're into,
like, church and stuff? In my own way. I follow a different gospel. [singer]
♪ Same boys out running
around for me, yeah ♪
[chuckles] What are we gonna do
with you, Ohio? I got no fucking idea. I got to figure out
what I'm gonna do now Janelle's probably
going to go High Water. She's going
to High Water? Damn.

Exactly. So what do I do? Just do you. Always. Listen, I never wonder
about what anyone has to say. Not my parents, those Garvey punks, no one. And now I throw
the biggest parties in the city, and all
those Garvey assholes try to come to my shit. You like those? Yeah. Try them on. Nah, come on,
they're fucking gold
and red and green. -I'm not gonna be able to…
-So what? There's nothing wrong
with standing out. Let me tell you something. Hiding ain't helping, Ohio. You, my man, let me get these
in a size eleven.

Sure thing, man. What? They're–
no, they're, they're 200 bucks. I, I have to… And now they're yours. Consider it a welcome gift
to Atlanta. Hey, yo, let me get these
in a size 10, too. [shopkeeper]
Yeah, I got you. [singer] ♪ These booty girls
with the big old butts ♪
♪ All the independent women
with the junk in the trunk ♪
♪ Got a little something
something ♪
♪ Next to [indistinct] ♪ ♪ Be the center of attention ♪ -♪ When we up in the club ♪
-That was good. I'm sorry,
was that a compliment? Let's take five. What you need to do
is let go and stop worrying
about the moves. Yeah, well, letting go has never really been
my thing. Maybe I can help you
with that. You nervous? [kissing] See? Letting go can be
a good thing. You know Poppy's coming
right back, right? Don't worry about
Poppy, all right? So, let me see.

Show me the choreography. Well, it's not the choreo, it's the freestyle
that's driving me nuts. Look, for freestyling? Just put levels in it,
you know what I mean? Start here with it,
bring it up, you know what I mean?
Just drop it down like that. That was dope. Try it. Arms here, pick it up, -drop down, bop.
-Oh. [Poppy] So that's how it is? Uh, no, no, Poppy,
that's not how it is. Look, he was just showing me
some steps. I'm sure he was. Go, we have work to do. That's right. Yeah. [tsks] Look, your shit
is looking raggedy, and we're gonna stay here
until you get it right. Now do it again
by yourself. [singer] ♪ These booty girls
with the big old butts ♪
♪ All the independent women
with the junk in the trunk ♪
-♪ Got a little something… ♪
-No, again. You're not doing
it hard enough. I see you chilling
with both of your girls at the same time. [Rigo] Well, first of all, none
of them are my women, all right? Yeah, it's not what
it looks like from out here. -Whatever, man.
-Come on, man.

-Let's go to the studio.
-[Poppy] Harder. I got a couple new beats,
I need you to put this hook on. [singer] ♪ One, two, let's go ♪ [singer] ♪ Shake, shake it
nah, nah, nah ♪
-♪ Shake, shake… ♪
-[Poppy] That's not it.
Start over. [singer]
♪ Got the world to lose ♪
♪ How do you ♪ ♪ How do you bring
the best out of me? ♪
♪ How do you flow
so gracefully? ♪
♪ Don't wanna look away ♪ ♪ You got me lost
in a standstill ♪
♪ What have you done? ♪ [singer]
♪ What have you done? ♪
♪ What are you doing? ♪
♪ What are you doing? ♪
♪ Oh, what have you done? ♪
♪ What have you done? ♪
♪ What are you doing to me? ♪
[upbeat music playing] What part of the hood
are you from? I thought I knew
all the white girls from College Park. Well, obviously
you don't. Oh, okay, Miley,
my bad. I see you hanging around
that Janelle chick, right? You two knew each other
before the audition? Um, no, we just met. But you're turning
into a crew, right? What's her deal? I don't know. Why don't you ask her? Look, Rigo is like
a brother to me, and if my boy's hanging out
with your girl, I just wanna
make sure that– Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, they went out
last night.

He likes to help
his favorites get in here. Well, I'll see you
around, Miley. Hey. Sorry I'm late. Where's Janelle? She's probably with Rigo. What? What are you
talking about? [Janelle sighs]
Sorry, guys. I was rehearsing with Poppy
and then she got mad because Rigo
tried to help me. Oh, is Rigo gonna be helping
all of us or just you? Is that why you went out
with him last night? So you could get in good
with the star of the school? [Janelle] No,
that's not what happened. Then why didn't you
just tell us? Because I really, really
need you guys right now. How do you even think Rigo
and his crew got to where they are? By being loyal
to each other.

We're not even
in High Water yet and you're already
going behind our back. I don't know about you,
but I'm not waiting around to see how
she'll screw us over if she actually gets in. [Davies]
Yo, Odalie, wait. You should've told us. [dramatic music playing] [Collette] ♪ If you're lost ♪ ♪ I will find you ♪ ♪ If you're lost ♪ ♪ I will find you ♪ ♪ If you're lost ♪ ♪ I will find you ♪ ♪ Again ♪ You still got it. Hardly. Come on, you know
you still got it. Come on, you're serenading me. I'll put you in a booth
in a minute. -You ever miss it?
-Hmm. Performing. -Professionally, I mean.
-Oh. Yeah, I did for, like, a minute or two
or five or ten. -Uh-hmm.
-Who am I kidding? I've been pissed off
for five whole years. I honestly expected you
to come back.

Yeah, well, my knee
finally healed, but I couldn't get my head
back in the game. Not everyone is the force
of nature you are, Sage. Force of nature, yeah. Is everything okay? Hmm? Yeah, yeah,
I'm just a little tired. I've been messing
with this reverb thing since, like,
1982 or something. Uh-hmm, see, I know that when you rub
your head like that, it means you're stressed, so don't try lying to me. All right, Iyanla,
ease up, okay? You don't know my life. Yeah, I do. What's up? I am… 53 million dollars in debt. I've never said that
out loud before. Uh, 53 million dollars? What does that mean for you? What does that mean
for High Water? Nothing for now, you know. All of High Water's operating
budgets are in a trust. So for the next couple years,
we're good. But, uh, all these
renovations and whatnot, the whole new studio, we're probably gonna have
to put that stuff on hold for the moment
just until, you know, until I get the money
rolling back in again.

Right, and the best way
to do that is for you to get in the studio
and make a great album, so let's get to it. What, what can I do to help? Yeah, uh, that part, um… I haven't produced
any new music in the last five years or so. How? You just released
an album three years ago. Of music I wrote
five years ago. And the tech company,
damn fashion line just– just everything just got
so damn big, man. It takes time and money. I sit and try to write
and it's like, there's nothing there.
I've done– like I got too much
stuff in the air, I'm spread too thin.

You know what?
It worked for me here, though. This hood.
This is–this is the hood that inspired me to do music
in the first place. Yeah. This is
where I need to be. Yeah. This creativity,
these kids, this is the vibe
that I need, yeah. Sage, you can't just
come back here and expect all your problems
to magically resolve themselves. That's not what I said. Yes, it is. I've been doing this
a long time, okay? I know what I'm doing. I'm gonna put this album out, it's gonna be fucking epic, Sage saves the day.
Crowd goes wild. I got–I got tour sponsors
set up right now. The tour
for the non-existent album? [phone dings] [dramatic music playing] [Sage] You know what,
of all the people that I thought I was going
to have to prove something to, I didn't expect to see
your name on that list.

The last name I expected
to see on that list, but it's cool.
This album's gonna come out and I'll accept
your thank you and your apology
at the concert. [sighs] [dramatic music playing] You go kill it today, J. All right? I mean it. I love you. [Janelle] I love you, too. -Come on.
-Yeah. -[indistinct chatter]
-[upbeat music playing] [singer] ♪ Why, why,
why not try to get involved? ♪
♪ Why not try to get it on? ♪ ♪ Why not, baby, why not,
you should try out ♪
♪ You might like it
but why not take me ♪
♪ Away from this? ♪ ♪ Away from this? ♪ ♪ Why not try to be part
of the show? ♪
♪ Part of the show ♪ ♪ I was running
through the hills ♪
♪ On my phone
I'm in the back ♪
♪ Rolled it back
to mansion party ♪
♪ With my woes
we on that pack ♪
♪ I like your picture
every time that I scroll ♪
♪ So, if you
in this party, baby ♪
♪ You already know ♪ ♪ And I wanna know ♪ ♪ Do you wanna ride with me? ♪ -♪ And I…

-All right. All right. -All right.
-[man] Yo, good work, fellas. [Sage] All right. Young blood, -what's your name?
-Rigo. -[Sage] Nice to meet you, man.
-[Rigo] Pleasure. Pleasure. You got some moves on you.
How long you been dancing? My whole life,
since I was a kid. [Sage] Could tell. It shows. -You got some fire, brother.
-[Rigo] Thank you. Thank you. I even know
your choreography.

Wait, all right. Hold on.
Let's not hurt ourselves. What you talking about? You remember this? [upbeat music playing] Oh. Okay. Talent and good taste
will get you far in life, brother, yes, indeed. Wait. So, you remember
the video with the– You had a girl in there
and everything. Okay. Come on. Move.
Don't talk about, be about it,
show me something. [singer] ♪ Baby, leave it all ♪ ♪ Go on and enjoy yourself ♪ ♪ Have your fun
for the moment ♪
♪ Shawty, take it out ♪ -Okay. What–but what about–
-[Rigo] You wanna–you wanna– All right, all right.
Let me see. Let me see. -You remember it?
-[Sage] Okay. Come on, brother. What are you doing?
Here we go. [singer] ♪ Now I that you're ♪ ♪ Feeling fine ♪ ♪ You had just enough ♪ ♪ Did you right ♪ ♪ Later on ♪ ♪ We should change the vibe ♪ ♪ But this is cool
for the moment ♪
♪ Don't let me stop
your groove ♪
♪ Go ahead, girl ♪ ♪ Live it up, babe ♪ ♪ [indistinct] on the beat ♪ ♪ Live it up ♪ ♪ Party away ♪ ♪ But after this
I think I'm gonna need ♪
♪ Some quieter time ♪ -♪ Quiet time ♪
-[singer] ♪ So many things ♪ ♪ I know that we can do ♪ ♪ So many others
that we on the move ♪
[singer] ♪ Quiet time ♪ -♪ Quiet time ♪
-[singer] ♪ So many things ♪ ♪ I know that we can do ♪ ♪ So many others
that we on the move ♪
Put your weight
on this one.

Bop. Bop. There you go.
There you go. You got it.
You in there. Yo, I can't wait to hear
your new music. God bless you.
We about to change hearts. We about
to change minds. We're about to show them
what it is to be fly one more time. There you go.
Just bend this with your– wah! [indistinct chatter] All right, and finally,
we have Janelle and Poppy. [indistinct shouts] Let's go, ladies! [singer] ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ You know right here? ♪ ♪ Yeah, this is for the girls
with the big old butts ♪
♪ All the independent women
with the junk in the trunk ♪
♪ Got a little something,
something [indistinct] ♪
♪ Be the center of attention
when we up in the club ♪
♪ Be making all the money,
bitch, in this fucking town ♪
♪ I ain't even acting funny
What I need with this clown ♪
♪ I'm married to the dollar,
looking good in the gown ♪
♪ Put the haters over there
Sit your butt down ♪
♪ Now, shake,
shake it, na-na-na ♪
♪ Shake, shake, shake it
One, two, let's go ♪
[singer] ♪ Shake,
shake it na-na-na, shake ♪
-♪ Shake, shake it ♪
-[singer] ♪ Get the thing ♪ -♪ On the floor ♪
-[singer] ♪ Shake ♪ ♪ Shake it na-na-na,
shake it na-na-na ♪
♪ Shake it na– ♪
[music skipping] What happened? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What happened? Oh, my bad.

Hold on. Oh, the file
must be corrupted. Hold on a second. Hey, don't you have
some other music? -Same tempo.
-[Rigo] They should just freestyle
to a different track. [Sage] Hmm, yeah. Yeah. I like that.
I like that. Let's freestyle.
Let's do that. No, that's not
how the process works. Something happens on stage,
what you gonna do, stop and actually start over? No. You have
to improvise. You have
to make it work. Let's go, freestyle. Come on.
Pull up something. [applause] [singer] ♪ Hey, girls
wetter than Katrina ♪
♪ Like they broke
the levees ♪
♪ Now floating, now floating ♪ ♪ Yeah, I'm party boating
I can swim good ♪
♪ Baby, motion of the ocean ♪ ♪ I go anytime,
whether day or night ♪
♪ I bet you never felt
that good ♪
♪ This good in your life ♪ ♪ I bet I can have you
dreaming for ages ♪
♪ Got you clicking,
following on all my pages ♪
♪ Creeping in the DMs ♪ ♪ 'Cause I know you fine,
on the grind ♪
♪ I don't sleep,
I'm going overtime ♪
[crowd cheering] Thank you.

Poppy, what was
your observation from working
with Ms. Baker? Well, she takes
direction very well, but, I mean,
her ability to think outside the box
or think on her feet is dead on arrival. She can't freestyle. She can't visualize
a move in her head. Okay.
Well, thank you. We will reconvene here
in an hour for the final solo auditions. What the hell
just happened? The music has been working fine
for the past two days. You must've
screwed with it. Maybe I did.
Maybe I didn't. But you couldn't
adapt, so… And that's how
you survive out here. If you guys think that this
is gonna be the last of me, you have
another thing coming. [Poppy] Did you screw
with our music on purpose? No. We did it for you, Pop.
She crashed and burned. I could've crashed her,
I could've burned her. And I don't need you
up in my shit -trying to rescue me.
-No. Don't be like that. Be like what?
And don't think I don't know you took
that bitch out on a date.

Pop, stop, stop,
look, look. I was just showing her
around the hood, all right? It wasn't that crazy. Come here. All right?
Don't think I'm gonna let anyone or anything come
in between us, all right? Especially her. Come on. Chill out. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Save it for the backseat
of your dad's Impala. Come on. [indistinct rap
on radio] What's up, Sage? East-O. [East-O] You know,
we used to skip school and now you own one.
Ain't that some shit? That's some shit. [East-O] Look, man,
I know you're busy, man, but, hey, I need you
to listen to my beats, man. -I ain't asking that much.
-All due respect, East, I got my album
to worry about, I got the school
to worry about now. I can't just drop everything
and listen to your beats. But, look, I got your number
and you got mine, so I'm-a hit you up,
all right? I got to get inside, bro.
I'm-a holla at you. [East-O] Who are you
talking to, yo? Yo, hold up, man.
Don't turn your back on me, man.

[Rigo] Hey.
What up, Dad? What you doing here? Dad? -This is your kid?
-[Rigo] Hold up, Sage. My dad said you
and him go way back. [East-O]
Go back inside, son. We're talking business. All right? Go. -Really?
-Come on, man. It ain't even like that, bruh.
I just–I just got shit -to do, man. That's all.
-That's all right.
That's all right. I know you don't care
about me, but that boy is gonna be a superstar and I'm gonna make sure that you help me get there. He's talented,
I give him that. -But…
-[East-O] Ta–ho, ho, talented? My son can dance, he can rap, he can act, he can put High Water
on the map right now.

And I can do the music like we used to do. My son, me, and you? Yo, man, we could take over. Ain't nothing we can't do. [sighs] Huh? Hey, look, you owe me that much. [scoffs] You know what, East? The way I see it, I don't owe you nothing, bruh. Nigga, you owe me your life in case
you forgot that, right? Now you're a big star, you got all your new
hass-a-diddy friends now, but this "friend," this was the "friend"
that had your back when nobody else did. You know what, the fact
that you're moving around town like, what, Papa Joe 2.0? Trying to pimp your son, you know what they says
about you, bruh? That you're just
a dumbass street nigga and that's all
you ever gonna be. You might run High Water… but I run the streets, nigga. You remember that. I got shit to do, bro. Hey, what's up, Dorrie? [Dorrie] Hey. Where's my shoes? Where's my fucking shoes?! Dorrie? Can't snitch. [slams locker] [indistinct chatter] [indistinct] All right.
Everybody, listen up. You're all very good, and you should be very happy that you've made it this far, but your solo audition
is your moment of truth.

And by the end of today, the new class of High Water
will be chosen. You good? Never better. [suspenseful music playing] [laughter] [man] Hey, hey, hey. [laughter] [indistinct chatter] [man] Oh, man. [car alarm blaring] Fuck you! Hey, hey! Go, go! [singer] ♪ I don't know ♪ ♪ Because I don't know ♪ ♪ Because I don't know ♪ ♪ I don't know, I don't know ♪ [car honks] [upbeat music playing] [singer] ♪ We breaking,
breaking necks ♪
♪ And we cashing checks, yeah ♪ ♪ We breaking, breaking necks ♪ ♪ And we cashing checks ♪ ♪ So we breaking,
breaking necks ♪
♪ And we cashing checks ♪ Like it's
going out of style ♪
♪ Can't nobody turn us
down, down, down ♪
♪ Running through the lobby ♪ ♪ The feeling is a hobby ♪ ♪ Killing it, I'm killing it ♪ ♪ People I know, I'm sorry ♪ ♪ Running through the lobby ♪ ♪ The feeling is a hobby ♪ ♪ Killing it, I'm killing it ♪ ♪ People, now,
whip my, my beat ♪
-[singer] ♪ Beat, beat ♪
-[singer] ♪ I'm about to blow ♪ ♪ These speakers up, up, up ♪ ♪ Because everybody,
body turn up ♪
[gunshot] Music.

[singer] ♪ But I hear sounds ♪ ♪ In my mind ♪ Ah. [singer] ♪ Brand new sounds ♪ ♪ In my mind ♪ ♪ But, honey,
I'll be seeing you ♪
♪ 'Ever I go ♪ ♪ But, honey,
I'll be seeing you ♪
♪ Down every road ♪ [singer] ♪ I'm waiting for it,
that green light, I want it ♪
[singer] ♪ Because, honey,
I'll come get my things ♪
♪ But I can't let go ♪ [singer] ♪ I'm waiting for it,
that green light, I want it ♪
[singer] ♪ Oh, I wish
I could get my things ♪
-♪ And just let go ♪
-[singer] ♪ I'm waiting for it ♪ ♪ That green light, I want it ♪ [singer] ♪ Yeah, honey ♪ ♪ I'll come get my things ♪ ♪ But I can't let go ♪ [singer] ♪ I'm waiting for it ♪ ♪ That green light, I want it ♪ [upbeat music playing] [singer] ♪ I'm waiting for it ♪ ♪ That green light, I want it ♪ ♪ I'm waiting for it,
that green light, I want it ♪
[crowd cheering] [indistinct chatter] [panting] Uh…

I need to audition. I need to dance. Just one chance. Why? Because… dancing is not just what I do, it's who I am. And auditioning
for you right now, it's… it's a matter
of life and death. [clears throat]
Well, I'm sorry, but we won't be able
to audition you today. [Janelle] No, no, no. Please,
you have to let him audition. -[Tal] Let me show you
what I can do.
-I'll show him I'm out. -[Tal] Please.
-Hold on, hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. You look like you really
need this, little bro. I've been there before. Let's give him a shot. No. I'm sorry, that's not
how the process works. Let's give him a shot.
Let's give him a shot. [man] You got music? [singer]
♪ In the middle of the dark ♪
♪ I see your soul
shine through ♪
[singer] ♪ See your soul
shine through ♪
[singer] ♪ Always been a rebel ♪ ♪ Breaking all the rules ♪ [singer]
♪ Breaking all the rules ♪
[singer] ♪ Been preparing
for this moment ♪
♪ For all of your life ♪ [singer]
♪ For all of your life ♪
[singer] ♪ Hey,
put it all on the line ♪
-♪ Got the world to lose ♪
-[singer] ♪ Put it all ♪ ♪ On the line,
got the world to lose ♪
♪ Got the world to lose ♪
♪ What have you done? ♪ [singer]
♪ What have you done? ♪
♪ What are you doing? ♪
♪ What are you doing? ♪
[singer] ♪ Oh,
what have you done? ♪
[singer] ♪ What have you done? ♪ [singer]
♪ What are you doing to me? ♪
♪ Oh ♪ ♪ You're more than amazing ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Can't nobody do it like you ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ [crowd cheering] Line up, everybody.
Line up.

[suspenseful music playing] [Collette] Okay.
When you hear your name called, please take a step back. Sanford, Brown, Scott, Nee, Jimenez, Allen, Johnson, and Baker. Janelle Baker,
step forward, please. Okay. First and foremost, you should all be
very proud of yourselves, because as you know,
not everybody made it even this far. So, congratulations. I need you to know
and understand that should you not make it
into High Water today, this is not the end
of your story, just this particular chapter. So, with that being said, front row, thank you all very much
for coming out. Back row,
congratulations, you just made it
into High Water. [crowd cheering] [suspenseful music playing] Hey, hey. Be proud
of yourself. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Nothin' but weirdos
in this bitchfest! -Next on Step Up: High Water…
-[spectators scream] I'll be starting
a brand-new tour…

You're the one
who got into High Water. -You got my life.
-Guess you're gonna have
to live with it. You and Dondre,
what, are you like a thing now?
You wanna tell me who let
East-O's kid into my school? -I did.
-I'll beat your ass up! -Last night was…
-The most fun I've had
in a long time. Made in Georgia. ♪ Diba-diba dee-dee duh ♪.